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  1. Fair play to Newcastle. Had a game plan and it worked with a bit of luck.
  2. Has a bit of Weimann about him
  3. Decent point. Still have no faith in us in getting results required though.
  4. For me this goes beyond the striker. Players can’t even find simple passes, poor discipline etc.
  5. Not Premier League quality. Easy to see why he didn’t make it at Wolves at Prem level.
  6. I would keep him if we want to build in the championship again which as I said should've been the plan in my opinion, writing has been on the wall for a while. These fixtures have fast become write offs. Only reason to go for the players we have is if we believe a new manager can do something different, as Smith certainly can’t.
  7. Probably ought to have a relegation clause in
  8. Even with a striker there is no hope. Garbage and looks like the players know it.
  9. Neither. I was responding to the post above.
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