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  1. The AL Wild Card race is getting kind of crazy with BOS, TOR and NYY locked in a three way tie for second place in the AL East.
  2. The employee analogy is fair enough, but not an analogy every fan will relate to and readily accept. I’d personally have thought Jack Grealish didn’t merely see Aston Villa as his employer. Not many of us would, I would think. We’re all different. We have different values and priorities and ambitions. That’s fine, but Villa fans really should be tolerant about other Villa fans’ sincere disappointment and consequent anger about Jack’s decision. I’ll repeat ad nauseum, expecting anything else is holding Villa fans to an absurd standard we as a fanbase couldn’t possibly be expected to live up to. You can have your moral highground and claim to be on the side of reason. But please stop belittling fellow Villa fans for their feelings about this. People were genuinely upset by this. Let them be.
  3. I can only speak for myself, being one of those who, against my better judgement, keeps getting involved in this debate: I’m not half as annoyed with the whole Jack Grealish story as I am about Villa fans belittling other Villa fans’ emotions and Villa fans sanctimoniously labelling other Villa fans ‘small time’, ‘pathetic’ and ‘obsessed’ for expressing resentment towards a player who chose to leave. It’s fine not to agree with that resentment, but stop holding Villa fans to an absolutely absurd standard of reasonableness and acting like their feelings aren’t normal. Because they are.
  4. El Zen


    Haha, a 14 minute 10k would be a rather impressive and unbeatable world record by more than 12 minutes 10 laps/4k in 14 minutes is still very, very good, but that pace would actually give you a 35 min 10k. Which is, again, really excellent, but nine (!) minutes behind the WR. What I’m trying to say is that, if you thought your friend was fast. Imagine how insanely fast the truly elite runners are? A 26 min 10k just seems absurdly impossible to me. I could barely match that pace at full sprint. Then I remember that my stepdad has a 10k PB under 30 mins, which is just minblowing to me.
  5. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s still excellent TV. It’s just also clearly the least excellent series of the five.
  6. Well, I’m sure he does still support Villa. I wouldn’t actually argue otherwise. We can nitpick about the true meaning of the word fan but that doesn’t really achieve anything, and it really doesn’t matter. But choosing not to celebrate is also the better PR move. Either way, doesn’t matter. I’d much rather he never scores against us anyway, rendering all of this moot.
  7. Sure. And Villa fans should give him absolute pelters if he does. Expecting anything else is holding Villa fans to an absolutely absurd standard. Every other fanbase in world would do exactly the same under similar circumstances.
  8. If you’ve otherwise lived a fairly normal, quiet life, giving up on The Wire after series two is probably one of the worst mistakes you have ever made. This is not hyperbole. This is fact.
  9. Yeah, but like I’ve said earlier in this thread, scoring a goal at VP is something Joe probably never thought he’d do in a million years. It must have been an absolutely incredible feeling. I’d be very surprised if Jack celebrated scoring a goal against us. [trigger warning]The silly haired little party boy was obviously bored scoring in a venue that was so woefully beneath his standards anyway, why would he even care enough to celebrate?[/trigger warning]
  10. I hardly ever eat them because 1) I’m a diet nazi. 2) They’re not commonly available in Norway. But they’re effing delicious.
  11. Teaching really is the most rewarding job you can have. Not in terms of money, but in terms of feeling your job matters, and how much fun it is, there is nothing else I’d rather do for a living. I’m glad you enjoyed it!
  12. I don’t really want to make this thread political, but I couldn’t find a better place to put this and after a month of dropping leaflets and fishing for votes early mornings down the train station and every saturday down the shopping centre, this really cheers me up: The left have just won the Norwegian parliamentary elections in a f***ing landslide.
  13. In fact, previous comment notwithstanding, I do sometimes wonder how long VT will be a part of my life. I’m in my thirties and have been a member here my entire adult life and more. Despite my apparently less than generous distribution of likes, I can’t really see myself quitting VT for good.
  14. Nah. In @Seat68’s defense, I haven’t either, and it’s because the rest of you are kind of meh. Not enough posts worth liking.
  15. Very Conservative with the yellow cards for them.
  16. Well, I hope he gets changed first. Useless otherwise.
  17. To be fair, most of VillaTalk are talking about how well we’ve played and shouldn’t be losing.
  18. So the formation actually worked as we were playing well.
  19. But also on a yellow and the least likely to last the full 90 mins.
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