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  1. No it won't. 4,000 for a premier league club is just window dressing, it is the first small stop to normality. The Premier League spunked over a billion pounds in the last transfer window and that is after 6 months of no one allowed in to watch. It will however stop clubs from league one down going out of business though. Taking an educated guess I suspect it will be probably just the lower holte and lower and mid trinity that will be opened for two different viewing experiences with a best case 2,000 in each stand, provided Birmingham is in tier 1.
  2. Who is Aston Villa's set piece specialist?
  3. 2015/16 season. End of. We have had less talented squads but jeez that stunk the league out.
  4. The high line cost us in the game and we were always chasing. I think this season is going to be like this in winning a few and losing a few. We will be fine but top half is going to be a stretch. Didn't understand the penalty decision reversal, and a point would have been the fair result.
  5. I think Smith does not think he is quick or physical enough for the PL. On all other counts is a lot better technically than Hause. Definitely a Suso signing.
  6. We need to strengthen if we are seriously looking to get a top 10 placing. If they are going to do a U turn on the 5 sub rule it will be a massive advantage for the big clubs as their benches are far better than Villa's.
  7. I'd rather proper Villa legends like Mortimer get given more air time but hey ho its too long ago for the twitter generation.
  8. Something weird is going on here. Training, not training. He has hardly played for most of this year. Smith doesn't rate him and he will be gone by next season.
  9. Decent performance and result, just a further reminder how abysmal 2016 was. England are the flat track bullies of international football.
  10. I can't cope with the Rashica thread re-opening. That was done to death.
  11. Paul Scholes couldn't tackle properly for the best part of 20 years but that didn't stop him having a stellar career.
  12. Never going to happen. He has hardly managed for years and I fail to see how he has any relationship with Rooney off the pitch.
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