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  1. coda


    It's a bit of a freak show. Sickening knockout with the winner gloating. Trashy.
  2. Hope to see Nolan doing the chicken dance on the touchline next season.
  3. Were you the one sunbathing in the garden at the weekend when that fella dropped in?
  4. Oooof nasty challenge
  5. Penalty! Right decision
  6. Hmmm getting outclassed here.
  7. Big game this evening! C'mon England!
  8. Offside! Oh shit it's going to kick off here
  9. Finished Catch-22 yesterday and I'd recommend giving it a try! Can't remember the book so don't know how faithful it is but for me it has the right mix of comedy/profundity. Loved the aerial scenes.
  10. No more Garry Mook. Surely a job for Big Eck.
  11. Dunno about Too Old to Die Young. I like a lot about it but it's just too slow, don't think I've got the patience for 10 hours+.
  12. 11-0 feel sorry for Thailand here.

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