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  1. The Fun Factory

    Pre-Match Thread

    Even thought it is supposed to be incredibly mild this weekend, it will be freezing up there.
  2. The Fun Factory

    Jacob Ramsey

    Why did he have a nasty rash?
  3. The Fun Factory

    Jacob Ramsey

    Did as well as you expect for 17 year old coming on for a side that is 2-0 down. Looks promising.
  4. The Fun Factory

    Conor Hourihane

    Oh dear. Performance to forget but having a go at a player when he is shot of confidence is not great either. He has been a decent player for us so I don't get all this Hourihane bashing now he is struggling with form. If we have greater depth he would be dropped to get his confidence back, but we haven't.
  5. The Fun Factory

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    I haven't really got to say a lot about that. I thought as a whole the defence is ok today with Hause and Mings looking promising. As we all know the midfield is the problem area and Tammy had once good chance he should have taken, but he gets very little support. All a bit flat, Albion deserved the win. We offered very little in the second half. I just hope Dean, the coaching staff and the board have some good ideas in the off season as today is not my idea of having fun on the weekend.
  6. The Fun Factory

    Pre-match thread

    I would really like Deano to go 4-4-2, and swap Davis for McGinn who has looked knackered for weeks. However he has shown no sign of wanting to do this. Midfield is the problem area at the moment, rather than the defence earlier in the year. The centre lacks legs, and the wingers have not been consistent at all this year. Adomah and Hourihane got 25 league goals last year- this year the total is at 6. Whelan and Hourihane are probably the best pick but at the moment it is hardly to fill yourself with confidence. Its annoying that both Carroll and Lansbury are still out as they would be more suitable to Smith's play. I would like to see Smith just stick with Green and Kodjia as first choice wide men for the rest of the season- as El Ghazi and probably Albert have no future with us after May. Kodjia is maddening to watch but he has ability and next season he should be up top again once Tammy signs to a premier league club. Good luck to him. Feeling a bit meh over all this- get to May without anything horrific happening and start the rebuild. Watching the youngsters on loan will probably be more interesting for the next 2 months. And we still get 38,000 attending.
  7. The Fun Factory

    Dean Smith

    We need to hold our nerve and back the manager. Some of the comments on here have been embarrassing. Look at Norwich for example. It is going to take time.
  8. The Fun Factory

    Tommy Elphick

    Nothing againist the guy but has anyone got our winning percentage when he plays? Got to be at the 25% mark.
  9. The Fun Factory

    Kortney Hause

    I don't know why we just didn't get in a full back, instead of recalling Elphick and signing two centre halves. And Axel will be back soon. The squad is still unbalanced. A lot of work in the summer methinks.
  10. The Fun Factory

    Ratings & Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    Well.... at least we aren't Blackpool. We all know that this squad needs a massive refit in the summer and quite frankly we are just counting down the matches until the summer. Past caring about this season now. Can't be bothered to get angry about it. Plan for 19/20 right now.
  11. The Fun Factory

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Very true. Start planning for next season.
  12. The Fun Factory

    Mile Jedinak

    Bizarre selection to start as he does not have the skills set that Smith wants. Cant pass and his legs have gone. Has been decent for us but surely with Carroll arriving that is the last of him at Villa.
  13. The Fun Factory

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Utd

    Er I left when it was 3-0 down. Whoops. Serves me right for being a rubbish fan. I can't believe we got a point from that.
  14. The Fun Factory

    Pre-Match Thread

    I am feeling quietly confident on this one. We shouldn't be wetting ourselves over a visit of Sheffield United at home. If our defence keeps improving and Tammy takes his chances we can win this.
  15. The Fun Factory

    Dean Smith

    Think everyone should take a chill pill. Smith is not the messiah, nor is he totally useless. He has proven to be a competent lower league manager who has got the biggest job of his life on his hands. I hope the majority of fans back him for the next 18 months or so. Strap yourself in, order some drinks and be prepared for the championship long haul.