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  1. 1 excellent goal. 1 deflected goal. 1 great cross for Tyrone. Decent performance. Still think we need to play to a system - rewarding players for forward play, and then sticking them in a defensive position isn't a good idea. Think he'll start on the bench, but a very good option form there.
  2. Brilliant pass for McGinn's goal. That is all.
  3. I think Davis is better equipped to playing for us in the Prem than RHM this season. I'm far from convinced RHM will score many goals (and don't think Davis would), but think Davis would bring others into the game brilliantly, whereas RHM would be barely impact. IMO of course.
  4. I don't think him going on loan makes a jot of difference. I know that Hogan, Davis and Kodija aren't everyone's idea of back-up strikers for the PL, but all are far more capable and equipped right now than RHM.
  5. Leeds have sold their keeper to Burnley for £2.5m. Signing Heaton might have scuppered our chances (if we're still interested) as they've now raised funds (if they needed them); or it opens up an opportunity to part/ex one of our keepers as part of the deal. Or anything else. As you were.
  6. Yes. We needed numbers, so unless Engels and Konsa are the second coming of Lescott and Richards, I'm happy. Even if Webster becomes 'the next John Terry'; that's football.
  7. I understood where you were coming from, and I think most of us would have loved Axel back. I think that the (likely) inflated price and the likelihood that any decision would be at the end of the window meant that Konsa, on balance, was the better option - in my opinion
  8. Konsa was being regularly selected ahead of Axel for the England u21s. That doesn't make him better, and Axel does have a (short) history of injuries which may have impacted on him playing. However, I do not understand why Axel for (make up a figure) £25m+ would be better than Konsa for £12m either in the short term or the long term. And then there's that history of injuries. We needed players, and personally I'm delighted we signed the 2 you mentioned instead of just Axel.
  9. Lets buy all the promising players - and keep the ones who do well. It's probably cheaper than buying the 'proven' players in a couple of years for (checks the reported Harry Maguire fee) £90m. Plus we can recoup cash on the ones who don't quite make it to level needed.
  10. If League One is the highest loan we could get him at almost 21 - it doesn't bode well for a short term progress. Hope he does well, gets lots of games and goals, and no injuries, and perhaps we can recall him and get him in the Championship from January.
  11. Pez1974

    Villa on sky

    YAY - in before the lock.
  12. This. We went from O'Neill who played with wingers, through Houllier to Macleish who absolutely did not. This meant that many players became surplus to requirements to each new manager. Southampton - who a lot of people talk about as being very good at this - have a style of football throughout all of their teams, and always seem to have a list of the next players they need and the next manager to come in. We should replicate this model - but because we should be bigger than Southampton, we don't need to keep selling our best players or losing our manager.
  13. Getting the youngsters out on loan - doing football right.
  14. "Interim Opinion" - very good on the players front. Opinion on the organisation and planning that has gone in - given that we were promoted late, the amount of loans we had therefore requiring plans no matter what league we were in, and the speed in which we've acted - outstanding.

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