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  1. They'd have to remortgage the ground again to afford him. If I was as good as him, I'd have a worse haircut than that!
  2. You've pissed off @ 80,000 noses with this pic. Nice one.
  3. Will always be my favourite Villan. And better than Trevor Francis, I think we call all agree.
  4. I was also in a nightclub in Bangkok that night, I seem to remember the draw for the next round was done in a rather unusual way.
  5. I just read the words, "electronic tag" and thought I'd clicked on the SHA thread.
  6. A mansion at 17? They're paying him too much.
  7. I think self preservation could be a factor in the low attendance figures. I mean, who wants bits if stand falling on their head during the game. Mind you, most wouldn't notice! Although the club have missed a trick not selling these on match day.
  8. If this lad plays for England, Barr Beacon school should change the school colours to claret and blue, what with another former pupil, Chris Woakes, being a Villan. If Aaron and Cole make it as well, they should change the uniform to C&B too!
  9. Administration? Lovely? "Can't pay, we'll take it away!" memes at the ready.
  10. That's not Prince Harry then?
  11. Spare a thought for the poor souls who won tickets in the ballot.
  12. Is there anything more annoying than a Reach newspaper website?
  13. Sod off, having Cov back there is enough. And Wasps do want to be able to play some rugby too you know!
  14. Obviously the fact that bits of stadium won't be falling on their heads, at the moment, boosted last night's attendance.
  15. He's either "smouldering" or struggling to read something in the distance!
  16. Fittingly done at the Colin Bell End.
  17. For every Steve Bull there's a hundred Fabian Delphs. Such is the modern game Draw a line and move on.
  18. Just Gabby as the 100% club legend then.
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