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  1. 8pints

    Wesley Moraes

    If you know my fears about Benrahma, you'll understand my relief to see Wesley turning and looking directly at it. EDIT to give further evidence to my theory - When shown the Brugge badge.... He looks away, even though they illuminate his name too.
  2. 8pints

    The Film Thread

    From the director of Hereditary (Ari Aster) a disturbing short movie -
  3. Not sure we are gonna get Benrahma, someone illuminated a big version of our badge in front of him but he wouldn't look at it.
  4. I don't know if it was that he didn't quite live up to his promise rather than just not finding a place in the team, but I always had high hopes for Daniel Johnson, and not just because of his hair. I think he always seemed like a tidy and busy player and in my opinion is having a decent career away from us anyway. Maybe some would argue in actual fact he reached his potential/promise and played at the standard he was capable of and wouldn't have competed at any higher level, but I still would have liked to have seen him more frequently in a Villa shirt.
  5. 8pints

    Wesley Moraes

    Wesley scored a hat trick against Kalinic when Brugge beat Gent 4-0 little under a year ago.
  6. I hope we are looking to buy Ampadu not loan him. I hear he also has the potential to develop in to a solid DM rather than a CB, so sounds like a very versatile player. And has great hair.
  7. As an eight year old Gladiators fan I had high expectations, especially with his Claret boots AWOOGA! Look at him there in my favourite ever away kit as well just to rub it in. And of course my two recent ones who hurt me deep.
  8. Mings should sing this to him (if he ever blooming signs himself)
  9. Don't worry, I always have a bet on us winning the league and a separate bet for us to win every league game.
  10. 238 Games and never scored a goal however he is an Olympian along with our current left back.
  11. It is rumoured that he is so strong that 13 of his goals were scored by blowing them in.
  12. @sir_gary_cahill you only like Cahill because you share the same name.
  13. This picture makes me laugh because if you showed someone who didn't know, they could never guess which direction the ball was going, who had touched it last or what was going on and it's such an important goal. I suppose it's Villa tradition that scruffy goals = vital goals
  14. 8pints


    Very true, I forgot just how slowly Grealish glides around the pitch until I saw this -

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