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  1. My response was to a point that Busquets could be blown down with a feather. He could - when he choose to. But he could also mix it. Not an argument. I never made a comment about last nights game, but I do think that there were a few challenges which 'smarter' players/teams would've made a bigger fuss over. It's perhaps not the best example, but I thought Wood was pulling shirts all game in every tussle; and there was a blatant one when he won the corner with Mings which they scored from. I think we should've been pointing this out to the ref from the start, and it may have got us a fre
  2. Don't confuse strength with shithousery - Busquets was one of the biggest shit houses around (and smart with it); he could mix it when he needed to. Pogba is built like a brick privy, but give him a hard stare in the penalty area, he goes down quicker....well, you know. I think a lot of our team are still a bit 'green' in the dark arts. Except Jack. But we have the youngest average age in the league; no-one should be writing anybody off yet. Unless they're called Henri.
  3. Pez1974

    Dr Jo

    RIP Dr Jo. May have been the right man, but was at the wrong time. Seemed like a good person, and he gave us memories and never shirked his work. You can't ask for more.
  4. The man is a footballing dinosaur - he has about as much insight into players, tactics and the opponent as your average Sunday league manager. But he's a 'name' with friends in the media. It's time these guys were out of English football forever - give the next generation a chance. I am so happy our owners went for Deano, rather than stick with the cabbage, or go for the 'name' in Henry.
  5. Good. Government intervention into football is very risky - sport shouldn't be political, and FIFA rules will watch this very carefully as they can suspend federations if it were inappropriate. I suspect the football authorities have been under notice to make changes themselves for a while - probably years - and the time has come to intervene.
  6. Nice to have a manager on this group that knows what players he wants, how he will coach them, and how they will integrate into the team. FWIW, my view is that the DoF role is now the one that changes with some degree of regularity (perhaps every 3 years?) It isn't healthy for any organisation to have the only same voices making decisions for a long period of time - and Purslow and Smith are pretty fixed for a while now.
  7. Just remember re: the clause - Luiz would still have to agree a deal to go back. He's come to Villa and got in the Brazil team - Man City would have to give him some guarantees that he isn't going to spend 3 seasons on their bench before joining West Ham (I know there are no guarantees, but still...)
  8. That's an amazing clip....brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, Nakamba. Then it ended. Not sure why.
  9. Wow - it's quite rare that I think "I hope a player reads his thread", but in Conor's case, I really hope he does. (FWIW, I hope Rashica doesn't read his thread; he'd be changing all the locks in his house). He come's across as the sort of guy who will read the 'limitations' comments, and perhaps see his own comments last year about Jack being so far ahead of others in the squad, and perhaps realise he was talking about himself. But also, the level of affection and appreciation for what he has done for this club - I'm sure he'd love it.
  10. I've not seen him play, but I trust the clubs judgement - they've earned that. We need another CM in my view - Luiz and McGinn need to be rested, and we haven't got anyone else to fill that role close to their level. We can't risk sticking Nakamba in against the shit teams just for rotation at this stage, our season could still drop off massively - Newcastle aside, our games in hand aren't exactly easy! And if we can get bargains - then that's good business. I read West Ham were interested in the summer, but they need a forward, and I think that some clubs just choose not to bid agai
  11. This. He should be very fondly remembered, as he's played a big part in the transition between us being in the shit, and becoming a force again (I hope). But his level is, in my opinion, below where we are now and definitely where we want to be in a year. Ramsey is ahead of him, and that's right for the club. As a club, we treat our players well, and should give him the loan move he wants (providing they meet our terms). And hopefully one day, when we're all back in, he gets to play at Villa Park, and gets the appreciation he deserves.
  12. A load of really sensible and balanced views on here about that team. Reality is that this move gives him the best chance of a career in the game, be it for us or another club. And we owe our academy players that. I hope they all make it, but deep down I suspect that if 3 of the team that played the other night are playing for the first team in 4 or 5 years - either we've plummeted again, or we have a once in a generation crop of youngsters. The "class of '92" have that almost mystical reputation as it happens so rarely. Good luck to the lad; go, learn, work hard, and come back bette
  13. Anyone coming through from the U23s? Plus - if/when we get into Europe, we might need to have 3x starters for the 2x midfield berths alongside Luiz and McGinn just to combat fatigue. Totally get your point, but to go to the next level again, quite a few of the current first 11 either need to step up again or they will find themselves on the bench soon.
  14. Yes. But he came in, didn't start brilliantly, but did OK - and was then in a relegation battle in a club struggling to score. In a new country, with a different language. That sort of pressure can really **** with someone's head. We are a different club today; he should be more settled, and it's noticeable that players have been keen to get him in the dressing room pictures. The injury will take time to fully recover, but as an option off the bench, and hopefully a handful of goals to boost his confidence before the end of the season, he can be much more relaxed, which is often when pl
  15. Not sure we'll see any incomings - unless there are some genuine bargains to be had. Some clubs are really struggling with Covid destroying their income, and as much as I don't like the thought of us taking advantage - I would love us to take advantage! Plus with Heaton and Wesley back soon, the squad is looking stronger now than it was at game 1. I am sure the big focus is on next summer - there's a fair few we will need to move on over the next 6 months and I can imagine another 5 coming in for the £100m combined fee again (Barkley, LB, CM, winger, CB), plus perhaps a replacement fo
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