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  1. Brendan Rodgers frustrated by 'definite penalty' not given against Aston Villa "I thought we had a clear handball that looked a definite penalty," he told Sky Sports. "So I am absolutely gutted for my players because they put so much into the game. "Especially coming from behind and playing with that composure, scoring a very good goal, and by the end of the game there looked like only one team who were going to win it. yes Brendan, Aston Villa...
  2. annoyed i missed Brendan moaning how awesome his team where and how they deserved to win comfortably, the arrogant *****
  3. how has this become the sh*t goal keeper's thread?
  4. i think to comply with FFP we are probably looking at loans that become perm, I imagine Hull want as much money as they can up front to aid with their own transfers or would rather someone loan him back immediately. It's been a long time since we've done any last minute business in Jan but I reckon this season could see a rare change for that as we have so much to lose if we don't get the right depth in this squad.
  5. i came to this thread thinking there was any very early news on the extent of his injury only to find people still bickering about his ability. so just to weigh in, he scored some important goals but never suited a one striker system, i've not seen enough to think he was a worthwhile signing for the fee involved, but haven't see enough bad to think he was a disaster either. i hope he comes back stronger.
  6. so this is how it feels to score a last minute winning goal as opposed to losing to them. ruddy marvelous!
  7. all any team has to do is mark Grealish and we are done.
  8. we'd be 2:0 up if we had a striker on the pitch
  9. against Brighton we never looked like winning without a striker so not sure how we can win without one against Watford. We have to try and win though as playing for a draw will mean heavy defeat.
  10. we badly miss having a striker on the field, dare i say we miss Wes even if he had his bad points. Tres and Ghazi were so easily pushed off the ball all game against Brighton.
  11. as soon as you saw the team sheet you knew we were going to get hammered, the question was always by how many.
  12. it's so bad even the thread name can't be bothered to be accurate
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