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  1. I'd start Heaton Guilbert---Mings---Engels---Targett Douglas---Nakamba---McGinn Trezeguet---Wesley---Grealish We're just going to have to play it tight and keep the ball away from our area. It's going to be a big game for all the players, but especially the midfield I think. Nakamba will need supporting a lot more than against Brighton, and Wesley will need to keep his spirits up. I'll say 2-0 Villa with some straightforward defending
  2. http://askanaturalist.com/who-would-win-lion-or-moose/
  3. I think, maybe obviously, a lot will depend on who we can sell - Nyland? Kalinic? Taylor? Elmohamady? Bree? Lansbury? Kodjia? Hogan? I think it's highly unlikely all of them would go, especially in January, but some of them leaving could free up some space. What are people's thoughts on bringing Tuanzebe back? Could that be a possibility or do you think he's crucial to Man U now? I'd love him back, his versatility would improve our squad in my opinion but, he's signed a new contract with them, I suppose I may have to let this one go never. I think we'll definitely try and bring in a full back and an attacking player/forward (maybe two and loan out Davis [preferably for me to a high end championship team that's going to give him regular games] I'd only loan him out if we secured two attacking players though, otherwise we definitely need him) Joshua Vagnoman is an 18 year old versatile full-back who could be a good addition to our squad. Calvin Stengs is a twenty year old pacy winger, could be an interesting inclusion. Agustin Urzi is a nineteen year old attacking midfielder who seems to be very good at linking play. Jonathan David is a nineteen year old forward. Seems to be quite a balanced, two footed player who looks like he could be good in the Premier League.
  4. Superstar name + Superstar Hair = Superstar Footballer
  5. 8pints

    Wesley Moraes

    Has scored 4 in 8, (EDIT v). And this is while he's still learning and at times struggling with his confidence and the challenges of the Premier League. Fingers crossed he continues to improve. Edit - thanks to @MotoMkali I wrote the stats incorrectly - I meant one in every 3 of his shots on target (12) has resulted in a goal And he's even got an assist
  6. His job is to score goals, and that's what he does.
  7. I'd start Heaton Guilbert---Mings---Engels---Targett McGinn---Nakamba---Hourihane El Ghazi---Wesley---Grealish So basically, the team that started against Norwich I'd still like to see Douglas and Trezeguet get a good amount of minutes too. If we keep the confidence going into this game, it may be more of a contest, but I think we'll come out victorious, Villa Park crowd in full support does wonders. I'll say 2-0. nice clean sheet for ourselves.
  8. I'd still start Heaton Elmo---Engels---Mings---Guilbert Douglas---Nakamba---McGinn Trezeguet---Wesley---Grealish The issue for me has been Smith's reluctance to make in game changes and leaving them too late. I don't know if he's trying to leave certain players on to build their endurance and stamina, but we need to obviously balance that with picking up points along this learning curve. I do think we're improving every game, even if it's only slightly, although we're yet to cement our foundations. I'm going to say a 2-1 win for us here, concentration when defending needs to be paramount for the whole team, and if it improves in this game, we've got a great chance of winning.
  9. I'd start Heaton Elmo---Mings---Engels---Guilbert Luiz---Nakamba---McGinn Trezeguet---Wesley---Grealish Would love to get an earlyish goal here, as I think it could be crucial, and would hope that wouldn't mean we just sat back. I'll say 2-0 Villa with a dogged defensive display.
  10. Funnily (Or not it seems) enough it was told to me by a 94 year old woman.
  11. Kev was always bragging about all the people he knows to his co-workers until one day his boss loses it and tells him to prove it. If he really knows all these famous people he could produce evidence, right? Kev shows his boss the numerous pictures on his phone hobnobbing with celebrities and politicians. His boss calls bullshit, anyone can use Photoshop. Kev calls someone on his phone and hands it to his boss, who hears the unmistakable voice of Tom Hanks asking how long has it been since he and Kev had dinner together. Again, his boss doesn't believe him and says it could be anyone on the line. Kev thinks for a moment, and asks if he has any plans that weekend. Kev then flies his boss and himself out to Vatican City where a crowd is gathering in front of the Vatican. Kev's boss is jostled around the crowd and loses Kev in the confusion. Suddenly, the crowd roars and he looks up to see the Pope himself standing next to a waving Kev. Just then, an old man gets his attention and motions towards the balcony saying "who the **** is that guy up there standing next to Kev?"
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