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  1. On topic, I think we need an experienced striker for Watkins to learn from for a few seasons. However, that's quite a difficult position to fill, to bring someone in with the understanding they are there to help someone learn how to undoubtedly become the first choice. Also, In my opinion, Watkins also doesn't currently have any real competition for his place, I do like Davis, but Watkins is clearly more effective, especially under Smith's way of playing. I don't know, bringing in a striker who could come off the bench for the last half an hour and offer a bit of experience and
  2. "The first thing you should know about working in a mortuary," the teacher said as he removed his latex glove and inserted a finger up the bum of the body on the table, "You can't be squeamish." He then stuck his finger in his mouth. The students grimaced as he motioned for them to line up and do the same. When the last student had stuck their finger in right up to the knuckle, as the teacher insisted, and stuck the finger in their mouth, the teacher said, "The second thing you should know about working in a mortuary is attention to detail." "I stuck my middle finger in, bu
  3. How do you find Will Smith in the snow? The fresh prints.
  4. And there's this ah just seen @wilko154 already posted this, apologies.
  5. The guy's a giant! Look at the size of him next to his international team-mates
  6. Maybe a second half of the season loan deal for Harvey Elliot? It may be risky, he's young and inexperienced but maybe the idea of him getting Premier League experience for a team that (for this season anyway) won't rival Liverpool may appeal to Klopp? Elliot would be hungry and full of energy, which is what we need in the centre of the park, and in my opinion would relish the chance to get some regular first team football in the top flight, which I think he would get with us. A real chance to impress and opportunity to prove he can compete in the Premier League, even at his young ag
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