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  1. Maybe the next few games might suit us better? Teams coming on to us as opposed to us - leaving space rather than us having to be creative and take the initiative. Probably not.
  2. Always had faith in him...........
  3. Finally getting performances out of him. It’s what he should be doing at this level.
  4. For the role we need him to play he isn’t good enough unfortunately
  5. Why is Targett taking the free kick anyway. Terrible
  6. For the role we are looking at for him to play it’s not going to happen is it with Davis..
  7. Why doesn’t targett overlap. So frustrating
  8. Maybe Trezeguet might be an option to bring on here
  9. We are missing some good chances here. So frustrating.
  10. Second half I predict Brighton will frustrate us. We will probably fall asleep at a crucial moment and the 1-2 will happen. Or we win 3-1.
  11. Still not celebrating the goal even at half time. Can’t trust VAR
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