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  1. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    Nothing about the way we are playing is rocket science. Teams press us high because they know few of our players can keep possession under pressure, aside from McGinn. Dean is trying to get Mings to do the Axel role of bringing the ball out from defence and he is making a reasonable fist of it. But even if he succeeds, who does he pass it to? Teams know that marking our wingers nullifies us completely, there is no cohesion between the full backs and the wingers because they change every week, only Hutton provides any overlap and when he does it he leaves huge wholes in defence and offers no cover to Elphick. Who does Mings pass to if he does come forward then, well Connor and Whelan offer nothing but hopeful punts forward or sideways/backwards passes, none ever get into any space or useful positions, even if they do who are they passing it to? Tammy is horribly isolated, he isn't a target man and when he comes deep we have no one in the penalty area. Only player that really takes anyone on or can cross is El Ghazi and he has been off form. Kodjia offers nothing wide and clearly doesn't want to even try and prove that theory wrong. But I swear the biggest issue we have is how slow we are getting forward, even before West Brom shut up shop in the second half we are slow and ponderous getting forward, with only one forward to aim at teams can easily sit deep and wait for the attack that never happens, even our set piece goals have evaporated. No one is bursting into the box to support Tammy, we are playing with fear and no confidence, the only person that can change that is Dean and at the moment he has become Lambert 2.0 in the post match interviews that barely address or acknowledge the problems we have. If we can't attack as a team at speed and defend as a team with the same pace and hunger then we are doomed. One thing i will say is it feels like our midfield has been next to useless for what feels like decades. Connor, Whelan, Jed, Thor need to be replaced with one with technical ability and a footballing brain and one player who has pace who can actually do the thing that none of then seems to be able to pass and tackle (gasp).
  2. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    agree also, teams know how we play and it's painfully easy to nullify the wingers and Abraham gets crowded out. plus we fundamentally lack any steel, McGinn is about the only player in midfield capable of getting near anyone and tackling.
  3. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    the future/long term plan is one thing but we are playing arch rivals on Saturday. Can anyone tell me how Deano picks up these group of players and gets them ready for a derby? when you have so many underperforming utterly inept players from midfield to attack in a formation that is utterly useless with tactics too match? Adomah, El Ghazi, Kodjia, Connor and to a lesser extent Whelan as at least he tries, week in week out are making a mockery of this great club. And their dire form and attitude is infecting the whole squad. Much as I want Green to be the answer I doubt he can come into a side this woeful and turn things round. No one wants to give Jed another try, Thor has been rubbish when he's played, not sure if Carroll is fit, so who do you turn to? Doyle Hayles? Give Ramsey a go? Actually play him in the Grealish role?
  4. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    I applaud your positivity, i am sure he has an idea of what he wants and where he wants to get to, I know many say this squad is a lot poorer than many think but Smith should still be able to build at the same time as utilising the players he has, their is enough talent available to do better than we have been performing of late. People are alarmed not because everyone thinks we should be in the promotion race or even in the play offs, not because people think this horribly unbalanced team can be fixed quickly, but because we started under Dean playing positive pressing attacking football, with little defence, we now have a better defence and the from midfield to attack we have utterly fallen apart. Grealish and Axel being injured doesn't account for the utter dross we have been playing in recent months, we get worse every week, our form is relegation form, there is an embarrassingly low level of confidence and fight in the team. if we get our arse handed to us by the Dingles on Saturday there will be cabbage carnage.
  5. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    strange how we get our defensive balance almost right and the rest of the team goes to sh*te, I thought Hause looked a bit rusty but did ok.
  6. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    every pass today there was two men on the player receiving the ball, they made us look like we had 9 men not eleven. we don't keep moving, harassing and tackling, we are like statues in the middle of the park and alway slow and outnumbered. the system he plays is utterly useless with these players, each week we lose more and more confidence which is a sign the manager has utterly lost the dressing room. what the f*ck does national treasure and all round hero Terry do? What does any of the coaching staff do?
  7. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    they were marginally less dire than some, but still utterly awful
  8. VillanousOne

    Albert Adomah

    absolutely inept, couldn't pass, couldn't keep possession, couldn't make it two steps anywhere with the ball.
  9. VillanousOne

