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  1. @SUBWAYUKIreland Smallbrook Queensway branch in Brum is filthy. Literally every table is covered in litter. How often should it be cleaned?

  2. RT @LBC: This driving instructor had a VERY lucky escape from #StormDoris https://t.co/Xi8KdBCbBb https://t.co/OSEUAArv31

  3. https://t.co/FZdsUHwX4w is down? Not something you see every day. Did Rupert get three wishes or something? #bbc https://t.co/IBHJ4V6qzD

  4. Is it me or is Falcao enjoying the best comeback since Lazarus? #ChampionsLeague

  5. One of the best things about working antisocial hours is solace from the car crash that is #avfc.

  6. Leicester City

    Leicester can still win the league if they win every game this season while Chelsea lose every remaining game, and they need to have a goal difference swing of 54 in that time (13 remaining games). They are still shorter odds with most bookies to win the title than they were on the opening day of last season.
  7. Totally useless information/trivia

    There's a word for that in Chelmsley Wood too. "Tuesday."
  8. @IanDunt @mrchrisaddison tbf that bus implies let’s fund the NHS with £350 a week, which is kinda what the Tories are doing.

  9. 3 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/840AZpBvJY

  10. RT @haveigotnews: Argos to pay £2.4m to 37k workers paid below minimum wage. Claimants will have to wait 45 mins while a 17 year old locate…

  11. RT @NHSMillion: PLs RT/share if you were #BornInTheNHS https://t.co/IlJMBtWI76

  12. @Hmmckenna >> because Trump has so much baggage & so many people are searching for it 24/7 that someone will find something to trigger it

  13. RT @BrianReade: If Nuttall was at Hillsborough he clearly didn't learn its most powerful lesson: Every right-wing gobshite who lies about i…

  14. Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Barnsley

    It's not though is it? If it were easy then we would have appointed the right manager already and be top of the league. As it stands we are a dysfunctional club who change managers every five minutes. Xia hasn't got a reputation as a trigger happy chairman yet, but if he does then who in their right mind would come here? We certainly wouldn't be able to attract the calibre of man we need.
  15. Never let it be said I'm above schoolboy humour. #fnar https://t.co/ZFQA0wZUXb