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  1. Sunderland

    Darron Gibson arrested for drink driving this morning. Rodwell refusing to play for them on £70,000 a week. Rock bottom in the league and I can’t remember the last game they actually won at the top of my head. Feel for the fans.
  2. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    At the very least we have something to look forward to at the end of the season.. a boring top 2 finish? Not for me. Right..
  3. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Didn't fancy Automatic promotion anyway, all a bit too boring for me.
  4. Christian Benteke

    He actually isn’t that good anymore and has gone backwards, feel we would have to carry him as his workrate isn’t great either. The shadow of what he was here.
  5. West Bromwich Albion

    Chester to me is a better player than Hegazi, Pulis certainly messed up there.
  6. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I think Wolves are more likely to drop more points
  7. Wolves

    Was surprised to see Costa on the bench. He tore us apart earlier this season so was surprised to see him on the bench. Either way they have looked pretty ordinary from the start of this year.
  8. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Much more entertaining this league in my opinion. The PL has its own mini league and has become stale in my opinion and with the money I fear will end up getting worse, obviously I want us to get promoted but in terms of entertainment I think the championship has been better atleast this season.
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    That Fulham result highlights just how big our win was earlier, still think Fulham will drop points but still, impressive result.
  10. Steve Bruce

    Good win, I feared the worst at half time. On we go now but we desperately need Adomah and Jack back, we look a different team with them.
  11. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    Saw on my twitter feed this morning and was amazed to see Gabriel Jesus back in training so quick after a knee ligament injury; Sane too was supposed to be out for a while yet is back playing within 10 days of suffering ligament damage. Amazing recovery.
  12. Pre Match Thread

    I’d take a draw personally think we may struggle here
  13. West Bromwich Albion

    Thought the same. Pretty much will head the same way too with the inevitable relegation.
  14. John Terry

    It’s still hasn’t sunk in properly that he plays for us. Just seems odd but in a very good way.
  15. Jack Grealish

    The Championship has aided his development in my opinion