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  1. PussEKatt


    Anyone on here play Hattrick ? I am doing something wrong but cant work out what it is.I know I need a new coach but it must be more than that ?! I took over a team that was second to last with 2 games to go,so obviously I got relegated.My next season I was the only human in the division so I walked away with it.Now I am in a division with all human players and after just over half a season my best result so far ( including friendlies ) is a 3-0 loss FFS.
  2. PussEKatt

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Yes, Bruce is definately the man for next season but if he does not get us up then he should go.For next season, he knows the squad he knows the players and most important he knows it has to be next season.
  3. PussEKatt

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I have been looking at the retained and released list and it looks like we will still have a team that should be good enough to make a top 6 finish without too much trouble.
  4. PussEKatt

    General Chat

    It will all be water under the bridge tomorrow
  5. PussEKatt


    The government in ......... did a survey and found that out of 1,000 PPL that died, 998 had eaten vegies in the week leading up to their death.
  6. PussEKatt

    Villa and FFP

    I know what you are saying and I remember the big six threatening to start their owne league if the Premier League didnt give in to them.I also remember the clubs in the old european cup making noises about having a league ( so they can get even more $$$ )What I dont understand is that supporters would prefer to watch leagues, like Germany,Belgium,Scottish,Spain etc etc where the only real interest is who is going to finish 3rd.Even the champions league is like one of these leagues now.Its got to the stage where the only games I watch live are Villa and the FA Cup final.Other games like Manure Vs Liverpool or Spurs Vs Man $ity I tape and watch the game the next day, sometimes I only watch the hilites.Surely PPL like me are in the majority and not the minority. Because of all this I cant understand what the Premier League are doing with their FFP rules.What are they actually trying to achieve, another La Leiga or SPL or Bundesliga or what FFS.
  7. PussEKatt


    Our cats eat a lot better than a lot of PPL.
  8. PussEKatt

    Alan Hutton

    I would like him to stay.At the very least that is one position we would not have to worry about just yet.
  9. PussEKatt

    Steve Bruce

    I think it all comes down to how long you want to spend in this division. If we keep Bruce there is a good chance we could be in the play offs again next season. If we go for another manager then we have to consider re-building the whole team, possibly learning a different style and doing all this with players the new manager does not know.All a new manager would have to do is say the usual ( everybody starts with a clean sheet ) and we are back with Mc Cormack in the team and a pathetic dressing room.FFS stick with the man who knows the team and the guy that got us 4 from the top ( or if you like 20 from the bottom ) SB is not my favourite manager ( he is too defensive ) but he does know the team, he was good in the transfer market,he saved heaps of $$$ and he got us to 4th.Irrespective of who goes I think we should still have a decent team and with a few good loan players its not impossible that we reach the play - offs again.
  10. PussEKatt

    Tony Xia

    If he really does own buisnesses outside of China then sureley he can get loans from the outfits he owns outside China.Actually he has said that he is trying to raise a 30 mil loan,maybe he is trying to do just that.Its good to know that he does actually like Aston Villa and is trying to do the right thing by us ( I think )
  11. PussEKatt

    Villa and FFP

    I still dont see why all this should apply to any club that is not in the Premier league.I cant even understand why it should apply to any club outside the top 10 in the Premier league. Surley the more clubs that have money the more competitive the league ( up to a point ) the last thing we need is a league like they have in Scotland,Germany,Spain,Belgium,Austria,Switzerland,etc,etc,etc
  12. PussEKatt

    Villa and FFP

    Its a crap system allright.It should have a cutoff point and a entry point or something more sensible than what it is at the moment.
  13. PussEKatt


    Our cat caught a mouse once.He sat there on the grass just outside the back door with his paw on the mous`es tail and he saw me looking at him.I called the wife to have a look and as soon as the cat saw that the both of us had seen him he lifted the paw that was on the mous`es tail and cleaned it ( like all cats do ) and the mouse ran away. I think he was just proud that he had caught a mouse and wanted to show us ?!
  14. PussEKatt

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Try a tap on the head
  15. PussEKatt

    Villa and FFP

    Can someone please clarify FFP for me? I understand that it was put in place because of the ManUre and Man $itys and Chelskis of this league but what I dont understand is what has that got to do with a team in the championship ? I mean before we can even attempt to be a Man $ity we have to get into the Premier League and even then we would still not be a threat to FFP unless we were in or above the top 10. I can understand if FFP applied to a team in the top half of the Premier League but at the moment we are struggling to keep afloat and all FFP is doing is making things more difficult than they need to be.It seems to me that FFP is worried that a club in the championship could suddenly throw a half a billion pounds at the club and be challenging for a champions league place next season.Is this what they are all about ?! dipsticks.