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  1. Does this usually happen? I would’ve thought the situation would’ve been much more serious than just “precautionary” for him to go there.
  2. Won’t happen but the government should announce a full mandatory lockdown tonight. People are really treating this like a good day out with this weather. Shocking.
  3. So what’s the deal with hydrochloroquine? Trump is championing it constantly; he has ordered plenty of it from India apparently. Watched him yesterday and he was telling people to “take it - what do you have to lose?” A quick google of the side effects and well... seems highly irresponsible to me for him to be saying it and probably a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  4. Should’ve been means tested. Too many are exploiting it.
  5. They shouldn’t need a large rainy day fund to pay their staff. They would on average be on £22k - £25k a year I would imagine so not big money at all. Peanuts in the grand scheme of things. Opportunists lining up to take advantage of the taxpayer again. Football is broken and to be honest I’m sick of it and wouldn’t care if it didn’t come back.
  6. My view might change once this is all over but .. I was already falling out with football for a while now (FFP and VAR etc) but this has just reaffirmed my thought that I really don’t care about football anymore and haven’t missed it all. I’ve used the Sky “pause” subscription they have offered but I think I’ll most likely bin the sports altogether once it’s all over.
  7. Pretty much. The timing is awful. As if the emergency services aren’t already stretched they had to deal with this.. I think if this was a “normal” Sunday, I think it’d be easier to put down as him being an idiot but quite easily move on from. The fact he recorded a message saying stay at home, knowing the situation with the NHS etc he does this.. that’s what is annoying people the most.
  8. Only sorry he got caught. Very disappointing but looking at his history it’s not really surprising. Don’t think he will ever learn personally but it is what it is.
  9. Waiting to see what comes out of this officially, must admit it doesn’t look good he really isn’t the golden boy some fans think he is either just look at his past record for one... part of me doesn’t really care right now to be honest as we have bigger issues in the world. If he is guilty of any drinking etc he deserves everything coming to him including a criminal record. Let’s wait and see.
  10. This won’t happen for a variety of reasons. Imagine if there is a second strain of this virus next season and a club has spent way over the means trying to get promotion or top 4 etc (very possible) but gamble on receiving TV money etc to keep them going.. football stops again - next season declared void, big debt left on club. I hate FFP and it clearly isn’t fit for purpose but for now it may actually be a saviour for some..
  11. Bet he had no intention of coming out for this conference but because the fed cut rate he wanted to celebrate it
  12. I think that Ronaldo story is fake
  13. The problem I have with the approach is how will we know when we have the “spike”? We aren’t exactly testing people so are we unfortunately going to go off the number of death numbers? The numbers reported are inaccurate as not everyone is getting tested.
  14. Let’s hope none of your family get effected by this, especially the older ones. Very poor attitude to have.
  15. Reschedule it - should be free.
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