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  1. villan_007

    Gary Gardner

  2. villan_007

    Tammy Abraham

    Is this guy turning into a donkey before our eyes!? Don't get me wrong he started well, attitude is unquestionable, but the need to wrap the ball in a blanket, sing it a lulaby and place it gently into the goal is getting on my nerves. Very wasteful at the moment and has the first touch of a newborn horse
  3. villan_007

    Ross McCormack

    Or gone on load to any club in the British isles, or europe or........arrrrr still not seeing the pattern Dave? Nobody wants the drunk.
  4. villan_007

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea

    Whoever said it was a sell out at the club can't count. Pockets of empty seats everywhere
  5. villan_007

    John Terry

    Dean Smith was doing it but the other way around. Not an issue
  6. villan_007

    Scott Hogan

    Not really true though is it. He's scored a few cracking goals for us. The header at Wigan was lovely, and that smashing volley...I think against wigan also in the cup. He can finish no question.
  7. villan_007

    Dean Smith

    Got to be honest fella, your post doesn't fill me with confidence. It seems deep down you're more than happy for him to leave. Hopefully he has improved again from the lessons he has learnt which he seems to have done everywhere he's been. I'm still a little unsure on him to be honest. Having said that it will be nice to not have to sit and watch hit and hope football every week.
  8. villan_007

    Dean Smith

    I feel like the owners have scrapped promotion this season with this appointment. And I don't mean that in a negative way. Having looked at it they've seen the monumental mistakes we've consistently made over the years due to a lack of a plan or philosophy, and have chosen to build something that may take a season or two to achieve. I applaud that. In a perfect world they would have been here from the moment we went down. It feels really sensible. Not something we're familiar with. The added sprinkle of JT I think is a master stroke. Let's see what he can do. Go on Deano.
  9. villan_007

    New Manager Speculation

    Yep and he finishes all that in time to cut up the oranges.....Jesus at least try and have a decent argument against his appointment.
  10. villan_007

    New Manager Speculation

    You keep saying this. But it's not remotely the same in any way shape or form is it? Both hired under an absent uninterested owner, with a poor board, and I just cannot understand how you can think garde was even given half a chance, completely shafted by the club, couldn't bring his own team in and wasn't allowed to buy any players.
  11. villan_007

    New Manager Speculation

    We'll it wouldn't. Guardiola gave a man's answer that made sense. He said I've watched Mahrez all week smashing in penalties, so I made the decision to let him take it. I was wrong it's my fault. Bruce didn't have the balls to watch Whelans penalty, turned his back. He also had no idea who was best placed to take it, and didn't do his job and make a decision. Good riddance
  12. villan_007

    Tammy Abraham

  13. villan_007

    Anwar El Ghazi

  14. villan_007


    Is Collins still training with us? We desperately need to offer some free agent a short contract. Just to have an actual defender in the ranks would plug a hole till Jan window opens.
  15. villan_007

    New Manager Speculation

    Really? so he is already pretty highly regarded? Meaning an unlikely appointment?