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  1. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    part of me wants to see McGinn play that role as he is the fastest tackling all action midfielder we have, Jed is good in the air but he's too slow on the deck, so is Whelan. Connor and Bjarns go missing too much to play that role.
  2. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    when he joined, the club was still in a slate of decline and morale, confidence still was low. I think he dealt with a truly toxic situation. doesn't mean i think he didn't waste time and make a lot of bad decisions, just trying to be balanced and state that we are not broken and not everything Bruce did was bad.
  3. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    The biggest issue Smith has is resolving the defence and overall squad balance in time to make a meaningful attempt at challenging for promotion. We have an embarrassment of riches in midfield and attack and I firmly believe it won't take him long to start getting us playing in a way that gets the best out of that talent, even if we just get a 'new manager' kick on that gets us heading in the right direction. But as many have said it could well be that progress is made slowly and this season proves to soon for promotion. It's easy to say that when deep down results do matter above all else, but for me personally if I can see a team at least attempting to play progressive football in formations/positions that make sense that will go a long way, even if it does mean that we don't always win. I don't think the players are broken, I don't think that Bruce has run the team into the ground, we are not in crisis, much as i am glad he is gone I still respect what he did for us.
  4. VillanousOne

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Oh no he isn't panto season is near
  5. VillanousOne

    Birkir Bjarnason

    why do we as Villa fans seem to relish slagging off our own players?
  6. VillanousOne

    Henri Lansbury

    Lansbury is a confidence player who needs his ego massaged, not saying he deserves that and his work ethic and attitude need a improving, but he can def do more in a Villa shirt.
  7. VillanousOne

    Scott Hogan

    Hogan needs other players to feed off, he needs the ball in front of him, crosses played in at pace during counter attacks - all things we didn't do under Bruce. He is a competent finisher who could do a job. Kodjia has far more in his arsenal in terms of individual skills and ability to pull the rabbit out of a hat, but he operates in isolation and rarely passes, he needs to be the focal point and again we under Bruce have never played at a pace that really gets the best out of him. Ponderous attacks that involve a hundred crosses to no one when all the team you are attacking are back defending, or you lump it forward to no one - don't work for him either.
  8. VillanousOne


    if fit that is probably the best we have, the biggest issue is (as well covered already) we have three terrible keepers, maybe Moreira deserves another chance or even the U23s keeper
  9. VillanousOne

    New Manager Speculation

    Going the Fat Sam route is an exact repeat of going the Steve Bruce route.
  10. VillanousOne

    New Manager Speculation

    i thought it was covered that he can't manage due to not having completed the necessary badges unless they give him special dispensation to complete them in a set time period.
  11. VillanousOne

    New Manager Speculation

    We should of got Terry in June, i’ll Get me coat.
  12. VillanousOne

    New Manager Speculation

    F8ck that dour Sméagol faced twonk Moyes, his career since Everton has been utterly useless and pathetic.
  13. VillanousOne


    Does this mean the rest of Bruce’s back room staff is going also then as surely Calderwood would have taken over?
  14. VillanousOne

    Steve Bruce

    Apparently the cabbage is taking over and signed a three year deal
  15. VillanousOne

    Steve Bruce