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  1. That sort of teamsheet I would’ve dreaded a few months ago. Just shows how far we have come under him and how his coaching methods are paying off. Always felt we needed more of a coach. Training is paying off everyone knows their role in the system and are much better for it. A lot of players have improved under him.
  2. Outstanding today. I really like him and hope we sign him permanently. Great potential and more importantly improving under Dean Smith.
  3. Sure. I still don’t want them though. I don’t want us to become Man City or anything like that, maybe years ago I would’ve thought different but I’m quite happy with sustainability and growing as a club after almost going bust.
  4. Yeah Rotherham are fighting for their lives, won’t be easy. Glad it’s in our hands now, that’s all you can ask for at this stage.
  5. First defeat to us.. karma for leaving this squad in the state he did.
  6. Bizarre signing from day one in my opinion. Said it from the start but this felt like a panic, wasn’t what we needed at all.
  7. Jack will move on this summer if we don’t get promoted for a variety of reasons in my opinion and I won’t begrudge him either. However Southgate stating he needs to play PL football is fine however you can’t say that and then call up Hudson-Odoi and Mason Mount. Sorry but he loses credibility in doing so.
  8. Yeah I’d be happy to keep him for £6m, shown enough and he is improving under Dean Smith imo
  9. Got it spot on today again. More of this please.
  10. Again really good today
  11. I wouldn't worry too much. His move to Bournemouth didn't work out really and he is probably just happy to play football consistently again. He will probably value playing week in/week out as opposed to going to another PL club at this stage of his career again. (Just a hunch)
  12. I’m not even a Whelan fan and I thought he was good today and much needed. Game is a matter of opinions but Smith can look back and say it worked and rightly so imo.
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