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  1. @dirk1978 @bbcquestiontime @BBCNews @BBCPolitics @BBCNewsbeat @bbc5live Just go to the home counties, thousands of the buggers there.

  2. @geofftech Wait for Kenilworth to open and you could make a day of it, presuming the heat death of the universe doe… https://t.co/PccSsxWWtU

  3. Uefa Champions League Draw

    I'm sure he does want the medal, but I'd imagine he wants to play for as long as possible because I mean, what does he do next? The guy has been a professional footballer (and first team member) for almost 25 years, the first Saturday of the new season where he doesn't get to do that any more is going to be a crushing experience for him. I'd cheer for the bloke if he didn't play for that awful football club.
  4. Uefa Champions League Draw

    Buffon plays for such an unpleasant club though. He seems like a decent enough chap but I can't cheer for him. Juventus are institutional cheats. If they aren't pumping their players with PEDs then they are bribing officials, and if they aren't doing that they are sucking the life out of Italian football. They are about to bore their way to a 7th consecutive Scudetto, throw that into the extremely large pile of other winners medals Buffon has picked up with Juve and Parma, and his World Cup, and the tens of millions he has in the bank and I don't think he'll retire feeling unfulfilled.
  5. Leicester City

    It was PSG.
  6. @chrisbates3 @BBCPeterPlisner @bbcmtd Searching Kenilworth on Twitter also produces a BBC article from about 8 hour… https://t.co/wUfFJDiVge

  7. @ThatTimWalker That's anti compassion spray. He goes through eight cans a day.

  8. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    Apparently he's scored more goals in 2018 than Man Utd.
  9. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    Ronaldo has now scored 21 goals and provided 4 assists in his last 11 games for Madrid. His form since January is bonkers, even by his standards.
  10. @Cairey18 @KevinCorAvfc @villareport Next season becomes much more difficult as our budget gets cut and key squad m… https://t.co/y1TFRizWY7

  11. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    But the board have been very public with the strategy about using short term signings (loans, older players) to get us up then rebuilding again once we are up. I've always questioned it, seems odd from multiple points of view, firstly rebuilding a squad in a single transfer window is easier said than done and often ends in disaster, secondly how motivated are the players in the squad now likely to be if they know they are out the door in the summer anyway? The club is built on a house of cards at the moment. I'd love us to go up and really fear the worst if we don't. It will be an even bigger kick in the teeth if Derby turn Cardiff over tomorrow because we've failed to capitalise on winnable fixtures. The fact that just one week after thumping Wolves and putting genuine pressure on Cardiff we have basically given them a free game tomorrow where it really doesn't matter if they lose.
  12. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I think it could be disastrous for the future of the club. If you don't bounce back quickly you might not bounce back at all, look at Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest, Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers (etc). We've got an owner who talks the talk, but if the club fail to get promotion this season then we really will see how committed Xia is because the good players we have in the squad look to move on, money starts drying up and we've got to rebuild while rationing. This year was shit or bust in my opinion. These couple of results have been awful, but the piss poor form in August and September left us with little wiggle room and we probably used up more than we should in December. The club will make the playoffs, if they don't then everybody in the squad should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, but I think now is the time for guys like John Terry to pick the squad up by the scruff of the neck and drag us over the line.
  13. There is a blizzard raging outside. Its the middle of March in England. #BeastfromtheEast2 https://t.co/1zVt7rqa7K

  14. Jack Grealish

    He's not going to make the Russia squad. Take the Villa coloured glasses off, Southgate already has to work hard to win over a sceptical fanbase and picking an unproven kid from the Championship who has missed half the season through injury isn't going to do him any favours is it?
  15. @ianrobo1 you've ridden a bike around that London once or twice, haven't you? https://t.co/f1NbVGdiW9