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  1. General Election 2017

    Nobody really expects anything different where I am. Andrew Mitchell will keep his seat here; comfortably too.
  2. Sam Johnstone

    I still would like an experienced keeper. Not sure about the £12m figure. Begovic is different/unique case as Chelsea are good at selling players for premium price.
  3. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    Klopp has already said he isn't after a new keeper when he was pressed to speak on the Joe Hart rumours. My guess is he will go with Karius in pre season to see if he has improved if not Mignolet will play next season as number one.
  4. Players who you just don't like

    I'll add Dani Alves he is essentially Ander Herrera and Busquets rolled in to one with his antics of feigning injury.
  5. FA Cup Final/Champions League Final

    Considering he was asked about his own performance and the season he has had I don't see what the issue is to be honest. He did also talk about his team mates.
  6. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I would take Whelan at this level.
  7. FA Cup Final/Champions League Final

    Have to agree with the pre game show, always a danger that the game could kick off late because of it too.
  8. FA Cup Final/Champions League Final

    Has there been anyone better than Luka Modric in say.. minimum the past 2 seasons? Surely the best midfielder in the world right now, can do absolutely everything. Box to box, pick out a pass, defend deep, win the ball back, play higher up etc he was everywhere last night.
  9. FA Cup Final/Champions League Final

    3 champions league in 4 seasons is some record.
  10. Liverpool

    If they had a more capable keeper they would've finished higher up quite easily or at least created a much bigger gap between them and Arsenal. Karius wasn't saving anything earlier this season, everything on target was a goal. Mignolet has at least one/two big blunders a game but is capable of making good saves. Neither would fill me with great confidence.
  11. West Bromwich Albion

    Mentioned it a while back, it's the way he says it that is really really annoying. Don't hear Conte saying he will talk to the Russian or Pep saying he will talk with the Arabs etc. Shows a lack of respect.
  12. Liverpool

    Wonder if Klopp will be moaning after this fixture.. it's why I can't take him seriously when he talks about a winter break when they jet off for a fixture like this.
  13. Sunderland

    Curious to see what the budget is. Ellis Short wants to sell, Moyes wasn't offered much by the sounds of it. Money isn't everything but I think they need a rebuild job.
  14. Sam Allardyce

    I almost want to believe him with that statement but I'm not entirely convinced.
  15. Arsenal

    It's almost like Tony Adams had a book to sell and needed some attention towards it..