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  1. RT @Keir_Starmer: When judges uphold the law, they are branded enemies of the people. When MPs uphold democracy, they are branded traitors.…

  2. Did he get three points for this one? https://t.co/z5s0HFxD1v

  3. @deborahdibari @thehill It's not

  4. My mum is one of these people. She's not on Twitter so she won't see this but she's bloody great. ???? https://t.co/6EO2PKFp8r

  5. Get real. He's not going to drop down to The Championship six months before a world cup. #avfc https://t.co/6qeWJAej64

  6. RT @bcfctweets: GOAL: Sheffield United 1-2 #BristolCity, Flint 90. #SHUvBRC https://t.co/3E9YGpcpEf

  7. @ChrisMNee Yeah, it's kinda cool. The daughter goes to school in Coventry now so I've been spending more time there… https://t.co/6UEbQ2IOZO

  8. RT @ArthurGotJokess: Okay now this was good TV https://t.co/o07YoNFunU

  9. @ellrbrown @chilternrailway If you want a nice shot of the DVT just go into the multi storey car park next to platforms 3&4

  10. @VirginMediaCorp @The_FSF Will you be using the money that Branson took from the NHS to subsidise this?

  11. @leegewen Kingsbury Water Park isn't far tbf.

  12. Zelda - Breath of the Wild

    Bump. Bought a Switch for Mario and have spent the month playing Zelda instead. It's bloody lovely.
  13. @philfarmer82 https://t.co/nmqFo1EVZr

  14. @garywhitta Don't think there are any genuine groups of death this year. England's draw is good though, especially… https://t.co/5NUYhq9s54

  15. RT @richardosman: This American Life have asked me to make a true-crime podcast uncovering who axed Ricicles. The trouble is we can’t think…