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  1. Personally do not think we are a selling club. Grealish left due to a release clause. We’ve been trying to shift dross for months and the best we could do is a loan deal for Wesley and release a few players. I don’t think we can sell anyone!
  2. He’s since said it hasn’t gone to BHX just yet and it’s only a flight plan could always be cancelled. Probably is related to their president coming over. Let’s get him.
  3. Just sell him anything is a bonus
  4. Signing * never wanted him back, how did Dean think putting his left wing was a good idea.
  5. Really didn’t see the point in the singing.
  6. In before page 3k and the move to city
  7. Folski

    Ezri Konsa

    Surely worth £150m if white is £50m
  8. Just on this, probably helps being in a shite team with regards defensive stats. If you dont have the ball theres going to be a lot more defensive actions. I wonder what Kante's numbers for example are like compared to him.
  9. Was hoping this would be on 200 pages by now.
  10. Would love like 3 of these signings in the €15m range. ive never heard of this guy but will be disgusted if we don’t get him
  11. No I think it was down to Martinez. He was nearly motm every game.
  12. £370k a week contract apparently. No way we could offer more than that. More sky lies. “Trophies” my bollox.
  13. Hold on…. Jack got calf implants?
  14. I think the £100m profit on player sales will have a bigger impact.
  15. SSN just said on air they’ve confirmed the have eyes on Grealish and he is training with Villa.
  16. *Fails medical Whats worse cheating medical science or cheating friends?
  17. It was more than that. It could have been because of the mail story but it was too quick for there to be such movement.
  18. PP Betfair no longer taking bets. Major shift in Skybet too.
  19. Was on the shop page the last day and Jack was very much at the top of this list.
  20. Pretty sure he does. Was spotted in Manchester yesterday with his 2 dogs.
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