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  1. If a goal is scored direct from a corner then it should stand, while I saw it was given offside the other week, it is bollocks. All you would need to do is as soon as the kick is taken, run away from the goal leaving 5 attacking players offside and let the keeper stay with the furthest forward player. So anyone behind that player making contact would automatically make the player by the keeper offside. A total nonsense.
  2. It's always different for man utd, I haven't checked to see what their yearly penalty awards are but I can bet it is far higher than any club outside the top 6. They get var favouring them every time we play them. I didn't see them complaining about maguire not even getting classed as fouling mcginn when it was a red card for pulling him back as last man, pogba doing his trade mark dives around the penalty area, and no hesitation in awarding the penalty despite everyone knowing if it were a utd defender it would be play on. And surrounding the ref is a trade mark of utd. When utd tactics are used against them its unsporting because they believe only they should behave in such away. Self Entitled idiots
  3. Ogs is embarrassing himself with his rants. Offside from a corner where the ball was directly headed in ? Players surrounding the ref is unsporting ? Man ure have been doing that ever since Keane and Ince, cheeky mofo. Unsporting ? Yeah because pogbas 3 dives per game in and around the penalty area are sporting ? Or the bias man use have had the luxury of for 30 years in the English game ? Give your head a wobble buddy, your scratching around like tuchel after a loss.
  4. A great team effort, the normal pogba dives, weak ass penalty decisions, no fouls given for us, no cards for maguire we see every time we play them and despite all of that, we stayed strong and got a deserved goal. Things to improve is obviously the roles of ings and watkins, it seems ings is the one who pulls out wide left most of the time rather than watkins ? That needs to change as ings is the better finisher and watkins the better holder of the ball. There isn't much we can't be cheerful about after that, apart from wishing all our injured players a quick recovery.
  5. Watkins still looks rusty, some sloppy play and a couple poor finishes so far. His sharpness will come back but we need him back to his best. Targett has had some woeful passes to try and make something of, a few are guilty of those but over all we have been reasonably solid. Just hope hause goes in a 50 50 with pogba and wipes the cheating shit out for the rest of the match.
  6. The only ones to not perform were emi young and el ghazi. Everyone else gave everything and barring a couple great chances for archer he would have got my motm. Gave it to traore constantly foulder, shoved, clipped, chopped but still gave the most effort I've seen him give. Young though ? Mis placing pass after pass didn't help the team. El ghazi ? Didn't do anything, wasn't blocking on the press, wasn't driving forward shirked every 50 50 , not his finest hour although good penalty. Emi, tried too hard to make through balls with nothing coming off, so instead of just keeping it simple, carried on giving the ball away. Critical ? Yep because those 3 should be showing the rest and instead we're the weakest links tonight.
  7. Presume we are out. Sums up youngs performance tonight, for him, he was not good.
  8. Bearing in mind, our senior players, we'll emi, Ashley and el ghazi have been quite poor tonight, we have played very well. If those 3 upped a gear which they are more than capable of doing, we could win this. Everyone else has been first rate for effort and spirit.
  9. Someone needs to just get a hard tackle in, we are mincing around, a hard hit is needed.
  10. Archer should have at least 1 goal, possibly 2. El ghazi hasn't exactly been very supportive bar the rebound fro. Archers 2nd great chance. Archer needs to stay on another 20 minutes or so but I would be tempted to take el ghazi off, he isn't up for this game. Traore has looked good, constantly fouled but still getting forwards. Shame for sansom he was getting stuck in and yet another shove in the back, must be going on 6 or 7 which haven't been given as fouls. We need to up our physicality in this half as they are kicking us all over the park. Some decent football.
  11. So you pretend people are not blindly defending everything certain players do wrong ? Weird.
  12. Because where as some fans recognise each performance on its merits, will rightly give praise or criticism depending on that players performance. Some seem to be blind and excuse anything any player does badly or wrong. That sort of view reminds me of a happy clapping brigade of brainwashed cult followers who refuse to accept anything could be improved on. Weird.
  13. I've only quoted this bit from your post, but this is the most frustrating thing. Meant to be reliable but like many of our players like hause, has a major goal creating gaff in him every game. 1 in 2 or 3 would be noticeable and expected for the level we are at, 1 per game every game ? That's getting too high and he needs to calm himself down. You can see in some games, he works himself up into a strop if the forward gets the best of him and his concentration goes out the window and gets booked or does a 'mings'. He was the main reason we went up, he was like an adult playing against kids such was his command of the game and he was amazing. But it is far too frequent for a top defender.
