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  1. I agree,our midfielders score more than their share of goals but I would be happier if we could bring in a striker.
  2. I think we may have to park the buss for this one and get our fitness back by running around after their players and trying to get the ball back.
  3. Wesley, I remember that name from somewhere ........ let me think
  4. We seem to be concentrating on midfielders.What happened to getting a striker in ?! If Watkins gets injured we are right up the creek without a paddle ( we could even go down ) there is half a season to go yet,thats a lot of points we could get or drop.
  5. My answer to VAR is that I now record the Villa games and watch them the next day.That way if there is a VAR decision to be made I fast foreward to where the decision has been made and play carries on.This is working out quite good for me,especially as there are no crowds there so the atmosfere is missing anyway.
  6. I follow Clemson and in the NFL I used to follow the Patriots till they got rid of Brady.I now follow KC Chiefs ( mainly because of Nanhomes ) and I have a soft spot for the not very good Colts.I must admit though I enjoy watching Aaron Rodgers at Green bay and checking how the Buccaneers are doing now with Brady there.
  7. I watched Clemson get beaten by Ohio state and I noticed ( I have noticed this before ) that sometimes a team has little symbols all over the side and back of their helmit.Not all teams have this.What do these symbols represent ?
  8. Does boxing have anything to say ?
  9. Is it winter in Doha ? because its summer here in Perth.
  10. Artetta wont be there at the end of the season.
  11. What if 2 teams run out onto the pitch and kneel down,but what if one of those players is a racist.Is he going to be the only one standing ? I dont think so. Which defeats the whole purpose of the kneeling bit as a minority of players will be forced to kneel when they dont support BLM at all.
  12. It will be interesting to see how the european teams get on.Its 31 digrees now in Perth and its 7:30pm.
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