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  1. Isn't this bad news re the Great Filter? We're doomed. DOOOOOMED.
  2. We're doomed. Bleak look at how we're being manipulated.
  3. Hope to see you all there
  4. coda

    Racism Part two

    This Chunkz fella can't be any worse than Tim Lovejoy.
  5. coda

    The Film Thread

    If I have a problem with the trailer it's the lack of Harkonnens, they're the more interesting characters!
  6. coda

    The Film Thread

    Didn't see Sting in that trailer
  7. coda

    U.S. Politics

    This was on the news last night. It's not looking good for November.
  8. Feel less safe these days but this may be a result of modern media. Thinking back early 90s it was a proper shithole. The old Bullring was a dive and there were always older youths around ready to 'tax' our little group. I know several people who aren't enthusiastic about raising children in and around Birmingham and Saturday night's events aren't going to help. There just seem to be too many scrotes carrying knives these days.
  9. The first series of The Terror was up there for me.
  10. Victims 'chosen at random' doesn't make sense if it's gang-related.
  11. Press conference seems to contradict that young woman's 5live interview.
  12. coda

    The Film Thread

    Very funny, subversive, druggy, generational class conflict!
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