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  1. I never tune in, but I always make a point of taking in @rjw63's updates with a nice cup of tea. It's how I wind down on an evening.
  2. Are they? It's nowhere near as prevalent as the men's game. It's certainly not shoved down anybody's throat.
  3. I don't know why, but the most irksome part of this post is the part where you implied Coronation Street is similar to Breaking Bad. You said it may as well be a different sport, and this is probably the best way to look at it. People deride it because top WSL players are notably inferior to even average PL players due to the biological advantage men have, but that's like directly comparing Roger Federer to Serena Williams. People don't do it, because it's technically a different sport. It's also worth noting that the technical level of the women's game is generally far lower than the men's game because of the massive disparity in funding. Over time, the women's game will become more of a spectacle as a direct result of this exposure they're enjoying. I find it interesting. I'm enjoying watching Villa's steady improvement and I'm trying to get to know more about the sport in general. I'm at a point where I can recognise some of the bigger names, and I have a decent grasp of our best 11.
  4. Greenfly

    Louie Barry

    It shouldn't be all that surprising that he isn't seeing loads of minutes. You only have to look at the results of the JPT games involving u21 sides to see that. It was genuinely brilliant that our lads managed to win their game. It's not a reflection of his ability. Few players his age are ready to play regularly for first teams, which is why it's so amazing whenever a teenager breaks through anywhere. He looks good whenever he does get minutes, and the challenge of earning regular minutes will be great experience for him.
  5. I think saying he hasn't been super amazing is a fair assessment. He's been good though, and what he's brought to the team seems to have freed up Luiz and McGinn to do what they do best. For that reason, Ramsey has been a revelation.
  6. Mad as it sounds, to be 65 minutes in against Arsenal and only be 1-0 down is very impressive. The gulf in quality is clear as we essentially haven't been in their defensive third at all this half, but they're defending very very well. Hampton is playing like prime Martinez here.
  7. Who cares what other club's fans feel about anything?
  8. I was just reminded that Thiago Alcantara plays for Liverpool.
  9. There's no way it's true. It's an insane question for a journalist to ask, for one. Funny, though. I can imagine him saying it.
  10. This can only be a good thing.
  11. High praise given he shares a pitch with Watkins. We have a lively front line.
  12. That's exemplary for a centre back. What a threat to have in set piece situations.
  13. I think there's a certain nuance to it myself. For example the way Watkins positioned himself to restrict De Gea's movement but moved away long before Hause touched the ball. It looked deliberate. Football is simple in essence, but small margins make a huge difference. MacPhee's presence alone is proof of that.
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