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  1. Depending on if Sanson and/or Chippy are available or not, even though it may be unlikely we'll play a diamond 442 - Steer Guilbert---------Hause---------Tuanzebe---------Targett Nakamba AR--------------------------JJ Carney Wesley---------Caleb Brother connection X2 With JPB and Iroegbunam hopefully getting some minutes off the bench. Win 4-0
  2. Are there any free agents about that could be worth a go?
  3. I thought there was something about the 'fingers in ears' being a comforting message to his sister? Like an 'I'm not letting what's said upset me/not listening don't worry' type thing? Although yes, I wouldn't be surprised, due to the attention him doing it has received, that there may be a marketing idea to make it his signature celebration. I was away working when it was all going on, so I missed out on all the fun on here, but I love him, I'll always love him, I'll miss him playing for us and I wish him well. He is the best player I've ever seen play for Villa, but no player is bigger than the club anyway, now I have Jamaica's greatest player to watch as a replacement ....when he's fit anyway (similarities) A player so good my Dad has postponed 'retiring' to Jamaica, just to watch him play, so there you go, what a compliment plenty of good times ahead.
  4. Here's a list, the first four are great but that last one is a bit dark -
  5. One thing about Jack Grealish - he has an... ... energetic white wolf looking friend.
  6. Now there's someone who should've been England manager.
  7. I would describe the three positions we need the most as 1 Midfield Steel 2 Effective Wide player 3 Target man/goalscorer
  8. Martinez Elmo---Konsa---Mings---Targett McGinn---Nakamba---Luiz Watkins---Davis---Ramsey I think Watkins, Davis and Ramsey could play off each other quite nicely, whilst still tracking back and putting a lot of pressure on Albion. I'm optimistic whoever we start anyway, I'll say 2-0 Villa.
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