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  1. One year on his contract but option for Norwich to extend it by one year- so basically a two year contract? Seems strange having an additional year clause on a young player- its usually someone in their 30s.
  2. He has been basically been injury free for the last 2 years so hopefully he has got to the stage where he can manage his fitness.
  3. If JWP leaves Southampton even not necessarily to us, I can see them having a hard season. Not sure how much ambition they are showing tbh. A few years ago they were bracketed with Leicester as the upwardly mobile clubs but have gone backwards massively.
  4. The worst was summer 2014 when Lerner had given up completely. Joe Cole, Phillipe Senderos and Kieran Richardson. Jesus wept. Thats when we somehow won 3 of our first 4 games and they gave Lambert and Gabby a contract extension.
  5. Looks a Spursy signing if Kane's dirty protest/sit in works.
  6. If he was 25 and had 4 years on his contact he would probably cost £70-80 mil.
  7. Cantwell seems more likely with the 1 yr on his contract.
  8. Do we have to do the health declaration form like last time?
  9. Replace it with a picture of the youth cup lads.
  10. That was a bit left field. I thought our saints signing would be JWP. Not sure how to feel. Is 25 mil a good price for a proven goalscorer albeit injury prone and pushing 30? Going for more experience this window and a bit of a English spine. Interesting.
  11. Or D) Wake up in a pool of your own drool realising it was just a dream
  12. Well we have only done this once in the last 10 years in fariness.
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