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  1. Wow really? Top 15 is a brilliant stat. That will put as ahead of numerous fairly big hitters in Europe.
  2. In the grand scheme of things it wouldn't contribute a whole lot, but I still miss the club shop in the city centre. It was a great location right in the centre and was useful to buy or pick up tickets there rather than going all the way out to Villa Park.
  3. Wasn't contracting this out one of Keith Wyness's ideas?
  4. Have listed mine for Everton as I can't make it. However I am not sure if it will even go on sale as it hasn't sold out yet and is on tv. So might end up with a empty seat my lord.
  5. Well yes eventually the ice caps will melt and we will all be dust. In the meantime I will continue to waste most of my spare time watching millionaires contractually obliged to follow a ball around a football pitch.
  6. Has promotions for Chesterfield, Portsmouth and Wigan and a Football League Trophy. Wigan and Chestefield have regressed since he has left which is usually a sign of a decent manager.
  7. He is a good manager so not sure what is happening here. Perhaps they are still recovering after the Scottish Manager.
  8. Fulham? It is hard to remember if its the season they have been promoted or relegated in to be fair!
  9. There are clearly 3 worst teams in the league than Leeds. Watford and Norwich are going straight back down again, with perhaps finally Burnley or Newcastle. Palace look annoyingly quite good and Brighton have improved as well.
  10. I seem to remember we played quite well v chelsea early in the season in one of the Lambert years as well....
  11. Getting a good start is crucial to the season. We haven't do it this year.
  12. So far in my years of watching Villa generally it is for best that we don't buy French players and hire Scottish managers.
  13. That is what I am thinking to sadly. January transfers are often a bit random and not planned for. Like Samatta the year before.
  14. Have all the cricket players on both sides been vaccinated? and If not, why not? Very flat ending to the summer.
  15. I think he may well start Nakamba or Ramsey for this one to be a bit more defensive.
  16. I remember it was just before I was going to uni. Our toaster had packed up and me and my dad went to a out of town electrical place to get a new one. So I saw the impact on the twin towers on about 20 simultaneous tv screens. On the way back we got caught in traffic as the nearby MOD camp at Ashchurch was being mobilised. I am not sure how loads of ancient Green Goddess would have solved a terror attack though.
  17. I presume the concert has been planned for quite a while, surely this could have been factored in at the fixture release day? Why the late change.
  18. A tip if you have a scratch on your watch face (if it is glass). Put a small amount of toothpaste on and gently rub and clean (Kenneth). Worked a treat for me.
  19. A utter shambles that never should have got to this in the first place.
  20. Having a left footed centre half instantly makes a team more balanced imo.
  21. There is a always a bunch of seats right in the corner of the lower Holte to DE which they never seem to sell now. The view can't be that bad is it? Offer a fiver off for the view and that is a couple of hundred extra seats per game to sale. Villa Park does not have any comically restricted views like some older grounds like Goodison or Loftus Road.
  22. I can't make the game so that will be 1 ticket put on the resale market mate.
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