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  1. Refs should 100% be looking at the monitors, it gives them another look to see if they screwed a decision up.
  2. Ahh fair, all I saw was part of that tweet quoted in an article about what United should offer for Grealish, good to see , I'm still worried that any villa fan would want either of those two.
  3. Struggling to believe any villa fan would think it's a good idea to swap Grealish for Lingard & Jones Honestly would be one of the worst deals in villa history if we ended up with these two.
  4. Watkins is 24 , Edouard is 22 Just seen the edit Eduord has played in Europe as well, so there is that experience that Watkins doesn't have.
  5. 25-30 mill and you might as well go for Edouard, who is youger and with more potential
  6. Just hear me out, constantly selling your best players means we will be fighting relegation forever, we need to keep Jack and build the team around him. It's that simple, we've always sold off our best players , Milner, Young etc..I'm actually sick of it.
  7. Not sure selling your best player is progressing
  8. Don't palace want £80 million for Zaha? Think he's overrated tbh, certainly can get better value for that money
  9. Edouard & Eze would be brilliant , and Swift for the midfield
  10. I'll reserve judgment till I see him play in the Prem.
  11. Glad we didn't get Benrahma, not clinical.......
  12. Mbuemo is a top quality talent as well, how much?
  13. For me technical skills are as important if not more, what's the point in having a player who is lightning, but has no end product , ever?
  14. We really missed a trick not buying Benrahma last summer, it's the equivalent of spurs refusing to buy Grealish off us when we were in the championship, and now look at him, Benrahma will go on to be a top player
  15. This is a great point, the Euros being moved was brilliant for us. Literally everything runs through Grealish at villa, he has a better season next season and he's on the plane to the Euros. The fact he hasn't been called up so far is absolute insanity.
  16. If we play with a high line with this guy at the back, it's suicide, Konsa is much better.
  17. We just need to stop being a feeder team and selling our best players, if we can keep Jack and add 3-4 top quality signings it would send out a big message that we are not a selling club anymore, keeping Grealish would mean so much on and off the pitch, it's a statement of intent from the owners that we're no longer sell just because a team in the Champions League came in for our players.
  18. Ah ok, thought he kicked up a fuss
  19. I mean he's born and bred villa, supported villa his whole childhood, come up through the youth system, felt the pain of relegation and captained his childhood club back to the Prem , and captained them to a 17th place finish, I think the media seriously underestimates how much he loves this club. We're all fans we'd jump at the chance to play and captain this great club, and if it was you would you want to leave? Some people call it lack of ambition to stay , but wanting this club to be back with the elite is the most ambitious thing I can think of, from a fans perspective. We need to stop becoming a selling club, as soon as a player becomes decent he gets sold on, keeping quality players and adding quality is the only way we will get back.
  20. Can people see him forcing a move in the manner that Benteke did?
  21. It's his nickname , not sure what answer you are looking for here
  22. If that slabhead Maguire went for £80 mill, then that's the minimum we should be aiming for
  23. £8 million and his goals massively contributed to us staying up, definitely value for money.
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