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  1. Tammy was 9th in goals per 90 minutes last season with basically the same output as Jesus, Aubameyang, and the aforementioned Kane. Rashford was 14th but in the same area around .6 per 90.
  2. I voted top 6 because why not? Now is the time to dream about Origi and Eze before we are forced to settle for Charlie Austin and James McCarthy.
  3. Raymond

    Dean Smith

    I am ecstatic we survived, but it is important to realize how easily it could have gone the other way. There are hundreds of different spots in the season which could have resulted in us losing a few points and being relegated just like there are hundreds which could have resulted in us gaining a few more points and being safe before the final day. Saying relegated=out, safe=in is just not a good way to make an important decision. Instead, the powers that be should decide if they think Smith over or underachieved based on our squad. I tend to think he underachieved based on how little he does to help us in-game and how long it took to fix basic defensive issues which plagued us from the start, but I also recognize the challenges he faced and the relative lack of quality and depth in the squad. What I think does not matter, though, because reports suggest he has the support of the owners, so I will support him and hope four or five starting-caliber players come in during the window.
  4. I am happy we survived and grateful, but that doesn’t mean my opinion on Smith has changed. I don’t think he is a good enough manager in game, and it is troubling it took time off during a pandemic for the coaching staff to sort out what should be basic defensive issues. Issues which probably would have seen us down without the time off. If the powers that be feel the same about Smith, they have to move now. It does not make sense to fire him 10 games into next season after buying a bunch of players for his system. If you don’t think he is the guy you stick to your convictions, fire him now, and let the new manager and hopefully sporting director make changes in the transfer window.
  5. Bournemouth are going to win. Has to be a draw.
  6. Bournemouth defender just slapped the ball out of the air in the box and VAR did not even look at it.
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