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The ASTON VILLA FC Conspiracy Theory (Revised version)


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Let’s go back to that defining day when MON, probably thought  „Up Yours Randy“, decided to walk.

He felt “wronged” enough to take Randy to task over “wrongful Dismissal”.

He “won” of sorts and The club, we the fans, lost the first round of many where “Consequences have conspired” against Aston Villa FC and it’s Fans.


Is it possible to interpret MON’s actions as “Now I’ll do you over Randy”?




I recall him saying in an interview that he wanted the job of Managing ASTON VILLA FC.

Maybe the way he was ignored for the job, KMAC  probably thought  „ Up Yours Randy “, then decided to lose 6-0 to Newcastle.


Is it possible to interpret KMAC’s actions as “Now I’ll do you over Randy”?




A right or wrong appointment?  We’ll never really know.




Randy tried to employ him, which understandably by most fans opinion, would have been a wrong decision.

 A big „ Up Yours Randy“ from the fans.


Is it possible to interpret Randy’s actions of appointing McLeisch as “Now I’ll do you over ” to the fans?




Was a former BCFC Manager who had just relegated them to the Championship, and should never have been even considered as worthy of the position of “Manager of ASTON VILLA FC”.

Not only due to his abilities as a Football Manager but also the unthinkable of taking a failed BCFC Manager as someone deserved to serve ASTON VILLA FC and it’s fans.


AMcL is probably an honest man who felt honoured being our Manager. He treated the club and fans with respect, However, he was just the wrong man at the wrong club. The only thanks I have towards him is that he didn’t relegate us.




By now it was beginning to show how uninterested Randy was in us. He had proved his point to himself by appointing McLeish and getting away with it.

His lack of Football knowledge lead him to numerous decisions that meant he could hide behind a wall of “Patsies” and run the club as to relieve him of the Financial losses his own lack of foresight created.


PL cut the wage bill and kept us up twice.


During PL’s reign this fact allowed our Owner/Custodian to consistently move the Goalposts. The obvious consequence of this was that at some point PL was going to say  „ Up Yours Randy “.


I believe PL could have been a good appointment under different circumstances, but alas, Randy Lerner can take pride in his stubbornness and stupidity that broke an honest man, turning him into a different animal.


It has been made known that PL “invited” Randy to sack him more than once, deserving himself compensation.

Randy wouldn’t do it, leaving PL hung out to dry. I am not in the least surprised if PL took this attitude “OK, if that’s the way you want to play it – I can play that game too”


The mumbling interviews, bungling tactics and formations, records broken here, there and everywhere, sideways-passing.........................etc

Was it gamesmanship from PL to RL in answer to his stubbornness and decision-making?


Is it possible to interpret Paul Lambert’s actions of “staying put until you sack me for my compensation” bringing us closer  and closer to the inevitable as “Now I’ll do you over Randy” ?




Asking  PL for advise on how to beat Leicester in the FA Cup!!!!!!!! WT? (need I go into that one?)


Is it possible to interpret Marshall &???? actions as “Now I’ll do you over Randy” ?




Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Many things can be said about Tim, But,  he achieved the seemingly impossible by keeping us up last season, 2nd half v Leicester FA Cup, FA Cup v WBA, FA Cup Semi-Final at Wembley v Liverpool & a date in the Final v Arsenal.


It’s irrelevant now how it happened, “Get into them Slaaaaaags” Benteke thinking “OK score a few – get a move” Cleverley thinking “OK I’ll play to impress Roberto Martinez” or simply a different voice than PL’s,  Were the 3 relegated teams worse  than us?


However, The most striking thing for me is the following.

I know that it can only be conjecture, but if I can suggest a pattern that has continued throughout, MAYBE there is a continual common reaction towards Randy Lerner.


Tim Sherwood is a Cocky- Cockney, he wants to be the stereo-type therefore he plays on it.


His Tactics, Team selections, admissions, Denials and subsequent comments about the club, players, staff....etc

Suggests to me he wanted out a long time ago.


From the 6-1 loss to Southampton, the defeat to an already relegated Burnley at the last home game of the season (a special day for the fans), The 4-0 FA Cup embarrassment v Arsenal, A fluked win away (our only one since WH) to Bournemouth, Surrendering a 2-0 lead away against Leicester due to his famed substitutions, The “Waving arms” clip so often posted here, guiding the team to the bottom of the league............... I could go on.................and there are many a comment that contradicts common logic..............


Is it possible to interpret Tim Sherwood’s  actions as “Now I’ll do you over Randy” ?


Is it possible that Tim deliberately conspired to run the team into the ground, killing any kind of confidence, belief in the same players he had playing like “Semi-Gods” in a FA Cup Semifinal?



(I’ll insert




Again here


Is it possible to interpret KMAC’s Team selection against Spurs & Southampton as “Now I’ll do you over Randy”?)



