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  1. This sort of talk will win you no friends here pal
  2. Yes, but it was hardly a clear goalscoring opportunity. No, not even remotely. Even worse, this went to VAR and they still sent him off. Also, is Doug really slow or it's that striker really fast? Baffling series of events all round.
  3. Have they taken his face off the side of Villa Park yet?
  4. I'm pretty confident our first choice defence doesn't concede either goal tbh.
  5. Greenfly

    The NSWE Board

    I don't understand finances on this scale. I just see big numbers and panic.
  6. Greenfly

    The NSWE Board

    £170m in losses over the last two seasons... We're going to have to reconcile that somehow. I don't expect much more activity in this window.
  7. Totally different. Jack is still here, it actually makes sense for us to talk about him. Bellingham is a great player and he will be excellent for years to come. None of it will ever benefit SHA though.
  8. I've seen that claimed a lot. I'd scoff at it, but seeing as he's our player now I almost hope it's true. Can you imagine? We'll be unstoppable.
  9. The best thing to do imo is to get a Chromecast of some kind, then get the game on your phone and cast it to the TV. Worked like a charm for me.
  10. I knew there was something wholesome about him.
  11. I like the way he sometimes passes into space rather than to a player if there's nothing on. I don't recall seeing anyone else do that so often.
  12. It's funny you'd say that right before this link came about.
  13. Buendia is class, pure and simple. Nice to see Ollie getting goals early. Nakamba ate his Weetabix this morning. Is it just the quality of the opposition or does he look much better on the ball? Chuk looks tidy, although his decision making could use some work. He'll benefit from a run of games Pleased with what I've seen so far.
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