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  1. They have had aome decent results recently. I feel a 1-0 win for us comming on.
  2. I dont know how to post a video,but how about these two. The first is Unchained melody by The Richous brothers The second is Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny Unchained melody > Richous brothers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrK5u5W8afc Sleepwalk Santo and Johnny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rwfqsjimRM
  3. PussEKatt


    Well,when this pandemic is over I am seriously thinking of going on holiday in New Zealand and going up a mountain somewhere ( where they ski ) and having a look at real snow.
  4. IMHO take out VAR and we are a top 4/6 team.
  5. I remember playing Subbuteo about 100 years ago.Two friends and myself had 2 teams each,my teams were Aston Villa and Palermo.I remember Palermo finished first and Villa second.
  6. PussEKatt


    I have never seen real snow
  7. Are the PL trying to drive fans away? first VAR and now this.Football will not be worth watching at all soon,if this trend carries on.
  8. IMHO the CL became a joke when they expanded it so that the team that finished 4th in the PL could qualify for the CL.What right has a team that finished 4th got to play in a Champions league ? FFS.It should be for league champions only ( like it used to be )Next thing you know is that the bottom 3 teams will go down and all the other teams will qualify for the CL.
  9. When I think about it,and when you put it like that then all I can say is that you are exactly right.I like watching the games but I am not interested enough to go on the net and research all the players in any given team.I suppose you could say that I am following certain quarterbacks because I was lucky enough to actually watch the Patriots play New Orleans Rams in London in 2012 but since Brady left I have only watched them twice but have watched all the Buccaneers games.I must say though that although I dont know any of the Clemsen players I have watched every one of their games that has b
  10. I found that article interesting.So,do the stickers on the helmits get reset for each new season ?
  11. I havent jumped off the Patriots ship as you say and I am not a glory hunter.What you have to take into consideration is that if you live overseas ( Im in Perth W.Australia ) we dont get the stats of who is the best WR or which TE has the most yards etc etc etc.Over here you watch the game and because of all the substutes you can only keep track of the QB and the way the team plays.Seems to me that BG play really good with A.Rodgers and the Patriots played really good with Brady BUT since Brady has gone to the Buccaneers,they look better than the Patriots now.KC look virtually unbeatable since
  12. I agree,our midfielders score more than their share of goals but I would be happier if we could bring in a striker.
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