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  1. VillanousOne

    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    on balance it is hard to argue with the result, we got a lucky goal at the start, they get the most disgustingly comical goal at the end. we probably played the better football but our defence is still not good enough.
  2. VillanousOne

    Match Thread:West Brom v Villa

    Just wish Nyland would actually try and dominate his area, win any high balls, we look like conceding from every cross.
  3. VillanousOne

    Players that never lived up to the promise

    People think Angel was a flop and to be fair he was branded that for much of his early career but he did really well towards the end, almost 50/50 - but does that mean he didn't fulfil his potential because half his time at Villa was terrible? Gabby was decent for large spells of his time at Villa but most rightfully remember the end of his career and that tarnishes our memory of him.
  4. VillanousOne

    Players that never lived up to the promise

    but we are talking about players that didn't live up to their promise. A lot of those players came from Coventry 90s onwards.
  5. VillanousOne

    Players that never lived up to the promise

    Nicklas Helenius, got his shorts pulled down, got some kind of illness, got depressed, got no help from anyone at the club (apparently) and was never heard of again. Mathieu Berson, when we craved a bit of international class in midfield we got this bloke who O'Leary eventually bombed out. Alpay - good defender who tangled with Beckham in a national game and was never seen again. Gary Charles and Tommy Johnson... Curtis Davies, great on loan, dire when we signed him. Zat Night - well ok we didn't expect much but he did score against the scum (i think). Every player we ever signed from Coventry (at least from the 90s onwards). It never ends..
  6. VillanousOne

    Players that never lived up to the promise

    no man is an Ireland.
  7. VillanousOne

    Players that never lived up to the promise

    Traore cost between 6-8 mil depending on what source you believe. I lose track of the big signings we have made that have tanked Stan Collymore Bosko Balaban Milan Baros Ginola Hassan Kachloul Nil Lamptey Mustapha Hadji Steve Stone Ross McCormack Micah Richards Steve Sidwell Sasa Curcic the list goes on for pages
  8. VillanousOne

    Ratings & Reactions: Middlesbrough v Villa

    i can't handle having nothing to complain about and enjoying football again, i don't get it, what is this thing called 'good football'?
  9. VillanousOne

    James Chester

    he was completely missing for 3 of their goals.
  10. VillanousOne

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Nottm Forest

    studying the lowlights, Chester is literally completely absent for their first three goals, Hutton is always seemingly trying to fill in at CB whilst Chester jogs back from nowhere. Nyland for the last goal is disgraceful.
  11. VillanousOne

    Yannick Bolasie

    agreed when he is fit I would like to see him start ahead of Adomah or Kodjia though just to see how he does.
  12. VillanousOne

    Yannick Bolasie

    could be a long time, every week Smith says his ready to start, every week he doesn't and not saying he should, just saying.
  13. VillanousOne

    Ratings & Reactions: Derby v Villa

    we responded to a second half team talk by not playing even worse and giving up. McGinn is one of the best signings in years
  14. VillanousOne

    Ratings & Reactions: Derby v Villa

    incredible, i used to dream of these type of performances
  15. VillanousOne

    Jonathan Kodjia

    he has already looked better under Smith, he is a player that can make things happen.