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Best Debut Albums


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I used to think it was The Stone Roses self titled, it is a great album and off its time. Really exciting to hear after the singles. I remember buying Sally Cinammon and thinking how different it was. My circle of friends all bought their debut and we talked about that album so much. I am on my third copy now, lost one to a girlfriend, wore one out and now on a CD version, which in all honesty I haven’t played in a good 7 or 8 years.


I also used to think George Best by the Wedding Present was the best debut ever, and during my youth I played that album more than any other album, I knew every guitar riff, vocal tick, breath, everything. I must have seen The Wedding Present up to 20 times at the back end of the 80’s and up until seamonsters, then I just went off them a little and then as Gedge got rid of band members the band lost their sparkle a bit for me. The album is probably still a cracker though, but I haven’t listened to it in maybe 10 years.


One of the best debuts is Come on Pilgrim by Pixies. **** my hat it was good, my mate alex played it me and although I liked husker du a lot in 87, I had heard nothing like Come On Pilgrim. Vamos, Caribou, Levitate Me, The Holiday Song. Its truly a brilliant brilliant album on any given day the best debut ever.


These days my very favourite debut albums are split between Johnny Cash’s debut With His Hot and Blue Guitar or Alan Jacksons Here In The Real World. Both exemplary and both getting repeated play pretty much weekly some 20 years after I first heard them. Some distance away from what my younger self thought were the best, but time and age has seen me seek different things in music. That all said, today I think I will give those all a listen today.

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Honorable mentions:






(should be a playlist of "up the bracket" which is an amazing record.  It took me at least half a dozen listens to get it but once it clicks...) 

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Some great suggestions in here but why so many for the derivative statement that is Definitely Maybe, nothing that steals and borrows its musical footprint so obviously should ever be in such a list. I'm not saying its a bad album, it isn't but it hardly changed the musical landscape forever either.

The Doors debut did, a did Hendrix as mentioned in the OP. Led Zep did too. The Pixies, maybe, I could definitely see an argument for that even Arcade Fire possibly. Blue Lines is still hugely influential. Marquee Moon would be in mine too, Tom Verlaine's guitar work influenced much of the 80's and 90's...

But as if the suggestion of the Arctic Monkeys wasn't funny enough, Q***n ffs if only someone had tied the poodles up in a bag and thrown them in the cut after that record, the world would be a better place

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