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2 hours ago, TheAuthority said:

My 1st thought honestly was to find out if he'd be hanging on until New Year so I could put him in my VT Deadpool :D

There's something very wrong with me isn't there ? :(

I have him on mine.

Thoughts and prayers obviously...

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2 hours ago, stewiek2 said:

Legend and icon are words thrown around nowadays on nobodies like someone pissing in the wind.

In this man's case, they hardly scratch the surface or do him justice.

We are about to lose an absolute behemoth of the game. A serious global figure who's name, face, persona transcends the sport and is known in parts of the world so remote. A truly unique icon who didn't need to cheat to win.

There'll never be another 😥

Top post. So much more eloquently put than I could do. You.can not put into words what Pele means to football. 

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