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  1. Not sure how much training is or will go on before any restart, but lets hope Dean and the coaching staff spend a lot of time reviewing videos of our team play in order to analyse what the hell we were doing wrong. The options we then have is hope Drinkwater (if his career at Villa isn't already over) can get properly fit and provide some steel and possession in midfield. Chance of happening 3/10 McGinn can come back and make a difference somehow. Chance of happening 6/10 only because it will take a lot of playing matches to get properly match fit again and he will probably spend time coming off the bench. Jota can be deployed in midfield to try and keep some possession. Chance of happening 3/10, if Dean hadn't thought of it already then no reason he would now. Other than that I'm not sure what he'd do differently in terms of playing staff as he's tried ever combination of players we have. Getting another formation/way of playing and mentality change in place will take some doing.
  2. I think there were few midfield options in Jan in terms of 'with premiership experience' which was clearly what Dean wanted, no one wants to do us any favours. On paper it seemed a worthwhile gamble, the only thing I find hard to forgive is Drinkwater had already bombed on loan to Burnley, it smacked of desperation or arrogance that Dean though he could get more out of him. Still up until the training ground head butt I thought there was a chance he could still offer something.
  3. Apparently the Government have asked the Villa defence to donate their clean sheet bonus for the current season to the NHS. Unfortunately this means the NHS now owe Villa £500,000.
  4. fined apparently by the club i am most shocked by the fact he and others went round Ross McCormack's flat????? How Grealish can be friends with that alcoholic freeloader is beyond me.
  5. I remember us playing what look like a back 5 but Konsa was bombing so far forward that he was almost playing wing back and it made no sense. Dean seems to believe we should attack and defend as a team and time and time again we've shown we don't have players who can perform that way. I remember people getting angry near the start of the season that El Ghazi wasn't tracking back, my thoughts were he is a winger why is he having to track back? It's not in his game either. Some top sides have players who can play anywhere, we don't and we need stop trying to keep playing players in positions/with tactics they can't seem to grasp.
  6. he will still need a few games to get up to match speed, you don't get there without playing in the prem, practice matches and training don't deliver that.
  7. Not sure why Dean should have no blame for the recruitment, I doubt he wouldn't have played a part in the signings that happened. People say he wanted Maupay not Wes, but this is total speculation. Certainly if he didn't want Wes you'd wonder why he would put him as the lone frontman even when he was contributing nothing. Also as many have said we have seen many of the players signed actually do quite well, they just seem to have a got a lot worse as the pressure has mounted and the season has gone on. I don't personally blame him for the signings, I don't buy that our squad is that bad either, a work in progress yes, but I really feel like someone else could have worked out how to get a lot more out of these players. Also we looked really solid in our win against Burnley yet somehow that performance has never been even close to being repeated ever since. If we have written off the season and know we are being relegated then keeping Dean probably makes sense and giving him one more transfer window to sort out the squad, if we want to stay up and could find a better option then in my view we should try and fight to stay in the league.
  8. the argument for me anyway is what is the biggest issue the players or Dean's ability to manage them? I think there is a toxic lack of confidence and belief that has been born partly out of bad luck and stupid VAR decisions and partly out of poor coaching and inexperience. First of all the attacking approach seemed good at first but it meant we kept conceding late goals and failing to win against ten men, this must have killed squad confidence. Our midfield changed every week, as did our goal keepers, there has never been any consistency in our starting eleven, and most players know that even if they work hard we will still concede ridiculous goals. Our defence and midfield reeks of players who are desperate not to make mistakes and consequently seem to be either avoiding taking responsibility for actually making things happen or stopping things from happening, or just making stupid mistakes regardless. We lack leadership all over the pitch, Mings tries in defence but he makes mistakes also, Grealish is awesome but not a born leader. We don't have enough steady heads/players with experience who can settle the rest of the younger players and noobs. Engels, Guilbert, Hause, Konsa have all proved that they don't have enough talent/pre experience between them to start every week, yet we have no choice but to play some of them. I like Targett but again he struggles as there is a lack of experience round him. Elmo and Taylor are not viable answers to any questions. Luiz is too young/inexperienced to play a key midfield role every week. Nakamba tries hard but lacks a coherent footballing brain. Drinkwater is off the pace and Connor doesn't offer much other than set pieces. Dean doesn't have any midfielders who can change anything now, it is too late. El Ghazi has talent but is inconsistent and gives up too easily/is too soft, Trez works hard but is a headless chicken. People think McGinn could be the answer, but if Dean again plays him as the furthest midfielder forward then he will get completely isolated and wasted just as he was before he was injured (plus he will take a fair few games to get match fit/sharp again). In conclusion I think Dean hasn't realised he doesn't have the players to play the way he wants and every bungled attempt to get things right/comedy loss just makes player belief and squad confidence lower.
  9. he gets the ball, loses it within seconds or passes it straight to the opposition. he's shown he has talent and ability in a few games, but the more he has started the worse he has been. I always thought he was too young to be starting every week, but the McGinn injury and Drinkwater being gash has forced Dean to play him and Nakamba every game. it's a shame Lansbury never took the few chances he's had this season.
  10. Nakamba, Luiz, Wes, Trez were always going to take time to get used to the pace of the premier league, none were ready to be automatic starters. You can see why Drinkwater was signed, Smith wanted a steadying ship in the middle with the right experience, sadly the player is unfit and looks half the player he was when he was at Leicester, I am sure he will come into the team soon but i doubt he is the answer. As difficult and as expensive as it would be to get, we needed more signings with experience in the summer even if that meant a couple of loans. We should have raided the clubs that were relegated, look how good Billing has been for Bournemouth! We didn't even raid the Championship for any of the best players who looked ready to step up in either window (despite the endless links), not saying that would have been the answer but I am surprised we didn't try harder.
  11. There isn't one positive you could fire off about the team right now. People say we played well against Man City, the truth is we were a little more organised than usual and up for the fight as it was a cup final, despite the corner that never was we still would have lost as Man City were far better than us without really getting out of first gear. There were games in the first half of the season where we found a way to play and looked half decent, but the mistakes have always been there from day one and the games where anyone has found any form are far behind us.
  12. Reina: 3 - rush of blood to the head and could have just stood still for the penalty, distribution was awful also. Engels: 3.5 - Got worse as the game went on Mings 3: - looked too casual and rarely seemed up for it, it wasn't a handball but he shouldn't have given VAR a decision to make. Guilbert 3: Can't defend at all and did nothing going forward Targett 4: Best of a terrible bunch in the back four Elmo 2: Must have touched the ball twice, no idea why he played Nakamba 3: Headless chicken, even if he makes a tackle the ball goes back to the opposition, or his next pass does Connor 4: Never should have started and did very little Luiz 2: Worst performances in a Villa shirt, gets the ball, loses the ball within seconds, can't pass, can't tackle Grealish 4: Looks a shadow of himself Samatta 4: Didn't really hold the ball up and looked totally isolated El Ghazi, Davis - too late to rate Time for Dean to go. There isn't an eleven available to him that would change results the players don't play for him at all.
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