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  1. They're destined for a relegation scrap this season, but judging by their second half performance compared to the overall games of some of the teams below them, I'm hesitating to write them off just yet. They need consistency, and importantly they need Bilic to stick around.
  2. Which is incredible considering how much Trez's defensive game has improved this season. He didn't seem to be doing any of it this time, when he arguably needed to do it most.
  3. I bet we could get him for a fraction of what we sold him for these days. He could be a decent option for since squad depth.
  4. Taken from an Express article from when he moved: "He was linked with Tottenham and Chelsea, going for talks in London and being close to a £35m move to Stamford Bridge on deadline day. But it fell through at the last minute with Barkley seemingly not sold on the idea. However today he has completed the transfer for just £15m - £20m less than was on offer than in the summer. Everton fans feel, knowing he was going to be injured for six months, Barkley put the transfer off to get himself a better deal and cost the club £20m. He picked up his wages at Everton and used th
  5. Just read that he holds the world record for clearing a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos in the fastest time. A man of many talents.
  6. I think it's more down to how it feels rather than the odds of it happening. If we can say We've win five in a row at the top level, including an absolute stomping of the defending champions, it's a real statement of how far we've come.
  7. I've gone for 9-11. Even though that probably won't happen and our great start will come to an end eventually, there's a lot of optimism around at the moment and I want to ride that for as long as possible. It's been a long time coming for us, might as well enjoy it.
  8. He's absolutely right as well. People criticize him for holding onto the ball for too long, but so often he's able to do something useful with it when he does. He knows what he's capable of, so it's worth the risk because it pays off so regularly. He probably has the vision to do 2 touch football, but where's the fun in that anyway?
  9. Their fans have a similar level of vitriolic hatred for him that we have for Delph, so I doubt he'd end up back there. But it doesn't matter, because after this season, when we're crowned champions and he's made 137 goal contributions, he'll force a move away from Chelsea and we'll take him for £4m and a packet of crisps.
  10. I don't know if it's been pointed out yet, or if this is even the right place to say this, but so far this season we've spent 0 minutes in a losing position in the league. That's pretty incredible, considering we had the worst defense in the league for most of last season.
  11. They looked ok against Chelsea until it all unraveled for them. They might have enough in then to survive, but they definitely need to learn how to hold onto leads.
  12. Anything could happen. A clean slate will be crucial, because the paradigm has shifted so much since January. I have every faith in him.
  13. I'm concerned by this as well. I think he'd slot straight into their midfield at the moment. I only hope we've got potential replacements under consideration when the inevitable happens.
  14. I thought he was starting to settle in before the injury. It was tough for the whole squad with most of them having to adapt to a new league, in a foreign country, where they barely knew anybody or could speak the language. It was tough for all of them. Remember how mediocre Luiz looked at times before the restart? Same with Trez and Konsa, all of whom have come on leaps and bounds since then. If Wes had had the same amount of time, I think he would've ended up with double figures. Then we'd be saying he was a hit, all things told. Also, he'll be coming back into a much stronger team
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