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  1. A dumb blond was driving along the freeway,when she saw a sign "clean restrooms next 10 miles" By the time she had driven 10 miles she had cleaned 128 restrooms.
  2. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    I think the comments Smith made after our last game sum up his attitude in a nutshell. He was blaming our loss on the penalty that should not have been. The way I see it is, he should have been concentrating on why we lost.I mean.ok they got a penalty BUT the bottom line is we went 1 goal down.Now that could have been through a penalty,from a goal scored from open play,from a free kick or from a corner.The point is that any one of these could have led to going a goal down.Smith should of been having a go at our lack of reaction to going a goal down.I mean any team can go a goal down.So does Smith think that because we went a goal down because of a bad penalty decision, its ok to lose? By concentrating on the penalty and not the players response all he is doing is giving the players an excuse.The players ( all of them ) can now feel that it was not their fault we lost,its because of the penalty. Smith always comes up with an excuse why we lost ( bad penalty decision,VAR,reffs decision,injuries,etc etc etc.He should be telling the players that these things happen and they have to try harder,be more determined,If the opposition go 1 up,we have to try to score 2.Not just give up and go into the dressing room and say " we would have won.if it hadent been for......... FFS Smith,instead of demanding more he is giving them an excuse for losing.
  3. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    Here is part of what Petrov said on "Newsnow" As a club, as a team - performances this season, it's not been good enough. If we start nitpicking at little incidents, we can go back to Sheffield United earlier after the pandemic," said Petrov speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live. "It wasn't the issue. I don't think the penalty incident was the issue for Villa at the moment. I think this is something used to deflect from what is happening. "I think the performance was flat. I didn't see any leadership, desire or a willingness to win. This is the main concern for me, not the penalty. "When you're in a relegation battle and you fight for your life to survive - if you do not have leaders or players with strong mentality, this could affect you. "The problem? The reaction afterwards. It looks like we did not go for it. It looks like we did not believe in ourselves. This is the biggest concern for me, not the penalty.
  4. I remember,in a world cup final.The manager took off Baggio because the whole team depended on him too much and as far as I can remember,Italy played much better and won that final ( 1990 I think )
  5. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    Here is the difference. I read on "Newsnow"that O.G.Solskjaer gave his strikers a bollicking for not being clinical enough,this after a 0-3 win against us. D.S was going on about the penalty.I realise the players heads dropped etc etc etc BUT,FFS even without the penalty we would have lost 0-2, but lets not say anything about the team/tactics/manager etc,lets blame the loss entirely on the penalty. Big difference in managing teams right there?!
  6. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    You forgot to mention our Loss/Win ratio You forgot to mention our goals For/Against ratio You forgot to mention our points per game ratio Yes,lets keep Smith,it certainly looks like he is one of a kind in the PL.
  7. I think that the reason Jack is playing so bad is because he has realised that his belovid Villa are going down and there is nothing he can do about it ( by himself ) In other words,he has given up and I cant blame him.It was Jack that got us promoted,it was Jack that was the best player in the whole squad.FFS, he is not superman.He has realised that he has done his best and without any other sort of help.Its not enough to keep us up.
  8. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    The point I am trying to make is that under Poch.This team,these players would not be in the relegation zone.Ok we would not be challenging for a top 4 finish,but much more importantly,we would not be in a relegation battle.In other words a manager who is more/better experianced would get more out of this squad.
  9. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    How about this (as an example only ) Pocho is the manager right from the start of the season ( or even only from the restart ) We have the exact same squad. Do you think we would be in a better position ? In other words "its the manager that makes the difference"
  10. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    They have already said that they want Villa to be a top 4 team.I cant see how they are going to achieve that without an A-List manager ?
  11. So,at the time that S.Bruce was sacked,if he had of lost his mum/dad we would of kept him ?!
  12. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    You are talking about 1/2 players at Brighton.How many players are people talking about at Villa,nearly the whole squad.
  13. The last thing we want to do is buy another 10 players and start from scratch again.We need to get rid of Smith.Sign a quality manager ( one that has actually won trophies and has PL experiance ) and go from there.
  14. Unfortunately,our lot ( players and manager ) should have come to that conclusion looong ago and done something about it.
  15. PussEKatt

    Dean Smith

    The thing is that with a team like Liverpool,they can afford to give players lots of time to settle in because they continue to be a top team.Its hard to give a player time when you are struggling ( for whatever reason ) Even when Liverpool were not winning anything they still remained a top team,I dont think they even dropped as low as,say 7th.So a top team can give players time to develope,we are sadly not a top team.
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