  14. For you maybe, for me, not. That's opinions for you. Mcginnvfor all his pressing and winning the ball was incredibly wasteful in possession and shooting. No point doing great work winning the ball, then trying a 5% pass for it to inevitably go back to the opponents who then score ( see the 3rd goal). Luiz was decent ish in the first half as were the team as a unit. 2nd half all the bad we witnessed last season came together in 45 minutes. Luiz being ineffective and of no use, mcginn constantly handing possession back and being wasteful, mings doing a mings. Today was a poor 2nd half show, started by mings doing a mings and just got worse from there on in. Is my opinion Oh and just to add to my rage, the ref ? Wtf ? Mings was rightly booked, however when you book for a very close mistimed tackle you need to show continuity, not just wave villa players away when one of their player has committed their 3rd mistimed tackle
  15. Luiz terrible, a waste of a player, back to his 'normal' performance, I can only imagine the after 1st covid was a freak. Mcginn yet again back to his wasteful ways of repeatedly handing the ball to the opposition instead of passing it to a team mate, cost us the 3rd goal and was wasteful throughout the game Mings did some decent stuff but did a mings and cost us the game, at 1 nil we were always in it, literally threading a through ball through to an on running opponent? Wtf ? Watkins, misfiring big time 2 or 3 chances as in golden chances. Stear, has never let us down but today he was stuck to his line and made it easy for them. First hf we pressed and had loads of chances, should have got at the very least 1 or 2 goals. Then the above happened. New after mings handed them the game it was going to get worse. For a top level player that sort of nonsense which is now a mings trade mark, should not be happening under 99% of circumstances, not 1 or 2 times every single game. Bailey looked poor, the rest of the defence looked decent. Ings didn't look sharp and traore from an attacking point of view looked dangerous, however was his lazy no pressing non chasing no urgency self so unless he was going to score a worldy he was never going to help. Disappointed to say the very least, we gifted them a win and individual errors and poor substandard performances let everyone down.
  16. Oh add in mcginn with his stupid complex attempts at passing , ignoring ant kind of simple pass and giving it away repeatedly
  17. Watkins misfiring tonight, mings doing a mings and a terrible ref have all contributed to the score line.
  18. Mings has coat us, we are now chasing the game with no pressure on the pitch. Either we score one or concede 2 more
  19. Nope it was going to take between 40 and 50 million. New contract with release clause apparently. Time to look elsewhere now.
  20. Ideally both would complete us. JWP would get the extra protection to excell, the defence would get extra protection and we stand more chance of keeping possession. 90 million to secure the middle of the park for 3 or more seasons seems good value for money. We are changing how we play due to our main play maker leaving, we either do it straight away and have 5 or 6 games getting everything into place or we have 1 or 2 seasons where the midfield is not right. The money side of it seems to scare people, either we spend it or nothing happens with it and we don't push on. We aren't in the lucky position to gamble on exotic names from other leagues hoping they come good, we need the tried and trusted already established performers now. Once we have stabilisation, then the 1 million pound French division 8 players can be signed without everyone expecting its the next kante.
  21. Yes, but it also goes to show that they were all bar one, not experienced in the Premier league. Big money for exotic sounding players and In this country they have not done great.
  22. Look at other teams record signings Watford 30 million on sarr Everton 40 million on sigurdsenn Wolves 37 million on silva Newcastle 40 million on jollington Leeds 30 million on Rodrigo West hammer haller 45 million and Anderson 40 million If these teams can and have spent large sums of money on players who have gone to them with no European football then it shouldn't be that hard as there are 6 teams in England who qualified and uses they also want the player, there aren't many other options if they want great wages and to be in the best league to raise their profile. 2 players that especially if both signed, would transform us to a far better team, neither are glamorous and it would be 90 million. Bissouma and JWP We have the money and can spend it. We have 2 or 3 players that should be sold just to pull back the spending although probs only about 15 to 20 million back. Buy them now and we should be fixed midfield wise for at least 3 years in the middle.
  23. Good luck, I expect it will do him the world of good. He's too tough for most of the standard he's been playing in so mixing it up with older experienced professionals will be a great lesson.
  24. Yep targett had a shitter as did cash and ideally both would have been subbed at half time but they were both excellent last season. No issues with either long term, yesterday maybe the team selection exposed both badly. Emi should have been right which would have given cash the support, and Bailey on the left to offer support to targett. I think they would have both not looked quite so bad. JWP should still be alive but overstocking the middle is an issue I guess ?
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