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  1. Apparently we have enquired about Adam Webster from Bristol City according to Alan Nixon
  2. Not to mention I’m not sure you can get away with playing so many attacking players in the Premier League. Man City being the exception.
  3. Chelsea won’t be selling him or putting in an option to buy either in my opinion. On that basis I’m not sure how this deal makes sense.
  4. None of our signings so far under the new regime have been in the media here beforehand I don’t think? Jota was literally on the same morning Gregg announces it but nothing in advance, Guilbert and Wesley nobody had a clue about. Maybe if we sign players from the Prem or Championship we may get some idea other than that nobody really has a clue on this side of the pond.
  5. They haven’t really spent much over the years I don’t think but they have recouped a lot of money in sales in that time. Ronaldo being the obvious one. They probably have a nice budget that has built up over time.
  6. Looking at the fixtures/teams and it just highlights how big of a task we have to build a team competitive for this league to compete with the other teams even those finished near the bottom.
  7. My concern would be the fee, they won’t be accepting £14m that’s for sure.
  8. Doubt it’s true but worth a go at 5 million euros (release clause)
  9. Duncan Castles is basically Mendes puppet so there is some element of truth behind it. Either way glad he is staying.
  10. Be very surprised if it’s true. Even if it is it won’t be for that fee, they’ll demand twice that fee in my opinion.

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