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  1. Jack was in London around that time getting pissed with Barkley.
  2. And he has achieved both. I don’t begrudge him going to win some trophies and furthering his career.
  3. jim

    John Terry

    That was my first thought. Him and Jack were tight.
  4. jim

    Finn Azaz

    Oh god! I can see some people carping on about this bloke just like that flounder Jordan Bowery.
  5. He hasn’t posted one this year. Must mean he’s off.
  6. Yes they’ve said it wow we! All owners say the same things. Talk is cheap.
  7. All owners want that, what happens is another story. I’ve seen nothing yet to suggest we are looking to compete with the big guns.
  8. Lots of reasons. He can still love the club but want to play at the highest level in the CL and win trophies. Let’s be honest here, he’s not going to get that at Villa.
  9. We aren’t a rival to City. Behave. They want him because he is a very good player.
  10. We have no idea what figure the club would deem acceptable. Could be £100m, £150 or £80m. Pointless saying it’s bull because we don’t agree with the transfer fee. It’s not up to the fans what we accept.
  11. If Jezza posted on Reddit we were signing a highly rated player, we would be jizzing our pants pointing at his record saying it must be true. Because we don’t like the news it’s bullshit
  12. I don’t begrudge him a move and neither should anyone else tbh. His legacy will be dragging us back to the Premier League almost single handed.
  13. Will get shot down no doubt but I said before the Euro’s I think he’s off. Announcement early next week.
  14. jim

    Emile Smith Rowe

    That’s because Barkley is coming back
  15. Pretty sure all he did was approve the design. The rest was all marketing BS. Fanatics still manufacture the kits.
  16. jim

    New kits 21/22

    You can do what you like. No contract is formed until the item has been despatched.
  17. Fanatics have been pulling that shit for a couple of months now. The sooner we **** them off the better.
  18. jim

    New kits 21/22

    They’ll all get cancelled anyway.
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