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  1. This isn’t anything new though. It’s the same with Targett. By all accounts he is good offensively but questionable defensively - Which is why when we signed both I thought sure we would leak goals but at least pin back teams like Bournemouth etc bizarre really.
  2. I just hope it isn’t something else behind the scenes. Bournemouth at home was the ideal game really.
  3. Think we need a lot more going forward. I don’t think being ok defensively cuts it in anymore in this league.
  4. Have to agree. Smith has been good in his decisions so far but today was puzzling. We are at home Targett and Guilbert offer more going forward. If we were looking at keeping it tight etc that went out the window very quickly. I would’ve played them today but got a feeling he will play them against Everton.. who knows.
  5. Looked ok in preseason when we played the teams we did but he does look out of depth in the premier League it has to be said. Early days yet I suppose.
  6. Maybe he is first choice after all...
  7. Need to see a lot more from him if we are to survive this season
  8. Result aside I thought the first half performance was very encouraging. We lost our outball when Trezeguet got subbed (he also caused Rose so many problems) Jota didn’t really influence the game when he came on. But I’ve seen enough to suggest we can really give it a good go this season and cause many teams problems. Yes we conceded three but defensively we were fine I thought. First game and I was very encouraged by it.
  9. He will learn from it. Played his part in the goal and we won’t be playing CL finalist Spurs every week.
  10. Just noticed City signed Pedro Porro and have sent him on loan to Girona, one for next season when we need/if a right back in the squad. Cheers Pep.
  11. I think Arsenal offered him a two year deal which played a part. Chelsea have a policy of only offering a year contract at a time to those 30 and over.
  12. If they go on to have a rubbish season Ed Woodward will be under all sorts of pressure
  13. Carroll probably can't believe his luck

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