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  1. I love digging through this thread and finding gems like this.
  2. Heaton is an absolute monster, or best signing on this evidence. He alone will ensure our safety this season. Hourihane showing definitively why he must be around the starting 11 - defensively he's suspect, but his set pieces are game changers. It was nice to see Jimmy too. He didn't have much chance to prove himself, but he clearly offers something different to Wes. I'd say he's plenty good enough to be backup this season. All in all, if we play like this all season, we're going to be just fine.
  3. Hourihane will be better as cover or a rotation option for Grealish and McGinn. He rocks in those positions, not so much as a DM.
  4. Marvelous in for Hourihane and that's probably our best 11.
  5. I think they're struggling with his medical because he keeps slide tackling the doctors when they try to check him over.
  6. Greenfly

    Dean Smith

    Back in 2015 there didn't seem to be any clear idea. They just seemed to be trying to get as many people through the door as possible. This time, every player has his role, and judging by preseason so far, they already know roughly what they needed to do. Also, PL experience is overrated. Football is football, no matter where you play it. They're well aware of the higher quality of the league, and as long as they keep that in mind and do what they do best, there's no reason why they shouldn't cope. As for a 20-goal-a-season striker, we don't need one of those yet. Survival is mission number 1, and for that a 12-15 goal return is fine for the striker, as long as there are goals coming from elsewhere. I have faith that Wes can provide that many.
  7. Steer Guilbert Engels Mings Targett Luiz McGinn Grealish Jota Wesley El Ghazi
  8. I don't think it's helped that he's been compared to Grealish so much these last couple of years. There are no similarities between the players other than they came through our academy - people think that alone means he'll be just as good. There's a player in there somewhere, he's still plenty young enough to get better. He just needs confidence and room to grow, possibly out of Jack's shadow.
  9. I've never liked him as a DM, but he's always produced when he's been playing further up. He's a quality player when he's up for it, but he loses concentration far too much to be a regular PL starter. He'll be better served as a backup to Grealish and McGinn, or as an impact sub to shake things up a bit. I'm a big fan of Conor when he's doing well. I genuinely think he has something to offer us next season, even if he is one of our weaker midfield options now.
  10. I think it's important to have a backup option who offers something completely different to your first choice striker while being capable of playing on the same system. He could be a real wildcard when our back is against the wall.
  11. He looks a class above in that league. To me that's a sign he's got a good chance of stepping up.
  12. That Wesley goal was a corker. I like the bit at the end too, with Henry looking despondent in the rain. Mad to think he could've been our manager at one point.
  13. Gee, is that all? That wouldn't even fill up my car.
  14. It's amazing reading the first few pages in this thread compared to the last few. We truly have been blessed this summer.
  15. Yeah. I remember how I felt about that window at the time, so I'm weary about this one. I know we've gone about this window far better than that one though, so I'm allowing myself to be confident.
  16. That's almost like Isaac Success having Success on his shirt.
  17. I wonder if he regrets leaving. Also, I wonder what sort of position we'd be in now if he stayed? In any case, I don't begrudge him wanting to leave. He was a truly top-drawer striker at the time and a club offering far better circumstances came knocking. We got decent money for him, too.
  18. I don't see why he would. It's a relatively high transfer fee for us, he'd likely be a vital player for us and he's a fully fledged international. A work permit would be a formality, surely?
  19. So he's the real deal, then. The question is, what sort of level is the Turkish League at, compared to the PL?
  20. Greenfly


    I can see it now - Grealish and Jota work together to pick the lock, and if that fails, McGinn just runs straight through it like the Kool Aid man.
  21. Steer not as good in the second half. In a normal game, he would've had a straight red at one point. Got himself into some real bother by bit moving the ball quickly enough too. I was surprised to not see Engels. And I'm guessing Bree only made another appearance because Elmo is having extra time off. Hause and Chester were solid. Targett looked solid too, although I didn't catch him much in attaching positions. Maybe I'm just blind? Lansbury and Hourihane decent, O'Hare still off the pace for me. He needs to be braver when he gets in front of goal - he could've had a couple today, but he refused to shoot for some reason. Nice to see RHM. He really gave them a tough time. Direct and tenacious, good qualities to have. That's the best I've ever seen Hogan play, and not just because he got a goal. I'm glad for him - he may not be great, but you can't knock a guy for trying his best and not making a fuss. Wesley is the standout performer from both halves for me. Sublime first touch, excellent vision, great passing ability. Would've been nice to see him have a proper look at goal, but the way he brings other players into the game is superb.
  22. Greenfly

    Wesley Moraes

    Some of his first touches against Shrewsbury were seriously impressive. I like how quick he is to make a decision too, and he rarely seems to make the wrong one. I've now seen him play 90 minutes, and I'm pretty much sold on him.
  23. Guilbert and Jota look sharp, Taylor and Green look blunt. The midfield looks alright, even Barney's looking decent at the minute. Still clearly the weak link in the middle though. Steer needs to learn how to distribute if he's going to stay or number 1. His passing has been abysmal. Konsa looks alright, some questionable choices too but he's young and malleable, can't say I expected to much from him anyway. Mings still looks a bit rusty, like he's still on his jollies. I have every faith he'll get better before the season begins though. Davis has it all except the finishing. He has the potential to be the complete striker, but he's not there yet.
  24. Yeah, I thought that too. I assume it's wrong but I don't actually know.
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