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  1. With the decisions recently made at the club it wouldn’t surprise me if we signed him permanently
  2. We look likely to go down with his contribution this season anyway. I’m all for supporting him when things are going right but since the lockdown he has been very poor on and off the pitch.
  3. Let’s hope they still have some interest in us when we do get relegated... seen it all before and I fear we will go the same way again.
  4. Strangely so did Dean when he first came in.. then like most Villa managers they turn negative and completely lose the plot when results start to sour. Must be something in the water at bodymoor.
  5. I could actually see Arsenal being interested as crazy as it sounds. He will fit right in with the clowns at the back there.
  6. You can’t keep him with the record he has. Needs a clean slate.
  7. 3 games without a goal. Since the restart only two scored and only one clean sheet (which shouldn’t have been the case vs Sheff Utd). Pathetic.
  8. Crazy decision. Absolute waste of money.
  9. Our set pieces are the absolute worst in the league. It’s embarrassing. Dean has done nothing to address this since day one.
  10. Head of recruitment will get sacked, Purslow probably too being honest and they can’t complain. That leaves Dean and I can see the owners wanting a new clean start as this project has completely failed.
  11. Really hoping someone buys Targett too. Can’t go into the championship with him in there.
  12. Think he deep down knows he is out of depth at this level and is more comfortable in the championship.
  13. True. Someone with that record can’t stay on.
  14. He has been woeful. He may have talent but clearly isn’t interested in being here anymore.
  15. I’ve lost interest, it looks like he has lost interest and by the looks of it the players have lost interest. He needs to go really, let’s hope the owners haven’t lost interest.. but that wouldn’t surprise me either at this point.
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