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  1. Yep. On Villa Villa are going great guns, with four wins out of four in the Premier League so far. It's not just been their results that have been impressive, because they have been playing well too. On Leeds But I just fancy Leeds here. I watched them against Wolves on Monday and, although they ended up being beaten, it is clear already this season that, even if they are not playing well, they are competitive and they will give everyone a good game. Kalvin Phillips is out injured, which is a blow to Leeds because he covers acres and acres for them. But you won't see
  2. I think your spot on. And £5k is about the maximum anyone will pay him at a guess. And yes, that's about 170k over the rest of his contract we'd save. And the other club are thinking this is what we'd pay - and then try and figure out how many times he'd play. I don't know what he brings to training or the dressing room, but that's an expensive cheerleader. Maybe he gets a game in the FA Cup to give someone a rest if we get a non-league team. At home. And we've seen with Nyland and Jota that we can agree early release (no doubt with us paying up, rightly) and they leave with apparent fo
  3. You assume someone would want him on loan. Even for a tiny bit of salary for the receiving club, they would still want someone who can contribute regularly in their squad. It wouldn't surprise me if Lansbury announces his retirement when his contract expires. I don't think he can play regularly anymore.
  4. Harsh. It's fair to say he isn't, and probably would never have been, good enough for our current midfield. But...He has had a lot of injuries, and he himself has said that his hamstrings are knackered. If a professional athlete can't train consistently and properly - they will inevitably struggle, irrespective of ability. (Unless they are God).
  5. What an amazing group we have assembled. As others say, it's about individual development, but get a group coming through together, you can start to do mad things as a club. Normally at this stage I start banging on about getting them out on loan, but for some of these, that would breach child labour laws!
  6. Pez1974

    Louie Barry

    I agree, but I don't think it's anything like what it used to be, especially at the top level. If you hear interviews about Jack's time at Notts County, the 'old pros' basically kicked the shit out of him, and they conceded "that you can't do that these days", like it was 30 years ago. I wonder if the biggest challenge will be their hunger to succeed. We are gathering an amazing crop of talent, and I suspect we ae paying the equivalent of good salaries. They will need a bit of luck (mainly with injuries), but they need to work their arses off to make it. And I think they have a perfect
  7. I agree your point on Engels - and mine was never meant as a sleight against him. We were largely devoid of genuine PL experience - in fact, devoid of much experience at all - and I thought Cahill was logical for the short term survival needs. Personally, I am pretty happy with Engels as 3rd choice; I think a few teams in the league would have him right now.
  8. **** 'em. When Leicester won the title, it was Christmas until the media actually realised they could win, and about June when they thought they probably would. Given our next 10 games, we could be very near the top come Christmas - let the likes of Gabby, Jonny Gould and Matt Law shout our praises so there are some voices, and everyone else in the media look confused.
  9. This - although I think there is also a level of belief now that the work ethic will pay off as we aren't making 1 or 2 stupid mistakes every game and gifting the opposition goals. We are so dangerous going forward, with so many players who bust a gut to get into the box, and have the talent to do something effective once there. Last season, it felt like we were fighting for our lives, and hoping to sneak one. Hope - it makes all the difference.
  10. Know what you're saying, and if we are in need of a player we'll be in a position to get someone better than Samatta if we're near the top. But I'm old enough to remember us bringing in Cascarino in 1990 as the final piece of the jigsaw, and it derailed our title challenge - he didn't score the goals, and it ruined our style of play (at least that's what my memory tells me). Part of me thinks that unless there's a crisis, or an irresistible opportunity in January, we continue with our building next summer.
  11. Absolutely get what you're saying. I feel we took a gamble on this one, and it worked out. I still think Cahill would've been useful (and cost us less than Engels transfer fee for those 2 years of wages), but the thought that he would have kept Konsa out of the team now makes me shudder.
  12. Watching the game tonight - can't help but think the "buy Iheanacho" and "buy Slimani" type calls would've not had the impact those suggesting thought. Only a single game, but my club are making me stop having an opinion on transfer targets, and helping me just relax knowing we have professionals in charge. Unlike Steve "I only need 1 centre half in my squad" Bruce. clearing in the woods.
  13. Pez1974

    Ezri Konsa

    Just keeps getting better. Can't imagine him not being in the next England squad - I mean what international manager would look at a player of such quality.....oh.
  14. Amazing. Work ethic, pace, skill, determination, plus a little bit of the dark arts in their too. What a team Deano has assembled - seems to have got every signing right this summer. And to look at the fixtures up until Boxing Day...(excl. Man City, who are our game in hand - I think they're avoiding us!) Leeds (H) Southampton (H) Arsenal (A) Brighton (H) West Ham (A) Newcastle (H) Wolves (A) Burnley (H) Boggies (A) Palace (H) Without wanting to get ahead of myself, I can see us matching last seasons points total in these games alone if we can consistentl
  15. It looks like they have a lot of concerns with injuries - as others have mentioned. Vardy, Madison, Evans, Soyuncu, Praet, Amarty - and Ndidi and Perreira seemingly definitely out, with Fofana just joined and Morgan about 50 years old. Wouldn't surprise me if a fair few ended up being passed fit, but with some on the bench. Maddison, for example, looks like he will have to a substitution at some point, whether bringing him on or pulling him off () Surely, they can't start maybe 5, 6 or 7 players who needed to be assessed, or haven't played much - and this is why the 5 subs rule being
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