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Rating and Reactions: Villa 2-3 Man Utd


Man of the Match  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Guzan
    • Vlaar
    • Clark
    • Srevens
    • Lowton
    • Ireland
    • Westwood
    • Bannan
    • Agbonlahor
    • Benteke
    • Weimann
    • El Ahmadi (for Ireland 79)
    • Holman (for Weimann 80)
    • Delph (for Bannan 87)

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Naturally, I'm gutted. However, there is so much to take from this game. We were a million times better than we were last season, and the team really look like they're beginning to gel. Benteke was immense, particularly for a guy his age, and is a great signing by Lambert. Weimann getting a couple of goals is great. We let three in, but Vlaar still won so much in the air. Stevens was arguably at fault for a couple of the goals but I think he did extremely well against Valencia. There are so many positives.

Again, gutted. But we're getting there. UTV!

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Its always the same, if we could just hold on for 10 minutes more it makes all the difference.

In that last 10 years alone, the United comebacks off the top of my head...

1-1 (Alpay OG in injury time)

2-3 (FA Cup game)

2-3 (Macheda)

2-2 (Albrighton and Young)

1-2 (League Cup final)

2-3 (Today)


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why did our players slow down to walking pace after the second goal?

we did well to score 2 against 12 men ( as per normal against the plastic mancs) but the times we SHOULD chop one of their players down and give a yellow , we dont and then we get shitty silly yellows for **** all

our subs did **** all when they came on., el hamadi passed the ball backwards and lost it, that was his contribution, oh and giving away the free kick for their goal

im pissed off that yet again 2-0 is wiped out by a simple substitution

lowton was my man of the match

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Gutted, and predictable outcome.

But we can take a lot from this.

We continue to improve, and it was an excellent performance for an hour. Highlights the one of the many differences between mcleish and Lambert. The players believed they could win that game.

Ireland was good. I've said time and time again on here that someone playing in his position is vital. No-one else in the team plays the position like he does. We need someone better going forward, but he has to play for now.

Weimann, brilliant. Funny, because just before he scored i was thinking how he wasn't playing too well. Head down and run in a straight line. But he's taken his two goals excellently.

Benteke continues to get better and better. Superb.

Stevens didn't do too badly. Exposed at times but did ok. However, he was to blame for their winner. Lost hernandez completely. Smallest man on the pitch can't be winning the ball in the air there.

Good performance, lots to build on.

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