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  1. Maybe they will take Wesley instead ?!
  2. The Matildas goal was disallowed because Sam Kerr had her wrist offside.
  3. I can see Spurs becomming a team that just make up the numbers
  4. We have a chance of a fantastic start to the season.beginning with an away win at Watford.0/ or 0/3
  5. I cant understand how people can watch shows like Coronation St,Young and restless and Home and away etc etc etc.I mean,when they start watching,they have already missed about 3,000 episodes and when they die they will miss another 3,000 episodes or so.Dont people realise that they missed the start and they wont be around for the end ?!
  6. Well,he got us out of the Championship ?!
  7. Yes,but Tammy is not only proven quality but proven quality at Villa.
  8. This is true but it shows that if clubs want Davis ( with his goalscoring record ) then the sky is the limit.
  9. If we aim to qualify for europe ( and thats what the owners want ) then we need Tammy.Last season we dropped down from 6th because Jack was out,we dont want to do that again this season because Watkins is out.
  10. Stoke want K.Davis,so anything can happen
  11. If Jack stays then 5/6 if he goes then 7/8
  12. My god! she has short hair ?! I cant believe it,how the F**k did she even get into the Olympics FFS.What a disgrace
  13. PussEKatt

    Windows 11

    MS still havent ironed out the bugs and back door problems from Windows 95
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