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  1. What about the sodding barbers? My barnet is beginning to resemble Tim Martin's.
  2. coda

    Crypto currency

    GET is flying at the moment
  3. Watched part one ... it's Adam Curtis turned up to 11. Goes off on some mad tangents and seems to be almost parodying himself at one point. Love it!
  4. Is today the day? When will we know if the GameStop "retards" have won?
  5. coda

    U.S. Politics

    When's Lil Wayne on?
  6. coda

    Crypto currency

    BTC well over $20k. Hopefully an influx of new money and some Chrimbo crypto gainz for my shitcoins.
  7. coda


    The old bloke is uncharacteristically calm. He normally looks like he's going to murder someone.
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