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  1. Bad day at the office. We go again. In Southgate we trust.
  2. jim

    New TV advice

    Yes. Glass will replace Q and you will get a pick for your other TV’s. I hope they release this without the TV as it’s the only way to get multiroom in 4K.
  3. Wash your mouth out with soap and water then watch Ted Lasso.
  4. First England goal, pleased for him.
  5. Interesting to see the players showing far more respect to the female ref.
  6. They’ve finished mid table for the last 4 seasons.
  7. Well yes, because that is how they have been playing.
  8. Who’s that then that play a front two?
  9. When was the last good strike partnership in the Premier League? I can see it potentially working with Watkins on the left of the three with Ings in the middle and Bailey on the right.
  10. He’s talking about them both playing in the team as a pair not both in the squad.
  11. It was the same last season. All three had different fits for me.
  12. The CEO, manager and players have also said that is the aim this season.
  13. “Created all sorts of problems” Yet we only scored one goal in those games and only one yesterday. We have two very good attackers in Watkins and Ings yet they have notched only one goal between them in four games using this system. The only anomaly is Everton which you could put down to the impact from Bailey as we were again looking lacklustre from an attacking perspective until he came on.
  14. jim

    Dean Smith

    Me. Leaving out all that attacking talent is criminal imo. If we stick with that formation. What was the point in signing those players? It’s all very well saying we have a string bench but I would much rather see the best players starting rather than changing it up when not going our way.
  15. Poor again imo. That hoof across the box was woeful.
  16. From a very good to a very poor for me. I do t like the 3-5-2 it nullifies our attack imo. Top marks for the Turkish kebab I just had though.
  17. Best stadium in the world. I’m getting drenched.
  18. I hope to be proved wrong but this formation doesn’t get the best out of our attacking players. Watkins and Ings together doesn’t work. Yes we’ve had victories but neither had looked like scoring and Watkins looks a shadow of last season in this system.
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