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  1. Bought a Kindle Can't believe how small it is It's the size of a postcard. They must use midgets or people with tiny hands in their marketing.
  2. Not much Devs chat up in here. I like it! It's different to most telly - mysterious, unsettling and head-scratching.
  3. I saw it! Will those brave souls return to a ravaged planet?
  4. I can see Venus is the ISS coming from that direction? (don't want to get off my arse)
  5. I've heard private tests are available for £300.
  6. There's a cluster of cases in Wolverhampton/Black Countray that's the worst outside London.
  7. Sainsbury's said they will be prioritising delivery for over 70s. Trying to sort this for my parents and wonder if the Nectar card is how they'll guess someone's age.
  8. South Korea has tested 140,000 with mortality rate of 0.6%.
  9. He's not going to be happy bowling a wide like that.
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