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  1. @StevieGreenXI I would, but of course this is a human being I'm going to have to rely on not to put me in a care ho… https://t.co/k8bslQAIAl

  2. @VillaJetMet The lady has even got a beer! I had issues with trespassers on the Stratford branch for other steam tr… https://t.co/2B9XuGirCu

  3. RT @JonDenton: If anyone is on Reddit and can bang a few upvotes on this one I'd be extremely grateful! https://t.co/kMTiyZbhzk

  4. Football and trains? I'll take it! https://t.co/xlYrqdrYh2

  5. RT @dandooldacres: Help raise £5000 to Raise funds towards specialised bathroom for jack old.. Please #donate on @justgiving and RT htt…

  6. @jain_saab_ @PhilKitro What's the infrastructure like? That's the most important thing. Just look at Iceland go.

  7. @jayforeman It's Mom in Birmingham. You can pretend you are in Birmingham if you want to maintain your Englishness.

  8. RT @zerojayz: Sweating like an EDL member at a spelling competition.

  9. @mcclavin @allthestations Interesting to see we manage to have more passengers and a similar amount of daily servic… https://t.co/tG2ZeMFtbA

  10. @importantcast and amazingly, won. Then got reelected. Twice.

  11. @KiteWithRoseton @allthestations Can confirm gate was unlocked.

  12. @NigeWolves McGregor on the other hand will make an obscene amount of money and walk away with reputation intact as… https://t.co/PHjGt75UyM

  13. @ollymoss what’s your best time in time attack mode?

  14. @ChrisMNee #irony

  15. #U20WC champions then. False dawn or is the whole St George’s Park thing taking shape? @England