    Ratings & Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    i don't want to defend Dean Smith anymore, i don't want to watch these players play like a bunch of strangers who have never played professional football in their life before week in week out, getting worse and worse. Their are no excuses any more.
  10. VillanousOne

    Match Thread: Brentford v Villa

    i have never seen so many misplaced passes and pathetic ball retention, what the f*ck do the players do on the training ground, get in a paddling pool and throw rubber ducks at each other?
  11. VillanousOne

    Match Thread: Brentford v Villa

    if a turd was sat watching us it would be angry as we were giving it a bad name.
  12. VillanousOne

    Jack Grealish

    does he not make other players play better? Couldn't you take overall player ratings when Grealish isn't playing and see that the average player rating has gone down? Or that the number of actual votes for man of the match is down by a huge percentage because when Grealish isn't playing we don't win and when we don't win there are fewer players worth voting for, or the player voted for is stupidly unanimous because the rest of the team is so sh*te. I don't have these stats, but it's surprising what you can dig up to make a point. I agree though he doesn't score as much as he should or get the assists he should, but he draws defenders to him, pulls teams out of shape, we get a huge number of free kicks because of him being fouled - some of those we score from. He must up our possession stats, so reduces the time the opposition can attack us, he gets into space and plays in a lot of other players allowing the likes of McGinn and others to play more useful football?
  13. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    I am not happy with how things are going, the issue is most if not all managers in this league know their best elevens and even who to bring in when there are injuries. Dean is constantly forced to field different players every week, a lot of that is down to injury, he's been playing Chester not 100% fit as he's had no other options, he now has Mings available and maybe further down the line he'll have Hause. He's had to re-integrate Elphick, who to be fair has done well plus a new keeper who the jury is out on but seems on paper a good signing, this after Nyland who was finally starting to do well was ruled out for the season. He's never found a solution to losing Axel and Grealish, our two best players on the ball. Lansbury got a chance then got injured, for some reason he has then toiled with more defensive midfielders playing what feels high pressing roles, Whelan has done ok at times but he doesn't last 90 mins and can be pretty slow, Jed finally got his chance after months of injury and looked terrible, Thor got some game time and looked average. Carroll is injured already. If you look in attack you'll see Adomah is chronically out of form, Kodjia and El Ghazi aren't much better. Connor contributes set pieces and that's about all recently, he needs dropping but there always seems to be few better options. Hutton and Taylor continue to be liabilities in defence, but at least Hutton offers a lot going forward. Maybe if Hause or Chester come into the team then Taylor at least will get dropped. Getting Green and Grealish back in the team could be huge as along with Mings there is players who can improve us. My point is even though I feel Dean's management has been average at best for some time, I do feel that he has inherited a chronically unbalanced squad and although you can clearly see he is trying to work out his best eleven, he is fighting a losing battle and is getting precious little luck along the way. I have seen enough tactically from him to know the type of positive, pressing attacking football he wants to play and some of the victories under him so far have been amongst the best football we have played in a stupidly long time. The amount of goals we concede is worrying but again I can see that Dean is trying to address that. We went for proven promotion experience with Bruce and it failed, before that we went with a Champion's League Winner in RDM that was even worse, I don't want to mention the idiots in charge before those two, but there has to come a point where we build for the long term, doesn't mean we can't criticise Dean, doesn't mean we don't want more from him and these players, but the never ending cycle of sacking managers and bombing out players has to end.
  14. VillanousOne

    Dean Smith

    I wanted Kodjia in the side instead of Adomah, i raised an eyebrow when i saw Jed in there instead of Carroll but i figured he couldn't be worse than Thor or Whelan and against a bunch of cheats like Sheff Utd the added steel would be welcome. So i can't blame him for the fact Jed looked like he was made of wood and Kodjia kept doing weird things like hugging the touch line for no reason, never overlapping properly to look at crossing, instead running into cul de sacs and passing the ball back to Connor (to do tit all with). Mings is a superb signing, but our whole team is horrendously unbalanced and off form, it is a tall order for Dean to sort out, but he is the manager and he has to. We shouldn't be so incredibly reliant on Grealish, but i hope his return and a combination of Green and Carroll coming into play can save our faltering season.
  15. VillanousOne

    Conor Hourihane

    i've always been firmly in the 'he scores goals' end of the argument, but he does so little the rest of the time it is like playing with 10 men.