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  1. Well,we are 19th at the moment after nearly a complete season. You want to stick with DS for another 7 years to see if he can get us into the top 4......Well good luck with that then.Listen. Whatever you think of DS he is definately NOT going to get us into the top half of the table.
  2. Its got nothing to do with how many players we signed. We are supposed to sign players that fit in with our style of play ( the problem is we dont have a style of play ) not a good one anyway.As for signing a lot of players at once,what about when Fergie bought 6/7 young players into the team at the same time ( Scholes,Beckham,Giggs etc The class of 93 ) As for comparing two different sides.Dont compare them like you say.Compare them this way.Where would you rather have our team 19th or 12th.Comparison is as simple as that.
  3. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    What the owners should do is.Sign Pocho on a 10 year contract with the condition that if he can get us into the top 5,then he gets another 10 year extension on his contract. It not as silly as it sounds because.1 - he is a proven manager in the Pl ( so there is no risk there ) 2 -he is capable of getting a team up into the CL places 3 - He just might relish the chance to take a big club from the Championship/17th in the Pl into the top 5 4 - He might also like a definate long term position so that he can mould the team he wants ( like Fergie did ) And from the owners point of view 1 - He is proven ( so they know what they are getting for their money ) 2 -They want Champions league football ( Pocho is the guy to deliver it )3 - A long term and steady management of the team must be good for everyone. Another way to look at it ( as far as plebians like us are concerned ) is, you have $100.You can buy something for $40 that MIGHT WORK or you can spend the whole $100 on something that definately works.
  4. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    The reason we are in that position is because of our performance and our performance is down to the manager.He is the one that decides Tactics,formation,attitude,mindset.
  5. I cant help feeling that this is Jacks last season as a Villa player.DS has proved that he cant get us in the top half and thats where Jack wants to be,fair enough.
  6. A lot of people on this forum see it like you do.The way I see it is that we were strugggling in the championship until Jack came back in the team.I put our promotion down to Jack not DS.
  7. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    How long do you want to give him ? We have played 28 games and are 19th.If thats the best he can do after 28 games then what can we realistically expect with 10 games ?!
  8. I watched that game with a Chelsea supporter and an Everton supporter.How imbarrising.
  9. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    The owners have missed their chance there.They gave Ds one game and the season stopped but anyone could see that DS was getting us no where.Now they have missed the chance of a new manager having a few weeks with the team before the season re-starts.
  10. I wish we would act like a bigger club.When are we going to stop hiring managers that struggle to get us out of the relegation zone.DS,Lambert,Mc Cleash,Sherwood FFS on and on and on
  11. I have Civilization 5 and 6 but I still keep playing Civ 4.
  12. PussEKatt


    We only had Smokey for 8 months but in that short time he left his paw prints on our hearts.I am sure that all 3 of your cats will do the same specially the male.
  13. If we are that good at winning games.Why are we 19th with 10 games to go and the worst defensive record in the division ?
  14. PussEKatt


    First of all,I apoligise for posting this but it has been stuck in mt head for the past 2 months and hopefully this will help to get rid of it. Some friends of my daughter have recently retired and they have a cat ( Smokey ) that is 21 years old.They waited for 6 months for their cat to die and when it didnt they decided that they cant wait any longer to go on their tour all around Australia.They spoke to my daughter who said that I am cat mad and would probably look after it for them.Which I agreed to do without having to think about it one bit. Now,Smokey is a lovely cat.You can do anything with him and he dosent mind at all.As for eating ,he eats like any other cat except that he absouletely loves vegetables,especially mashed potatoes.He has to take 1 tablet every day and the wife made up a bowl of mashed potatoes just for Smokey and every evening we just put a big spoonfull of mashed potatoes on top of his regular food,with his tablet on top and he would eat his tablet then his mashed potatoes. Now for the hard bit.Read on at your owne risk. One night about 2 months ago.It was 11pm and the wife was asleep,I was having a game of Civilization on my PC and Smokey was asleep in the family room.I heard a really terrible sound.It sounded like Smokey was terrified of something.If a cat can scream out in terror, this is what it would sound like.I ran in to the family room and Smokey was lying there on the floor ( half in and half out of his bed )I sat on the floor beside him and patted him and said "Its allright daddys here" It only took a few seconds for me to realise that he was not going to make it to the morning,so I woke the wife and told her that if she wants to say goodbye to Smokey she has to come now because he wont be here in the morning.The wife got up streight away,she patted Smokey also and said that we were here for him.She then went and made a cup of tea and we both sat on the floor with Smokey .We patted him and rubbed under his chin and talked to him and tried to comfort him as much as we could till he passed away at 1:20am I dont think I will ever forget the sound of the scream that Smokey made that night.The wife was asleep and didnt hear it and I am not going to tell her.I worked out that what it was is that Smokey was paralised from the neck down and I think he woke up and tried to turn over or get his food or something and when he realised he could not move,thats when he cried out in terror, not understanding what was the matter with him.It must have been really terrifying for him,not bieng able to move and not understanding why. Well, hopefully by writing this post I have got it out of my system,I hope so. I apoligise again for posting this,not the sort of thing people really want to read about.Sorry.
  15. I meant.we were the third team to go up.Meaning we were third best overall.Also meaning we were 20th at the start of the Premier League season.So, we have moved up ONE place with 10 games to go.
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