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October Optimism Gauge


Optimism Gauge  

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  1. 1. Where do you think we will finish in 2020/1?

  2. 2. How do you feel about this season?

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9 hours ago, PussEKatt said:

I think 14th to 16th.The reason is that although we have 4 wins from 4 games,look at the standard of the oppostion.Two lower division teams and 2 Pl teams that have a total of 1 PL season between them in the last 2 seasons.I am probably the only one that thinks this but the way I see it is.Last season we had a lot of displays like the Stoke one where ( the First team ) didnt show any commitment or any intrest in winning,or even trying.The only thing that has changed is we have a few better players which should result in a higher position.IMHO DS does not have the motovation skills or the tactical nous to do well in this division.I hope I am wrong because Villa are my team and I want them to do well but I feel the players are doing it on their owne.Time will tell. 

I think he learned a lot over the course of last season. Time will tell of course, but we may stay to reap the benefits of keeping the faith.

Also, he seems to be pretty good at man managing from what I've gathered.

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12th was my guess from the start of the season.

There is a giant jump for the next 2 or 3 places (9th to 11th), a lot of time and money spent to get there, but I'm not sure if we are as far away from this as I first thought.



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On 02/10/2020 at 20:10, MrBlack said:

I'll be extremely shocked if we dont finish 11-17. We've significantly improved the team on last year, both in absolute terms and relative to others around us.

Given the intense fixture list,  everyone will likely struggle with injuries this season,  but obviously we're at risk more than others given anyone that we bring in as a replacement is a large part of the reason we finished 17th. 

With that in mind, moving up a few places is to be expected. Even a few more may be achievable if things go swimmingly. But to go from 17th to 10th would be a massive improvement and is incredibly unlikely.  Still, I won't complain if we do it :).



Feeling optimistic

Had to change my view.  7-10.. very optimistic

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Unsurprisingly feeling quite optimistic at the moment, which makes a change. Earlier I hoped for a finish between 15th to about 12th as  a sign of solid consolidation. Now I think we could flirt with the top half so maybe 11 to about 13th. I think we should aim for  a 10 point improvement at least which would be 45 points. I am sure there will be a few bumps in the road but clearly we have a better squad than last season.

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