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  1. villan_007

    Tony Xia

    Why is it? What do you know to know it is?
  2. villan_007

    Time for a takeover

    hmmm the press have picked up on it days ago? there are interested parties. Sure there are always ITK chancers around looking for follows. Yet this guy already has 44k followers and a genuine villa fan. Worth keeping an eye I reckon.
  3. villan_007

    Time for a takeover

    I think they might. It was a consortium headed up by Michael Neville wasn't it? He did an interview in the Brum mail at the time when they were close to securing the deal before they lost out to Lerner. He actual spoke sense in that interview. Who knows might have been the better option.
  4. villan_007

    Going Under ?

    This is going to be Rangers type bad isn't it
  5. villan_007

    Ross McCormack

    So where in this scenario you've come up with does the part where he suddenly stops drinking and turns up to training part happen??
  6. villan_007

    Tony Xia

    Wyness already said in multiple interviews this season that they had plans in place for both outcomes this season, including transfer targets, and budgets.
  7. villan_007

    Villa and FFP

    Does anyone know if the training ground sponsorship will benefit us as a clever work around at all?
  8. villan_007

    Ross McCormack

    So everyone at Aston Villa and Bruce have no understanding of mental health and haven't tried to help him at all? Please tell us more...
  9. villan_007

    New Manager Speculation

    You mean If McCormack stops swallowing beers
  10. villan_007

    John Terry

    Get back in your caravan you utter bell!
  11. villan_007

    Steve Bruce

    I don't think it really needed to be said did it? Everyone was just saying he's going through it big time at the moment. End of.
  12. villan_007

    Robert Snodgrass

    How was it awful?? low, hard beat the keeper and hit the post. Far from awful is it.
  13. villan_007

    Scott Hogan

    He's still scored some cracking goals for me. I think the move was too big for him. I'd like to keep him and let him settle some more. If it comes to us needing the cash then we'd have to get rid im afraid.
  14. villan_007

    New Manager Speculation

    Granted but I don't think he'll have a choice. If you're Dr T and have the ambition we think he does, Bruce simply doesn't fit the bill. He has shown before that if he can attract a sexy name he'll pursue it, regardless of what the football heads around him say. Which in itself rings different alarm bells. Time will tell. But I've just always felt it is get us up and thanks see you later deal.
  15. villan_007

    New Manager Speculation

    Well I said "I've always thought" as in IMO. He isn't going to come out and say that is he obviously. I've always thought the doctor had his own plans for life in the prem. Bruce is a cog in the wheel to get there and would receive a nice brown envelope and be on his merry way when that is achieved. His age is irrelevant. He's been around the block in the UK, probably fancies a crack else where before knocking it on the head before golf and TV pundit life. I'm not privy to his finances so not sure where he does or doesn't need it. It was just what I think is most likely to happen.