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  1. Pre match buildup

    Finally back to the real stuff. A do not lose fixture for me.
  2. Steve Bruce

    It is strange but that is pretty much what you get with Bruce. Not pretty but does get the job done. Personally i'm delighted and i'll certainly enjoy today.
  3. Arsenal

    In the past Arsenal would’ve got away with selling Sanchez and not replacing him until the next window as Wenger always had the excuse “the player to improve this squad isn’t available this window.” No chance could they get away with it this window.
  4. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    Very strange for Monaco to agree to a loan deal for Mbappe to their rivals. Got a feeling we will hear about the transfer down the line as it doesn’t seem that transparent from the outset.
  5. Arsenal

    They will probably panic buy they did it when they lost to us and got Ozil to appease the fans in the beginning of the season. Wenger didn’t set out to buy Ozil before that defeat in my opinion. Similar situation will occur probably with someone like Draxler this time as PSG need to offload, absolutely not needed that type of player but some fans will lap it up so it’s job done really.
  6. Weekends Football 25/27 August

    I think if I were an Arsenal fan what would frustrate me more is the fact Karius looks a bag of nerves and hasn’t been tested
  7. Weekends Football 25/27 August

    Absolutely on Wenger this. No doubt about it. Monreal decides he will go upfront leaving his back line even weaker. Terrible.
  8. Weekends Football 25/27 August

    Bellerin there. Terrible.
  9. Weekends Football 25/27 August

    Can’t believe what I’ve just seen. Xhaka back heeling in his own box I mean who even thinks about doing this let alone does it? Ozil and Ramsey lazy can’t be bothered to track runners. Shocking.
  10. Steve Bruce

    His comments after the game had a bit of Big Sam cupping his ears to the West Ham fans about it. Less moaning and trying to win one over the fans Bruce, it is after all one win after a horrid start.
  11. Conor Hourihane

    Sounds plausible to me. Don’t think Bruce fancied him but he had to do something different as whatever he has been doing hasn’t been working. The real test is going forward and whether Bruce reverts back to the usual rubbish we have seen.
  12. Weekends Football 18/20 August

    A title winning side doesn’t have Welbeck starting week in week out. Doesn’t have Monreal starting at centre back and invests in better full backs. Bellerin is and always be a liability, pace can only get you out of so much trouble. Xhaka is a squad player at best in most title winning teams yet he starts week in week out for them. Chamberlain and Walcott haven’t pushed on and developed, Walcott in particular should’ve been sold off some time ago, he is far too comfortable. Years of mismanagement and neglect at Arsenal football club could quite easily see them missing out on top 4. Again.
  13. Alan Hutton

    Sell sell sell
  14. Steve Bruce

    For me this just proves we have the right players.. still question marks over the manager. We have to build on this now
  15. Keinan Davis

    Keeps his spot in the lineup for me.