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  1. we have won and drawn games without Barkley
  2. I think Connor is one of the most underrated Villa players of all time, even if he has some very obvious flaws. I wouldn't know who is better to come in for Barkley between him and Traore, actually think it is nice problem for Dean to have. I don't know how Traore will turn out for us, it's too early to judge, but I wouldn't say I had seen anything that made me concerned about him.
  3. We can't keep playing players who are unfit or out of form for 90s mins every week, no matter how rubbish our squad is. And to be honest I don't think our squad is as bad as people make out.
  4. Dean needs to know when to drop players, a fit and rested Nakamba would surely have been better than a knackered McGinn
  5. I really hope we can grind out some draws soon as a season of incredible wins and awful losses does nothing for the old ticker.
  6. takes good set pieces at least, but faded badly.
  7. never seen us dominate a game so totally and yet still be losing
  8. ha ha, it got him a few yellow and red cards though. That is also like saying 'grealish isn't good at saving goals but that doesn't made him a bad player'. As an attacking forward you would expect set pieces to be something he was half decent at. Doesn't stop him from having a stellar career though you are right, he is still world class as I said, just odd that he doesn't have that in his bag of tricks. Then again only Connor seems to be able to take good set pieces in our entire squad which is a big fail.
  9. Grealish keeps getting better and better and the England appearances will let the world know what we already do. One thing that baffles me, for a player that is undoubtedly world class, why is he so average at set pieces? Not that it matters, it just doesn't make sense.
  10. Mings definitely not as bad as Dier and Walker but still needs to watch this on loop for three days:
  11. he'll probably start in the meaningless/pointless Ireland friendly and play well again and then get dropped for the other games and not even get a sniff. Gareth might give him a five minute cameo in one of the competitive matches, but the goofy twonk will do anything he can to avoid starting Grealish in a competitive match. Hope i'm wrong.
  12. Jack actually runs backwards and provides a bit of cover for Targett even if he isn't great at tackling or blocking. Ross is class, but a lot of the second half he was barely jogging when not on the ball and making no attempt to track anyone, now maybe that is the role he is playing and doesn't need to, maybe it is a fitness thing, but there will be times where we are getting over run that we need every player pressing hard.
  13. really did well today, but he also had more support from Trez and McGinn, we looked much more balanced today all round.
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