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  1. Shitty back 5 and all the issues that come w it such as forcing 2 CFs up there, Tunazebe a liability.
  2. Can this back 5 piss off? Don’t want to see it again. Forcing Ings & Watkins together is hurting us badly. Should never have messed with that back 4. Back to 433 or a variation of it with the best players out there. 2 CBs 1 CFs Bailey Buendia and Traore to assist the CF (prob Ings right now)
  3. We need to return to a back 4, which was working for us. Restore the discipline and control, Mings & Konsa is a good CB partnership. We don’t need 3 at the back. Ty has been a bit reckless and tended to roam in this system (which I hate) when he needs to stick to defending and organising back there. Why we tried to fix what wasn’t broken is beyond me, that back 4 was fine and Targett won our player of the season award. Piss off with playing and relying on WBs (they’re not at that standard anyway) and allow our defenders to focus on defending. We have a relative abundance of attacking talent available to play in front of them. Let them do it and create and attack for us. Stop forcing two CFs to play up there too. We’ve gone backwards by messing around with the system, there was no need. Mings will be fine if he is limited to and focussed on his defensive and organisational role.
  4. Or 4 3 3 There was no need to tinker, it’s set us back. 5 defenders is negative and limited. We don’t have high quality attacking WBs either. Our back 4 was fine. Let the attackers create.
  5. Must play him regularly and rely on him to an extent, our most creative player. Only way he’s going to improve is with regular game time and starts. Can’t wait to see him and Bailey playing together. His passing ability is superior to everyone in the squad. Ramsey’s place is on the bench and as cover for McGinn. Oh and the back 5, relying on Cash & Targett and forcing Ings and Watkins together can piss off!
  6. Sick to death of back 5. Relying on Cash and Targett to create - so limited and poor. Look like Stoke when we can’t create and start relying on long throws. The back 4 was fine and working well, Mings and Konsa working well together. Our captain has lost his discipline in this back 5. Tuanzebe dross, Hause inconsistent and unreliable, poor on the ball. We don’t need to play with 5 bloody defenders. All because we want to shoehorn in two CFs who don’t work well together. Damaging us. Stop messing around and experimenting, return to a back 4 and allow our best players such as Buendia & Bailey (absolutely key for us and need to play regularly) to create and attack. I’d rather play Traore with them than continue to force Ollie & Ings to play together. They hinder each other. I know we’ve had injuries and absences but I still don’t see an excuse or validation for this formation. We’ve gone backwards. Ramsey’s place is on the bench. Still pissed off after yday, we were poor against Spurs too.
  7. This is a hard one to get over and tough to take. We were in control, despite not being outstanding and weakened/missing players. Were relatively comfortable against a mediocre side and needed to be more clinical. Got complacent after our goals, dropped off and lost our heads. Disastrous defensively, a complete shambles, Tuanzebe was dross. We don’t need to play with 3 CBs. When you do, then you don’t need a completely defensive midfielder like Nakamba. Sick of saying it but we need to learn to control midfield and improve our passing and ball retention, it all went to shit in that last 10-20 mins. Bloody nightmare.
  8. Mings has lost his discipline in that back 5 and probably been given license to “roam” a bit more. Yet another reason why we need to get rid of it and restore the back 4 & the Mings Konsa partnership. It worked, why did we F with it? Playing with 5 defenders and shoehorning 2 CFs in has hurt and restricted us, we’ve gone backwards and need to get back to what was working. Stick to a disciplined back 4 whose priority is defending, let our more talented players take on the attacking and creative load, improve our passing, incisiveness and ball retention. Get everyone fit and firing, drop a CF. Buendia and Bailey play/start when available. Ramsey’s place is on the bench.
  9. The most sensible substitution would’ve been to remove a CF and solidify the midfield… and allow or retain some form of creativity and ability to control possession (why are we still so shit at that?!!’). Again, Ings and Watkins is hurting us. Defence was a shambles though… sickening joke.
  10. Nothing against Ings, I like him and he’s an asset. But it’s a signing that hasn’t worked or has caused us issues… trying to fit both Watkins and Ings into the side has damaged and restricted us so far… they limit one another… Sod off with 5 at the back and forcing in two CFs.
  11. This is it… We need to do away with 5 at the back and forget playing with 2 CFs. It’s an experiment or change that is not working and playing 5 defenders should only ever be an option against the strongest teams, games in which we’re likely to be dominated. I’d rather we hadn’t tried this and continued with the formation(s) of last season. Shoehorning is just it, it’s holding us back… I absolutely hate relying on Cash and Targett (never a WB) to create for us, Ings and Watkins does not work and is majorly hindering and hurting us. Ramsey is over hyped or over rated and his place is on the bench, glad to see Buendia start and he will only improve with regular game time. Output is what we need and Emi gives us that. Ings should have buried that chance, Buendia will always create chances… JJ can cover for McGinn when required. He will come good but he’s nowhere near ready yet. I hope Sanson can show he’s worthy of competing or playing alongside McGinn. MF is still an issue… Nakamba is a shit option. We’ve had injuries and disruptions but we must play with Bailey and Buendia as mainstays of the team and with one CF. I’d rather play with Traore than Ings & Watkins together too. Sickened after today and pissed off, I hate 5 at the back. Get rid. And F off with an over reliance on shitty long throws (a la vs Spurs). Now and again, ok, but not at the cost of playing with some degree of creativity and incisive passing. Which is what playing our better players and removing a defender from the side will allow. We lost due to complacency and feeling that the game was wrapped up more than anything. Atrociously took a relaxed attitude and fell apart defensively. We had this in the bag and threw it away to a mediocre side. Tuanzebe was shit. Concentration levels went to shit. Still seething… what a terrible end to the game.
  12. We need to give Buendia a run of games to play himself into form and to add that much needed creativity, not a fan of playing with 5 defenders personally. Maybe the right move against the ore dominant teams but the Watkins & Ings partnership isn’t working, we need to be better on the ball and improve our passing. Not rely on set pieces and long throws. Our best players have been on the bench or injured… need to get them involved asap.
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