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  1. I think John McGinn is still awesome, but in the first two games he has repeatedly tried to take on 2 or three players and been pushed off the ball easily, he needs to keep the ball and pass quicker, there is even less space to operate in. I think he will learn quickly and adapt. I just think him and Grealish would benefit from more protection so they can play through the middle. Grealish shouldn't be playing so deep and giving the ball away. I think Nakamba is a defensive unit, I don't think Luiz is specifically a defensive midfielder. For certain games I would play the below, have Targett and Guilbert play as wingbacks. Grealish and Trez can come inside or go wide. Elmo can play in that system also, Taylor has improved defensively just doesn't seem to have a clue in the final third. ----------------- Heaton Guilbert - Mings - Engels - Targett --------------- Nakamba ----------- -------- Luiz --------- Mcginn ---- ------ Grealish ------ Trez ------- --------------- Wes ------------------
  2. fair enough although i would have thought at 25 he couldn't be described as a prospect anymore, although completely agree that transitioning to this league is hard and any expectation should be tempered. I don't think Gueye looked great at first, in fact he was positively average, possibly because most of the team were terrible and didn't care.
  3. wow not even put on the shirt yet and he's been written off
  4. Probably, although Grealish is only valuable if his possession leads to goals. Early days I know, but ironically we also seem to be useless at set pieces without Connor.
  5. I think having McGinn and Grealish in the team may not work in the Premiership, McGinn in possession is awesome if he can get free, but in the first two games he was pushed off the ball too easily and Grealish hasn't yet found a way to effect a game, losing possession too easily. I think we need the likes of Nakamba, Luiz and Guilbert to start as these are players who have the intensity we need in this league. Not saying i want to drop Grealish or McGinn just being realistic and stating our midfield does not have the right balance currently.
  6. Targett was average in preseason without doing a whole deal wrong, Guilbert however has so much pace and energy in the tackle and getting forward that I would rather see how he does. Harsh on Elmo who has not been bad by any means but our team just doesn't have the right balance at the moment. Even McGinn is being levered off the ball way too often and not winning any free kicks.
  7. agree with this 100% I would even consider dropping Grealish for Nakamba as Everton will bully us in midfield and we need more physicality.
  8. the issue is Kodjia is not a hold up player/target man, so bringing him on for Wes is pointless in that system, you would either have to go two up front or sub him in for a winger. Davis would have been the better choice yesterday as i think he would have held the ball up at least. I think Wes needs to come deeper and we need to stop hoofing balls up to him as it was Wes vs three or four defenders yesterday.
  9. I hope he turns out to be awesome for us, but it is risky relying on him and Kodjia, regretting the fact we didn't sign another striker.
  10. he touched it about once, not his fault, but nothing to go on yet.
  11. I doubt anyone expected to win and i'm sure everyone knows how good Spurs are and the gap in class between the top 6 and everyone else. but I think comments about lack of midfield and possession are still valid as we have a long season ahead and it doesn't matter who we are playing we still need better organisation and composure. I was thrilled by our attacking threat on the break though, Trez looked good. El Ghazi, Grealish, Wesley will have many better games, but we can't have three of our best players falling over, claiming fouls that weren't fouls and giving away possession against anyone.
  12. yeah we badly need one or both of them in the team, as we need to press further up the pitch and get closer, Spurs were just strolling through our midfield with absolute ease.
  13. All good teams have a midfield that you can play through the middle with, it's been years since we've had that. Grealish, Connor and McGinn is just not the right balance, they all individually have their skills and merits, Dean needs to sort that out as otherwise we will struggle to keep possession and teams will just mark our wide men and it will be game over.
  14. Positives, Trez, Heaton, Mings, Taylor, Engels and McGinn can hold their heads up (a bit). We looked dangerous on the break. Negatives, falling over expecting free kicks and not getting them. Wes's hold up play was poor. We had no shape and only got worse as the game went on. You can't defend for 90 mins and not retain any possession. We were expected to lose to the better team so no surprises, but the manner of the loss is infuriating, we literally stopped playing football for 45 mins.

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