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  1. It's not just about this match. 1) Wes is getting poorer and never gets subbed since Davis was injured 2) McGinn has been ineffective for months now 3) Even Mings has been making more and more bad mistakes 4) The non stop merry go around of who plays out of Connor, Luiz, Wes, El Ghazi and Nakamba has got out of hand. How can these players learn how to play together when they never know who out of them will start? 5) We have one formation and one set of tactics if it doesn't work in a match it's game over 6) Love him or hate him, Kodjia can't do any worse can he? Even if he isn't the magic answer we all need Playing Elmo today for Guilbert was also baffling.
  2. wait for 85min substitutes to come on and do nothing
  3. Leicester have two forwards who have pace and are effective and can hit on the break. we have El Ghazi who isn't a striker but tries and Wes who is a striker but is embarrassingly easy to mark out of the game.
  4. agree, it doesn't seem to make sense. Dean needs to realise Wes isn't Tammy and i don't think he has ever played in this formation week in week out.
  5. Dean must have such a headache at the moment Nakamba plays really well, but we seem to look better when he doesn't play. We rarely win when Connor doesn't play, but he can be pretty anonymous. We seem to be better when Luiz plays, but Luiz rarely contributes much in matches when he does play. Engels and Mings both delivers heroics but both makes costly mistakes. Konsa makes less mistakes but delivers less heroics. We are def better when Guilbert and El Ghazi are on the same side of the pitch, Anwar offers more goal threat that Wes and Trez. McGinn is arguably our second most talented players after Grealish, but has somehow become almost as much as a pasenger as Wes. Wes gets less effective every game yet Dean won't play Kodjia either in support or instead of. I hope he knows who he wants to buy in January because he doesn't know what his best eleven is.
  6. we would have drawn with Tammy. But Wes isn't the only issue our starting eleven has.
  7. Grealish seemed to start playing balls between him and Wes in the area shortly after kick off, but not for long. It seems like Wes rarely makes runs into the area or expects to be played in, which he did in some of our earlier games this season.
  8. i've always defended Wes and I still want him to do well, but he is becoming a passenger that we can't afford to carry. I can only presume Kodjia has said he wants to leave and Dean no longer wants to play him, or else there is no reason for him not to come into the team. We made Chelsea look much better than they are and if we had any half decent striker on the pitch we might have drawn that. Need to go and shower after been covered in Andy Townsend's shower of blue jism throughout that game.
  9. something must have happened between them it makes no sense
  10. waiting for Andy to run on the pitch and nosh all the Chelsea players off
  11. some of the comments slightly remind me of comments about Grealish a few seasons back, where he didn't score goals, rarely got assists and people where like 'what is the point in Jack'. Obviously I am not suggesting the two are the same, or that Wes can or will be anywhere near the talent Jack now has and shows, just that he does do more than some give him credit for. I think he will get better with time and also that he shouldn't be the only striker we rely on every single game, I think we need to be able to change systems occasionally, appreciate that is down to the squad more than it is Dean.
  12. against Manure he won the ball and held it up well, the times he fell down without getting a free kick were a lot less than previous games, he won more balls and laid them off well from deep. He also worked hard and covered more of the pitch. He draws defenders towards him and leaves gaps for other players. As long as we are still scoring goals we can just about justify letting him continue to get pitch time and get up to speed, but that doesn't change the fact he still has to improve and become more of a threat in front of goal.
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