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  1. Great to see someone actually delighted to have won a race .... Watching the after race program on Sky F1 Danny walking around without the shoe & the start of the post race press conference hiding behind the trophy ...pure quality
  2. Surely it has to be a promo worthy of the WWE
  3. so ...the yoga is booked ....haven't a clue about it ....anyone ever take it up ...maybe that had an injury ? did it help ?
  4. Consultant seen ....good news ACL intact ...just fluid on the knee so an ultrasound injection into the area to calm things down ........Hope this sorts things out but im not holding out any hopes for it ...so going to head down that yoga route get more flexible and see hot women .......
  5. The 5k distance is equally as hard as a half marathon ...all about pace ....I've felt more bolloxed after a 5k than a 1/2......
  6. So the 50k didnt go as planned ...... I picked up a bit of an injury going into it ...thought it was a tight IT band ......26k in the knee seized up ....a scan later shows a tear on the ACL and fluid on the knee .....specialist tomorrow to have a look at options
  7. Whats 6 inches long and wont be getting sucked on Valentines day???Whitney Houstons crackpipe....
  8. 50k next Saturday ....IB and calfs we're like rocks leading to some mad knee pain ...just back from a sadistic physio session so fingers crossed ... seriously considering taking up a bit of yoga as I'm totally shite at stretching
  9. I'm take it we all seen countdown yesterday
  10. Looks like I'm goosed for this f'kin race ... everytime I get a bit of distance in the legs .....I'm taking up yoga or some shite
  11. the last jedi .....was shite ....the weakest of the disney era I thought
  12. Suzy dent looking tasty in 8 out of 10 cats countdown ... Rachel looks like she's been Up all night
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