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  1. Glorious. https://t.co/iPctq2E16A

  2. @Laura_WBC Take nothing away from AJ though, he's beat a classy fighter with a hell of a shot. Fury and Wilder up next.

  3. RT @WorldSnooker1: What a plant! What a match! #ilovesnooker https://t.co/x8t62zqL6x

  4. @thepileus @DenjaMouse he’s the personification of the old adage; ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.‘ #BoJo

  5. @leeHTFC I’d not be gutted if it happened. #avfc ????

  6. @danielstorey85 he needs a better agent!

  7. @CheekyBudgie I shall put it in my queue.

  8. RT @vizcomic: https://t.co/IHG9qEcFch

  9. RT @mapduliand: Le Pen polls first in Annezin. Mayor is angry. "I might resign because I don't want to spend my life catering to rocket polishers" h…

  10. RT @OptaJoe: 3 – This is the 3rd time that Gabriel Agbonlahor has scored a match-winning goal for Villa v Birmingham (also Sept 09 & Nov 07…

  11. RT @Birdyword: Astonishing. Dortmund bus bomber feigned Islamism, was trying to profit from crash in BVB shares. HT @jamiepastore https://t…

  12. When your luck is out, your luck is out: https://t.co/w7Zfk9N3X8 #brighton #norbri #football #owngoals

  13. RT @VillaJetMet: Speedy recovery Ugo https://t.co/fAXd4g0JnY

  14. The 17:05 from #Dalmally to #Oban @ Dalmally https://t.co/gxoIUbpVMe

  15. 3 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/840AZpBvJY