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    Classy gesture from the club. Made more classier by the fact we did it in the background. No big announcement from us - it's all come from them.
  2. Still this about "no more signings" in the press! The Ings transfer shows that there are no ITKs. There is no noise from the club, so they have to write something. We have tonnes of money now, and rich owners - we are going to say 'yes, just 3 more signings', and see the prices double. The comments coming from anyone in the club are the only comments they could possibly make in the circumstances. So they ask the question to which there is an obvious answer, and then publish the rumour mill article. (Seen a few comments on social media that 'fans need to know' - do these people think other clubs don't read comments!?) We are in interesting times. If clubs need money, and they have a player we want, we need to be able to take advantage. So we can't just splash out all the money upfront, and miss out on bargains either later in the window or January. We are a well run club - let's remember this.
  3. I also think one of *he who must not be named's* faults is that he could slow play down unnecessarily at times, and this made it possible for teams to regroup at the back We are set up for pace, and I think we'll see that more this season, with Buendia showing vs Walsall how he will thread passes through a defence, which wasn't really *his* strength.
  4. Quote from Deano in his press conference.... Obviously Jack going was a big loss - we wanted to keep him but we would have added more creativity and have added more creativity with Buendia whether Jack stayed or not So - Buendia might be part of the Jack replacement plan - but he was also part of the plan if we kept him. So he's not bought using the Jack money. Doesn't mean we're gonna spend another £40m - in the current financial climate, having money available so that we can take advantage of bargains is always wise. I trust the owners.
  5. Don't think there is anything here. He was Deano's got to guy in the lower leagues. And is clearly a top man. We've brought in Terry and Shakespeare - so his role is massively diminished. Plus we've just brought in a set piece coach. What did he actually do? I expect a club of our size to have some movement in it's backroom staff every year, just to change to voices and freshen things up. I expect a new, younger coach (like Terry was) to come in over the coming months to continue this. Good luck to him, and thank you for your role in our recent success.
  6. Thank you. Are you in a cave - I'm getting an echo
  7. Sell him - his stock will never be higher. We have Buendia and Bailey as likely first choice out wide. Then Traore. After that, it has to go to JPB, and in an emergency, Ollie would do a great job our wide, now that we have Ings. Plus we have Barry likely to be pushing next season, and he seems to be operating from the left. Why we would want to keep AEG (and probably Trez once fit) is beyond me, if we can get decent money (£10m+) to strengthen other areas. Once we start stockpiling players, our wage bill becomes unrealistic, and we then can't shift them as they wait for their contract to run out. Sell players at their peak. AEG is there right now. And thank you very much for your service Anwar.
  8. Can we, perhaps, interest them in a Wesley or a Davis for a season? Maybe even a young Young?
  9. We could play with ourselves? What not a mixed match involving all the players. Plenty of places up for grabs. Just keep Big Wes on a leash!
  10. This. Absolutely all of it. When my piss stops boiling, my view is the a front 7 of Watkins-Grealish-Traore-Barkley-McGinn-Luiz isn't as good as a front 7 of Watkins-Ings-Buendia-Bailey-McGinn-(a top quality CDM). One more signing for me, and we could move up quite a few places in the league, and be a lot better and richer for Jack going.
  11. It will be interesting to see where we go from here. I'm sure many fans are going to demand we spend another £80m-£100m, but we have to be smart. A few short weeks ago we have an U23 team which meant we were going to take over the world. Are they now shit? For me, Chuk and JPB look ready now, and this next year is going to be a crucial step for Kessler, Young, Barry, Bogarde and a few others. If they are going to be as good as we all hope, then a loan or 2 might just save us a fortune and give them a clear pathway (i.e. Axel for a year to give Bogarde a year on loan). We have plenty of options at 10 (Buendia, McGinn, Bailey, Chuck) - why would we go and spend £40m on Cantwell unless we think he is the second coming, and block Chuk's progress? For me - we need a CB (Axel on loan); a CDM; and a good second choice keeper (Steer didn't look good enough for me in the friendly's). The only 1 I'd spend good money on the the CDM, meaning we have plenty of money over the next 12 months if we need to go big on someone.
  12. Re: the injuries. He has certainly had some bad luck, but I suspect (well, hope) that his record will improve as he can be rotated more given our squad. In a similar vein, I expect {He who must not be named} to improve his injury record at Citeh. When fit he played pretty much every minute for us. At JR Ewing FC, he will be similarly rested and rotated which will help with those stress injuries.
  13. Can't believe £30m - final year of contract and only a 3 year deal (which seems right for a 29 year old). Great signing for squad depth, and a different option/dimension.
  14. Couldn't they get a picture without a massive spot on the side of his head? Do you think that means this one was rushed!!!
