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  1. Thanks, @andykeenan. Hopefully, it will be an entertaining Easter weekend of football.
  2. I've mentioned him before, and I don't know how likely it would be to pry a local rival's emerging talent away from them, but I'd like to see us try to sign Rekeem Harper from the Baggies. I have heard good things about him whenever I've worked with West Brom fans for many years now during his growth through their youth system and some of his appearances this season have been impressive in my opinion. Definitely the kind of player we could do with, in my view. Although, it's rumoured he's very close to signing a new contract with them, so could be unrealistic or pricey. Plus, Spurs are supposed to be interested in him too.
  3. 8pints

    Do you read?

    Just finished this A very interesting read
  4. 8th goal for 8 wins in a row. 8pints says well done (Yes I'm referring to myself in the third person, [not eighth person because I don't know what that would be])
  5. I wouldn't be able to focus on the match if I drank that much.
  6. My thoughts remain the same as this. That lightning strike was his spinach.
  7. @Danny_Villaman84 We do actually have a sign language expert on this site but as you can guess from his posts, some in this very topic, he's a coy and modest guy and doesn't like to bring attention on himself so I'll step up and showcase his talents so he doesn't have to...
  8. Tough and scrappy 1-0 Villa win.
  9. The footage is quite raw (although that adds to the appeal for me) and it's of considerable length, but I found this fascinating so I thought I would share.
  10. John Obi Mikel looking for a new club. Could Terry tempt him? Would his wages be astronomical? I think we could do with him or at least someone like him in front of our back four.
  11. Seen this one yesterday.
  12. I think we went through a recent succession of DMs who didn't reach their potential here for a variety of reasons.
  13. "Some of us are born Villa, some just fall in love" We'll be seeing this image and quote for many years to come I feel

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