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  1. He kept himself in the job a lot longer than anyone expected though.
  2. I've seen the name "Robbie Savage" chucked about a few times.
  3. Then why don't they show us the lines they're looking at? As it is, it just sounds like a copout.
  4. This is the vital stat imo. I've always seem him as more of a deep lying playmaker, recieving the ball from the defence and pinging them out to wings. His main job, I suspect, is to find Jack wherever he is. I'm no expert, but this is the impression I get. If we're likely to be overrun, I always prefer to see Nakamba in the team rather than Doug. But Doug clearly has his uses, especially if we're in control. Horses for courses, etc.
  5. I'm a big admirer of this guy in particular.
  6. Brighton are a fascinating enigma. They look good, they play nice football, they're just awful at taking chances. I think Potter is at least partly the manager he's often made out to be, but he has little to work with there.
  7. The best part is you know if they offered him the chance to do exactly that, he'd be well up for it.
  8. It's a little trickier to fake the blue tick and the part where it lists his 1.5 million followers and hundreds of posts. It's also the exact sort of thing I expect him to do at this point. I don't know who this person is of course, so I'm not sure if there's really anything wrong with it.
  9. It's crazy to think he was unanimously accepted as our weak link last season, the player we most needed to upgrade. When Matty Cash came in as an upgrade over Guilbert I immediately thought "no no no, there's nothing wrong with him, what are you doing?" It just goes to show how little I actually understand about football. Targett never needed replacing, and Guilbert, as much as I love the guy, probably did. Targett has been sensational all season. He gave away that penalty against Sheffield which made me think it'd be more if the same from him, but that's literally the only thing he
  10. Don't let silly things like facts spoil my joke.
  11. Very clever of WBA to sign Lee Mason in January. Easily their best player yesterday.
  12. They are entertaining, not because they're particularly good but because their games are so chaotic. The best compliment I can pay them is that I fell asleep watching Newcastle Vs Wolves last night, but I'd never miss a moment of a Leeds game. Even this game, where we only had 30% of the ball, was end to end football. It's fun to watch, but very often for all the wrong reasons.
  13. This is true. Jack is the best we have for sure, but there are extremely few players in the world who can carry an entire team all on their own, with absolutely no help at all. Likewise, there's not many professional footballers playing in a top league who are completely and utterly hopeless at football. If they were, how would they get to that point in the first place? Boiling us down to a one man team is merely a simple way for opposition fans to put us down. We know we have a good squad now and we can trust them to put in a shift when needed.
  14. Leeds should try to arrange an alternative venue until this is sorted, if for no other reason than it's hindering their own style of play.
  15. I hope he's not injured. I've never seen defenders take goal kicks, ever. I've also never seen a player pop some paracetamol halfway through a match.
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