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    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    LOL. Sure thing, what's your sort code, account number, address, date of birth, mums maiden name and name of your first pet? I wondered how long it would take before someone would say that. Thought I'd get at least one sympathetic comment first! Typical VT
  2. regular_john

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    So it looks like I've been royally conned by an old friend. I get a message on Facebook last night from him saying he was depressed, tried to commit suicide, life falling apart etc. Now the bailiffs were looking for money he didn't have and he needed to borrow some until the new year. I was shocked as he was always so together - great job, loads of money, model looking girlfriend etc. We haven't seen each other in a few years, no bust up or anything but we gradually drifted apart, but had basically been best mates at one point. So I took pity on him and sent him £100, he'd helped me out plenty of times when I was a student so I figured it was no big deal. This morning I get a message saying it wasn't enough, he needed more, had to get it together quickly, so me being a soft touch sent him another £50. He's grateful, says he'll give me back £200 in the new year, no problem. A few hours later - another £50 needed. This time, alarm bells are ringing. I try and call him, no response. Now I figure I've been royally conned, probably some identity theft Facebook job you read about, maybe someone's hacked his account etc. So I phone my bank, report to fraud department, fuming the whole time, steam coming out of my ears. I always figured I was too clever to get caught by scams like that, guess I was wrong. I message him and say I've reported him. He messages back claiming it really is him and answers some questions only he could know, nothing he could get through trawling through Facebook pics. I finally get him on the phone, turns out it really is him and he sounds blasted out of his mind on drink and/or drugs. I get in contact with his brother and a mutual friend, turns out this has been going on for a few years and he's constantly trying to con people. I know I shouldn't be too mad - ultimately it's a (relatively) small sum and he's clearly fallen on hard times but I'm fuming that an old friend would do that to me. I'm still holding out a vague hope that if/when he's sober, he might see sense and give it back, or maybe his family can get through to him and get it back to me, or maybe the bank can sort it - but I'm not too hopeful I'll ever see it again. TLDR: old friend I've not seen for years, now addicted to God knows what and apparently homeless, has conned me out of £150. Rant over Merry f'n Christmas
  3. regular_john

    Buying Barcelona tickets

    Hi all, Hope I'm not posting this in the wrong place but I was hoping for some advice regarding buying tickets to see a Barcelona match in April. I'm looking at going to the Barcelona v Osasuna game in April, and as I've never been to a Barcelona game before I'm not sure about when is the right time to buy the ticket. I understand that the tickets are all owned by season ticket holders and tend to get released in the run up to the game. Currently, each part of the ground has a handful of tickets available, few of which are together (I'm going with a mate so need two seats together). So, do I take the tickets that are available now on the assumption that what's left will sell out soon, or do I wait and assume that more tickets will become available over the next few weeks? The whole point of the trip is to watch a game so I don't really want to miss the opportunity. A further issue is that the date and time of the game haven't been confirmed yet, so if I do buy tickets now and the game gets moved I'll have to rebook flights. All of this makes me think I should wait for more tickets, but I really don't want to miss the boat and not see the game. Anyone have any advice?
  4. regular_john

    Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Wigan

    Now within 3 points of the playoff spots, top work Steve Bruce!
  5. regular_john

    Charles N'Zogbia

    In terms of money spent, the single worst player we've ever had. Good riddance!
  6. regular_john

    Champions League Final 2016

    So this isn't on normal TV at all? What a farce!
  7. regular_john

    Leicester City

    I would love to see them win it. It would be good for football to see a smaller side who haven't spent a fortune win it. In fact, it would be the first time that has happened for thirty odd years! Come on Leicester!
  8. regular_john

    Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Leicester

    Good point against the top side in the league but the gap to safety is one point bigger than it was a few hours ago!
  9. regular_john

    Lamine Sané

    Why are they letting their captain go out on loan?
  10. regular_john

    The Rémi Garde thread

    That would be a monumentally stupid decision. So exactly the sort that Randy would make?
  11. regular_john

    Relegation Thread Version...99?!

    That's all well and good, but 30 points has not been enough to stay up in any of the preceding 20 odd years of the premier league, why would you think it will be any different this year?
  12. regular_john

    Relegation Thread Version...99?!

    Remember that 2007/8 season when Derby were the worst team in Premier League history and went down on 11 points? After 13 games they had 6 points. We currently have 5.
  13. regular_john

    The ISIS threat to Europe

    Josh Homme doesn't travel with EODM, he only does the albums. The rest of the band are safe apparently
  14. regular_john

    Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Man City

    That is a big point, but it is a much bigger performance. Full marks all round. We've got two weeks now for Remi to work with the boys, onwards and (hopefully) upwards!
  15. regular_john

    Pre-Match Thread

    Guzan Richards Okore Clark Amavi Gana Sanchez Traore Gil Ayew Gestede Bench: Bunn, Hutton, Kozak, Grealish, Bacuna, Veretout, Sinclair
  16. regular_john

    Highlights/Full match

    I'll probably miss most of the match as the boss thinks I should with her 'enjoying the glorious sunshine' rather than on my own 'in the dark, drunk and crying'. Can someone please post highlights and/or full match footage when available (preferably score free)? Thanks!
  17. regular_john

    Highlights/Full match

    *swans out*
  18. regular_john

    Highlights/Full match

    Thank you!!!!!
  19. regular_john

    Highlights/Full match

    A bit precious aren't we?. Only done this once before mate, hardly a repeat offender am I? Either way, sorry to step on your toes, nothing meant by it. UTV
  20. regular_john

    Best moment as a Villa fan

    Watching the 1996 league cup final in my dad's hospital room. It's one of the last things we did together as father and son before he passed away. I'll never forget it
  21. regular_john

    Highlights/Full match

    I'll be missing the match due to a house move :-( could someone please be kind enough to post a link to the full match video when it's available? Preferably without giving away the score. It would be much appreciated. UTV!!
  22. regular_john

    Pre-Match thread

    Opening games against newly promoted sides are always difficult, especially when they're at home. I think a combination of an energised Bournemouth side, a (bound to be) packed stadium full of raucous fans, and having too many new faces in the team will mean a Villa loss. We've made a lot of changes over the last few weeks and I can see it being a month or so before we start to gel and hit decent form.
  23. regular_john

    Stag do - Prague

    In just over two weeks it's my best mates stag do. I'm the best man and trying to organise the best weekend I can for him. I've never been to Prague before, or even that part of the world, so haven't the first clue where to find the best pubs/bars. I'm not finding websites like tripadvisor especially helpful as they tend to list the classier places, whereas we're looking for the rowdy, cheap, debaucherous pubs and bars that make for a great night out. We're staying smack-bang in the middle of new town so should be able to get virtually anywhere without a problem. Any suggestions for great pubs/bars? Any areas we should definitely go to or avoid?
  24. regular_john

    Stag do - Prague

    That sounds good. I'm looking at chillisauce now (.co.uk by the way, .com is literally a site for chilli sauce). I'm hoping for something along the lines of... Friday - airport pick up + bar crawl Saturday - white water rafting/carting + bar crawl Sunday - shooting + airport drop off Reckon I could get it all in for £100-150?
  25. regular_john

    Ratings and Reactions: Arsenal - Villa

    Fair play, Arsenal were incredible from the first minute. We'll try again in 2030