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  1. It's utterly brilliant. Hilarious. Yarl Varg is my favourite villain in any series ever.
  2. Talk of a 12 point deduction. Whether that's on top of the 9 point deduction I have no idea. They are in a real mess.
  3. If both teams set up to counter, will the football remain untouched in the middle of the pitch for the entire game? I've often wondered this...
  4. Yeah, actually, I remember thinking at the time that it seemed a bit odd that Max decided to wander off down the track. Don't think that would have been my first choice on a racing circuit.
  5. I'm still wondering about why Max's wheels were spinning round. Was he really trying to drive his car on the top of Lewis' car? How dangerous can you get? Unless it was some kind of malfunction... But equally... Lewis trying to reverse his car while Max was getting out and then walking behind him? What if he'd been successful and the car had shifted? Max could have been a world of trouble. I understand it was in a race and they were both wound up but it seems to me both them were being extremely reckless in the immediate moments after the incident.
  6. The thing with rejoining is, we'd never get a deal anything like as good as we had before, so is it really such a good option and would it really be that well supported? The whole thing is a total disaster in every way and I don't see any route back to anything remotely resembling what we had.
  7. Because of a concert at the cricket ground and the council made them move the kick off.
  8. Seems like ridiculously short notice. I imagine a lot of people will have booked train tickets and whatnot and won't be happy about this.
  9. Just a shame nobody is on his wavelength. All those clever little one-twos he tries and nobody is going with it.
  10. This is the thing. For me, a million pounds would totally change everything in my life. For some others, maybe not so much. It depends on your circumstances.
  11. I think that's Emi. Could be wrong. If so, he needs to up his shot stopping
  12. Wild Exmoor ponies are in the park as well. They are great. The cows just have a tendency to get in the way. Glad to see local sights getting some exposure across the world.
  13. It is made up, it has to be. But even so, somebody somewhere must have been loose with the truth.
  14. Yeah and I can see why Brazil would be annoyed if they couldn't field any Premier League players yet Argentina expect to be able to.
  15. The only thing of any interest so far was Jack's little dink over the top for Shaw. Other than that burst of invention we've been so so tedious.
  16. Good to see Grealish has improved from "holding onto the ball too long" to "attracting two defenders to create space"
  17. And does the fastest lap get awarded half a point?
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