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  1. Who was that German manager we were linked with last year? Villa Analytics did an overview of him. That was when DS was last under scrutiny.
  2. Looked terrible for the first 30 minutes vs Burnley. Would like to think we have more about us than Burnley, and at home after a performance like we've just had I expect a win, despite their good start and position. Benitez is a canny manager, he knows how to set up a solid side. I think Everton got a bit lucky with their goals yesterday but were worthy winners. But I have to say that we should have too much for them though, we are no longer "stop Jack and stop the attack", if we play Buendia, Watkins, Ings and Bailey, which I expect to do so, we should have too much quality. Villa 2 - 0 Everton
  3. Like Mane yesterday, got his goal but it took about 20 shots in an utterly dominant display.
  4. I think Mings is as good a player for a team in our position as is possible, even if we buy another CB I hope it’s to compete against Mings, we are light at the back. But I think if we are to improve, after this season i.e. next summer window, improving our defensive game must be on the agenda. All players should now fear being upgraded, it goes hand in hand with progress and ambition, something we are thankfully demonstrating as a club. I think if you are thinking about names to replace Mings, that’s an error, Lange & Co will be looking at how we can statistically improve the defensive numbers, it will be analytics: how and why we concede and what we look for as attributes to improve. I am sure Mings’ dubious accolade as making more defensive errors than any other player in two years is known but he must compensate elsewhere. But at some point the percentage improvements needed will point to Mings.
  5. I said in August that I thought Mings, Luiz and McGinn would need to have a decent season or they would have to look over their shoulder, I still think this is the case. I note that McGinn and Luiz both look improved this season already. I don’t think the Captains armband means much, I am certain we will look to improve our defensive game next summer and that would be a DM and Centreback. If we are going to spend big, that’s an area that would provide the biggest gain for us.
  6. Far too early to judge one way or another, but you can’t deny Ings record. 1 in 2 this season so far, well marshalled by a very strong defensive unit yesterday is no embarrassment. It will take until Christmas for us to find how we play together, but I am sure some games he will score when Watkins doesn’t. I don’t think Dean will hesitate in subbing or making hard decisions this season, we have a lot of talent waiting to get on.
  7. Big game for Dean today, this is why I think he is a much better Manager than given credit for. With a broader squad we are seeing new things all the time lately. We looked a completely different, unpredictable side today; he got very good performances from a lot of players today, all in a new system. We looked a better team despite our greater problems and being away from home. Touchel is a very good manager, but his stronger and celebrated team was outplayed in the first half, and that was down to Smith. This won’t happen overnight but I really think we are going to finish the season well, and kick on big time next season.
  8. It was interesting today but unless I was mistaking him for Watkins, he was playing in some advanced positions today, was lingering in the final third more than I’ve ever seen before?
  9. Very good today, in fact very good last game also. We didn’t need to worry about our midfield, it’s firing on all cylinders and our most competitive area of the squad.
  10. Thought he was off it for the first 5 minutes, then he was everywhere and the best midfielder on the pitch in very accomplished company. He energy and endeavour was excellent. I just watched his post match interview, he is very focused and more mature, I think he is going to have a big season.
  11. Possibly our best player this season so far, he is really looking the part this season, really good today: great drive, aggression and decision making (except for the wrestle that led to the booking). He is going to be a very good player for us. So excited about our kids, they are really good. I reckon we will likely sell Nakamba, Luiz and Sanson before Ramsey, he is doing a great job.
  12. Needs more game time in a settled team, everyone’s finding their way at the moment and will be for some time.
  13. I don’t want him to leave, but I would like a more complete centre back, that’s how we improve. Despite his gaffs, he remains a very good player, and important player for us. If you want spin: Rather the error comes in a game we are losing and expect to lose than losing or drawing a game we expect to win.
  14. 3-0 is a joke. Early days, Watkins first game and will get better. Still haven’t played our best 11 yet. Gave a strengthened European Champion side a fright at home. We are raw and will get better, Mings aside, lots to be positive about. Special mention to Ramsey and Konsa who were great. McGinn had his best Premiership game today, long may that continue. Even Nakamba raised his game. I am happy and looking forward to Everton, I think we will be on a roll by Christmas.
  15. This could be true, but let’s give it some time
  16. Good game, very good Villa performance, they are they better side. Hard to know how a substitution improves us at present, midfield very good, McGinn and Ramsey excellent. Watkins a handful.
  17. I would be comfortable selling Mings for £50m or more next summer if we signed a better, younger centreback. He is a very good stopper, but I think there are more rounded centrebacks, I would like to see someone with a better range of passing for distribution. However he does offer that senior figure head, he's been in the trenches with us too, I think thats important in a squad. I would also suggest however that Villa is 'his club' - it would surprise me if he agitated a move elsewhere, he has grown into the player he is here. I just cant see a top 4-6 club coming in for him, I think he is here until he is in his early 30's and thats a good thing.
  18. I would agree, however in mitigation he has had a very disrupted start to the season. I would reserve judgement until he has everyone at his disposal. I think he needs Ings, Watkins, Buendia and Bailey/Traore/AEG to play together to demonstrate his intention. 4-4-2 is a radical change for us. I had expected: Grealish - Watkins - Buendia infront of McGinn - Smith Rowe - Luiz/Sanson. Obviously Grealish leaving and Ings arriving changes that.
  19. Southgate wouldnt make a club manager, he is preoccupied about not losing at the expense of all else. He likes to exercise control but he can’t balance that with offensive play from open play situations given the talent at his disposal. Smith is better than that, he has to be.
  20. Had a good game for the U23’s, definitely made an impression. We have some very promising youngsters
  21. We are poor at that currently but we haven’t played our intended 11 yet. We’ve either been missing our forward line, midfield creatives or midfield defensive/anchor or all. I am certain with Ollie, Buendia, Traore, Ings, AEG, Bailey, McGinn, Luiz and now even Bidace available it will be completely different within 5 games. It might take half a season, but we will be totally different and I am sure the stats will be transformed.
  22. Firmly in the Smith camp. Had a wobble in during the winter of 2020 when I though he was just not addressing the demands of the PL, but he put that right and his shortcomings are generally around the shortcomings in quality and depth of squad - we could only play one way, and the 1st 11 picked itself. He does demonstrate an intelligence and eagerness for his own personal development, I think he is a classic Manager rather than coach, I think he delegates well and is a progressive thinker. He isnt one to go stale - I can even see he has addressed a few things thhis season - subs being made earlier and perhaps more adventurous (helped by a broader squad). I also think Grealish leaving will perversely help the club too - we will become stronger and have more facets of attack, and players will emerge from themselves rather than live in his shadow. I think Grealish has made a bad move for himself also, yes he will get silverware but he looks to be playing in much narrower area of the field at the moment and he looks strangely shy in his challenge. Maybe he will grow into it, we all know his ability, but he could possibly be stifled by Pep, he was certainly indulged by Smith which he won't get at any other club.
  23. When you watch the Academy/U21/U23 they all play the same, they are slicker as a team than our first 11 which gives me hope, they always know where their team mates will be. They only lack experience. Once these young guys get into the team I honestly think we will improve (once they have some senior experience). I genuinely think we are very solidly set up for a 4-5 years, so if we sell some of them or existing seniors and buy some exceptional individuals, we will improve over time. It shoudlnt be lost on us that Philogene-Bidace playing for the 1st team this season is like us buying [say £15m] a young but very good winger/forward this window. He is still developing but can do some damage, and having watched him closely last night, he got through some defensive work too, so he has that discipline, its not all showboating. I would honestly say he might oust AEG for a start or 1st choice sub very shortly.
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