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  1. I think the period of thinking Mings was a good signing and Grealish a good captain have utterly and rightfully disappeared along with the 'one of our own' crap around Smith
  2. I have so much respect for our fans who don't deserve to endure this. As much as I love this great club I would genuinely have wished there was no restart and we were just relegated so we could get rid of Smith sell 70% of this squad and start again and hopefully start to bring youth into the squad and develop them. I won't miss the Premier League one bit when we go down.
  3. at least I don't have to bother watching the second half as that 45 mins sums up our season in a nutshell.
  4. comfortably on top and then that clucking bullsheeet happens, F&ck the premierleague and F&ck VAR
  5. My argument is under Dean every attacking player has got steadily worse as the season has progressed. El Ghazi carried some threat, now non existent. Same with Samatta who was a breath of fresh air when he first joined, now he offers as much goal threat as John Terry's lucky pants. Trez didn't do much but he did occasionally score goals or offer some form of threat now he is the new Tonev. Davis does nothing, he doesn't win headers from set pieces or shoot on goal more than once every three games. McGinn is probably lacking match sharpness but he rarely even looks a shadow of the player that started the season. Even Grealish's form has gone steadily down hill. You could argue Hause and Konsa have improved since the restart and Luiz definitely has. But there is no confidence or belief in that team when it comes to creating or converting chances. Who can you blame that on other than the coach? It's definitely not all Dean's fault, but he has to carry a large share of the blame.
  6. As much as I applaud the effort we did not deserve to get a point
  7. It's hard to fault the players in terms of effort, running and organisation, but we have nothing going forward. As poor a Liverpool as i've seen in years and they still comfortably won without even getting out of first gear
  8. we have been well organised but i can't see where the goals are going to come from? Every cross or ball forward has found no one.
  9. i once joined the 'play Davis' argument, always hoping if given starts he would score. it didn't happen, why are we starting him? He doesn't even hold the ball up very well anymore.
  10. bit presumptious you might not be his type
  11. Manure and Arse also showing good form at the wrong time for us
  12. if we could only put in a cup final performance against Liverpool and then make the results around us count. Instead of getting torn a a new assh*le by Liverpool annoyed at losing to Citeh.
  13. Giroud is turd, he only scored against us as we were linked to him and any player we are linked to will score against us no matter how crap they are.
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