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  1. One of the saddest things for me was that he spent his last season in a villa shirt playing in an empty stadium. He was clearly in his element and absolutely world class, we've all been saying it for ages and now people can see it
  2. Do we have an option for a recall? Or is he stuck there for the rest of the season?
  3. Harvey Elliot is 18 and starting games for Liverpool, Barry needs to be starting for Ipswich in league one at least
  4. So they weren't informed that they would have to quarantine for 14 days in Brazil , before playing Brazil? No one told them that information? It's kind of important...
  5. We were all screaming for him to start during the Euros and Southgate's stubbornness wouldn't allow it and it cost England , absolute shambles
  6. So he's not even going to be making the bench? Just seems completely pointless
  7. Thankfully Southgate will be long gone when Carney makes his England debut
  8. The amount of space he will have is scary because the defenders will be occupied with tracking Ings movement, and then Watkins causing havoc with diagonal runs behind, can't wait , then add Bailey's pace + Buendia's creativity, we're looking good I don't know how Smith is gonna find the balance, but with those 4 as our attacking threat is super exciting.
  9. Needs to be one of the first names on the teamsheet, he's so important for us, gives us a whole different dimension
  10. That veretout looks a decent player
  11. Bolivia are dreadful side , so Argentina can field a weak side and still win
  12. Chelsea were gonna beat us even with both Emi's anyway, the Everton match is more important
  13. Let's just hope he doesn't get injured on international duty
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