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  1. Some older choices but all on the BBC iPlayer at the moment so...... Drive - very slick, well acted and yet hilariously predictable. 8/10 The Devil's Double - superb, really enjoyed it. Stunning lead performance. 10/10 The Rack Pack - a TV movie certainly but a well acted and directed one. 9/10.
  2. My guess would be Usmanov. /libel
  3. I always feel sorry for Jim because given that he's the comedian he isn't even the second wittiest/funniest person on the Football Ramble.
  4. I don't think there is a "too soon" for anything in general. There maybe "too soon" in your specific relationship but only you will be able to judge that. If you like her and want to ask her about going away or having "the talk" then just do it. 98% of what you read in "The Game" or that ridiculous Roosh forum is bollocks.
  5. It does seem like a strange battle to fight given that particularly the English have a reputation for making exactly no effort at cultural integration whatsoever when living or visiting foreign climes.
  6. In principle this is great but the practice is that this exact tactic worked perfectly at the recent election.
  7. Question is - who should one support? I quite like the idea of the Packers or the Chiefs. Ace Ventura ruined any chances the Dolphins had. New York is too obvious. Washington are clearly a bit racist. The Browns are shit. Anything I have missed?
  8. Personal preference has no place in education.
  9. BOF - I am disappoint. Awful films. Awful franchise. quiet quiet quiet quiet quiet quiet quiet quiet quiet BANG!!!!! cinema at its finest. Not scary because of what happens but simply because of the noise. Jump scares are easy. The Exorcist, The Shining and the original Omen are all great. Let the Right One In is also excellent.
  10. I've only really started watching NFL in the last few weeks of the regular season but I would like to make the following observations. **** Tom Brady and the Patriots. Awful **** pack of shithouses.
  11. True - but the point that Chris was making is very clear - as was Corbyn's. (Keep the boats - lose the bombs)
  12. Not a direct stab at Dom but you know you are living in a **** up country when a private citizen can purchase assault weapons because he wanted to get into "longer range target shooting" That said it looks the mutts nuts and I'd love to fire it - the wider question as to weather I should be able to however stands.
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