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  1. I think the problem is that we bought him thinking he is a defensive midfielder but I don't think at present at his stage of his career he has the discipline to play that role. He definitely has some real ability but it is a question of finding a role for him along with Jack and McGinn without making our midfield seem very lightweight. I'd rather in the summer we bought an equivalent of a 10 years younger Glenn Whelan with a bit more pace.
  2. I presume you don't have a career in public relations then?
  3. So they have already designed next year's kit without listening to any feedback from the fans for this year? Seems a bit strange.
  4. Yet another evening kick of which is a bit of a pain in the ar*e to be honest.
  5. Man I thought my Chicken and Mushroom pie tasted a bit strange.
  6. He has obviously got ability but would you really trust him to help see out a tight match? No me neither.
  7. Away form is a worry. We are doing ok but it is going to be a tough season to stay up. Anything else will be a bonus.
  8. Whatever Kay Burley says is the truth.
  9. It is a rivalry because Sky told me so.
  10. Not top flight material which shows 12 mil does not go very far nowadays.
  11. Its baffling that he is comparing Grealish to completely different players in Rashford, Sterling and Hudson-Odoi. It would be like justifying not including Mings because of Delph and Henderson. Odd.
  12. Southgate saw him play out of his skin versus Brighton and still no call up. Time for another masterclass this weekend Jack to show the stupidity of this non selection.
  13. I am so proud of the players who went toe to toe with the European Champions and should have got at least a point from yesterday. In the first half we gave them numerous problems for a side that has not been beaten in league football since January. Every player gave their all and the atmosphere was tremendous. You just have to remember how far we have come in a year- 12 months ago we were mid table in the championship. The last time we played Liverpool it was one of my worst experiences of watching football. It was a total and abject humiliation of a tired and stale football club steaming towards relegation and a miserable future. That side had given up and played with no purpose. Such a contrast for today's side both on and off the pitch. It is going to take time but we are on our way back.
  14. Last time we played them we got battered 6-0. This time last year we were a mid table championship side. Today could be a statement that we are on our way back. Just enjoy the game and I think it will be a special atmosphere today. UTV.
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