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  1. Arsenal

    It's almost like Tony Adams had a book to sell and needed some attention towards it..
  2. Players you've completely forgotten about

  3. Spurs

    Good luck to them. Won't be easy next season at Wembley I'd imagine, a good send off too.
  4. Everton

    I think Koeman has played it right. Sign by the end of the next week or he will be sold, listening to the post match interview yesterday I got the feeling he thinks the agent and Barkley are playing games and he isn't standing for it one bit. He isn't even the best midfielder at Everton.
  5. Wolves

    No different to Valencia really, when it works great but when it doesn't.. Jorge Mendes is in there for one reason and one reason only and club well-being isn't one of them. Valencia were dangerously close to relegation this season not that Mendes would care, he quite could easily move on to another desperate club and do the same again.
  6. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I have no problem with it. Wasn't it Bruce himself who earlier this season said he won't throw money at the situation. Sell off some of the deadwood (majority are out on loan anyway).
  7. Chelsea

    Deserved champions. Conte has done fantastic work there. Could potentially still win the FA Cup too.
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Wouldn't be my first choices but Likes of Walters at Stoke maybe and Huddlestone if Hull go down I can see Bruce being tempted.
  9. Sam Johnstone

    I still think we need an experienced number one.
  10. Ross McCormack

    I think he has been told to give him another chance as I'm not sure the club are keen to spend yet out another £10m+ on a striker.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Don't think we will get rid but frankly what a terrible season this has been. Pressure is on straightaway next season, start poorly next season and he won't last patience is already thin with the majority.
  12. Jordan Ayew

    To be honest he hasn't really been good for Swansea overall
  13. Manchester United

    Curious to see how it plays out though if Rooney leaves and they spend money on Griezmann and probably another striker. My guess is he will be warming the bench a lot more next season.
  14. Spurs

    Once Poch wins a trophy (even if it's a league cup) Real Madrid will come calling and I can quite easily see him going there.
  15. Manchester United

    Mourinho really doesn't like Shaw does he. Bizarre the treatment he is getting.