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  1. Good news. Looks like we will get more Boris press conferences in the coming weeks/months.
  2. They have spent ridiculous amounts of money on defenders since Pep has got there. Spend spend spend. Foden aside when is the academy going to get a look in?
  3. A nice surprise. A really good signing. On a side note Mason Mount has a England manager and a club manager who rates him very high by the looks of it.. Good player no doubt but a lot of it seems like blind faith, even the Chelsea fans seem puzzled by it.
  4. I’ve been convinced this is a Kiyotake situation from when he was first linked and nothing has changed my mind since. I just don’t believe we have been in for Rashica. I think interest is there but that’s it.
  5. Obvious weak link in the team. He will cost us points throughout the season I’m sure of it. I get Stephen Warnock vibes from him which is never a good thing as I never liked him either. I think overall he has been a poor signing in my opinion - Southampton certainly saw us coming. I would 100% replace this window.
  6. Trez gets a lot of stick but he doesn’t half graft/put a shift in
  7. Is Dean waiting for us to concede before making the change
  8. Odoi doing everything to get sent off, referee decides to do the same but the other way
  9. Dean leaving it late again with the changes.. come on
  10. An obvious weak link in this squad, Southampton saw us coming. £14m very poor.
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