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  1. I think you are underestimating him a touch. He has played well 30 games in the each of the last 4 seasons for Man U and Inter. Obviously still fit and raring to go. I don't think he is here just to warm the bench. I think he will play quite a big part in several positions this season. I think he could be involved in 25-30 games for us starting or off the bench. Giggs played into his forties and adapted his game from a blistering winger to a central midfielder. Ok Young has never been at that level but he has shown intelligence and adaptability throughout his career. His
  2. Got double the points than Spain after 2 games played. Just sayin.
  3. Spain were awful. So have we but we have double the points on the board. They could possibly not even get to the next round even in a rubbish group and with probably 3 teams going through out of 4.
  4. Yeah it is bizarre that every season we are one of the last to release the kit. Surely the earlier the better. Some clubs wear the next season kit in the last home game of the previous season.
  5. So 8 teams go through from a 10 team group stage? Makes the euros look well organised.
  6. Just to remind everyone In-ger-land record in the euros since it became a summmer knock touranment 1980- 1st round (8 teams) 1984- did not qualify 1988-1st round 1992-1st round 1996- Semi final (16 teams) 2000- 1st round 2004- Quarter Final 2008- Did not qualify 2012- Quarter final 2016- Second round (24 teams) In over 40 years we have yet to actually win a knock out match past the group stages as in 96 we beat Spain on penalties. Generally we do better at the world cup as before the quarters the standard is lower as you play mid ran
  7. He could not pick his supposed best XI in the warm up games because half of the side had to rest after the CL final. If you want to defend Southgate (which most people don't want to) the England side has been secondary to the clubs for over 25 years and our star players time and time again are tired/injured/out of form once the tournaments start in June.
  8. Because we are never good enough than what the media and casual fan thinks we are. 1 world cup win and 3 other major semi finals in over 70 years of trying does not scream big hitter to me.
  9. Perhaps this is a master stroke by Southgate in order that England don't win the group.
  10. tbh i'd rather England not qualify for summer tournaments, it is far less of a hassle watching them.
  11. In fairness in the Euros we never do. 1 semi final in 60 years.
  12. Well you could say that in 96 after 2 games it was a win and draw but that time we found some momentum and in 2021 we are going backwards fast. Defensive turgid shite. If Scotland had a half decent striker we would have lost. 2 games 1 goal. That is criminal given our attacking options. Southgate needs to look at Mancini to see how a proper coach does it. Kane is clearly not fit and yet Southgate still starts the man. He waits until 60 mins to make chances, far too late. Grealish was pushed out wide and couldn't influence the game. I am mystified why Sterling played the 90, was
  13. Pretty rubbish so far. If England bring on Grealish and up the quality should win this fairly comfortably. The socks will tie in the second half. I don't think we need both Rice and Phillips for this type of game in which we are expected to dominate. Somewhat alarmed by the form so far of Kane however he could score a goal even if he has a rubbish game.
  14. it would be peak scotch to still not get to the second round when you have more than a 50% chance of getting through.
  15. Smith obviously decided that Bjorn was not good enough as he played a grand total of 0 minutes of first team football last season for us. He could tackle but I think he was just not mobile enough for the modern PL. He gave a very affable interview a few months back in which he was happy and settled but it hardly pointed to a motivated player trying everything to get first team football. Not the end of the world he didn't cost most for premier league signings. They don't all work out.
  16. This is 2 hours of my life I am never going to get back.
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