  15. And the chaos begins. Revel in it. Enjoy it. We've earned it over the past week (and the past 5 years).
  16. In this Covid world - £100m is a lot more than it was a year ago Lots of clubs on the continent are struggling - there are bargains to be had.
  17. If he goes - we get more than we have any right to. The money is staggering. I just hope the club give him the send off he warrants.... 'Tried to keep him'. 'Offered him an improved contract'. 'Player determined to leave'. Let's perhaps not go as far as we did with John Gregory and Dwight Yorke, and let's recognise his impact over recent seasons - but he's kicking us in the balls, and lets not pretend otherwise.
  18. Absolutely. But we've got £100m, not £4.5m. It's still about the investment. And doing it wisely.
  19. Yes. But from a business perspective, it gave them an asset to underpin their investment. The fact is that they will now realise the value of that asset (in cash terms) and can now choose to invest it more broadly. Best example - we just avoided relegation, and then sold David Platt. We reinvested well, and finished 2nd. It can be done.
  20. No hate - but that's his legacy gone forever. He'll never be a Villa legend now. I won't boo - but I won't applaud him either. There's always an upside. He does get injuries, and these derail us, as he is such a focal point. This ends now. £100m is a massive amount. We can effectively lose Jack and replace him with a £40m winger (I don't know), and for example Tammy and a JWP. Or we can bid for Kane The team gets a proper captain (Mings) rather than a spiritual one. We don't have to go through this shit again. And I still think it might be worth resigning Alan Hutton for 2 games a season.
  21. None of this makes sense... There's clearly been a bid; it's not been rejected - otherwise it would have been publicised somehow. He so publicly in training, and discussions. Why if he's leaving? He could've just run about and then gone back inside. Or they make the whole training thing private to avoid the side show. So much access to fans is so risky. Lots of rumours of bids for players; but not in Jack's position. But with FFP - are we spending the money we get early, or are we stepping up plans to convince him to stay? Conflicting rumours from people with a reputation to lose on social media - why would they say anything unless they were convinced. This is so high profile, it will haunt them for years when they're wrong. Plus - the Kane situation; he hasn't done that without some promises from Man City, surely. I suspect this will be one of those mysteries which only makes sense after everything is done and dusted. Like the Usual Suspects. Or perhaps not even then - like Twin Peaks.
  22. I can see us looking to loan Tammy, with a view to a permanent move. That will get around FFP this summer, and Chelsea need to reduce their squad, and it seems is 3th or 4th choice there for a single place. Ditto Axel - esp. as he needs game time. It seems his contract is up next year, but Man Utd have an option for a further year. I think this intent signals departures, and with FFP - some one like El Ghazi leaving could be great. Say we get £15m, that probably puts us up £12m on FFP, given he joined for about £6.5m and on a 4-year deal would have depreciated to about £3 now. Conor might be another £3-5m. Every bit helps!
  23. I can't quite make my mind up if the time this is taking is good or bad with regards Jack staying. I suspect the Kane situation has thrown a spanner in the works, and if Man City are suddenly less keen on him because of the heightened opportunity to get Kane, then that should tell him everything he needs to know about how he would be viewed there - just another player. If there is an agreement that he could leave of £100m - either it's been met or not. I think the cash + player element is easy to dismiss, but if the payment terms are being debated, this could really piss Jack off and make him think we are moving the goal posts. I suspect both sides would want this sorted very quickly because of knock on effects, and the more reliable press comments have suggested this. Can't help but feel we have to know by tomorrow night as it makes such a massive difference to the clubs plans for the completion of the transfer window.
  24. I think it's positive that he's back in with the squad - he is clearly well liked, and loves his work, so that is another pull on the heart strings. I know it's been made a lot more dramatic with our friend posting pics and vids, but it does seem weird that these chats are happening in the open, when surely there is a perfectly good room in the hotel. I keep thinking this must mean that he's staying, because why else would he be paraded and talking to Lange. But then again - why at all? Edit - maybe his agent is sat in the hotel, so we're keeping him away from that toad. That makes the most sense in my head.
  25. I'm bored. So lets make something up.... We've already hijacked Arsenal's plans by signing Buendia, and messing about with Smith-Rowe. Maybe the lack of response to the Jack rumours and bid, is to mess with Citeh; we can carry on regardless, but with £100m at play - Citeh need an answer before they can move on. Plus, with Kane not rocking up at Spurs, we might just be messing up their final prep too. And we've probably made some contact about Tammy; and refused to have Barkley. Sometimes - progress can be made by weakening your opposition - not just strengthening your own squad. In which case, I fully expect us to target Man Utd and Leicester next!!! And all bollocks too!!!
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