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  1. I must be missing something here.Our last 5 managers have been McStupid ( who was pathetic ) P.Lambert ( who was only a little bit better ) Tim Sherwood ( who got us to the FA cup where we got thrashed ) Remi Garde ( who threw up when he realised what was needed ) Di Mateo ( who spent bucket loads of $$$ for players like Richards and McCormack ) and now we have Bruce ( who has got the dressing room together,has got us playing some decent football and got us to a play off spot last term ) and we are slagging him off.The above list does not include our tempory managers, like Eric Black. You have to realise that we are not hoing to get a Guardiola or a Klopp and reading the above, Bruce looks quite good to me. I have to add that he is not my favourite choice as manager but you have to cut your cloth etc.
  2. I play backgammon online and there are some players that throw a real wobbly when they lose.Cussing and swearing etc.For crying out loud.if you cant take losing then dont play.Its as simple as that.
  3. We had Nzog,now McCormack and Richards.Dont get too excited because whem Mc and Richards go Bruce will get someone else in to replace them.I thing AVFC think that having a player sit around and do nothing for 60k a week is a position like striker,winger,defender or sitting around.
  4. PussEKatt

    John Terry

    We will have to play 5 at the back then.One to cover Terry.
  5. Which version of Madden is that then and is the management part any good ? because Madden concentrates heavely on the arcade type onfield action.
  6. PussEKatt


    Every nature documentry stress`es survival of the fittest.The weaker ones get killed off or eaten and the fitter/smarter stronger ones go on to survive and pass on their genes to the next generation.Looking at it this way, cats are actually helping the other critters to survive better.I know cats were introduced by us but then so were countless other species introduced into different inviroments.
  7. Its bad enough when you come off the freeway after doing 110ks and have to slow down to 50ks, and thats not even for road works.
  8. You have a very good point there
  9. Im retired now but I was a plastics technician
  10. Anyone know if there is a decent NFL manager game ? Something like Football manager but for grid iron
  11. I have been taking Viagra for my sunburn. It doesent cure the sunburn but it keeps the sheet off my legs.
  12. What do you call a IT teacher that touches up his students ? a PD File
  13. PussEKatt


    Over here you can get something from the local pet shop that cats dont like the smell of so they stay away. You can train a cat to do a lot of things.When one of our cats was really sick we managed to train her to do her thing while we had her on a leash.
  14. First of all, I sence that this thread is not as friendly as it was.
  15. You are getting me mixed up with someone else there.Im not in nor ever have been in developement. As far as my last point goes."What has Windows done" Like I said above, I know how to write a computer program and I would guess that the windows code would streatch to quite a few pages but all these updates when windows has been going since 1993 is silly ( bearing in mind that Windows has loads of updates each year.I am willing to bet right now that when Windows 11 comes out it will be followed by loads of updates/patches/hot fixes. If MS really wanted to do something useful why not concentrate on something like how easy it is to get admin rights.I mean all you have to do is right click on a shortcut and select run as administrator.To alter the registery all you have to do is type regedit, to alter the boot sequence all you have to do is type msconfig.All these things can be done from within windows so a virus can do all this once it is on your PC.How about if you wanted to run software as an administrator you had to do it through the BIOS or what about having to go into safe mode and having to select "run as administrator "That way a piece of malicious software could not alter your registery and take over your PC as administrator because to get admin rights or change the boot etc you would have to do it from outside windows OS.
  16. PussEKatt


    You were luckier than me then, lived there ( in Auckland ) for 10 years and saw none of then,only in the zoo.
  17. You do mean Ting Tong dont you ? not King Kong,Ping Pong or ding dong.
  18. PussEKatt


    Having lived in New Zealand for a while I can say that the only place where you can see native birds eg Kiwi,Kalapo,Fantail or Tui is at the zoo, so I dont know what wild life they are talking about !?
  19. Ok, tomorrow Im off down to the local supermarket with my underpants on the outside. I wish I had of thought of this when I was younger, boy would I be able to pull the chicks.
  20. I dont understand why superheros wear their underpants on the outside. If I wear my underpants on the outside will that make me a superhero or will everybody think Im a superhero ?
  21. PussEKatt


    Im sorry,I still find it hard to believe that a spoilt moggy will go all the way to the locale forest/nature reserve just to catch insects and birds etc etc.I am absoutely certain that the cats in question are feral cats, ones that are trying to catch food for themselves not some game.I blame the owners of cats who just dont give a shit.You will find that your average house cat does two things.Eating makes it sleepy and sleeping makes it hungry.
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    You have to look at it from the police mans point of view.These guys deal with 1% of the population all the time.Their whole working day is concerned with this 1 %, I mean they dont get a 999 call to go and have tea with an old lady or to help someone in a department store pick which dress to buy.No they are called out when there is trouble or a dangerious situation or a dangeriously developing situation.They are used to coping with people that use violence to settle matters.Im suprised that more tasers are not used.
  23. Isnt this a repeat of last years news,or was it the year before...or the year before that, I get so confused sometimes.

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