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  1. The energy and pressing has been so impressive. Unlucky to not have a goal.
  2. I don't think Smith is the man for the job and have been out on him for quite some time, but I am not that worried about this start. Our main issue so far has been creating scoring opportunities, and there is real reason to suspect that will not be an issue when Watkins and Bailey are back. We saw what kind of impact Bailey can have in his cameo against Watford, and we looked much more dangerous once Watkins came on yesterday -- maybe Smith could have made the change earlier, but complaining about that is like yelling into a brick wall. It is not going to change. I would like someone more creative and proactive, but I think Smith once again has the attacking players to keep us near the European places when everyone is healthy, and that means he is going to stick around.
  3. Good point today given the circumstances, but 4 from that first 3 is disappointing.
  4. Imagine if we hadn't spent the first half not knowing how to contain Sarr.
  5. If I am looking for positives, Bailey looks good and having he and Watkins up front will make a big difference. Also, I think replacing Marvelous with even Luiz would be an upgrade. That said, I still do not see how our best four attacking players can play together and still have a solid midfield, and I do not trust Dean Smith to figure it out.
  6. Who are we supposed to buy from if Brentford are promoted?
  7. 1.65 PPG with Jack this season, which would have put us above Spurs. I hope that plus promises of new additions keep Jack around. I do worry Southgate will **** us by not picking him for the Euros.
  8. That is the best performance we have had without Jack. Really impressive.
  9. Davis shows so much skill and quick feet 40 yards from goal. No idea what happens in his head in the box.
  10. That header followed by a cool finish. The full Trezeguet experience.
  11. They are going to make me dream all season, aren't they?
  12. Some days you just have to throw your hands up and laugh. Seems like today is one of those.
  13. I’ll take it, but Mike Dean is awful at his job.
  14. "We're so unbothered we will play El Ghazi" Nice bit of trolling from Smith
  15. I still think he lacks some technical ability and can waste good chances, but with the talent we now have around him, his motor is a great addition to the squad. I am happy to have him starting.
  16. Not saying the performance has been good, and the final scoreline is all that matters, but I would imagine XG is going to be in our favor for this one.
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