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  1. They don't dive, apparently. They "anticipate the contact".
  2. What does this mean exactly? Has Gemma Davies been replaced? If so, then how is she still leading the coaching team??
  3. I've always been in two minds about him. On one hand he did nearly get us promoted, and at the time I thought that was great, regardless of the shameful display in the final. On the other, he started the next season with one recognised CB, allowing Elphick to go out on loan despite him being the only other one in the squad. I still don't fully understand how that came to happen. Regarding the play off final, I wonder if he realised at the last possible moment what a charlatan Xia was and what would become of us of we got promoted under him. What if he secretly brokered the deal for N
  4. Do you think he forgot he was managing Newcastle and thought he was still with us?
  5. Greenfly


    Just say a random Portuguese word, you'll probably name one by accident.
  6. Greenfly


    What do they mean "back to them"? They never had it in the first place. Wolves fans used to be a reasonable bunch. It's actually a bit sad how low they've stooped in recent years.
  7. Smith said he felt a tight hamstring in training. He was right to sub him considering the game was won anyway.
  8. His first touch is magnificent at times. He's getting better with time, and it's brilliant to see.
  9. A proper statement signing. She's really upped the quality of the team already.
  10. Yes, but to be fair someone tricked him into doing that and I doubt he had any idea who he was.
  11. Remember when he posted a Chairman Mao quote on Twitter and nobody thought that was a gigantic red flag? Good times, good times.
  12. Fair play to him. That attitude has got him very far in life.
  13. Does it though? Our away form has been much better than our home form this season. If anything it seems like having no fans at VP is hindering us.
  14. Nobody's perfect. But it's a testament to how good he is that we actually talk about little things like this.
  15. I'm not sure he would have. Premier League clubs can be seen as proper golden geese by some people. It's where all the real money is.
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