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    Hayfever and warmer weather is really slowing me down right now. I won’t be setting any decent times anytime soon, I think.
  2. There should absolutely still be consequences for these clubs. There needs to be a clear deterrent for any future coup attempts by these absolute villains or anyone else willing to sacrifice our sport for their own financial gain and greed.
  3. This all feels a bit too easy, all of a sudden.
  4. Well...that’s a fairly significant difference.
  5. I’m 99 per cent sure Purslow was talking about the Champions League and not the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious League. Even if that’s true, though, I still think his most recent comments are too weak.
  6. I think it also seriously underestimates the political and legislative will to stop this from happening. I think it also seriously, seriously underestimates how powerful football’s governing bodies are compared to whatever federation governs international speed skating. I’m also not sure the ruling they are citing legally covers the same ground entirely, but I’m willing to concede that two law professors maybe (just maybe, though) know more about the law than I do.
  7. That was my initial reaction as well.
  8. A couple of Norwegian law professors have written in our biggest newspaper that UEFA and/or PL can’t legally exclude/expell SL players/clubs, citing some EU court ruling in favour of a couple of Dutch speed skaters as presedence. Am I being overly arrogant in thinking these two professors are a)very naive and b)talking our their rear ends?
  9. We would if they crashed every time you used one.
  10. It’s not my place to question the mods, but shouldn’t this be moved to the ‘North American sports’ section?
  11. I hope the six greedy ***** lose all their remaining games, if they’re not immediately expelled. Top half or not is less important than that.
  12. Fair play to them. I hope we do something similar, or even better.
  13. Any pics of Leeds’ t-shirts and international links to Gary Neville’s comments tonight?
  14. Credit to Norway manager Ståle Solbakken for this quote: «It’s almost impressive how these 12 vultures [sic] have managed to make themselves so unpopular over the last 24 hours as to make UEFA and FIFA look like Mother Teresa».
  15. I am perfectly at peace with my own anger
  16. Absolutely. The ****ing **** can go **** his own **** with a rusty spoon. How he managed to read that out with a straight face is almost impressive, though.
  17. Kick ‘em out with immediate effect. Completely unsurprising but still high treason against the sport and should be dealt with as such.
  18. Now 34 (and still not bald.) My son was six yesterday. Bring this thread back up another 13 years from now, he’ll be almost as old as I was when this thread was first created and older than I was when I joined VT
  19. Very true, and it’s a pain in the arse in local party meetings on Zoom, I can tell you
  20. I’d genuinely much rather just have a cup of tea, if that’s my best option. Don’t get me wrong, the Brasero is the least terrible choice, but it’s still not any good.
  21. All instant coffee is shit and not even actual coffee.
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