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  1. Jack is out of position,he should be in the middle.Wesley is out of position, he should be on the bench.
  2. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    Look on the bright side. We are riding the crest of a slump ATM.
  3. No,I am just saying that DS is playing him out of position,along with Jack. I personally cant understand ANY manager giving ANY player this many chances.Wes should have been comming off the bench after 4/5 games.There is no way he should be leading the attack
  4. PussEKatt

    Memory Lane

    Well that nicely shows my age
  5. The way I see it is that he is worse than Bruce or Sherwood because of his stubbonness.He refuses to try a different formation,he refuses to try something different up front.He keeps playing players out of position ( Jack,S.Hogan and apparently Wesley ) and he cant work out that a new player ( new to this league,new to this country and cant speak the language needs a bit of a hand,NOT chucked streight in to lead the attack. Of course, this is just my opinion
  6. I read somewhere that Wes plays best on the right of a 2 man attack.If thats the case then he is bieng played out of position.Something DS seems to enjoy doing,eg Jack,S,Hogan,Wesley
  7. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    Couldent agree more,and on top of all you have said he also keeps playing players out of position.Jack,Scot Hogan and apparently Wesley is best at the right of a 2 man attack.He also obviously does not listen to his assistants because I cant see JT ( an experienced international who has played for one of the top teams in the PL ) going along with playing Wesley every week.He is completly out of his depth and the longer we stay with him the deeper in the s..t we are going to get.It has taken him half a season to get us up to the heights of 18th FFS.
  8. C`mon Washington,whats wrong with you.You are the capital,at least try to lead the country in gun deaths
  9. PussEKatt

    General Chat

    The Great Wall of China, WalE,WalMart
  10. IMHO those 2 managers were the worst two we have ever had,The way DS is going he could end up a close 3rd
  11. Totally agree.We do not have the players for 4 3 3 and we could definately use 2 up front ( especially now that we need goals/wins )I remember Van Gall tried 3 5 2 at Manure and he didnt have 3 CDs so he player Shaw,He ended up getting the sack.
  12. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    Either that or he wants a payout, like Pocho got.
  13. 1 - Appointment of McLeish 2 - Appointment of Lambert 3- 2015 FA Cup final....lost 4-0 to Arsenal
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