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  1. We seem to lift our game when we play what we consider top teams,so,im going for a 3-1 win for us.
  2. Check out this customer in this butcher shop.
  3. Im not into paranormal as such but I do find it interesting.
  4. Whats all this crap about needing an excuse to shoot someone ?!
  5. MS likes to fill up your PC with updates (about 10 a week for 3 years ) and anything else that will help slow your PC down so that you will go out and get the next version of Windows.Then the process will start all over again,rinse and repeat.
  6. Ok,lets stop bieng dramatic.I mean why complain now when we can just as easily complain when we are about to play our 35th game. Just for the record, here are the points for the last 6 games from us and the teams just above relegation. Aston Villa 6 points Palace 6 points Saints 5 points Watford and Leeds 4 points The 3 teams below Leeds are in the relegation zone....but no need to say anything yet,there 30 games to go.The thing is these teams have 30 games to go as well
  7. So,lets just accept lose one,win one,say nothing and hope we qualify for europe in the next 10 years
  8. Thats exactly what I am trying to get across.If the fans are happy with midtable then that is probably what we will get.If,on the other hand the fans want more from the team/manager/club then they have to voice their dissapointment in how the season is going and demand change.
  9. We both said something different.Smith had 2 choices,attack and score more goals than the opposition ( seems unlikely as we gave Wolves all the incentive they needed to go on and win the game.Or put more bodies in defence/midfield and go for a draw.What did he actually do ? left everything as it was.
  10. Taking that into account still doesent explain why when we were 2-2 and Wolves were on the front foot we didnt take 1 attacker off and shore up our midfield/defence.Also If Martinez and Doug were not 100% why did they even start ?We are supposed to play our strongest team.Last I heard that does NOT include players that are suffering from jet lag.especially when we have Doug and Steer.Yes,I know people will say that Steer is rubbish BUT he IS our backup GK and if we are afraid to use him then he should not be on the bench,the same goes for Nakimba. I am not just holding DS accountable,I am questioning the attatude on this thread.IMHO people should be saying that its not acceptable to lose 0-2 to Watford in our first game,its not acceptable to draw with Brentford and its not acceptable to conceed 3 goals to Chelses.Most of all its not acceptable to be 13th and have 10 points from 8 games.Its not acceptable to have Wolves and Brentford above us on the table......Mind you if all the above IS acceptable then all I can say is that we are doing well and are in our rightful position of 13th
  11. Yes,I have already mentioned the "reasons"we lost.None of the reasons is because DS made the wrong lineup/substitutions.Or that our tacts were wrong or that our subs were wrong.FFS we were 2-0 up then Wolves scored,2-1 no big deal,then they scored again 2-2 thats 2 goals in about 6 minutes,they were on the front foot,they were attacking and most important they were scoring goals,so what was our answer to a team that has JUST scored 2 goals in 6 minutes and are still attacking...we still had 3 at the back and 2 up front.Lets not even consider taking 1 attacker off and putting another player on in defence/midfield. As you say "Nobody likes losing"but it seems to me that every time we do lose its because of mitigating circumstances,NOT because of tactics/wrong players on the park or that the other team was better ( Chelsea put 3 past us but thats ok cause we played really well ) not one person said,we should not have conceeced 3 goals.No one said there is a problem with our defence or maybe we played the wrong tactics.No we played well,so its ok. I tell you what.This might be a bit far fetched BUT if we get relegated,Im sure it will be ok because of mitigating circumstances.
  12. Someone on this thread thought that tirdness from playing international football might have led to Martinez not being his usual self and it was DS himself that said that the defence switched off and he has to something about that ( he said the same thing after the Spurs game ) All I am trying to say is that on this thread people are willing to accept losing because of "mitigating circumstances"as you say.I am sure the supporters of the top teams in europe/the world dont say "it does not matter that we lost on saturday because Bill had a headache" As far as our pre-season goes,the way I see it (and I could be wrong but this is my view ) all our first team players are seasoned proffesionals and none of them are playing their very first game in the PL, so all they need to do for pre-season is run around the paddock so they can last 90 minutes.Match fitness comes from playing competitive games and as far as playing games go,how many games Less than Watford/Brentford did we play ?
  13. Its months since the election and he still cant except that he lost,FFS.
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