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  1. The Fun Factory

    Fans Consultancy Group Meeting

    Xia had a lot of plans, of which none actually happened. I will be happy if we can start getting 40,000 on a regular basis before anything else. I just can't see how we could get a 60,000 stadium on the current blueprint of the site unless basically the whole thing was knocked down. The Doug Ellis plans had to be lowered in height when it was built in the 1990s due to complaints from the surrounding houses, I can't see how the Holte could be expanded, and Trinity Road was rebuilt which is already over Aston Park. 50,000- maybe, but only if we got promoted and became a solid top 8 side again. The North Stand is fine for now but if we ever want to be one of the big boys again it would have to go. The whole area gets really busy when we sell out at the moment so I would expect significant investment in the whole of Aston/Witton infrastructure would be needed if we really started to be serious about this again.
  2. The Fun Factory


    Allowed to play at Wembley as long as they want but at a 51,000 capacity. I don't why the FA should have just forced them to rent it out for the rest of the season as they nowhere else to go.
  3. The Fun Factory

    Villa Park name/sponsor deal

    I used to oppose this sort of thing but we are all corporate tarts nowadays. If its insert naming rights Villa Park Stadium, I would be happy if its a shed load of cash and we can avoid financial fair play.
  4. The Fun Factory

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Bolton

    Yes it is not great. It was designed for standing so it is too shallow really for seating. Better when you stand tbh. As for the game it was a decent routine win versus a poor Bolton side. We still look a bit shaky at the back and against a better side we would have conceded yesterday surely. I think Tuanzebe is growing into the central defence role and I think we have more balance with Taylor at left back than Hutton. Nyland is still a worry. The way McGinn plays I can't see him not getting a injury, he really does get stuck in. We are work in progress and Derby next week will be a real test.
  5. The Fun Factory

    Word Association

    Tony Xia- Bullshit merchant Dean Smith- Home John Terry- Always liked him Jonathan kodija- Championship player Jack grealish- Shin pads Glenn Whelan- Penalty specialist
  6. The Fun Factory

    Dean Smith

    I think Bannan is a bit too european for the daily hail.
  7. The Fun Factory

    Pre-Match Thread

    Oh dear, hubris.
  8. The Fun Factory

    Ratings and Reactions: QPR v Villa

    I will let you on to something- this isn't one of the best teams in the league. It is totally unbalanced and we have no defence, with a third of the season gone. If we really did have one of the best teams in the league we would be near the top and Bruce would still be in charge.
  9. The Fun Factory

    Ratings and Reactions: QPR v Villa

    The answer to that is no. We will come between 9th and 15th.
  10. The Fun Factory

    Ratings and Reactions: QPR v Villa

    JT to get his (white) boots on? Even with his legs gone he would be a massive improvement. Unlikely though.
  11. The Fun Factory

    Ratings and Reactions: QPR v Villa

    1 away win and now the clocks will go back. Season is nearly a write off before Smith has a chance to implement his ideas. I know we should be patient but it is looking like at least 4 seasons in the second tier now, with the money running out. Puts you in a good mood for the weekend! Yay.
  12. The Fun Factory

    Match Thread: QPR v Villa

    Poor Dean. I wonder if he knows what he has signed up to.
  13. The Fun Factory

    Dean Smith

    He wants our players to be more tactically aware- which is a bit of a indictment on the previous regime!
  14. The Fun Factory

    Anwar El Ghazi

    I think he could be decent- bit early to right him off imo
  15. The Fun Factory

    Anwar El Ghazi

    I guess he will be starting on Friday. Time to stake his claim to be a regular, esp with Adomah future looking uncertain.