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  1. 9-12 I am optimistic If we draw Leeds, I think we will have a comfortable 9th thru 12th finish
  2. thank you guys so much, here is my cocktail menu w/ our story of how New Orleans brought halloween to America Actually I dont mnow how to do attachments but thank you!!
  3. thank you guys so much, here is my cocktail menu w/ our story of how New Orleans brought halloween to America
  4. Embarrassed w/ the coming out of bigots, trump is shit and only the morally bankrupt vote republican this year
  5. Ha ha, yeah my friend I did miss the commentary and comaradrie as well. Been strange schedule past decade and hard to follow, but last season and this one I've been figuring it out. Hope you guys are all well over there!
  6. Oui, apple bobbing is definitely a thing.
  7. Hey mates, I have to write a short story on a trip to UK during October and was wondering if there were any standard English/Scottish lore on All Hallow's Eve that we don't know about over here in the states? Is there a particular one or several that I should look for? Any help is appreciated, Thank you.
  8. So disappointed. We can't win or draw when up a man at arsenal I seriously doubt we will stay up. What a joke. Prevent? We played prevent when up a man? So sad
  9. Loving the black grace the royal chump is marrying into. Shit looks good to me... .....good on'ya 'Arry.
  10. A friend if mine wrote an insightful book for us to read before this upcoming World Cup. https://www.amazon.com/World-Cup-Fever-Controversy-Excitement/dp/1510718087/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526239889&sr=8-1&keywords=world+cup+fever
  11. Hey guys, it's been a while. I just wanted to say as an American, and in regards to your lot leaving the EU, that I'm beginning to understand where we got our stupid from. I miss you guys, and looking forward to logging in during our trek back to top flight. Cheers, 3PO
  12. Your lot read David Mitchell? I looked in previous pages in this thread not to beat on about something in the past, but, I think if I were born and rasied in the UK (especially born in the 70's) I'd love "Black Swan Green" even more than I loved it (wasn't born and raised in UK). Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet was good, too. Now that I've read 2 books I liked from Mitchell, I'm about to pick up "Cloud Atlas."
  13. I'm only happy with Houllier if he brings in some French players. Sorry, but if we keep going English we'll keep running out of ideas like we have been. Can we please bring in some quality that has attractive flair, too? I'm still annoyed with what a waste of time Hadji spent with us. All my mates here in the states are laughing at me...because I used to laugh at their Scouse-asses back when Houllier was fouling up at Annsfield. I loved looking at his big eyed frog face just staring at the pitch...and now I have to see him do it whilst gaffing Villa. Ah well, Ribery would do nicely pleas
  14. All is well down here. Insane, actually. Here's a funny story about my city, and I think it'll make Bernie smile, too (it's relative to what he considers mardi gras). I work at a very nice, old, french creole restaurant. I wear a tuxedo to work and my bar is one of the prettiest rooms in town. But, we're still in the French Quarter and bordered by Bourbon Street, mind, so things can't always stay classy. Moving on...two weeks ago when I walk my last guests out the door to then lock behind them so I can close I have to say I should(should) be appauled at what immediately took place follow
  15. Pretty funny bloke, BOF. Also, for carnival music you guys should listen to wwoz.org online. They have a live feed from their radio station and they're playing some good stuff lately.
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