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  1. villan_007

    Tyrone Mings

    Well it's all over the internet. Prob worth a watch before making a comment?
  2. villan_007

    Tom Carroll

    He isn't 30 something, on a silly contract, and we get to try before we buy. Vast improvement over the last 10 yrs.
  3. villan_007

    Micah Richards

    We the fans always miss out. A free poster or a beer mat with micahs face on should be the least they can do.
  4. villan_007

    Micah Richards

    Yep. That's where I read things.
  5. villan_007

    Micah Richards

    I'm pretty sure the insurance will cover it, hence why we didn't terminate his contract. He'll retire and then everyone is compensated from what I've read.
  6. villan_007

    Dean Smith

    The list of managers that have won and done nothing as a professional but been successful managers is as long as your leg. You're just making yourself look silly.
  7. villan_007

    AVST : AGM with Christian Purslow

    Well Tomask wasn't there so he's wrong in saying that. I wasn't either, but read everything posted by Howard and Johnny who set it up, which put the championship thing into context. CP was asked whether we have another Dr T situation on our hands if we don't go up this season, as in do we go into administration. He said no we're fine our lives don't depend on us going up, which is reassuring. I found it refreshing to hear to be honest, someone telling the truth. From the minute we went down we have done everything wrong, and as a consequence are light years behind the prem clubs. I hear everything you say mate, but finally it looks like we're trying to do things the right way, but unfortunately it probably means a bit longer down here. We messed up our chance to bounce straight back
  8. villan_007

    Ross McCormack

    How many more managers need to not select him, and how many more mickey mouse leagues does he need to be farmed out to for the penny to drop for some?? I mean there seems some desperate need to blame the club, when it's pretty obvious it's the player. Plus many in here have stated many times his issues. They will never be made public, so some will never except it as the truth. The club have tried time and again. Just stick this one on top of the huge pile of didn't do our homework signings.
  9. villan_007

    Tammy Abraham

    And how quickly it happened. I remember sniggering when they had lambert....then in one season boom. Amazing really. They're a prem team for the foreseeable future for sure. I guess it's just our time to be in the shadows
  10. villan_007

    Ross McCormack

    Lol Bruce and the club still to blame in this thread I see. Wonder how many special brews he had this morning before missing training? I see Smith put him straight back in the squad and he's training really hard and will make his comeback this week!? You know because Smith isn't Bruce and the new owners and regime have bigger better Olive branches. Haha poor old Ross. Absolute joke he gets support still.
  11. villan_007

    Gary Gardner

  12. villan_007

    Tammy Abraham

    Is this guy turning into a donkey before our eyes!? Don't get me wrong he started well, attitude is unquestionable, but the need to wrap the ball in a blanket, sing it a lulaby and place it gently into the goal is getting on my nerves. Very wasteful at the moment and has the first touch of a newborn horse
  13. villan_007

    Ross McCormack

    Or gone on load to any club in the British isles, or europe or........arrrrr still not seeing the pattern Dave? Nobody wants the drunk.
  14. villan_007

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea

    Whoever said it was a sell out at the club can't count. Pockets of empty seats everywhere
  15. villan_007

    John Terry

    Dean Smith was doing it but the other way around. Not an issue