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  1. I've a horrible image stuck in my head of Bruce and Pulis wearing basques!
  2. I know the guy who made that coffin. He's a bit of a cretin, but you knew that already.
  3. I tried to give some noses at work the good news today, but they just weren't interested. I think it was when I said their club was worth as much as our keeper that they went into denial.
  4. Likewise, good luck to the lad. Watched him play a few times for Dortmund and he's been decent without pulling up any trees. Jack will have to be lacing his own boots for a while.
  5. It's pretty crap being a nose at the best of times, but at the moment, it must be like wearing a hairshirt 24/7, what with them not doing "quite as well" as we are. 
  6. No other English player can even dream of doing some of the things JG can do.
  7. We certainly look a different proposition to this stage last season.
  8. Ben Mee from Burnley, even though JoshVilla played in the band at his wedding.
  9. Jack can do stuff that Mason Mount can't even do on a poxy Gillette commercial. He's the shizzle. Scandalous that he has no full England caps.
  10. Wasps have released a statement saying Cov pulled out of negotiations. Strange lot, the Sky Blues. Their owners are a bunch of shysters that they're basically stuck with, so Wasps are the easy target. Many of their fans drive, or are driven in a bus with flavoured windows, by the Ricoh everyday, it must wind (or wind ) them up terribly. Having seen some of the vandalism and the graffiti directed at Wasps at the stadium in areas where children could see it, when they played there, I hope they stay at the sty for good, because there is no way on earth that a stadium will be built if
  11. You wouldn’t want Blose to take your dog for a walk. Etc etc
  12. You wouldn’t trust Blose to take your dog for a walk etc etc
  13. Someone with a sense of humour warmed a couple of balls up in the cup draw then.
  14. Fingers well and truly crossed! The bellend that made that Villa coffin a few years back may be working overtime in a few months!
  15. Congratulations to West Bromwich Oilbion for retaining the We Hate Villa More Than You trophy.
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