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  1. Christ! The words "2003" and "too old" make me feel ancient. I got divorced for the first time in 2003.
  2. Good for him. A game vs Andorra, and hopefully a goal or 3 would be amazing for him and us.
  3. Came in to say something positive about MacPhee. Off to the whiskey cabinet.
  4. Love that these kids are getting a chance. Has the potential to save us massive amounts of money. And they've been here longer than the average first team squad player, so they have a better feel for the club.
  5. Pez1974

    Matty Cash

    Same Given it was in front of the Holte, my brain couldn't compute where he was running to. You had 13,500 people going bonkers 20 yards in front of you. I'd run there. I think he was running to where his family were sat. So fair do's.
  6. Back to this thread in a while.....some really bizarre comments, albeit the most recent seem much more balanced. For me - we are still a club coming out of a long standing crisis, ever since MON walked out. Smith is the first manager since then to give us a sense of stability, and hope - albeit based upon amazing owners. He accepts his own limitations, and is improving. There are many clubs in this league who would probably love to have him as their manager as opposed to the one they have. He loves the club - which does not excuse poor performance, but it is preferable to have someone in charge like this. We are still improving, and have done every season. Right now, we are top half and have only had 1 game with a largely fit squad - following our club captain and supposed talisman deciding to take the cable car to the top, rather than earn it. Serious question - who the hell could we reasonably get who would do better? I am not 'Smith In' or 'Smith Out'. I am a Villa fan who thinks our manager is, overall doing a good job. He needs to improve some areas - such as the use of subs - and if he doesn't and we stall in progress, then questions should be asked, and perhaps a change made. But any change would be a massive upheaval - as a club, that should not happen lightly.
  7. Amazing 20 minutes. I am starting to think that we got a great deal this summer - signed a replacement for [he who will not be named] who better fits our style of play, and pocketed a net £70m. About him starting - I understand frustration, and perhaps the minor injury shows that the club was right to manage his workload. Being fit, and being able to stand the rigours of a game are different things. The PL (for all it's hype) is probably the most competitive league in the world (So'ton deserved to beat the Champions yesterday). And with games coming at 2 a week, he needs to be managed to maximise his impact for the good of the club. We must not make the mistake I think we made with [him], and let him think he was the club.
  8. Pez1974

    The NSWE Board

    Classy gesture from the club. Made more classier by the fact we did it in the background. No big announcement from us - it's all come from them.
  9. Still this about "no more signings" in the press! The Ings transfer shows that there are no ITKs. There is no noise from the club, so they have to write something. We have tonnes of money now, and rich owners - we are going to say 'yes, just 3 more signings', and see the prices double. The comments coming from anyone in the club are the only comments they could possibly make in the circumstances. So they ask the question to which there is an obvious answer, and then publish the rumour mill article. (Seen a few comments on social media that 'fans need to know' - do these people think other clubs don't read comments!?) We are in interesting times. If clubs need money, and they have a player we want, we need to be able to take advantage. So we can't just splash out all the money upfront, and miss out on bargains either later in the window or January. We are a well run club - let's remember this.
  10. I also think one of *he who must not be named's* faults is that he could slow play down unnecessarily at times, and this made it possible for teams to regroup at the back We are set up for pace, and I think we'll see that more this season, with Buendia showing vs Walsall how he will thread passes through a defence, which wasn't really *his* strength.
  11. Quote from Deano in his press conference.... Obviously Jack going was a big loss - we wanted to keep him but we would have added more creativity and have added more creativity with Buendia whether Jack stayed or not So - Buendia might be part of the Jack replacement plan - but he was also part of the plan if we kept him. So he's not bought using the Jack money. Doesn't mean we're gonna spend another £40m - in the current financial climate, having money available so that we can take advantage of bargains is always wise. I trust the owners.
  12. Don't think there is anything here. He was Deano's got to guy in the lower leagues. And is clearly a top man. We've brought in Terry and Shakespeare - so his role is massively diminished. Plus we've just brought in a set piece coach. What did he actually do? I expect a club of our size to have some movement in it's backroom staff every year, just to change to voices and freshen things up. I expect a new, younger coach (like Terry was) to come in over the coming months to continue this. Good luck to him, and thank you for your role in our recent success.
  13. Thank you. Are you in a cave - I'm getting an echo
  14. Sell him - his stock will never be higher. We have Buendia and Bailey as likely first choice out wide. Then Traore. After that, it has to go to JPB, and in an emergency, Ollie would do a great job our wide, now that we have Ings. Plus we have Barry likely to be pushing next season, and he seems to be operating from the left. Why we would want to keep AEG (and probably Trez once fit) is beyond me, if we can get decent money (£10m+) to strengthen other areas. Once we start stockpiling players, our wage bill becomes unrealistic, and we then can't shift them as they wait for their contract to run out. Sell players at their peak. AEG is there right now. And thank you very much for your service Anwar.
  15. Can we, perhaps, interest them in a Wesley or a Davis for a season? Maybe even a young Young?
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