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  1. We can only push on when we have all our players available, fit and operating on the same wave length. At the moment we have been going into matches - like we are going into a poker match with one card missing from our hand. Even if we have most of players ready to start the match, we are still behind Everton in terms of overall preparation and team synergy/sharpness. Dean may work miracles in training but the fact is half this team has never played together, most have barely trained together.
  2. so i presume if we lose to a strong Everton side who are unbeaten so far, this forum will melt down and an angry mob led by some posters on here will be going to down to Villa Park to demand Dean resigns?
  3. most of the country voted the **** in as Prime Minister
  4. This Saturday will be the first time Dean will have a full squad to choose from, all be it a fair few players will lack match sharpness and fitness, but at least they are all available to play a part if needed (except for Davis). I literally have no idea how the likes of Bailey, Buendia, Traore and Ings all fit in to that team. It's exciting to have those options, including Ramsey and even Anwar who has been playing decent football before he was dropped. But even though he will have quality squad to choose from, it will still take time for these players to learn how to play together and for Dean to work out his best eleven. people need to be patient and ignore trash clickbait articles written by subhuman scum
  5. I am big fan of Mings, but today the glaring mistakes were difficult to watch. He's our captain, he's not getting dropped any time soon, but I'd rather Hause or Axel playing alongside Konsa in a two sometimes, just so it shakes Mings from his complacency.
  6. It's really strange, you'd normally say our midfield was the week link, but today McGinn, Doug and Jacob were quality. Other than the ridiculous Ming f*ck up, we were let down because we didn't take our many chances. The ref is an utter word removed.
  7. We've been miles better, very proud of the way we've played just angry we've not taken our chances as we don't deserve to be behind.
  8. did Nakamba play in midfield when we beat them last season? Edit yep it was him and McGinn and Hause was playing because Konsa was at RB. massive shame Lukaku is fit
  9. yeah sorry dude my mistake on that one, have edited.
  10. No i get it, they were 'pretending', to believe Sanson is secretly just rubbish all round... but they don't believe that - in a deeply cunning attempt to provoke discussion. But there isn't really that much nuance on a football forum, so introducing a new conspiracy theory for discussion just heightens the crazy on here.
  11. They planned to sign Sanson in the summer, but the opportunity arose to get him cheap as his club decided to cash in which resulted in his manager almost quitting over the sale.
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