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  1. Really weird comments from Southgate - he's either thick as shit, or just wasn't ready for detailed questions about excluding Jack (which means he's thick as shit). He's up for PL player of the month, is a talent unlike other players he has available, and there are murmurs about how Maddison didn't get a game and how he dropped out, so he is under scrutiny and Jack is the next player for the press to focus on. Aside from not selecting him, it's just poor.
  2. Pez1974

    Kortney Hause

    I agree. All players make mistakes, but giving this guy a run in the first team squad might just give him confidence and allow him to develop with some game time. Taylor got some games because he went a couple of games without costing us a goal; but he still offers nothing going forward and no physicality. The amount of attacks which stop once he touches the ball is amazing.
  3. And relax.... Currently 11th; ahead of the dog-heads and 1 point behind Spurs, Burnley and West Ham. And we're getting better.
  4. Pez1974

    Tyrone Mings

    Sometimes players click with a club; sometimes they don't. For a host of reasons, Mings never clicked with Bournemouth, but you could see how it worked here. We are lucky to have this player, leader and person at our club. And we are lucky to have the same for our country's national team. FWIW - I obviously have no idea if this is something you can 'scout' - people talk about Guardiola and Klopp needing the right person as much as the right player - and if Deano, Pitarch and co have the ability to get this element right, then we are very, very lucky indeed.
  5. Pez1974


    We have good squad depth, and players like Jota have helped with that. I suspect Norwich would have liked a player of his ilk in their squad for last weekend. He can play in the cup games against lower league sides, look good, and enable us to rest first team regulars. It also gives them a chance to develop and either challenge for a first team place (and remember, he's only played a few PL games, so it's early days), or we are likely to be able to sell him over the next couple of years for a profit. At worst, he's bought us time and allows us a bit of rotation in cup games, without having to do what Brighton did. At best, he might just develop into a PL star. Most likely - he'll be gone within 18 months at a small profit after helping us survive, giving us time to bring in a replacement with next years PL money.
  6. Pez1974


    £4m + Gardner. So about £1m then.
  7. Pez1974

    Kortney Hause

    I don't understand why this guy isn't on the bench. Is he injured? He covers 2 positions (Taylor only covers LB) - which is something you want from your bench. I would also argue he's better on the ball than Taylor (but so is a 2 legged horse with a bad back) and would provide more presence in both boxes at set pieces. And providing we stay up, I think this guy could be sold in the next 4 windows as I think the ability of our squad will soon make him surplus to requirements. If he's around the squad, there's money to be made, unlike with Taylor.
  8. Really glad he stuck with the same line up after the Burnley game. We have strength in depth in CM, and playing an additional CM further forward gives us more strength on the field than playing a winger who isn't performing as highly, albeit one that slightly unbalances the team. All of the CMs are intelligent players and should be able to adapt and rotate, we have very attacking full backs with good quality on the ball, and it means we have better options on the bench to make changes later in the game. Still don't get Taylor in the squad ahead of Hause, who can cover in the centre also and cannot be a wore passer of the ball. Is he injured, or does Taylor have pictures of Deano and Terry?
  9. Is this guy our 5th choice keeper? And he's getting a start against the Champions in Scotland. Not sure whether this says more about our strength in depth in this area (where there appears to be a fair bit of mediocrity) or more about the standard of football up there. Good experience in any case.
  10. He made Garth Crooks team of the week. Although this is usually a pile of garbage, it at least shows that Jack is getting some positive attention.
  11. Pez1974


    This guy is an absolute baller, and does stuff as a winger that no-one else in our squad does. He wont be suited to all games, but is a brilliant option to either start of change the game. When he signed, I was a bit meh - but I was very wrong.
  12. Definitely deliberate, but think he spotted Guilbert - Grealish was just coming on to it better so took the shot. Doesn't take anything away from the assist though. He player very well. Suspect he'd struggle a lot more against higher quality opposition, but having him means McGinn got a night off, which is very useful.
  13. If you had a checklist for a modern centre half signing, this guy ticks it all - with the possible exception of him not being English (not that this bothers me too much, but it halves his resale value it seems!)... Cost...age...calmness...reading of the game...character...coachability (based on his seeming never ending work with Terry). Oh, and he can defend. The only thing I haven't seen is pace; he isn't slow by any means, but perhaps he never gets stretched because he does the rest of it well?
  14. Pez1974

    Wesley Moraes

    It's all fluff. Any player than moves 'up' a club will increase in value by this reckoning, as they're sure to have a longer contract at the new club than what was left at their old club. Plus, by moving 'up', the new club is likely to be more financially sound than the former club, and probably be in a better league.
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