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  1. I’m not surprised by this news. I don’t think the club are either to be honest. Always seemed very vague.
  2. To push in the top 6 we need more investment regardless of who the manager is or what you think of him. NSWE have indicated so far at least they are committed and have backed up this with the spending amount.. however like Lerner though they are about to find out the true cost of trying to get the club in or around Europe which requires a lot more spending. Let’s hope the commitment stays the same.
  3. Agree, if anything that (Milner, Young etc) should be the warning sign. Seen it far too often.. We need to target quality not quantity now.
  4. I think we lose that today with or without him personally, closer scoreline maybe but nothing more.
  5. Hmm, let’s see what the summer brings. Feels like the players switched off a while back. I expect a lot more consistency next season though.
  6. Has he said “the gloves are off” yet ?
  7. Hearing Tony Xia wants another go...
  8. Bruce is lucky there are no fans....
  9. Apparently it’s happened to quite a few PSG players in recent years. Di Maria is particularly unlucky as it happened when in Manchester when he was there too. PSG have now got 24/7 security for the players and their homes I’d imagine going forward that will be a normal protocol to have.
  10. Yeah, always felt it was a matter of time before something like this happened. The hesitancy from assistants since VAR has come in needs addressing.
  11. The quality of the recent PL games have been very poor, I’d include ours in this. Maybe the lack of fans is starting to play a part I don’t quite know what it is. Even the north London derby yesterday, was it really *that* great in quality? No not really, in fact I didn’t even find it that entertaining besides lamela getting sent off. Ok you can argue they aren’t top teams anymore but United vs West Ham yesterday too.. I expected a lot more but it was so poor. Maybe it’s just me.
  12. I was actually taking a look at the table and saw that Rotherham have 4 games in hand; problem is they have also lost their last 4. Surely they must still believe they can survive? Doesn’t really matter who they appoint if Rotherham sort themselves out.
  13. It’s a strange one alright. They’ve had a good season here and there (Cabaye years?) but otherwise they’ve been pretty mediocre so our record there is puzzling.
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