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  1. Meh. Years ago I would’ve been annoyed but this is modern day football. We are actually well run these days, if he stays happy days.. if he doesn’t we have the right people in place to make us just as competitive.
  2. No tweet from Percy = I don’t believe this… yet.
  3. Yep, That’s the other problem.
  4. Apparently they also want Dwight McNeil next from Burnley. Again I like him, for the right price it could be a smart signing for them. They aren’t flashy names but players that will improve the squad. I do agree with the earlier sentiment that they have signed some right dross in the past though and one does wonder if Rafa says bye bye if they are back in that mess again of players on long contracts with a manager that doesn’t want them.
  5. Gray for £1.5m seems cheap. I actually think that’s a good deal.
  6. The game stats make for a horrible reading, guess the hope was we would win via pens but when it doesn’t come off the stats look even worse.
  7. I’ve got a horrible feeling we tank at the WC next year
  8. Mancini has done wonders though, liked him at City too.
  9. Probably not a good idea to sub in penalty takers, sheer amount of pressure was too much.
  10. Wembley been pretty quiet since Italy scored
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