If we go through some players one by one and note how they have been effected by Tim Sherwood’s conspiracy against Randy Lerner (and subsequently ASTON VILLA FC & its Fans).


Guzan – Confidence at an all time low, ruined by Tim’s comments & handing

Given – Moved on knowing Guzan was shot – not adequately replaced

Cissokho – Loaned out knowing that Richardson was past it – Yes Amavi was first choice, but only a fool could presume that Amavi would stay 100% injury & suspension free

Lescott – was obviously past it

Gil – a talent ignored

Grealish – egoed him into Mr Big - Whatsits

Gestede – not utilising his obvious strengths.


Generally our squad is not fit.

Any new players coming in, either slated, not played, hung out to dry.


Can Tim Sherwood be accused of disjointing anything we had going for us,  just to get out,  get his 2mill compensation. Blaming everybody except himself?


Constructive dismissal?


A Charlatan?

Cheating the fans, Staff and everybody at the club by bringing us down as far as possible leaving such a mess that no-one can save us.

Only to claim himself to be a good “football man” in saving us from relegation, getting us to a FA Cup final the season before?

“If only the club had listened and bought the players I wanted”.

“The players they bought are all terrible and I proved it”.

“The Club’s run by amatuers”

“Who are Viller anyway, Not Tot’nam”

“Who wants to live in Berminam anyway?”

“Ow’s it gowin ‘Arry?”


Randy Lerner is ultimately responsible for the present state of ASTON VILLA FC. But he must be a difficult person to work for.

It seems that MON, KMAC, Lambert, Marshall, Sherwood & KMAC again have all decided to “Up Yours Randy” at some point, to the detriment of ASTON VILLA FC its staff and fans


ASTON VILLA FC  the club we, the fans, love.


I think we have enough in the squad, if used correctly, to be safe over a whole season.

From the Squad left to us by PL/RL we needed to add credibly


GK - Given/Guzan – enough to survive

RB – Huton/Bacuna – Good enough for PL 15-17th

LB – Cissohko – Good enough for PL 15-17th

CB – Okore & Clark worked – Senderos was good enough

DMF – Sanchez – if fit enough – good enough

MF – Westwood – Good enough for PL 15-17th

AMF – Gil, Grealish, Sinclair more than adequate


New signings

Richards – Good PL player

Lescott – past it – emergency use only

Amavi – Showed he was capable – we’ll have to wait now (cruel blow as it left us with Richardson)

Gana – was nearly ruined by TS – proving to be a worthwhile addition (note – would be better had TS not confused the squad)

Vertout - was nearly ruined by TS – proving to be a worthwhile addition (note – would be better had TS not confused the squad)

Traore – obvious talent

Ayew – Turning out to be a great player for us

Gestede – it annoys the Hell out of me that we don’t feed him what he needs (talk about putting Petrol in a Diesel motor) CROSS THE BLOODY BALL


We should have gone all out for Austin (QPR) – We needed to replace Benteke’s Goals, not Benteke . Replacing Benteke was always going to be impossible, But 32.5mill should have been enough for 2 players who could score (if used correctly)


Cleverley & Delph were vastly overrated (TC had about 6 really good games) (Delph was always good for a costly mistake losing possession & not tracking midfield runners into our box)




I see a difference now that Remi is here. He seems to have a concept of how he wants to do things. The fact that the players are totally devoid of confidence & belief is not on him. I believe he is turning things around.


ManC was a good start

The international break & losing Amavi was not good for him

Everton & Soton showed him a lot about the fragile nature of our squad

Watford was an example of how good we can be at messing things up for ourselves, but forget the name, they are now 8th

Arsenal are in a different league to us

Newcastle was a game where the conditions dictated – I’m just glad we got a point


For me West Ham is a Draw needed - but a win would be really good for us

Norwich & Sunderland are must wins

From then on in we have to start upsetting the odds to survive


Bringing back Cissohko

Leaving out Richardson

Making waves about getting rid of N’Zog, Gaby  are good news.

Kozak & Senderos - I’m not sure of, maybe they have been broken, like Lambert was.

Targeting a new GK, Enforcer, playmaker & Striker is good news

Getting the players up to speed


All these things are a sign of mostly good judgement, so I’m 100% behind him and his Staff.


I hope from the bottom of my heart and soul that Remi Garde can somehow crawl us back up the table and out of the Relegation zone before the last game against Arsenal away. If only to prove that we are ASTON VILLA FC a unique Football club and that even the most incapable owner, his decisions and any Manager under him who has conspired against us (the fans – the true heartbeat of the club) can not bring us down.


Villa till & Die



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I apologise to the original poster, clearly put a lot of time and effort into that.

However, I started reading and thought "that's a bit crack pot" and then skipped through to see how long it went on for.  At this point I took the decision to save myself from reading all that, sorry man.

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