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  1. don't think so, so not sure the point of this thread
  2. has anyone actually said we are changing back to the round badge?
  3. I read that Villa Report twitter account is run by aliens who also worked with the FBI in the late 50s.
  4. wikipedia says Benrhama is a right winger, although in that highlight reel he is mostly on the left
  5. Poole is nice... that is all
  6. Little bit of insider knowledge for you - Bournemouth is an utter sh*t hole populated by chavs and stag dos.
  7. if it goes through i think Jota would be a good signing, he was quality at Brentford, dipped massively at Blues but could certainly find his form again with us. It is odd people think we should be spending huge sums on players because we are Premiership now and shouldn't be shopping in lower divisions. We still have the shadow of FFP around us and have to take a measured, sustainable approach and build our team up slowly as ultimately I doubt in our first season back we need to try and buy our way into Europe, we first need a squad that can keep us in the division then we can up our ambition. This means we need to invest a lot more in younger players from abroad and lower leagues and our own youth system which has consistently failed to produce first team talent since we were relegated (and not much before) except for a few rare one offs. We do need two or maybe three big ish name signings that are ready made for the Premiership, not high risk french talent that helped relegate us the last time. But most importantly we need to sign players that work with the system and core of the team we have, plus keeping that core in place. O'Neill, Lambert, Sherwood and more all kept signing players that we didn't need, or didn't work in the formation/way we played. Or players at the end of their careers with no resale value. We have to look at all transfer tactics and really mix up how we go about trying to build this great club up to where it begins. I'll take slow and low risk for now if it means we steer clear of FFP and stay in the Premiership.

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