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  1. The Concert/Gig Thread

    not seen a thread purely for people to say what gigs concerts or festivals they are going to, Iif people start using it then it could help others spot something they may have missed or would be interested in going to. any way just got my tickets come through for bob dylan next wednesday at the NIA cant wait now man im buzzing i know he is an old man but he is a proper legend and one of my musical hero's so it should be great
  2. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I can stretch for that but don't expect any good morning blow jobs for at least another week
  3. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Nah I've not gave it up, I have just moderated it...you are still on the couch by the way
  4. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I refer you to my earlier post, I'm a creature of habit, its what I know its what I like, its what I want. a £500 lobster might be nice but on a Sunday I would prefer a bog standard chicken dinner.
  5. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    that's as maybe, but I'm a creature of habit, I've grown up on stella, carling, kronenberg, grolsche, breaker, red stripe and stuff like that, I hate the fact that 18 months ago I had an abundance of off licenses and now I have to get the bus if I want a normal 500ml can
  6. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I can no longer buy 500ml cans of lager that I want to drink anymore because Erdington High Street has been taken over by the Polish. I know that people are probably going to cry 'you can't say that' or what not but I don't care. Since the age of 15 or 16 if I wanted a few cans I could choose from Kronenberg, Stella, Grolsche, Red Stripe etc etc, today I found out that Stumpies has closed (the shop wasn't called stumpies but at one point they had a bloke who worked there with one hand, therefore the place became known as stumpies) that is 3 off licenses that has closed in 12 months. I thought 'no bother, I'll just go to one of the Polish shops' out of the 5 I went into 3 of them sold alcohol and only one of them had Stella, there wasn't a single other beer that you would recognize. It's Erdington for gods sake, surely you should be able to get a 500ml can of Stella if you want one, obviously the demand isn't there for it, there is now 12 Polish supermarkets on or around Erdington High Street, I suppose that the majority of people would rather a can of Zwviecvh or whatever its called. I just think its a shame when I can buy an endless amount of Polish lager but I can't get a can of Carling. I'm fully expecting to have to put my tin hat on by the way.
  7. The Film Thread

    Agreed, as a massive fan of the comic book world I was massively excited when the films started coming out, in my opinion they should have left it at the first Avengers film, the magic has worn off them now. Yeah they are still ok and as you say they bring the odd chuckle and 2 hours of mindless entertainment but they are all feeling really tired now. Then again, we are not the target market are we, the kids love them whilst we sit around and whinge about how much better these superheroes were back in our day. Having said that I am going to see Thor on Monday
  8. The Thread of Dreams

    I often have that same dream as well
  9. Formula One - 2017

    I like listening to Verstappen's chatter with the team over the radio. Yesterday it went something like Radio - how is the track looking Max - wonderful, its very sunny radio - we were talking about the debris Max - oh yeah that's been cleared After all the carnage at the start of the race a few weeks back didn't he radio through to his team and say that it was 'lovely, simply lovely' when all his main competition had been wiped out on the first turn
  10. Formula One - 2017

    Then he said Pink Floyd, through s mouthful of food
  11. Formula One - 2017

    I quite enjoyed it, plenty of action right at the start with all the collisions, Vettel still had something to race for, Hamilton was brilliant coming all the way up from the back of the pack. I thought the unsung hero of the race was Ricardo, some of his overtaking was brilliant.
  12. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    yeah, it would have been nice to see him get the stoppage seeings how in control of the fight he was. Arias didn't do himself any harm though, he put in a good shift, we will see him again I'm sure
  13. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Haye v Bellew is on the verge of being cancelled because Hayes achilles is injured again
  14. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    I've got no problem with boxers fighting postmen and butchers at the start of their career, its a learning curve, I think that the issue is the amount of exposure that they get these days whilst doing it. To be fair to Dubois, even though his fights have been televised they have been on BoxNation so he hasn't had the same sort of media machine behind him, I know Buncey and co love to big him up but they don't get through to the same sort of audience that Sky does. Dubois biggest appearance on a card is probably BJS v Monroe at the Copperbox, Benn has been on the undercard for AJ's PPV's.
  15. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    No you can't call him a prospect and I don't think he should even be on these cards at the minute, he should be headlining the NXT GEN stuff that Matchroom have been putting on Friday nights at the York Hall. Having said that though look at his debut and look at him now, he has improved massively over those 9 or 10 fights, considering he hasn't had any amateur experience I think he is coming on nicely. The only problem is that he is being put on all of the cards that the casual fan watches, it won't be long until they are calling for him to step up the opposition which is unfair on the lad at the moment, if they step him up too soon it will be pretty poor management.
  16. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Just watching the Sky card now, Connor Benn is improving all the time, it was a brutal bodyshot that he won with, the Mexican dude was in agony after it. Cletus Seldin has a real weird style, elbows first then see if you can land a big right. cut the other guy up real bad after just 3 rounds
  17. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Foot v Leather was a cracking scrap, without the 2 point deductions for Foot I had him winning, I had it really close though after the 2 points were took off so can' complain at the decision for Leather. Smith beat Williams as well, Smith fought a clever fight and it was completely different to what I was expecting. I thought Williams was going to start slow to keep some gas in the tank for the later stages and thought Smith was going to try and snatch the first few rounds after losing pretty much the first half of their first fight. Josh Taylor was on channel 5 as well, I've got that recorded to watch tomorrow, sounds like he will have learnt quite a bit from the fight though from what I've read.
  18. The Thread of Dreams

    Well I can't do anything else can I, its not like I could try having a conversation with you, you wouldn't even be able to hear me over all that god damn Black Sabbath constantly, I mean how many times do you have to listen to Fairies wear boots in one single night? That's it, you are on the couch tonight
  19. The Thread of Dreams

    You always say that...we never talk though...that's the problem I feel like I'm the only one who actually tries to make this relationship work
  20. The Thread of Dreams

    It wasn't a dream and I'm not cleaning up after you anymore.
  21. since we are coming into the cold season I thought I'd check the pressure on my boiler, for some unknown reason it is showing at 3 bars, it should only be around 1. I've been using the heating a little bit and haven't had any problems but 3 bars is way to high, I have bled the radiators and that has made little difference, I've checked the valve under the sink and that is firmly off. Anyone got any ideas, is there an easy fix or should I just get in touch with my landlord. When I was bleeding the radiators it was just a constant jet, I was expecting it to die down as the pressure dropped but it didn't and the pressure didn't drop, I filled about three jugs of water from it. I don't have a clue with this sort of stuff so any help will be much appreciated.
  22. Guess the Film

    I'm utterly rubbish at this
  23. Half Time Scores

    I just thought it made more sense to start at the top and work your way down. I usually have a few bets so it makes it easier for me to keep track.
  24. I've not been in there for 12 months yet so I've not had a check since I've been in the property. It would have been due a check in the next month or two.
  25. Landlord is gunna call me after 4, he can sort it out. I'm not competent with this sort of stuff at all.