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  1. I didn't think it looked too bad. He looked gutted to be coming off...but hopefully he was just erring on the side of caution.
  2. Agreed. Apologies if I misunderstood your opening comment. "At the end of the day players don't get to decide when they are fit enough to play" I also pointed out were discussing semantics in my second reply.
  3. Sorry but yes they do. Ask any medical professional what the patient is telling is the vital information you can have. I watched a consultant bollock a group of junior doctors who looked at the patients image work whilst not asking the patient about his symptoms. It might surprise that 80% of medical imagework gets reported as normal un unremarkable. If a player doesn't feel ready to play -he won't play. Just think about how that conversation would pan out . "The medical staff say your fit Morgan" -"sorry boss my Anke doesnt feel ready.". "sorry Morgan you're playing anyway" The analytics you refer are fitness levels, performance indicators. That quite different from recovery from rehab.
  4. Semantics. If the player doesn't feel recovered enough to play - he won't. What a patient tells you he is feeling - is possibly a better measure of recovery than scans , strength assessments etc.
  5. He was returning from injury just before we brought him.
  6. Actually the finally decision on whether to play does rest with the player. Sure the medical team sign them off as fit. But the player then says whether or not he is ready for selection.
  7. Football has become a multi million pound business. Crucially we took a few years out under Ellis and Lerner. Quite frankly I'm amazed we've got back to where we are. We might by the law averages sneak a cup win. But regular silverware is going to take many more millions. I try not to look at bigger picture and just enjoy each game. Tonight for example was a belting game of football - it was like a 1970s match - gone was the drab possession, sideways , slow game. Fast paced, tackles , crosses, headed goals - loved it.
  8. Underestimate us at your peril. toe to toe with the European champions . We win that at Villa Park.
  9. never mind penalties - they should give it to the underdog.
  10. hippo

    Cameron Archer

    Cameron "the salmon" Archer !
  11. this game must have the lowest sideways pass count for 20 years !!!
  12. Wonder if we see him with the ice pack in the 2nd half !
  13. Not so sure. He had only just returned from injury last December when we brought him. The reported asking price dropped from £30m to £15m hes started 4 games in 9months since then.
  14. No it didn't look serious. But neither did the one back in April.
  15. More surgery ? - I wasn't aware he'd had any ?
  16. Lol - you couldn't make this up !
  17. What a penalty for the club ignoring emails , fobbing off over the phone and taking 21 days to get the funds in your account. Club want there ass kicking over this. When I sold my ticket for the Brentford game I was told a different story every time I called...and never got an answer as to why the refund takes 3 weeks to appear in your account.
  18. hippo

    Dean Smith

    If you believe that - whop it an accumulator. Personally I would be staggered if anything like that set of results transpired. We've lost against the highest placed team played (Chelsea) and beat the lowest place team we've played (Newcastle)
  19. hippo

    Matty Cash

    Well we have recruited a goal celebration coach.
  20. When fit he's going to be starting more games not - so don't see a problem. First thing first - does he have the ability ? (Yes) If (and its a massive if) there are problems with managing guy we can deal with it down the line. Think the whole thing is 3 parts of nothing though - indeed the rumour mill at the time of signing was that he could be half arsed and not 100% er !!!!! - not seen much evidence of that !!!
  21. Thing is the instant he received that long ball from Ings - I instantly thought 'goal' - even though he had plenty to do you just new he was going to score .
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