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  1. Its been done before. I think I went to see Villa- Man City in the FA Cup at a 6pm kick off on a Sunday.
  2. Hopefully it should be all systems go by August. Virtually everyone should be vaccinated by then. If social distancing is still required next season the football and national league would need further financial support to keep going.
  3. I think he also never went full power as he had so many problem with his hands.
  4. I think that was more down to a lack of preparedness when they brought in Ruiz. Joshua got lazy. Like Lewis in his 2 defeats. Lewis-Raham is now 20 years ago. Bloody hell.
  5. Seemed to be the usual story of a plucky brit/gobshite going to America and then getting outclassed by the better boxer. See also Hatton, Ricky and Hamed, Naseem.
  6. We are unbeaten v Everton since we have gone back up. 2 wins and a draw.
  7. Needs more than 1 game imo to go to the Euros. Even as a firm Grealish for England fan I would need more convincing the lad is fit. Keegan, Robson, Beckham, Rooney, England have had their fair share of picking unift players for summer tournaments. It usually doesn't work.
  8. If it wasn't for the Euros you would guess he would have had surgery. By resting for 3 months he might have a chance of making the Euros. Whether that is a good decision for Jack and the club for the long term is another matter.
  9. I do find some of the vitriol here a bit depressing. We have had him for a season, it hasn't worked out, and he is going back to Chelsea. Has had a few good games but ultimately not consistent enough which sums up his career unfortunately.
  10. i can't see hims starting. Smith might put him on for the last 30 mins. Hopefully start on Sunday V Palace. If we can get a draw on Thursday and beat Palace that will take us easily over 50 points and a job very well done.
  11. This has got 1-1 written all over it.
  12. Martinez is the better keeper and is 7 years younger. That's why he cost twice the price. That is also why we wouldn't been in the position to sign him in our first year back. Heaton was a good signing at the time, it was just unfortunate he got another bad injury. Had we got relegated Heaton would have been a perfectly good keeper for the championship for a season or two. Heaton is widely assumed to be on about 40 to 45 grand a week. That is quite a lot of money for a 35 year keeper who is only back up and has averaged less than 10 games per season in the last 4 years. Its a no brai
  13. I think Smith will put in Davis for Watkins and that will be it. I don't think Wes is near starting yet. I also don't think he will start Jack, probably give him 30. Maybe start on the weekend v Palace.
  14. So you think we should have given him a 5 year contract like Given? Heaton was a good signing at the time, probably the best we could get. We since then bought Martinez who is better and 7 years younger. Heaton was unlucky with the injury but sadly has been injury prone for the last few years and will not be first choice anymore. We can now get a younger keeper in instead. If his contract was longer we would be paying a first team contract for a back up goalkeeper. A 2 year contract for a goalkeeper in his 30s with a injury record and Villa's position of trying to restablish the
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