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  1. We know Grealish should play centrally. The commentator knows Grealish should play centrally. Smith:
  2. Don’t worry, folks. By 2022 Deano will have had enough time and the march up from League 2 will begin.
  3. Heads up, everyone. We are a second-half team after all.
  4. What’s the return policy on a “Drinkwater?”
  5. Every week we see teams, even the “bad” ones, able to pass, move, find space, and possess the ball. Every week we struggle to do those simple things. And yet, some people think all Smith needs is more time. I just don’t understand.
  6. We have decided to play without a midfield.
  7. Raymond

    Dean Smith

    I see no way to defend him now.
  8. Smith has to be fired. His only idea seems to be sending it wide and crossing into a box that has no one capable of converting them. He has had plenty of time to notice the problem but has shown no ability to formulate a plan B. Our defense is a disaster which has shown no improvement in critical areas like defending set pieces. What more does anyone need to see?
  9. Can someone tell me what we do at practice? Because clearly defending corners is not on the list.
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