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  1. When we have a good season=shirt is great. When we have a bad season=shirt is crap. Personally I think the 93/94 shirts are horrific but because we beat Man United at Wembley its seen as a cult classic.
  2. You mean the shirt that was modelled on the 83/84 one? There are only so many combinations you can do with 2 colours. Unless they all wear spacesuits.
  3. That's the Villa way. Buy high, sell low. He will never get as good as contract than at Villa so it will probably be another loan and then a free.
  4. We obviously haven't got it right but it was a tough rebuild last summer. Two of the loans we couldn't get back and Whelan, Hutton, Jedinak and Albert were not going to hack it in the prem. They all contributed last season but none of them have pulled up any trees at their respective clubs this year. We still need to think strategic and loan term, but sometimes you have to compromise the big picture with some short term deals. A couple of quality loans could have made a difference this year. Its a difficult balancing act but we didn't get it right last summer.
  5. I hope we win and stay up so that football commentators can trot out the cliche that this is the most played fixture in the top flight, and plastic citeh and chelsea fans being confused by this.
  6. If Boro stay up I bet Colin will get them at least in the playoffs. Can't keep a good man down.
  7. If we get relegated there is no chance we will get 80 mil for Grealish. He will want to leave and clubs will play hardball with us. People will say Maguire was sold for 80 million but Leceister were in the prem and by then he was an established England international, not a promising player with about 3 years of top flight experience. Given Covid all tranfers will be depressed even in the Premier League. I would say 50 million would be optimistic if you ask any non Villa fan. Sorry just my view.
  8. No. 40 million. And Tuanzebe thrown it. For Grealish. The last defender/midfielder from Manyew did quite well for us. Winky thing. And I don't mean Ronnie Johnson.
  9. I'd rather have Tuanzebe and 40 million quid.
  10. Its not such much the transfer money, its the wages. Villa were banded as one of the biggest spenders in Europe but 1-that was based on net spend, we hardly sold anyone and 2-I suspect the wages most of the new boys are on are fairly low in the admittedly ridiculously expensive premier league.
  11. It might take more than half a dozen games for someone to take a 20 million punt on him. If he wants to stay he could still be with us next season. We will see.
  12. He is socially distancing himself from the football pitch.
  13. I know. I mean how hard is it to launch a kit before the start of the season (well at least pre Covid)? Villa always seem to be one of the last and you think the peak time for buying this tat is in the summer hols. I think the worst was the first year of the nike deal in the MON days. I thought Villa had finally got into the big time with a massive kit manufacturer. I don't think the away kit was available until October/November time.
  14. Surely it needs to be contactless? Social distancing required even for bribes.
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