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  1. Meanwhile in Turkey ... Erdogan's been showing footage of the attack at his rallies.
  2. 50% Premier League. They ain't gonna be liking that in Switzerland.
  3. Another repulsive attack. The perpetrator sounds like a strange mix of infantile memes and mass murder. The streaming of it and letting his little online clique know beforehand, it's so modern and disturbing.
  4. Taika Waititi to direct a Time Bandits series.
  5. It's difficult to separate the art from the artist but I still watch Woody Allen films despite his creepiness.
  6. I hope they finish 7th.
  7. This case sounds unusual. She was in a park with her friends while two youths were lurking nearby. The two leave and return 30 minutes later where one stabs her in the back without saying anything. No argument or fight. No motive.
  8. Are you planning on watching it? Be interesting to hear a fan's reaction.
  9. Watched the first part of the Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland. It's sickening and convincing.
  10. Bruuuuuuuuno. Sounds like Senior doesn't rate Junior.

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