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  1. The post game interview was fantastic too. When he said he predicted that him and Cole Palmer would come on and that Cole would set him up for the winner there was something in his voice that can only be described as utter glee and I was like yes, this is why we call football the beautiful game and just for a moment it felt like Ollie was transported back to being the kid who’d just fallen in love with playing. Love it.
  2. He didn’t even make his Argentina debut until he was a former Arsenal goalkeeper.
  3. Is he the guy who turned down John McGinn so they could spend the money on pyro for the Champions League group stage?
  4. Took me 150 hours to do that. Worth it.
  5. Bloody good player (League winner, England international) but always struck me as a good bloke too. One of those players nobody really had a bad word to say about.
  6. They probably inserted a clause in the contract stating if he scored a hat trick against them then they get 100% of any fee we receive.
  7. This is what the Camp Nou looked like about four weeks ago. I was of the impression Barcelona would be playing at Montjuic for a while yet.
  8. Post game interview with Anthony Gordon shows how much the players cared about the game tonight.
  9. There’s also a photo of Gareth Southgate in a Villa kit in their museum from the UEFA Cup game.
  10. Was in Bilbao last summer and completely fell in love with the place. San Mamés is a million miles from the Bescot (and brilliantly is right in the city centre) but I’ll happily go to this game.
  11. Balatro. I hate it so much yet I love it so much.
  12. With Grealish it’s more a case of availability and the fact he’s wearing a set of golden handcuffs at Manchester City. He’s 29 three weeks into the new season, he’s got three years left on a contract that pays £300k a week (so £45m remaining) at Manchester City and he’s got a history of missing large chunks of every season through injury going back to his time as a Championship player. So even if you don’t think his best days are behind him and he isn’t going to go the same way as Eden Hazard did after turning 30, then you’ve got to be pretty damn sure that the money it would take to get him out of Manchester City and the fact that he’ll have practically zero resale value at the end of whatever his next contract is wouldn’t be better spent elsewhere. I still think he’s a fabulous footballer. I wouldn’t want him back at Villa.
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