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  1. Sam Johnstone

    Doesn't sound like a perm deal to me. Sounds like he just wants to extend the loan. Personally I still hope we target a better keeper in the summer, whilst he has improved I still think he will cost us points next season.
  2. Everton

    Very true. There was an article a while back which had an interesting link between Moshiri, Everton and Usmanov. Apparently the investment at Everton is coming from a company Usmanov has a huge share in. Wouldn't surprise me, Dual ownership isn't allowed so this is one way of getting around the rules.
  3. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    Very surprised by the little coverage it is getting. It's not right and they should start introducing points deduction.
  4. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    Personally I think Sterling only runs more than before, end product is still terrible.
  5. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    Yes still on. Supposedly playing with a back three. Michael Keane gets his debut.
  6. The death of french football?

    French Football on the rise? Monaco doing really well, Lyon still in Europa League, not to mention Nice and OM. New investment and new owners throughout the league. No doubt the league will lose some quality players in the summer but new owners/investment means they can probably replace them adequately. Interesting times. The league needed something like this otherwise it was in danger of becoming SPL.
  7. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    Not like I used to no but I'll still watch it. A bit like Villa over the years I won't get too excited/downbeat on the results now.
  8. The Tim Sherwood Thread

    Not really no. Unless you want to celebrate getting to the cup final. The final itself was shambolic but seems people have forgotten this. Terrible final with one of the worst managers I have ever witnessed in the dugout.
  9. Sunderland

    I think they will get taken over. My guess is potential buyers are waiting for relegation (similar to us) for various reasons, add the new parachute payments to it and I can't see why they won't be sold. A total rebuild job needed there.
  10. The Tim Sherwood Thread

    Oh that is brilliant. Can't say I'm surprised one bit either.
  11. Steve Bruce

    We are winning games. Doesn't have to be pretty. Top of the form table, accumulating clean sheets and we are scoring goals. Personally I am delighted with it all. We are one transfer window and probably another season in the championship away from promotion in my opinion.
  12. Arsenal

    I'm not sure the fans would accept that no but if they rebuild properly they can achieve top 4 without Ozil and Sanchez, they have seen better players leave over the years in my opinion. I noticed in the papers today they are all stating he is staying, looks like it has been briefed directly from the club (international break no press conferences either) so it does seem very likely he will stay and sign a new deal even if they finish outside the top 4. It's hard to tell because we hear very little from them but I get the feeling the Arsenal board haven't a clue what to do when/if Wenger leaves and the fans ambition of winning the league doesn't in my opinion seem to be the boards so I can see that flaring up in the future.
  13. Arsenal

    There was some talk earlier on the Sunday Supplement that Wenger might just sign a one year deal. One year gives the board time to find a replacement (a proper replacement); whilst losing some of the players (Ozil, Sanchez etc) the transition with Wenger at the helm will be seen as a positive by the board. The more I think about it the more I can see it happening. I'm not sure Wenger would want it to end this way with this season at the very least he wants to leave with the club in the top 4 I would've thought.
  14. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    I think City will get top 4. Think Arsenal will miss out (I know I know experts at top 4 but it feels different now) United/Liverpool to battle it out for fourth, hard to tell who will miss out from those two. United have games in hand.
  15. Weekends Football 17/19 March

    Benteke is completely void of confidence.