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  1. The Fun Factory

    Conor Hourihane

    He averaged about 1 in 4 last season, of which a lot of the time he was asked to play deeper. And Villa last year were hardly a free flowing side. No Villa midfield player since Milner has scored as many goals in a season than Conor last year. I am not sure what you are on about.
  2. The Fun Factory

    Form and Stats

    We had a fairly crappy start last season and got better- I am not sure if that is to be repeated this time though.
  3. The Fun Factory

    Steve Bruce

    I have no idea what Bruce is trying to do with Villa at the moment. The side is all over the place and he was entirely in charge of the summer recruitment after Round left. It is talented championship squad, but not balanced at all. He might by accident find a winning team but it is not looking good at the moment.
  4. The Fun Factory

    Pre-Match Thread

    Nyland Elmo Tuanzebe Chester Hutton Bolasie Whelan Hourihane El Ghazi Kodjia Abraham
  5. The Fun Factory

    Ratings & Reactions: Blackburn v Villa

    Garbage. We have enough quality in this side to beat teams like Blackburn. I have no idea what Brucey is trying to do. A combination of plodding forward play and no clean sheets is going to result in a mediocre season. Did we need to play Jedinak yesterday? To defensive, and at present are best option is to be attacking as we are not at a moment a side that will win 1-0. After a few games Bruce coulld probably make Messi a defensive midfielder so I don't think it was the players fault yesterday, it was the painfully dull set up the manager inflicted upon us. Hourihane should be starting on Tuesday, it is baffling he has been dropped. IMO I don't think long term Grealish and McGinn is going to work. It looks like McGinn was brought into replace Jack but obviously he is still here. A massively unbalanced squad, made worse by the manager loaning out Elphick and De Laet. Baffling.
  6. The Fun Factory

    The NSWE Board

    I think everyone is reading to much into Edens. He helped buy the bucks as they had to build a new stadium and the previous owner was ready to sell and move on. I guess he saw Villa as a low price sports franchise worth taking a bit of a gamble as he got it for a good price as Tony was desperate to sell. If we ever someone get promoted than he could make a massive return on investment. If in about 4 years time we are still in the championship he could probably sell on and not lose much on it as well.
  7. The Fun Factory

    John Terry

    Terry could probably get paid more to be a coach at Chelsea than come back to us. And unless he wants to play abroad that will surely be the case for any other championship club that would be interested in him. Bascially it is up to him how much he really wants to play for another year for less money or take the more comfortable option of going back to Chelsea.
  8. The Fun Factory

    John Terry

    It seems fairly clear that the owners are that fussed in going for Terry. Wherever it will go down to a back me or sack me for Bruce, we will have to see. It will be a unsustainable amount of money for a player close to retirement- however we badly need a central defender and overall he did a good job for us last season. If if is happy to come back for half the money then I would move for him. Otherwise probably not.
  9. The Fun Factory

    John Terry

    I would imagine if Terry came back he would have to take a large pay cut from last season and be happy not to be the captain. Two quite big calls there.
  10. The Fun Factory

    John Terry

    Bruce has people skills.
  11. The Fun Factory

    John Terry

    Is JT becoming the fat sam of football player rather than management? Just wait a few months into the season and someone will be desperate enough to give him a generous contract.
  12. The Fun Factory


    Robert Huth to sign for a beer and a bratwurst?
  13. The Fun Factory

    Harold Moukoudi

    This is such a un bruce transfer window. Strengthened in many areas apart from the key ones of left back and central defence. If Chester gets a long term injury, the season is a write off. Bizarre.
  14. The Fun Factory

    Harold Moukoudi

    What is a partial medical? Is that along with a partial takeover, a partial balanced squad, and a partial transfer strategy?
  15. The Fun Factory

    Harold Moukoudi

    I waft in your general direction.