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  1. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    If you don't mind paying £10 to watch the heavyweights that is. Linares must absolutely love Matchroom, he beats their fighters and they make him out to be P4P #1 to try and save face
  2. The Concert/Gig Thread

    not seen a thread purely for people to say what gigs concerts or festivals they are going to, Iif people start using it then it could help others spot something they may have missed or would be interested in going to. any way just got my tickets come through for bob dylan next wednesday at the NIA cant wait now man im buzzing i know he is an old man but he is a proper legend and one of my musical hero's so it should be great
  3. London Terror Attack

    did I just hear a who
  4. The Film Thread

    Richie was very much as Richie should have been, yeah they updated him but I thought he was played really well, the only thing that bothered me was that they sacrificed Stan, Mike and to an extent Ben in order to gain an affinity towards Bill, Beverley and Richie. This version of pennywise was more true to the book, Curry's version of pennywise was playful and not at all threatening, I think Skarsgard nailed it to be honest. I agree an 8/10 is fair, it was good for what it was and it satisfied both the book and miniseries fans and whilst it wasn't scary it did the job. I'm looking forward to second one, they will either need to go completely off tangent or expand on the deadlights and the ritual of chud, there were a few nods to Maturin so they may go there, I think it is pretty damn doubtful though.
  5. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Just checked Spotify and every single Rory Gallagher album is back on there. Rory is one of my favouritest guitarists of all time and I've not been able to listen to him properly for about 12 months. I'm so happy I could piss myself. That's me done for the night, plenty of Stella and have a feast on Rory Gallaghers back catalogue.
  6. Do you read?

    I read the first 5 of the dark tower series and have been meaning to re-read them but it's a pretty big commitment and I don't know how long it will take for me to get round to it. ASOIAF are well worth reading but they are not as perfect as some would have you believe, the second and fourth books are real low points. I'm still persevering with Lolita at the moment I'm really enjoying it but I've had a lot on lately so it's took me over a week to get half way through it, I'm hoping to have it finished over the next 2 or 3 days though.
  7. The Careers/Jobs thread

    Had my interview today. I really have no idea whether I have done enough or if I flunked massively. I wasn't too impressed when they threw a pen at me and said right then now you have a 45 minute written test. I don't think that is really fair, you could have gave me the questions and answers 3 weeks ago and I still would have **** up massively, I've always been the same in that sort of situation, I would have at least liked a bit of forewarning. Anyway it is what it is, it's out of my hands now, I can't do anymore than I already have. I'll find out by the end of next week if I I have got it or not.
  8. The Film Thread

    It was, I can't disagree, it pales into insignificance when compared to The Mummy though which is a pure work of art, Seat68 doesn't know what he's missing out on.
  9. The Film Thread

    I could probably do with watching it again, I'm sure that I can remember recommending it to a few people though. Maybe "brilliant" was a little over the top but definitely very good.
  10. The Film Thread

    I thought it was brilliant, if I remember correctly. It's been a while since I watched it
  11. The Film Thread

    I thought it was brilliant
  12. The Film Thread

    agreed, the original ending is absolutely batshit crazy but I was looking forward to seeing them try to at least tackle some aspects of it, apparently the director has said that he isn't a fan at all of the Maturin space turtle mythology stuff but has said that they might expand on it a little in the 2nd part.
  13. The Film Thread

    I also thought that the apocalyptic rock fight was extremely poorly executed, that was a landmark moment in the book and was a genuinely tense and dangerous moment, in this version of the film though it was done with an almost lighthearted comedic element. I mentioned before that Henry was underused and I think that his mates were underused as well, I mean Patrick Hockstetter is just there, in the book he was completely unhinged, I mean he locked animals in a fridge and gave Henry Bowers a **** handjob, when I was watching it I didn't even correlate the character onscreen with the one in the book. There was one scene where the character of Beverly looked genuinely terrified, it was just a split second shot but that one shot was probably my favourite in the film because it actually looked real.
  14. The Film Thread

    Thing is though, how do you make a scary film these days? I think that film fans and maybe people in general have been completely so desensitized to horror that you can appreciate that a film is attempting to be scary and you can enjoy it without it actually being scary to you. I honestly can't remember the last time that a film genuinely scared me, probably when I was about 11 or 12 and watched poltergeist 2, the old man (Henry Kane) scared the living daylights out of me and he wasn't actually scary, he was just more creepy and sinister.
  15. The Film Thread

    How much of the story made sense to you if you haven't seen or read it before, I was wondering that because It just seems to be there with no explanation. I did like the few nods to Maturin the turtle as well, I can't see them throwing him into the next film, it would run the risk of becoming all a bit 'Noel Fieldings Luxury Comedy' if they did. And whilst it was a major problem with the original, am I the only one who missed the spider?
  16. The Film Thread

    Oh and I was really looking forward to the gang bang scene between a load of 12 year olds but for some reason they left that out
  17. The Film Thread

