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  1. They won all that AFTER Fergie left ?!
  2. You can still spit with a mask on.It just means that the spit wont go in the urinal.
  3. Drinking and gambling.Both of those hobbies cost $$.Be very carefull as you could end up homeless and on the streets It would only take a little bit of bad luck ?!
  4. I set up with a 4-4-2 formation then I decided to drop Bamford and have Kane as my one forward in a 4-5-1 setup.Still cant complain too much as I am 17th and still learning.
  5. It seems to me that we play the same tactic wether we are playing a top of the table team,a bottom of the table team or a mid table team.It looks to me like one tactic fits all.
  6. The last thing we need right now is two losses in a row.We have to start off looking for the win but if it looks to iffy then we need to go for the draw.I hope DS picks the team with something like that in mind although I must admit I dont remember Ds having a plan B in any previous game TBH
  7. Have they actually won anything since Fergie left ? I dont think so.
  8. I think its a great idear.Get rid of these rocket polisher clubs and their dipstick supporters and have a more even Premier league.Might as well get rid of Celtic and Rangers as well and even out the SPL while they are at it. I have a great idear for the crest that they should wear on their sleeve,this $$$
  9. If that many people are going to pay to watch Liverpool and Arsenal etc they might shut fans out permantaly and only have PPV ?!
  10. I sold De Gea and bought Schmeichel,looking at the points he has so far,I figure he is on the way up. I dont think I am doing too bad so far in my first season.I am 21st,although I did drop 3 places from last week.
  11. I remember watching George Eastham and Tony Hateley play.I saw Eastham right up against the corner flag and he dribbled around 2 players and got away.I also saw Hateley jump above the crossbar and head the ball down into the goal.
  12. Here is a question I have always wondered about. England had a pact with Poland that if they got attacked England would come on their side.The thing is that when Germany attacked Poland,the Russians attacked Poland also but we only declared war on Germany ?!
  13. Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBRCvVpknvg
  14. I really like that.I contacted the British legion streight away and have asked if I can buy 2 of them.Be proud to wear that at poppy time ( Anzac Day ) here in Perth.
  15. What I do with my goalkeepers,is.I am looking to get a clean sheet and pick up as any points as possable ( bearing in mind this is my first ever go at fantasy league football ) I check who ManUre and Wolves are playing.If ManUre are playing Chelsea and Wolves are playing Sheffield then I pick Patricio as he is most likely to get more points. Thanks for your advice though BOF.I will have this game figured out by the end of this season
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