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    It's gonna be one of those transitional seasons. I suspect they'll just carry on mixing good and bad performances for most of the year until the new direction takes shape. I'm not sure they were as good as everybody thought when they first came up (they got 7th with 57 points, we were bottom half with 55 last season) but Wolves are well backed and have a lot of good players. I can't see them going down but I hope they don't 'click' before we play them.
  2. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. Any solution offered will just move the problem but it’s not gonna stop shitty owners. Football can’t support the number of clubs he currently does because more and more money is being skimmed off at the top.
  3. Two years is a bloody long time in football (and pandemics) isn’t it?
  4. Agreed. I think I got this out of my system with Dwight Yorke. Not only is that the place where I learned to deal with the shock of a hero leaving, we spent the money on Merson and Dublin proving that you if you are smart with how you replace a player then it doesn’t matter that much. Nobody is bigger than the club.
  5. Fwiw I’d totally have moved to Manchester City if I were in Jack’s shoes, so maybe it’s only 99.8%
  6. Camavinga scoring on his Real Madrid debut. It’s fairytale stuff Clive.
  7. Rod, Ray and Danny Wallace at Southampton, Rod and Ray are twins. Rod signed for Leeds and scored the goal of the season in 93/94, Danny had a decent run at Man Utd just as they were starting to get good. Ray kinda disappeared into lower league football.
  8. The Wire is more like a book than most TV shows in that it doesn’t go for the “leave every episode on a cliffhanger so they’ll come back” approach to it’s format. You get long character arcs, you get people who come across as mere background characters becoming major players in the plot (Exhibit A: the reason why this thread is currently blowing up) and as a result the payoffs are excellent. If you like long form stuff then The Wire is arguably the best example of it in television. It’s emphatically not a police procedural. It’s s not even really a show about cops and robbers, a lot of the criminal characters are sympathetic and relatable and there are whole seasons where things like trade unions and the school system are basically what the show is about. It’s an astonishingly good bit of work and joyfully it rewards multiple viewings as you realise just how much stuff you missed the first time round.
  9. It’s an airborne disease which attacks the lungs. They are more likely to catch COVID on the bus back to the hotel than by picking one of those cups up.
  10. It certainly does Sterling made his England debut in the game Zlatan scored four goals (including that overhead kick) in 2012! He's already coming up on 500 senior appearances for club and country (493 by my count) but doesn't strike me as one of those guys who is just gonna fall off a cliff as he approaches 30.
  11. They never took those loans because they were struggling for cash, they took the loans because the interest rate was 0.5%.
  12. Salah played in the Premier League before he played in Serie A, and he made his name in Europe with Basel.
  13. Little bit of column A, little bit of column B for me. Some of it might have been the presence of crowds again, maybe when they were in empty stadiums the defender would have heard a shout from the keeper as he was coming out to claim the ball. He shouldn't have headed back on target though, players are (or should be) coached to aim beyond the posts when passing the ball back, that way if the keeper does go missing for whatever reason then it's a corner rather than a hilarious OG.
  14. I've moved house twice and had three kids since that day! However, I'll maintain the main reason for my hair loss was Villa's form from McLeish through to Steve Bruce.
  15. 94:39 on the clock, 2-1 down at home? How about one of the great own goals to salvage a point?
  16. Really enjoyed that. It was on a knife edge the whole way though, I felt they were fitter and better organised and operated with a level of shithousery I can't help but respect. We showed good quality which is cause for optimism considering how deep into the squad we had to go. Fixtures get a lot tougher now, but hopefully we don't half half the squad unavailable for various reasons once the international break is over.
  17. Why didn't Konsa just come straight off? That mucking about with Archer seems so stupid.
  18. Yeah. He will come off feeling he's had a good game, and he has. 90 minutes in the Premier League is a big ask for a 17 year old but he had a good hour. That's how you blood a youngster I guess.
  19. I'd take El Ghazi off as he's losing his head, Brentford are definitely targeting him but Patrick Bamford would have been proud of that dive.
  20. Really entertaining game. We've got to do something about their press, it's relentless and it's gonna cost us. It's their main weapon though, I think when the ball gets stuck in midfield for a bit then we have the quality to play through them. The problem is I can't see us not getting pressed and conceding chances for 45 minutes, we don't have the composure.
  21. The_Rev


    Be careful what you wish for.
  22. Aye, that's why Pep bought him, though I'm in two minds on whether assists vs this Arsenal team should count.
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