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  1. villan_007

    AVTV 2018/9

    Did anybody have any luck getting a refund? I sent an email to avtvsupport@streamamg.com got an automated reply. Still no word. So is iFollow a different app you can watch the Villa on or is that a club specific thing?
  2. villan_007

    AVTV 2018/9

    Yep I've got the screen up watching them warm up. I'm in Australia, using the app on an android box
  3. villan_007

    John McGinn

    He's having his medical with us today. Pretty much wrapped up.
  4. villan_007

    Top level appointments

    I thought they already had their own management team running things in the short term. @TheEgo mentioned it in another thread.
  5. villan_007

    Jack Grealish

    Girl on Twitter the day before said he told her he was staying. Also has pictures. Can't wait for this to be sorted out
  6. villan_007

    Ben Woodburn

    Indeed but aren't our top 5, 6 prospects all injured for a few months??
  7. villan_007

    Nassef Sawiris

    Very interesting. Do you mean in terms of signings and football matters they may have their own man in the background?
  8. villan_007

    Villa and FFP

    Yep could well do. I'm not sure how it works, whether you can only use the yearly amount or the lump sum against FFP
  9. villan_007

    Villa and FFP

    True but I think the question was more would it fix FFP for us, and no it would be miles off. I'm not sure I'd want to lose villa park unless it was for a massive sum.
  10. villan_007

    Villa and FFP

    Howard Hodgson asked Luke Organ about getting sponsorship through naming the stadium. He said it's some what of a closed shop now, and the maximum you're allowed to recieve is 4 million a yr which isn't worth it, considering you'd lose a historic name such as villa park.
  11. villan_007

    Steve Bruce

    Apparently he means David dein. He is a big agent connected to arsenal. He was Henry's best man at his wedding. I'm not sure how all the dots connect with Zola and influencing the new owners
  12. villan_007

    New Manager Speculation

    It's fair enough if you don't fancy him as manager, but you haven't got a scooby what he does with his time and who he watches, so why make up complete nonsense? Lukaku has already said in a recent interview during the world cup that his knowledge of world football is mind boggling, Including having in-depth knowledge of the German second tier of all things. Sure he is inexperienced, but we live in a digital world, you can do your own homework. He has wanted to go in this direction for many yrs. Shadowed Wenger in coaching, completed his coaching license with arteta and Vieira. Part of that course is managing a side for a season at u18 level. He got knocked back by Wenger after applying for a coach role there as Wenger didn't want someone he considered a potential rival in future yrs in the role. He even offered to work unpaid for the role, something you also think he wouldn't do is take a pay cut. This proves he would for the right role. It wasn't a surprise to those following his coaching journey that he landed a high profile role at Belgium, similar to arteta at city. I don't know if this will turn out for the best, but why paint a negative picture based on nothing other than you don't want him. He hasn't been sitting in his underpants and suddenly thought I want to be a manager. There is a journey there.
  13. villan_007

    New Manager Speculation

    Would we have similar feelings if we were linked with arteta? Like Henry they've both come through the Wenger school of management. Taken on backroom roles and high levels. I wouldn't be against in. I don't dislike Bruce I just don't see what the difference would be this time round?? It's essentially 2 attempts at promotion and two failures. Third time lucky?
  14. villan_007

    Time for a takeover

    Wiki says it's a bloke? Most successful entrepreneur in middle East. Hmmm sounds great but they all have haven't they
  15. villan_007

    Time for a takeover

    Twitter says majid al futtaim is the new owner. Anybody heard of them him??