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  1. Someone we can switch up our play with. Maybe opposite type of player to Wesley. In terms of who it would depend on our transfer budget, is Wesley the main man or will we bring in another who will be. I think premier league experience is a thing of the past. I don't have anyone in particular in mind, but the Austin's of this world are not for me
  2. Oh yeah love it. Austin is the type of mistake we've been making for the past 10 yrs. We do need another striker. For me it's not Austin.
  3. And you still come to the conclusion that Austin, who's approaching 30, is said to have the knees of an 80yr old and has never been prolific would be a good signing for us. Are you sure you're watching?
  4. It's Cafu mate....cafu
  5. We've been in the championship for 3yrs, the prem has moved on massively without us. In today's market 20mill is the equivalent.
  6. Just doesn't work with the name tyrone. Next
  7. villan_007

    AVTV 2018/9

    Is this horrendous for anyone else??
  8. Apparently for the first time ever we've got him on a good contract for everyone. The buyout clause is astronomical. So it's either that or payout the contract. 20mill isn't doing it. I still think he'll stay.
  9. villan_007

    John Terry

    So you've read two posters comments that are completely unfounded and hypothetical and decided this is what's going to happen. Then at the same time say it's time for terry to go because he doesn't love the club? Villatalk....it never lets you down.
  10. Well it's all over the internet. Prob worth a watch before making a comment?
  11. He isn't 30 something, on a silly contract, and we get to try before we buy. Vast improvement over the last 10 yrs.
  12. We the fans always miss out. A free poster or a beer mat with micahs face on should be the least they can do.
  13. Yep. That's where I read things.
  14. I'm pretty sure the insurance will cover it, hence why we didn't terminate his contract. He'll retire and then everyone is compensated from what I've read.

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