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  1. Photography?

    Still more from my summer: The new Assay office, Jewellery Quarter. Morning commuters arrive at Marylebone station, London. A family of ducks, Meriden. Sun setting over Lisson Grove, London. Offices at Snow Hill. Sun rising over the Vale. The dandelion fountain in Nuneaton. Voted as the nicest traffic island in all of England. Another fountain, this one is outside Wembley Arena. The Shard from the streets of Southwark. Southwark tube station. Little Venice, London. I could very happily live around here.
  2. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    Yep. As spectacular as some of the sequences are, it's really just the sunk cost fallacy which is keeping me watching now. It was an amazing show at it's peak but seasons 6 & 7 have been subpar.
  3. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

  4. RT @allthestations: New VIDEO! Episode 53 - We’re On The Wrong Side … https://t.co/XhMcrs1Ggp

  5. @ianrobo1 Probably not but the record books will and in ten years time people won't say anything about McGregor.

  6. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Lots of fights for Crawford at 147. I'd imagine he wants to catch Pacquiao while he still can (if he still can) as there's a lot of money to be made there, but the next 12-18 months could see him become a megastar if he takes the right fights and wins.
  7. @bglendenning I was going to buy some Nike boots but with this revaluation about the poor quality of the laces I mi… https://t.co/wb1CFQYzsx

  8. Seeing people you remember as players becoming managers always makes you feel old, but Harry Kewell as a manager really hits home.

  9. BAMF https://t.co/LyFtuWr2ED

  10. @ChrisMNee Only if you don't use talc.

  11. RT @RobinFlavell: An islamaphobe, a white supremacist and a sexual predator walk into a bar. The barman says "What'll it be Mr Trump?"

  12. Ratings & Reactions: Reading v Villa

    Steve Bruce himself probably.
  13. @StevieGreenXI Yeah, but he'll play a brilliant crossfield ball to Alan Hutton in the 63rd minute away to Barnsley.… https://t.co/4GLOwvdNPI

  14. @geofftech @jonobennett Did that walk last year. It's surprisingly short and very pleasant. The Green Welly seems t… https://t.co/mvIzZ4iuMO

  15. Crisis? What crisis? #avfc