    I went to watch Stephen Kings 'It' yesterday (again Derrenm, I hope this is clear enough for you) I really enjoyed it but it wasn't without its problems Whilst the kids were all brilliant it was clear that Bill, Richie and Beverly were the main characters and the others really suffered from this Unless you had read or watched the book or the mini series I doubt if you would even know Stan or Mikes names after watching the new version. In the book Henry Bowers was almost the main protagonist and It or Pennywise almost played second fiddle to Henry, Henry was massively underused in this version. The way that the losers all so blatantly fall in love with Beverley at first site just felt wrong and completely out of touch with the book, in the book they all find themselves lusting after her without actually realizing it, and that was a big part of the book, Ben was openly infatuated with her and he was aware that she was attracted to Bill and he accepted this, I thought this was lacking massively and the film suffered a little for it, it may be because I have read the book and that was a pretty big aspect of it, maybe I'm just being picky I don't know. Having said that Richie was brilliantly played, he was genuinely laugh out loud funny (although I did miss the 'beep beep Richie' I would have been nice if they would have included that I thought that it was all a little easy for the kids as well, I never got the feeling that they actually felt threatened at any time. I would have actually preferred it if the story alternated between the adults and the kids, they will struggle to gain as much anticipation for a version that focuses solely on the adults and I think it would have helped them expand on the characters a little. Also a few little tweaks annoyed me, in the book and the miniseries it was Mike who delved into Derry's history and uncovered the darkness that surrounds the whole town and I'm pretty sure that it was actually Stan who put forward the idea of the swearing a blood oath, these are only little things but I think that it overpowers certain characters and almost makes other redundant. On the flip side though I thought that Pennywise was brilliant, he was a lot more faithful to the book than Tim Curry's interpretation was, he was truly menacing.
  18. The Film Thread

    It Comes at Night - decent, nothing ground braking, good slow burner, enjoyed it Little Evil - really was quite rubbish however I had great fun watching it, mainly because the little brat in it looks just like my mates equally evil son Going to see Stephen Kings 'It' tomorrow (is that clear enough for you darrenm) I re-read the book just a few weeks ago and I have re-watched the original miniseries, book was just as good as I remember (if not better) and the miniseries was dreadful I've not looked forward to a film as much as this one for ages so I hope it lives up to expectations
  19. Do you read?

    I may take a look but I don't really read much non fiction, you'd say it is worth a read though?
  20. Do you read?

    Ha grapes of wrath was going to be my next read, it's been sitting in my bookcase for about 6 months now
  21. Do you read?

    I'm currently reading Lolita, I'm only about 80 pages or so into it Its one of those books that I should have read years ago but I have never got around to it, its brilliant so far, its the contrast between light and dark that I like. old Humbert Humbert is an almost likable fella, he knows that he is a wrongun and whilst he knows that what he is doing is wrong he almost embraces it, the way he describes his 'Lolita' comes across as almost innocent in a mildly dirty way, its only when you take a step back and think '**** me she's only 12 you absolute freak what are you doing' but he knows it and he thrives on it. I'm enjoying it so far anyways, only problem is that I'm not going to get much of a chance to read over the next few days so I can see me not getting to finish the book until mid next week probabl
  22. The Careers/Jobs thread

    Well I have managed to get myself an interview for the counter fraud department, its within the same company that I am already with and whilst I wanted to get away from the company and out of insurance altogether I quite like the idea of working in fraud. I always said that the two departments that interested me were bodily injury and fraud. Its a shame because I actually quite like the people that I work with (which is saying something as I am one of the most misanthropic people you are likely to meet) and I enjoy the job but the way the place is ran and the work volumes are absolutely crazy, it probably won't be any different in the new department but at least it is a fresh start. I've got my interview next Wednesday and the strange thing is that I'm not worried at all about it, I had to re-interview to keep my job during redundancies just a few months ago and I failed massively, I didn't have a clue on questions that I was expected to know, the thing with my job at the minute is that you can blag your way through 75% of it and not have any idea what you are doing, its a shame because I would have been bloody good at the job if things were managed better. Anyways, in this interview I'm not going to be expected to know the answers to the technical questions but the stuff I have learnt from the injury department should carry me through I reckon. It isn't for any more money but its another string to my bow as they say. and then once I have got the system nailed I will just run around committing fraud left right and centre and never get caught...I will be a little frauding ninja, I will build an empire and have a pet tiger
  23. Text Message from Villa: Season Ticket Suspended

    slow down there cowboy, he is still waiting for his phone call, this could well still be a move by the Villa
  24. Text Message from Villa: Season Ticket Suspended

    So are we 100% convinced that it was a fake, I think that Rob182 should demand compulsory meeting with the Villa in order to fully resolve the issue.
  25. Text Message from Villa: Season Ticket Suspended

    This thread could be a future hall of famer