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  1. Looks like the bloke who alleged he was abused by the VIP Westminster paedo ring made it all up and is himself a paedo.
  2. Just had a nosebleed. Hopefully not a bad omen.
  3. 5Live "Klopp galvanised the loyal and special fan base" and they wonder why nobody wants them to win.
  4. Bit worried if we win 3-0 on Saturday.
  5. Not bad, Spurs. Not bad.
  6. Thought it was a great first episode. Felt itchy watching it and I now want to build a doomsday bunker. Can't believe that Dyatlov bloke survived it. I assumed anyone anywhere near it was doomed.
  7. WTF is it happening again
  8. What a shitshow. Can't believe it.
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