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  1. Honestly, I would be surprised if it cost us that much - around £12m in my view, as I think the players want to stay here, and there's a lot of player power now. Mings is the most valuable; Bournemouth paid £8m and I know costs have moved on, but he's only had half a season in the Championship of note in 4 years because of injuries and they've signed a new LB/CB this summer. £8m tops in my opinion. Hause - I thought we had an agreement. Can't see it being more than £2m, given where our finances will be if we don't go up. Much more than that I would start to question if he's worth it. El Ghazi - I'd read rumours of him being a free agent in the summer, but that could be BS. Lille signed him for about €8m, and shipped him out after 18 months. His value must have fallen, and him coming to a Championship club. £2m if not a freebie?
  2. I think you are more correct on what will happen that I am @Rob182 It feels daft to retain players when we know they aren't up to it - which is why I think the outgoing loan market could be a massive factor for us if we go up. Getting a few out for 6 months (with a view to extending) will help, although perhaps not financially as much as we like. But it could rip the heart out of the squad. For example I would keep Elmo - he seems popular, does OK and can cover the whole right side, which will help. I think we'll get rid of Kodjia; rumours are he nearly went in January and he just doesn't fit. And the likes of Davis and Green - if they aren't going to play, why keep them around? We aren't helping ourselves, and could be ruining their careers by stopping them developing. Over the past few years, we have got ourselves into a mess.
  3. If we go up... I really think we will see a ridiculous clearance of the squad on top of those out of contract. I think Smith will be ruthless, and there are a lot of players in the squad who will end up on loan next season with a view to a sale rather than integration into the first team at a later date - but to keep options open in case they step up. In this list I would have Bree, Green, Davis, Hepburn-Murphy, Doyle-Hayes, Suliman and possibly O'Hare from the youngsters, plus the likes of Kodija, Lansbury, Bjarnason, Hogan, Taylor and Nyland (once fit). None of these should be near our squad if we're in Premier League. One might add Elmo to that list. Obviously with the latter lot, selling now is better! The likes of McCormack, Tshibola, Gardner and Adomah just need to be gone ASAP on top of the ones out of contract - none of whom should be renewed IMO. I make this around 25 players out who are (or should have been) in or around the first team squad at some point this season, plus the 5 who are on loan here. We saw the changes made in our last season in the Prem, with some decent players coming in but without the time or manager to bring them together quickly. For this reason, I think it's really important we buy Tammy, Hause, El Ghazi and Mings - and try desperately to get Axel back as this at least would give us better continuity so a better chance to stay up.
  4. Like others - No. Not ever. Take the points deductions, get relegated. Twice. We can come back. Lose control of your stadium and your future is no longer in your hands - see Coventry.
  5. That would be very funny - but I'm not sure whether just pretending they don't exist would wind them up more. I'm not sure what I'd do if Blose fans didn't sing SOTV - it would be very confusing.
  6. Fair point. I was going with the stereotypical answer. I think it is slightly wider than the average pitch in the league; not much compared to Villa Park. No idea on the Hawthorns - they probably have a really big pitch as otherwise they would have to put in more seats which they can't sell unless we're in town!!!
  7. I've been critical of our performances against the Boggies, and a few have spoken of how Derby played last night. But... They had nothing to lose. They were 2-0 down on aggregate, away - they had to throw caution to the wind and they ended up winning. That happens sometimes, but not often, and they have the talent in the team to make it work sometimes. And Leeds have the mouth but lack of spine to allow it to work. In the final, they have as much to lose as we have. If they go for it, we could stuff them and I doubt Lampard will go into the final so blasé. Smith has seem some of the players sort of freeze across the last 2 games, and has nearly 2 weeks to figure out how to deal with that and get them playing like they were a month ago.
  8. No. In my opinion he did pretty well Tuesday. He got fouled a lot and caused as much havoc as anybody, but was getting little ball. On Saturday - he was poor.
  9. I think (well, Google thinks) that Ramadan ends in the evening of Tuesday 4th June. So yes. As a fat bloke I wouldn't know - but does the body adjust to fasting over the month in question? He was only a week in for the second leg, but it wouldn't surprise me if the body got used to it over 3 weeks (to some degree at least), so the adverse effects lessened?
  10. Big pitch at Wembley - he could cause havoc coming on at 60 minutes. Somehow we have to coach something into a player who has the one thing that can't be coached - pace.
  11. I get that Plan A didn't work previously; but Plan B didn't ever look like working last night. I thought we'd mix it up a bit - just to keep them guessing. Our playing out of defence and the short corner/free kick routines became really predictable and led to us having problems more than once; a couple of corners never made the box and they broke with our main defenders stood in their area. This changed when they went down to 10, and I hope it was because Smith changed it, but is was weird in my opinion.
  12. IMO - when Mings started to step out of defence, we started to look a little better. I think the Albion decided to not mark Taylor, as he was free all the time - and it was a great defensive tactic on their part and he was terrible going forward.
  13. What a bizarre tie. Glad we progressed. We played the football, but did it so badly for all but 20 minutes of a tie lasting 210 minutes, that one could argue we didn't deserve to go through. But their "we defended stoutly so deserve to win" is total bolox too. We had some fortune with a couple of decisions, but they could had had 2 players sent off in both ties too. A lot of poor performances in both games. But we found a way to win. Unsure on how to assess Smith's performance. For penalties, he got it spot on. We had (presumably) Kodija and McGinn to take our 6th and 7th (and Taylor to take the 11th). They had 4 defenders in their first 5 - so he got that right. And clearly worked hard to make sure Steer was prepared. However, the way the team played worried me. Tactics were weird last night - short corners? Do we not have a player who can cross accurately, even if they have big guys too? No cutting edge or clear chances (other than Albert's, which can from a scramble). And if they froze in this tie - how will they react to playing at Wembley? Obviously delighted, but bloody hell!!!
  14. Yesterday - I was full of philosophy, and which line up would best suit, etc. Today - I want to throw up and couldn't tie up my shoes. Currently seriously thinking about staying out of the pub, and maybe checking the score at half time.
  15. WBA are scared of us. As are Leeds. Wolves have an inferiority complex. Blues hate us. Most of them hate us more than they support their own team.

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