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  1. Ashley Westwood

    Approaching the Bannan thread in terms of quality.
  2. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    I can't see people believing the animosity between Haye and Bellew this time. Winner should fight Rio Ferdinand.
  3. Match Thread: Barnsley v Villa

    Looking good for a point.
  4. London Terror Attack

    Might be a pressure cooker or gas cannister inside.
  5. 20,000 Köln fans in London with 3,000 tickets. What could possibly go wrong?
  6. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    No more, Butchie. No more of this.
  7. Steve Bruce

    I thought he was a safe, uninspiring choice. Can't believe how clueless he is.
  8. Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Looking good for a point.
  9. West Ham

    'uddersfield can go top tonight!
  10. Match Thread: Villa v Brentford

    Automatic promotion for the people
  11. The Film Thread

    Hoping to see It today!
  12. The Art Thread

    I've seen pieces for sale in Coffee shops but they all look a bit bad A Level coursework.