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  1. @mavMclovin77 I've got three cans of paint tied to the ceiling, you know, just in case.

  2. @qazimod @matmurray @InterfacePod I've had a sub to that in the past but it's not really what I'm looking for.

  3. If I ever see another train again it will be too soon. Alas contractual obligations give me about fifteen hours.

  4. RT @LFCNev: ???????????????? crying !!! https://t.co/4nHTmEplFZ

  5. @MrRyanLeister Villa did exactly as I suspected, we've done that a lot under Bruce. It's Mourinhoball without the good players.

  6. Five seconds in and I've already decided I don't like the #Porridge remake.

  7. I think I've still got my bear and skeleton picture care of Leccy @CheekyBudgie https://t.co/BwoAz6R2nn

  8. RT @chilternrailway: Has anyone found this bag, it has little trains inside. Please help reunite this little enthusiast. Lost near/at Bices…

  9. Hearing @jeffgerstmann talk about living in the Northern California #wildfire zone was genuinely scary. Hang in there buddy.

  10. @LaurasTweet Now I feel old!

  11. RT @deirdreheenan: Oh dear. Did someone at the @Telegraph forget to remove the caption below the photograph? https://t.co/r4xJzSwvJb

  12. @geofftech Is there a hinge at one end? Perhaps a housing for a ramp or something?

  13. RT @Kevin_Maguire: There's something about this unfortunate photograph of Jacob Rees-Mogg that's puzzling me. I can't think what it is... h…

  14. The express train to Reading hurtling through Small Heath. Inspired by polyesterpowdercoated… https://t.co/0weDet8vMI

  15. RT @Classic_picx: Mani, Reni, Ian Brown and John Squire make up English rock band The Stone Roses. Pictured in 1990. https://t.co/Q6K9tW9p…