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  1. And there's this ah just seen @wilko154 already posted this, apologies.
  2. The guy's a giant! Look at the size of him next to his international team-mates
  3. Maybe a second half of the season loan deal for Harvey Elliot? It may be risky, he's young and inexperienced but maybe the idea of him getting Premier League experience for a team that (for this season anyway) won't rival Liverpool may appeal to Klopp? Elliot would be hungry and full of energy, which is what we need in the centre of the park, and in my opinion would relish the chance to get some regular first team football in the top flight, which I think he would get with us. A real chance to impress and opportunity to prove he can compete in the Premier League, even at his young age. And if it didn't work out, I don't think it would damage his reputation too much given his young age and our struggles, so that makes me think, for him and Liverpool at least, there wouldn't be a strong case for not doing it. Yes, he could get injured but that could happen at any time and if he didn't work out, he doesn't strike me as the type of person who would become jaded by that, plus he's young enough for it just to mean staying at U23 level for a few more seasons of improvement. Just a risk for us basically but bringing in a young player from the side that looks likely to win the title (I know he hasn't been there that long but still) could be beneficial for us. Plus the chance to link with Grealish could be attractive, not only to compare hairstyles. And bringing in a Liverpool player isn't going to convince Grealish to join them, that will purely be based on what division we're in next season in my opinion.
  4. I've accidentally cheated now by trying to do some research, so I won't spoil it for anyone who wants to make an honest guess. But very interesting,, this type of thing happens a lot (not me cheating Bon Scott but maps like this being made for that purpose)
  5. I meant is it something to do with The Cold War?
  6. When you wrote warmer am I actually getting....colder?
  7. @bickster I'm guessing it's something to do with phonetics. Based on the Zs and SJs I'm going to say Polish?
  8. However Japan is the Chocolate bar champion, in my opinion. Even of Kit Kats alone
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