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  1. Pretty sure that was Konsa
  2. Right, the Transfermarkt boosting players values came from Romain Molina, in a livestream where he released a huge amount of info about the French national team. Like how a player introduced an underaged girl to one of his teammates so he would sleep with her as a prank. Summary of all the stuff here:
  3. Yeah only the 5 chances created and was it 8 shot creating actions?
  4. Personally I think Luiz is probably best in a flexible duo. Which keys him sit or attack. The issue is when he sits with McGinn if he is attacking no one is back. Ramsey however has let him be more adventurous with his forays into the opposition half. Personally I think we should either go with a Ramsey Luiz midfield duo with Buendia ahead for most of the season or sanson comes in and replaces McGinn when he's fit.
  5. Also I accidentally wrote spurs instead of clubs. Whoops. But the answer is just use Wikipedia citations. Much easier. And you get all the info you need anyway.
  6. Brothers from another mother
  7. Played 84 minutes. We've scored 5 goals with him on the pitch. 3 without him.
  8. An article from the new York Times about how clubs use them. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/12/sports/soccer/soccer-football-transfermarkt.html I can't find the article about the values being manipulated though. I think potentially it was removed by reddit which is where I saw it initially.
  9. Yep there was a recent report about it. They kind juice up the hard stats but the value is them calculating potential and other impacts on the game which basically means there is a lot of room for them to juice it. And because it's got values for players a lot of teams with less developed scouting use it to help determine who they should go after.
  10. Tomori was worth 30 million. He was in loan to them from. January and obviously player very well.
  11. It does matter. Having a good Transfermarkt valuation is key to being picked up by clubs when you are in a low division. Agents pay Transfermarkt to give their clients higher market values. For Ramsey it might not matter but for other players it matters a lot.
  12. Most importantly ball recoveries. Normally ball recoveries will be 2-3 times what tackles+interceptions are. A good defensive Midfielder might have 3 or 4 tackles + interceptions per game. But could have 8 ball recoveries. It's the most important part of winning the ball back. Getting on clearances, picking up the ball after a block or someone else attempts a challenge. It's key.
  13. Mings. That is a fact. We conceded vs Brentford because he didn't play. I'd also say missing both of Targett and cash would leave us in the lurch a bit but I guess we'd play tuanzebe or Konsa rb.
  14. Does anyone know if we have an option to buy. I thought I read it was for 10 mil but could be wrong
  15. Just a mistake with my writing
  16. Ah, it was in the Luiz thread it was Ramsey and Luiz my bad.
  17. Probably kmph Although almost certainly an exaggeration as like his top speed in the Bundesliga last season. Was 36kmph.
  18. Ramsey and Luiz could be our midfield pairing for another 5 seasons easily. We should really look to build around those 2 (obviously carney could explode onto the scene same with iroegbunam). McGinn isn't a great fit with either and we should look to move him on.
  19. Whoever said he needs a loan needs to give their head a wobble Just give me 5 minutes to delete my comments
  20. Yeah they aren't fighting relegation
  21. Movie explosion. All flash and no danger
  22. I think it will probably rewarded to hims after the game. Because it was going on target.
  23. Well he was pretty poor honestly. Like all prem refs.
  24. We've scored 5 goals in the 60 minutes he's been on the pitch so far.
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