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  1. I fart in your general direction. RIP Terry Jones.
  2. Wanyama is only 28- too early to right him off or have the injuries affected them that badly?
  3. Yeah Bradoford was over 40,000 with a large away following. A dire night. Hopefully not this time so get those last tickets.
  4. Fixed . How are United 5th, they are tripe. We might need 40 points to stay up.
  5. Big if but if we did get through the allocation is about 32,000 and we have 30,000 season ticket holders so will be a bit tight.
  6. Its winnable and who cares who we get if we get through. We need a full house next week.
  7. Reminds of the quote from the ball of the century of Warne on Gatting in that he looked like someone has just nicked his lunch.
  8. Priceless win. A poor game in all honesty but who cares. Left a bit before the end so missed the scenes. Watford get what they deserve with their orrible time wasting. They could have killed the game off as we did not play well for large parts of it. Deeney can waddle off back to his sordid little grief hole. Reina kept us in the game. We have won more games than Arsenal which is baffling. Drinkwater needs 3-4 reserve games to get anywhere close to the starting XI. Pointless signing. Could be a season turning result. Bring on Leicester.
  9. Send him out on loan to free up some cash to bring into a forward on a loan. A championship player all day. To slow for the prem.
  10. A must not lose game tonight. We have to improve our recent home form but Watford are on a good run. We have to be made harder to score against but I think Reina is going to be busy tonight. Don't understand what has happened to Engels had about one poor game and has disappeared. I can't see Vassiliev tonight unless Smith is going to make a massive ultimatum a to the board that we need to bring in more strikers. More likely El Ghazi again up top. I think the amount of different set ups and lack of genuine first choice starters for Villa shows how poor our form is at the moment and lack of coherent style or play and identity. We have a lot of 5 out of 10 meh players who are much of a muchness apart from a couple of class players like Grealish and Mings.
  11. Should be playing imo. We were at our best this season with a Mingels partnership.
  12. Come on the Villa faithful lets get a wiggle on and sell the remaining tickets. Leceister are looking a bit dodgy at the moment so you never know- one game from Wembley! Repeat of 2010 would be nice. Repeat of 2013 not so nice.
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