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  1. Lovely to get to a game. The gap between our reserves and U23s and League 2 is immense, and therefore anything else is kinda in that context. Clearly, getting 45 minutes under everyones belt is good. Plus, you could start to see the chemistry between certain players taking shape, particularly Cash, Buendia and Watkins. I also thought that Young looked very assured in the first half, and that Revan showed himself to be able to play at CB, as he's listed as a LB - and for an 18 year old, he did well given they started stong, then fell away. In the second half, Chisrene, Guilbert, Bidace and Aaron Ramsey looked lively in particular. Downsides - Wesley still looks off the pace, but the 45 minutes probably did him good. And Hourihane was almost anonymous . Note to self - don't park on the onsite car park again!
  2. This is why Hause was such a great signing - £3m, 22, athletic and had a decent loan spell with us. Just need a right footed version - preferably with a round head, rather than all the angles that Kortney must have which means his attacking headers go off at such random angles.
  3. Don't forget the celebration - he knew what it meant. He might not have grown up a Villan, but the club was in his veins.
  4. I think you are right - it's not what I would do, but I'm a shit accountant, not a quality PL manager! I just feel that our current CMs get dominated too easily, and that a quality DCM would help the defence and not rely on miracles in too many games. Re: the CB situation - I think it comes down to what the club thinks the U23's potential is. Do we go for one-year of Gary Cahill (for example), so that we can send the U23s out on loan, or are we looking for someone to challenge Mings and Konsa this season, which could block the youngsters progress in the future. This is what MON did when we decided that the more experienced Zat Knight was a better bet than the raw ability of Cahill.
  5. Although I agree, I think the far greater need is for a proper DCM, meaning we may have to be more pragmatic around other options. We have options around the #10 role - Jack, Buendia, McGinn, Chuk. Maybe Luiz too. Getting both a ACM and DCM might break the bank, and I also wonder if we need a CB given Engels has moved on, so I would rather get the 1 player spot on than stretch a budget between the 2.
  6. Actually yes, the full kit joke is still gong! But he was a huge part of that team. The comparison (albeit quite extreme) was with Stuart Taylor. Terry contributed a bit more than Taylor did.
  7. The references to Milner, Delph, Barry etc are fair on one level. But.. None of them were fans of this club. I'm not sure they were big fans of any particular club - not like Jack is. They all went on to win things - but none of them are loved by any club in the way Jack is here. They're all wealthy - like Jack is, and he will become more wealthy at Villa, enabling him to look after his family. In reality - does he want fans in 30 years still singing his name, and have the real chance of winning things here and putting him (maybe) on a tier above even the likes of Brian Little, Paul McGrath and Sid Cowans. Or does he want maybe a few more medals (and questionable contributions) and a bit more money, and the likelihood of ending his playing days at Everton and beyond. As a Villa fan - I know what I would like to look back on when I'm 70. After all - Stuart Taylor has 2x league winners medals, and an FA Cup medal. And no one gives a shit, and would laugh if he showed you them.
  8. Totally get your point - but his agent will be in his ear about wages, because that is how they're paid. And if he got a career ending injury tomorrow, that's his future earning screwed - and as much as that isn't likely, it must play some part. And finally, there is a certain dissatisfaction will working with people earning more than you, when you think it isn't warranted. I suspect the Ozil situation (massive wages, and not playing) at Arsenal really hurt them, as it would likely have created some resentment in the squad. It's not about greed - it's the feeling that things are fair and equitable. So yes; it won't be all about money. But if there is dissatisfaction in that area, it can really poison a persons mind about things.
  9. I did say "For good cash". And I was talking about the players you listed. Arsenal need the cash to rebuild, and the players you listed are largely on high salaries, and their replacements would also need to be on similar salaries - but they can't bring in the money to be able to buy those replacements. For example - Xhaka is 28, international captain coming off the back of a good Euros. Arsenal wanted £22m if the press are to believed. Roma are seemingly going to pay about £13m. That is not good money - and he is apparently on about £100k a week. And he would need replacing - how they going to do that with £13m? According to some Villa fans - that wouldn't get you an El Ghazi. Aubamayang is 32, and is apparently on £250k a week. Who is going to buy him? And for how much. For those wages, Arsenal might not be able to give him away, as who would cover £13m a year in wages for someone who will be nearly 35 when the contract ends? Clubs all over Europe are skint because of Covid - they ain't paying those wages, let alone good money in transfer fees for someone of that age and seemingly in decline. Madrid and Barcelona seem to be shopping in the freebie aisle now. Lacazette is 30; and apparently on £180k a week, with a year left on his contract. No-one is paying good money for him. Arsenal either lose him for nothing, or do what they did with Ozil. Even the likes of Nketiah are on a reported £45k a week - and although very good for the England U21s, he hasn't done much to justify anyone else parting with good money on a transfer fee, on top of the wages. Willock I can see going for decent money - £20m? But Arsenal need a lot more than that. FFP is killing Arsenal due to player deprecation, and their income has plummeted - from Covid; from not making the Champions League, and now not even the Europa league. And they still have money to pay on old transfers. They have 6 of their first team squad out of contract next year, and another 10 the year after. They really really need cash, and they have few assets they could sell to bridge all the issues they have. They could sell the likes of Saka and Tierney for massive fees - but then their team is ****. Partey and Pepe are difficult to sell as their fees would likely be a lot less than they paid (still good, but less than what they paid), and FFP would hurt them too badly to do that. Just my reading of the complex situation there - and why ESR is a real possibility. EDIT - one other thing; the whole football world can see the shit Arsenal are in - no-one is going to do them a favour. Most clubs are probably loving what we are doing with ESR.
  10. I think you have this wrong.....they can't sell these players for good cash because of a combination of: 1) they don't have long left on their contracts (i.e. 1 year for Lacazette, Nketiah - 2 years for Aubameyang, Xhaka, Willock) 2) their salaries are already very high, which does affect transfer fees (esp, Auba, Laca, Xhaka - but Nketiah hasn't shown much in the PL, so who is going to pay him that salary) 3) they are probably on the decline (Again, Auba, Laca and Xhaka) IMO, they literally have few saleable assets, whereby they could sell high, and replace at a lower cost. And need the money to rebuild a squad already in decline. And any sale means they would have to buy a replacement. We want ESR because he has 2 years left, and his salary isn't currently that much and he is very much is one for the future - and for us, if he takes 2 years to properly develop, that's OK - we're solvent. They need Champions League next season, so cannot wait. A lot of the "Super League" clubs are said to be in the same position - which is apparently why Messi hasn't signed a new deal at Barca - they have to shift a load of highly paid players just to pay for him. And why they are so interested in free transfers.
  11. Probably - Jorghino was the first that came to mind because of the game last night. I should really have put Brad Young, after his penalty in the Youth Cup final - he's the real master
  12. That he had a foot on the line when the penalty was taken. If neither foot is on the line, it would have to be retaken. GKs have developed a new technique with VAR, whereby they drag a foot behind them, still on the line, whilst they advance to cut the angle of the penalty to increase their chances of saving it. It's this technique which Jorginho has ruined by his hop and pause technique when he takes a penalty.
  13. For me - Alisson is better, but knows it and this means he makes errors. Emi is good, but isn't as confident (arrogant?), so his risk taking has a better balance.
  14. This. Our recruitment team have been amazing since NSWE have come in. They could sign Troy Deeney and I would still trust them (please don't sign Troy **** Deeney).
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