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  1. I loved that he liked a row. That Brazilian rage. Always in the defenders ear having a go. Think we miss a character like that. Someone to ruffle a few feathers! Looking forward to having him back
  2. Diego Costa some are saying?? Narrrr.....could we?
  3. And the joke that came with it!! That derby strikers ok isn't he, what's his name, twosteaks. Twosteaks?? Arrrr sorry I meant onechop!
  4. Well reina doesn't really count as he's played for us, but the other two I think are lazy journalism. Last season nobody picked a thing. Or was remotely close.
  5. Well last season not one journalist or ITK picked any of our signings. So safe to say the first set of rumours are wide of the mark.
  6. Lol I'd imagine so. The headline said players so be interesting to see if anyone else was involved.
  7. Also says villa players were drunk at training. Any one have access to the athletic?
  8. His distribution was the best I've ever seen from a villa keeper.
  9. Hmmm I don't think that's true to be fair. We've been in the prem since day dot. I wouldn't say the majority of our time there has been as a shit club.
  10. Nar it's his upper body. When you watch it back he flicks his upper body with that going down flick. Don't get me wrong I'm not defending friend. It's an awful decision. But he does the divers flip at the last second. Instead of looking at all the other normal reasons to play on and the goal stand, friend has focused on that.
  11. Thats not what im saying. I agree he didnt appeal, but the last split second he gives it the sniper shot. You can't really deny it. I agree that's it's a bizarre reason to stop the play, nobody appealed. But the ref clearly has issue with him. It's the last second after contact with Cahill, he throws his hip out like he's been shot. That killed it.
  12. I'm as angry as the next fan about this. He does get clattered twice before he goes down, he does play the ball to Henri, BUT.... Hand on heart the last split second he does the I've been shot by a snipper flip. If he just falls without doing that, the goal stands or we get a penalty.
  13. I love how agro he is. Absolutely loves it!
  14. Looking a donkey at the minute. I've seen nothing that gives me a glimmer of hope. We had a big rebuild to do but what we've left ourselves with as attacking options looks very poor. Bit worried.
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