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  1. Harsh but will Tuchel get along with all the players there? Some really good players there and I’d imagine his remit is to get the German players playing well as they have invested a lot of money into them. Might leave some openings for a few others who may not get a game there come the summer...
  2. If we do loan him out I hope we look at the club we loan him out to properly. Last thing we need is him going out on loan to a club who completely bypasses midfield for example and there is plenty of that in the championship. Personally I’d still keep him and reassess in the summer.
  3. To be fair him tweeting straight after a game Arsenal lost a goal he scored in youth levels because he isn’t getting picked does come across a bit petulant.. Keep that in house. Either way he is far too unproven for that second striker role.
  4. He is unproven, in no way can he be our second striker. Plus he seems to have an attitude problem.
  5. MON was an idiot for doing that. Dean won’t make that same mistake if it came to it.
  6. It’s a strange one from the outside looking in, they also signed Joelinton for stupid money as well.. £40m. I don’t know the ins and outs though so it may just be they sold more rather than net spend over the years? Contracts wise I agree - they seem to give their players good money so I don’t think that could be labelled at him? Still I don’t know much about their transfer dealings to make an assessment though.
  7. Wow, that is awful. I guess in a way they somehow escaped Mcleish too.
  8. I disagree, if we get Europa I am convinced we will invest in the summer and have a better squad to cope with both competitions. I think the club will take it seriously not like MON did in the past. I think it would be great if we qualified.
  9. City expect more consistency out of their players.. they should absolutely still look elsewhere. We’ll put up with his inconsistency instead, not a problem for us.
  10. I see him being our number 1 for years to come personally
  11. They are quietly having a good season. They are in form and Moyes has them playing well. Soucek has been a great signing for them.
  12. “The lads worked hard in midfield and made sure Mcginn didn’t have a sniff of the ball tonight, didn’t notice him once. Sure we lost but I’m encouraged - we dust ourselves off and go again.”
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