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  1. That makes more sense, I thought it was ‘the forest Cafu’ which is rubbish as he doesn’t play for them any more
  2. Wow that was close for them, I think my pants are now inside my lower intestine
  3. Give it two years and we’re going to have a **** incredible side!
  4. Come on you Villa boys! Love it. Fans in great voice too all game!
  5. Totally agree. He looks like he smells like belly buttons.
  6. He’s also a little bit off the pace because of not playing for a while and off match fitness. He’s also working very hard off the ball
  7. Yeah he’s been good. Such an odd player, flashes of utter brilliance, and then it looks like he’s never seen a football before…
  8. Are Chelsea still singing about super Frank Lampard!? Time to move on lads!
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