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  1. In the past 40 years Labour have been in power for 13 of them, and even then was a fairly moderate centre left (right?!) leaning. Britain is a very conservative country, which will only increase as the population ages. Only the post war period from up to about the mid 1970s have Labour ever looked the more dominant party in the UK. Since the SPD/Labour split the progressive vote has been split which helps the tories. With the total collapse of labour votes in Scotland I just can't see Starmer getting anywhere close to a majority if he is just relying on England and Wales. Outside the met
  2. Have we given up on Tuanzebe? Admittedly he hasn't done much since he went back to United with a combination of injuries and players being ahead of him. Its a shame as I thought he was set to push on after his loan spell with us. Still only 23 though and can play in several positions, might be a decent squad player.
  3. Has the Milot boat sailed? Are we going to have another 200 pages of fish puns and Kenneth's?
  4. Perhaps back by the last game v spurs? That will mean he has missed entirely the no crowd covid era. That is a long time.
  5. Losing Wilson is massive for them, I can't see where the goals are to come from. Andy Carroll is the non goal scoring striker.
  6. That might be true but as I have said before as a fan base I don't think we are fabulously wealthy (certainly when compared to London clubs and Man U global base) , and thinking about hiking season tickets after a global pandemic and about a 10% unemployment rate in Birmingham doesn't sound like a fantastic plan to me. The other point is that the North Stand though tatty does have corporate facilities (though dated) and club offices. Any replacement stand will need to match or better this and as I said before stands behind goals are less popular for corporate so the demand might not be
  7. Think its more cost/benefit rather than demand. Probably not sure spending a lot of money for about 10,000 more capacity is worth it.
  8. We were selling out every home game pre covid and for the games under Smith in the Championship we were often getting 40K+ crowds so I think the demand is there now. Frankly its about time given the size of the club and the potential size of the catchment area we have.
  9. Given the current layout to get to 60,000 would cost a awful lot of money and probably a lot of bought up properties with all the legal issues that comes from it. 50K is more than realistic. I probably repeat myself every month or so on this thread but it is frustrating as for years we have had all this space behind the North Stand, ready to do something really spectacular. In the meantime Spurs (who I used to think was a similar sized club) have gone from the old WHL which was surrounded by light industry buildings and seemingly very little options to expand, to a 60,000 super stad
  10. Yes it looks fantastic unless the government refuse it on the grounds of Historic England objections. Goodison is a historic old ground but having visited it it is understandable why they have wanted to move from over 20 years. Restricted views and no room for redevelopment but it was start of the art venue when originally built. I wonder if Liverpool fans think they have missed a trick in not moving and instead expanding Anfield? In the case of Villa it is sadly yet another club who will be moving to a larger venue than Villa Park. In the past 20 odd years that is Man City,
  11. Looks like Wimbledon will be on with some sort of crowd. Come on Tim.
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