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  1. Buy some proper chocolate. That's just sugary vegetable fat with a hint of cocoa powder.
  2. Who does number 2 work for?! Sorry I think I am getting a bit stir crazy already.
  3. I think we should put jack in stocks and drive past Villa Park to throw rotten vegetables at him while shouting shame.
  4. Champions league suspended and uefa want this played in July/August which will be the same time as the premier league wants to play a quarter of a season in 4 weeks with players who by then would not have probably trained for 2-3 months.
  5. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop smoking. Airplane joke.
  6. When businesses realise how much bunce they can save in hiring out smaller office spaces in expensive city centres, they may think differently once this is over.
  7. So so true. This crisis might book end the sky tv money era from 1992 to 2020. Strange times.
  8. National league is now suspended indefinitely, everything below has been cancelled. Scotland's leagues thinks it is highly unlikely that they will restart. It's collapsing like a pack of cards, this season will have to be voided and next season could also be heavily impacted. They are just going through the motions of thinking of unrealistic ways of finishing this season so they can still keep the tv money. Next few weeks they will realise that this is practically impossible.
  9. I never thought Kieran Richardson was that bad. Ok he wasn't great but he did play for Man U and England. He did clear one off the line V Liverpool at Wembley in 2015 which was basically Villa's best game from about 2011 to 2017.
  10. Good shout. Overated keeper. Didn't we give him a 5 year contract when he was already 35 and injury prone? I think that summer we traded in Friedel and Ashley Young for Given and Charles N'Zogiba. Good bit of business that.
  11. It does depend on how you define it. If it is purely down to ability then it would be players like Jordan Bowery, Sylla, Helenius, Cissokho, Simon Dawkins etc. But most of these at least did put a reasonable amount of effort in, but they were just not good enough. But if you mean worst in terms of attitude and disappointment in their performance given the signing fees that it must be players like Tonev, Lescott, Richards, Hogan and fat Ross McCormack. Edit- just looked at the earlier posts and clean forgot about Stephen Ireland. It has to been him given the symbolic effect of trading James Milner for that steaming pile of t**d, and started the slow descent of death and decay at Aston Villa Football Club.
  12. Well it hasn't be the first time that a young English footballer does something stupid and it won't be the last time either. It is more disappointing as we kinda hoped that he may have learnt from his past mistakes and grown up a bit. Well probably not.
  13. Stupid Jack, Stupid Jack, Stupid Jack Grealish. Stay in and get better mates.
  14. 1874 now have a podcast with Martin Laursen. He wasn't a fan of O'Leary, he had to train and play with painkillers and he decided to go have surgery with Dr. Steadman himself. It's amazing how badly some players are looked after sometimes.
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