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  1. 8pints

    Scott Hogan

    My Ogan alphabet played a pivotal role in this move.
  2. 8pints

    The Boring Thread

    @Spoony remember this?
  3. The Black Monday Murders by Jonathan Hick and Tomm Coker would make a good movie in my opinion. Start with Volume one and see how that was received.
  4. puns...no wonder this thread is popular on VT
  5. I am confident but guess there's only one way to find out.
  6. It's gonna be an interesting season that's for sure - Heaton/Steer Guilbert/Elmo---Mings/Hause---Engels/Konsa---Targett/Taylor McGinn/Hourihane---Luiz/Nakambe---Grealish/Lansbury Jota/Trezeguet---Wesley/Kodjia---El Ghazi/NEW ATTACKER New attacker could be Benrahma or Augustin Chester for emergencies, not saying he's the new Micah Richards but think he'll have more impact in training than actual matches this season. And. I'm not downplaying him, his experience and knowledge will be vital and have a positive effect on the squad. Davis may stay in case of injury but I could see a loan deal materialising in the next couple of days to gain consistent first team experience. Be interesting to see if Jacob Ramsey and/or Callum O'Hare and/or Dominic Revan make any appearances in the first team squad and how they get on, maybe, as the season goes on, they'll find a consistent place in the first team squad or could go on loan in January depending on how they progress. O'Hare may go on loan in the next few days? I'm not sure if Smith will want to see them in the U23s and keep them on hand to possibly start feeding them into the first team? This may be a progression for next season rather than now, with the inclusion of Doyle-Hayes, RHM and others already on loan? Some I think we may see make late/deadline day moves out on Loan or sold as they are surplus to requirements/unhappy/to recoup some moolah - Hogan, Tshibola, Kalinic, Bjarnason, Bree, Nyland Nyland or Kalinic may be retained as 3rd choice but I have a feeling they'll both be gone by January. I think January will be a busyish window too, with some further additions coming in, my prediction for then would be midfield reinforcements/replacements (for Lansbury and Hourihane) and young full backs. (Elmohamady and Taylor) Again, I know the Elmohamady/Trezeguet link, but the above transitions may be next season rather than January anyway, and their replacements may be along the lines of Doyle-Hayes etcetera, I don't know, all squads go through transition, going to be interesting watching things progress.
  7. Your Mother is your brother?
  8. He's reaching out for a fist pump...it's happening! oh
  9. 8pints

    Ethan Ampadu

  10. 8pints

    Said Benrahma

    I'm excited because he seems like a skilful player, but looking at this, there are some fitness concerns.
  11. Mahmoud will be a brilliant signing for us.

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