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  1. We have Nakamba, the only player who can play that defensive role and sometimes he actually does it quite well. Only problem is much like El Ghazi they both need consistent game time, both get chopped in and out all the time, 1 game in 10 then dropped again for 10 games. They can do nothing as subs, not win games or stop other teams from winning games. Dean tends to turn to Nakamba when everything else fails, same El Ghazi. None of them are really strong enough to have an impact or 'stop the rot' they need to be fully integrated and playing regularly. Trez can occasionally have an impac
  2. I'm a big Anwar fan, but he's been poor of late. He never should have been dropped when he was scoring goals and on a good run of games and form. He needs game time and confidence to build up form, he's not an impact player.
  3. Laursen and Bouma also come to mind.
  4. for the record, we have improved this season under Dean (as we have every season he has been manager) and I believe we will continue to improve next season under Dean. But that doesn't stop me and other people being disappointed in current results and form and pointing out some of the problems. Not seen any people who want Dean sacked (maybe there has been but on the whole I think it's a minority) and deep down we don't see what he does in training to justify the decisions he makes that we don't understand. We got a taste of Top 6 football but a Top 10 finish would still be a massive
  5. My favourite comment in this thread is someone claiming to not be "under reacting" to bad results, whilst "under reacting" to bad results.
  6. It would be interesting to find out who has had Covid in our team and how that has affected them. I think the sudden break in our season seems to have destabilised confidence and momentum, even if before the outbreak we were incredibly inconsistent - (as in one week a great win then next week a humbling loss. Then injuries to Cash and then Grealish just completely derailed our season. Either way we are playing the same as we were last season, we don't seem to press high enough and break quickly enough and even when we do we just give possession straight back to the opposition. As much
  7. On the plus side Dean has assembled one of the best defences I can remember as a Villa fan. Watkins is also one of the best strikers we have had in decades and looks like he could easily go on to be a 20 goal a season striker for us if we get a bit more quality around him (not just Grealish). The negatives, stubborn adherence to a 433 system which without Grealish doesn't work (even when he changed it against Fulham and got a result he still refused to change it vs Pool). We are so poor at set pieces, Konsa is our main threat at corners and our free kicks are useless since Connor left
  8. he injured his ribs/side a few games ago and it looked like he hurt them again, not making excuses for him, but it did seem to make him worse than usual.
  9. I really hope his injury isn't as bad as reported, his hard work and attitude are exemplary and he's scored the goals that kept us up.
  10. there is no **** way we have spent more than West Ham
  11. So if we lose every game from now to the end of the season or even the majority of games do you still think the project is a success? And why all the swearing, it's only discussion and banter, try not to take it all so seriously were all villa fans and United by love for this great club. I have midland family connections but was born in Kent also.
  12. Losing 2-1 away against the league champions would normally be nothing but you left out the fact they haven't won at home for six games and have lost to teams like Burnley and Brighton. Also they are a shadow of the team they were last season. And finally we whopped them 7:2 earlier in the season, sure we don't have our best player, but we could have got a point out of this game, if Grealish was playing we could have got something from this game, that's not on Dean. But we have had a lot of opportunities to beat teams above us who have been on a crap run of form, look at Spurs, they were ut
  13. You're entitled to defend the manager, but if you stand back and take the emotion out if it, the majority aren't criticising everything he does, the majority don't have wild expectations. Of course there are some that get carried away when criticising Dean, he gets flak he shouldn't, but unfortunately we are in a poor run of form and people want to see the team play better and get more points. I don't think it would be any different on any other forum with any other group of fans. But again this is just an opinion.
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