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  1. Champions League Draw Last 8

    That's not true at all. Atleti have conceded 23 goals in 28 games in La Liga this season (Seville have conceded 34 in 28) and they also conceded the fewest goals in the group stage of the Champions League, 2, finishing above Bayern Munich in the group while they were at it.
  2. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    London never ceases to delight me. My job has taken me to London on a daily basis for about fifteen years and the more I go there the more the size of the place blows my mind. Two or three years ago I decided to explore the place a bit, I'd done the dozen or so things most people do between Marble Arch and Tower Bridge ten times over but there's so much more off the beaten track. I managed to get to this place in Walthamstow today. Been meaning to do it for a while. It's a shrine to neon. You can buy food and drink there if you want but the point of the place seems to be that the guy who runs it just happens to think it's cool. I adore that mentality.
  3. Champions League Draw Last 8

    I just can't see it. Never say never of course but the current Atleti team is about as hard a counter to Leicester as you can get, right? They are built on a ridiculous defence and don't leave themselves open to the counter which is probably Leicester's biggest weapon, plus Atleti have better players in pretty much every position. Compare that to the glamour tie against Real Madrid, whose gung ho nature means they have the capacity to beat Leicester 8-1 or get knocked out by a sucker punch. It's more exciting and it's more of an event.
  4. Yep. That's a #sunset. #london #unionjack @ Connaught Village https://t.co/A1sfGpLsOJ

  5. #redwhiteandblue for the #unitedkingdom @ Library of Birmingham https://t.co/lUbughqhLn

  6. @philfarmer82 mate, don't mock Rod Hull.

  7. one person followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/840AZpBvJY

  8. Champions League Draw Last 8

    Leicester went there in the same season and it was shit by all accounts, the Madrid police ruined the trip as they restricted Leicester fans to only being allowed to travel on official flights if they wanted a ticket for the match, then they kept the Leicester fans in compounds outside of the city for most of the day before only allowing them to the stadium on official coaches which arrived immediately before kickoff. There were reports that lots of Leicester fans couldn't even have anything to eat or drink all day because as their movements were so restricted they didn't even get a chance to exchange their money from pounds to pesetas. Times have changed and I can't see it being like that again but what a crappy experience first time round.
  9. Android: General Chat

    ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************* that!
  10. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    You just know that whoever wrote the gag didn't put the surname in on the first pass but was told to include it by the money men because we can't have people not getting jokes in summer blockbusters, can we?
  11. @Real_Rob_Warner I'm almost impressed we managed to stay up for as long as we did under Lerner.

  12. Champions League Draw Last 8

    I think it's a horrible draw for Leicester. At this point I'd want the glamour tie (Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern or Juventus) but instead they've got a team who will beat them but don't provide much glamour even though they've made two of the past three finals.
  13. @Scroobiuspipyo I don't tend totake blurry pics of random passers by but Ill make an exception here as you've made… https://t.co/8pe0MkmbJ4

  14. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    More new footage released:
  15. Nintendo Switch

    I'm still in that camp too. Despite Nintendo doing the bare minimum they could to keep me interested and charging the absolute maximum they can to keep anybody interested, I'm still kinda up for a Switch. I can definitely wait though, I strongly suspect there will be a couple of hardware revisions as time goes by in response to issues which have been flagged this month (screen/dock scratching, left JoyCon losing connectivity) and they might hit the market quite quickly. This time next year might be a good spot, Zelda will still be full price I'm sure but the hardware might come down by £50 and a few more big first party titles like Mario Kart and Super Mario Odyssey will be out.