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  1. The super league marlakey helped him this summer, took the heat off him and was directly at the board instead. They bought Ronaldo in and invested heavily this summer (Varane etc) and it’s now pressure on him again…
  2. I noticed this too when I watched the game yesterday, finally someone got to grips with it.
  3. I think it will come but it’s disjointed at the moment which was sort of expected
  4. Great result yesterday. Really impressed by the performance though, best I’ve seen us play at OT for a while. So glad our terrible record has come to an end there.
  5. Yep just read that, what a mess
  6. I think people have been burnt by the past during the Lerner years, so any talks of “long term plans” are immediately met with scepticism .. we have had the “this crop of youth are different” .. “the three year plan” .. “the transition season” talk so many times only for us to languish near the relegation zone sell of our best players and eventually end up relegated. I think (and hope) this time is different though as we do have some level of investment in and we seem a bit more clued up in the boardroom atleast…
  7. Has Everton written all over him (eventually)
  8. I see it going the way of Barry personally.
  9. Nobody is demanding anything from what I can see, this is another example of one extreme to another.
  10. Yeah no doubt, as I said I think they will produce the numbers… but I think people underestimate what else Grealish offered especially when under the kosh.
  11. Think he has 12 months left on his contract maybe hence the fee.
  12. Grealish beyond his stats/numbers offered a lot on the pitch we will miss. The amount of times he won us free kicks when we were under the kosh and helped us push up the pitch etc.. we will certainly miss those traits. That is tough to replace imo. I think Bailey, Ings and Buendia will produce the numbers though.
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