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  1. hope Kodjia is fit and can deputise
  2. Even now it is still hard to reconcile the team we are now and the way we play to the team we were in that abject run of losses, I will be first to admit I was worried as the team performances, selections and substitutions all seemed to get more and more questionable, but I think we had so many issues with injuries that it is hard for that not to cloud things. The biggest issue was we seemed to also lose confidence completely and any team would if you keep losing or drawing. But eventually the players Dean brought in or recalled started to do the job, Grealish came back and suddenly not just his performances improved but so many other players around him improved, it just goes to show that there are so many factors in football that lead to success and often so few that lead to failure. Dean showed at the start how he wanted us to play, it took a long time to get things the way he wanted in attack and midfield and then even longer to sort the defence out, I think we are probably 60-70% of the team Dean wants us to be for the Championship, if we get promoted that figure goes out of the window as I personally have no idea what we need to be to survive or thrive in the Premiership so can't even speculate anymore.
  3. I imagine there is a chance Terry will move on, either back to Chelsea as a coach or maybe even a manager somewhere. If that does happen I would appointment Whelan in his position, maybe as a player coach. Not saying Terry will def go, if we get promoted you'd hope he'd want to stick around but i am sure he has ambitions to manage.
  4. think we all thought that, even the league were duped, probably why they can't enforce FFP too harshly on us as they really did screw up the right and proper tests for ownership.
  5. i genuinely can't believe how we went on such a poor run when Grealish was injured and we couldn't buy a win under Smith, but i was amongst his critics and so glad to say i was wrong and that he just needed time, players back from injury, a bit of luck and a build up in team confidence. I am hoping we don't lose any more injuries as to get through the play offs we need all our best players fit.
  6. incredible performance and result, their keeper was superb and we won with so many key players out. unstoppable!!
  7. VillanousOne

    Tom Carroll

    yeah I very much doubt we aren't covering his wages for the season, i've never known of any loan deal that involved a clause where injury stopped payment, why would any loaning club agree that when injuries are such a huge part of football. Teams only terminate loans on their side if they want they player back etc. and put a break clause in, never known the club who is paying for the loan to put a terminate clause in the other way.
  8. VillanousOne

    Tom Carroll

    and I presume that means we are still paying his wages also?! Jermaine Jenas 2.0
  9. should have been so much more comfortable but we won and never lost our heads.
  10. this is his first real proper run of matches for us and I think he just needs to build up confidence and consistency, I am happy to see him develop and switch between Adomah both starting and as a sub. I can't remember the last time we gave one of our youth players a proper chance since Grealish. Green and Keinan can potentially become first team players as O'Hare and RDM seemingly have a ways to go.
  11. VillanousOne

    Keinan Davis

    Really hope he gets more chances, as much as i like Kodjia i think not being first choice and played out of position, plus injury has killed his Mojo. Keinan has physical presence and can really upset defences, no idea if his finishing has improved but he deserves some pitch time to find out.
  12. I am still baffled at our form under Smith, I think so many factors have distorted things from injuries to lack of confidence. I think the whole team looks more evenly balanced, the defence has thrived with Ming's and Hause in it. Steer looks far more comfortable between the sticks than Kalinic and even Taylor and Elmo are playing well. Long may it continue.

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