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  1. Maybe. Guess we'll never know, but saying he won't get a challenge is wrong.
  2. Man City have never won the champions league. That is what Jack will move there for. If it was just the league he stood a chance at winning (at united or Liverpool) I don't think he'd go. Plus they've both already won the European Cup in the past so not like he'd be breaking new ground for either of those. He's taking the easy route to the top, but he's earnt it as much as any other footballer. Still going to be a challenge for him to win the biggest club competition in the world
  3. That's so strange. I read initial the first time I read it as well, then a reread confirmed I'd made the classic...gloss over and see what you want to see mistake.
  4. I think Ings and Bailey signings announced today will massively smooth it over. And I expect another to come in to finally settle any worries any others have.
  5. Seems we've all reached the acceptance phase. Good place to be. I have gone through denial, anger, and come out the other side very positive about the fact we got a lot of money for a very injury prone super star. Our squad was so heavily dependent on him, but our latest 3 signings give me great belief we'll be better for it.
  6. Makes me feel better... £25m on a player with that goal scoring record, and no need to rely on pace is good for me. If we avoid any major injuries to him we get a guaranteed 10+ goals... and even if we do, i'm not convinced we need him anyway!
  7. If Grealish does the u-turn to end all u-turns...wonder who we're selling and expect to get 20m+ for?
  8. Maybe it's 30m including add ons. So maybe if he scores 20, then 40 goals for us etc..
  9. He himself prefers playing on the right, but played left wing for Bayer in 2019/2020. He can play both but his amazing stats from last season were playing on the right. I reckon he's right wing predominantly, with the ability to swap wings mid game to mix it up. I'd guess then we either play Buendia in the 10 role, and have AEG/new signing for the left, or play Buendia left and play a more defensive midfield 3 behind the BBW front 3. Be interesting to see how it unfolds.
  10. But you said this morning he was in Manchester? Was your itk wrong about that as well?
  11. Wasn't he in Manchester this morning also?
  12. Mix of B, followed by C when I see him play again.
  13. Exactly what we need, not sure if legit or stating the bleeding obvious.
  14. Anyone else reckon he may well fail the medical? Hasn't looked fully at it since his injury, despite still putting in better performances than the rest of the dross Southgate decided to play ahead of him. Surely it's this kind of underlying injury that needs to be managed forever, that makes a team think twice about breaking their transfer record to sign him.
  15. I think him going to Man Utd would have been worse. A club that aren't likely to win anything this season, have forever been the smuggest set of fans going, and who actually have fans that I know of. Not sure I know a single Man City fan, that can rub it on my face.
  16. Secret target that is actually what Grealish is upset about us missing, and may be a big reason for his moving even after his "my club..." spiel. Irony probably lost on him that the reason we didn't get Europe was due to his own injury. On McGinn, he is so likeable and a great player to have around the squad. If he is in a good place for his fitness I think he has the attributes to be a key player for us. Sure he'll benefit from having a few more options to play the ball to.
  17. Surely you'd just go for Cash...don't even need change it then
  18. I'd want 3, but not 3 more forwards. 1 more forward, 1 cdm, 1 other. Not sure what I'd prioritise for the "other", guess it will depend on the shape we plan to go with.
  19. Ahh much better. i did do some digging though and you're right, the official villa page has linked that acc in their tweets, and it's exactly the same as name his Instagram account, which is official (hence the blue tick confusion from eariler), and has posted the same photos. Probably just an oversight.
  20. In Bailey and Buendia I feel we've got 2 of the 3...and hopefully neither of them have paper shins. A genuine number 10 on top, and some depth in other squad areas sees us improve our team compared with last years, especially so considering the number of games Jack missed. It's a very pragmatic way to look at it, but think that's where Lange will see us right in the end.
  21. Must be missing from my view. I don't get twitter though so probably just me.
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