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  1. yeah, I'd like to see it again, I think I'll enjoy it a lot more on a second viewing now that I know what to expect from it, I think that this was one of the rare occasions when going into a film blind was a bit of a mistake because I had my own preconceived ideas of what I wanted/expected. It wasn't a bad film at all and it was quite well done, I just still think that it lacked the personality and presence of Tony Todd and in a way they didn't even try to fill that void with the way they went about portraying him. I love the original and watched it just the other week, it was first released in 1992 so I would have been 8 when it was released and probably would have been no older than 9 or 10 when I first saw it, that might be part of the reason why I enjoy it so much, I must have seen it at least 30 times in the last 20 years.
  2. I've only just jumped into this thread and haven't read the last few pages (I'm guessing from this page that it is mainly just back and forth squabbling though lol) I think its pretty pointless even considering selling Mings though, I'm not his biggest fan and if there was someone better around then I wouldn't be upset if we replaced him, having said that though, he's just been given the captains armband which really makes him the first name on the team sheet, the manager isn't going to do that and then flog him, add to the fact that he has got his way into the England set up and its pretty obvious to see that Dean Smith has no intention whatsoever of cashing in on him. If though he was put up for sale tomorrow, how much would people expect us to be asking for him? genuinely interested to know the difference in values between those that like him and those that don't.
  3. That was a complete tonal shift from Wans previous horror work, I agree with @Designer1 it was great fun, I don't think it'll have anywhere near the same sort of fan base that The Conjuring has but there is every chance it will gain a good strong cult following. The intro felt like something straight out of Stranger Things and then moves into the classic haunted house/possession style horror (complete with the weird jerky moving shadow monster) that we all know and love and then it completely shifts again into a bad slasher from the late 90's (and I mean that in the best possible way) Some of the shots were brilliant, I really got some Amityville/The Entity vibes at times, there was a great shot when she was walking from room to room and the camera was following from above, I thought that looked great. The acting was pretty hammy at times and so was the script but it kind of felt intentional, again going back to the Mimic/Cherry Falls type era. The story wasn't anything special and didn't provide any shocks and you'll probably have an idea of where the final act is going but the delivery was brilliant.
  4. Off to see this in a few hours, I don't know anything about it other than there are some murders and a bird had an imaginary friend as a kid (who I assume she believes is killing these people) Its a return to the horror genre for James Wan given his track record I'm looking forward to this one, I am hoping he changes it up a little bit though, we don't need another Insidious/Conjuring film.
  5. I went to see Candyman last week, I felt like it was a film that wasn't really needed but in the times of the soft reboot its not all that surprising, especially when you consider how relevant the politics are all these years after the original. Initially I came out of the cinema and though "well that was a bit shit" but once I had the chance to process it I think that I would probably enjoy it a lot more on a second viewing. The opening soundtrack was amazing and really got my hopes up at the beginning of the film, the acting was pretty solid, the politics were in your face but not rammed down your throat, the kills were suitably gory and they were respectful of the original. Where the film fell down was with Candyman himself, they were in an unwinnable position because Tony Todd was so iconic in the role that replacing him would have had fans of the original spitting feathers unless he pulled out a Heath Ledger/Dark Knight performance, instead of directly replacing him they focused more on the lore and while Candyman is seen throughout the film, he doesn't have a presence he doesn't have a personality, it seems like he is just a vehicle to make the film happen rather than being the actual reason that the film happens. They expand on the Lore and history of Candyman, I don't think it was necessary to dedicate quite so much of the film to this, you have a real slow burner for the first 70 minutes and then it was as if they thought "oh Christ, we need to get this finished" and bang the ending completely shifts the tone, goes batshit crazy and felt a little bit rushed in all fairness. I'd give it a 5.5 or 6 out of 10 but I would probably revise that on a second viewing.
  6. gotta be honest it wasn't a big deal, I was 16 years old and a raging piss head, college was somewhere I went to pass the time before going to the pub.
  7. 9/11 marked the end of my failed attempt at college, I'd say that a good 90% of the students were Asian, the day after 9/11 happened I was sitting in a class (I can't even remember what subjects I had taken now) and within 5 minutes I must have had about 10 paper planes chucked at me, I was **** livid, I'd already made several reports of racism to the head honcho (including one where I had a knife pulled on me) and there was absolutely zero interest, 12th September 2001 was the last time I went to college.
  8. Each and every single one of these rides gets a Nope from me, that last one gives me anxiety just looking at it
  9. I'm looking forward to 2022 as well
  10. christ you could do hundreds of these for horror films Laurence Fishbourne has already been mentioned in NOES3 Johnny Depp - NOES Kevin Bacon - Friday 13th Samuel L Jackson - Exorcist 3 Matthew MacConaughey & Rennee Zellewegger - Texas Chainsaw Massacre Matthew McConaughey & Rennee Z- The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Alexandra Daddario - Texas Chainsaw Leonardo DiCaprio - Critters 3 Jennifer Anniston - Leprechaun
  11. I might invest in this tomorrow then, it'll make a nice change from arsing Dead by Daylight constantly
  12. I'm guessing that it'll match you with strangers if you are like me and have no actual friends to play with
  13. A little update on my Coventry game. I'm not sure how I'm doing it but I am absolutely storming it at the moment, after finishing 15th I improved on that with 7th place and won the Carabou Cup, then the following season I started off with matches against Arsenal (who are winning the league every season) Man City, Tottenham and Liverpool, I lost 3 of them and managed a draw, then I got another draw or two, at that point I thought the game was just going to make it impossible for me to win a single match no matter what I did. Made a few tweaks to my tactics, changed the inside forwards to wingers on support and pulled my attacking midfielder back and put him on support and I'm currently sitting in 4th place after 23 games and my whole team have them funky green lines linking them up to say they have good partnerships with each other. The chairman sold up to a consortium who said that the first thing they were going to do was replace me as manager but they have offered me a new 5 year contract. All is going well at the moment...a little too well I suspect. Also Coventry throw out some really good youth players, my goalkeeper came up through the ranks, he is 20 years old and worth £15m and my striker is 21 and worth something like £27m
  14. most likely to Guantánamo Bay knowing our luck
  15. can someone do an updated breakdown of when they'll be isolating and what games they'll be missing please, someone did a worst case scenario one a few pages back but it looks like things have changed since then
  16. Bosnich Charles - Ugo - Macca - Southgate - Wright Draper - Taylor - Townsend Yorke - Savo Great team that was
  17. you know what, I was going to alter that to specifically say that my old man did the driving because I knew someone was going to pull me up on it, I thought I'd let it slide but alas, VT will never let you down
  18. first game I ever went to was Villa v Man Utd, I was 11 years old, opening game 3-1 to the villa, sitting in the lower Holte, got back from the match jumped in the car and drove to Weymouth.
  19. Got any idea what that one was called? when Little took over as manager was the first season that I got heavily into football so I'd love to read that, I've just had a look on Amazon but can't find anything other than one book called A Little is Enough by Simon Goodyear
  20. He's also our backup LW and CM already this season, we are going to run Young ragged at this rate
  21. I switched it off house ago, only had a look because I hadn't had any notifications through on my phone about it, I put it on just to get confirmation that it had been cancelled and the safety car was still trundling around the track. Zero chance of getting a full race, this will be for half points, I can't see them getting 75% of the race done
  22. race starting in 5 minutes
  23. 2 minutes late, I can live with that
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