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  1. It’s terrifically satisfying that we have these options and competition. I think Dougie will find himself out for a while, which is great, I think he can find another level and this might be just what he needs. Hopefully the same goes for Nakamba too, he was robotically good tonight. Personally, I’d love to see more of Nakamba, I love players who make the game and their role look overly simple, I always thought that of Darren Anderton (who I watched every week while a student in Portsmouth).
  2. I am certain that’s how history will write that chapter, same as Steve Round’s retrospective rewriting of popular opinion.
  3. For all the stick Mings has received of late, tonight he showed he is a rock in this team. Great leadership and responsibility tonight, he is a key player for this team and I am so glad we have him. Despite this,I thought Konsa was quietly quality tonight too.
  4. I wish that version of AEG was always here, really good game for him. He could have disappeared after promotion and I didn’t think he was good enough, but he has really demonstrated a great mental attitude to the point I really respect him and could quietly become a cult figure.
  5. I’d have Sanson on for McGinn from the kick off. Possibly Trez later for Traore and swap the wingers, Raphina having a lot of joy down that RHS and that’s the most likely Avenue. Traore could have a say in this yet though. Banfords been quiet. That worries me.
  6. I also think Dean needs to take action, for 4 weeks now we have been abject, I am not seeing any improvement and he pulls the strings. If he is not careful, he becomes part of the problem, just as he was pre-lockdown last season. He changed us for the better but you can’t sit on your laurels, he has been trumped by Moyes, Potter, Dyche and Rogers in almost as many games, and in most instances we have better first 11’s. I am not advocating change, but the we have shown this team can deliver and the owners have backed everyone and spent a fortune and shown no shortage of serious, albeit qu
  7. I thought AEG was quite bright, the problem is that no one was at the races, on different wavelengths. If you check AEG’s stats I’m sure he was one of our better showings. I think he still has something to offer. Trez is also better on the right. But I would welcome better quality replacements, it’s how we improve.
  8. There’s no fear of Man City exercising their option.
  9. I think Dean will rethink this now. I really want to see Sanson given 90 and Ramsey looks ready to impress, looked totally at ease in this midfield battle and very busy. Those two add energy. For me, Luiz, McGinn and Barkley need to improve, they haven’t contributed enough quality and/or energy to warrant being untouchable. I don’t think we have anything to lose now, let’s prepare for next season.
  10. I’d say Barkley is hindering his development at the moment.
  11. Time to try some other things ahead of next season now we have dropped off the pace. Our old formula looks stale and blunt. Just shows how we still have a lot of signings still to make, we lack a real bite upfront when Watkins is not on it.
  12. I’d have Sanson and Ramsey as starters next week.
  13. I think we have been poor as a team over those games. At least today he is trying, tracking back and showing for it, but no one is looking for space ahead of him. He was poor in either the Burnley or West Ham match I do admit. I just think we are poor at the moment. The number of shots conceded against Brighton says our midfield just isn’t working as a unit.
  14. Villa’s XG the lowest in the division over last five games! Wow.
  15. I’d have Sanson on for Barkley on right from the second half kick off. I’d also have Nakamba on for Luiz.
  16. Don’t flap. We have goals in AEG, Traore, Barkley, McGinn and Watkins, this just depends on how we take our chances. In all honesty we have to wake up, we can’t be as bad as last week, this may be exactly what we need.
  17. We are way ahead of schedule and the squad says as much - it needs more work for at least three more windows. I would break the bank for first team starter: a very decent midfield general; another fast forward; and a left winger. We also need another CB and LB squad cover. I think unless Barkley improves he wont get an offer from us at the end of the season, but would still like him at the right price as he adds a level of aspirational quality and squad depth but it would also a lift the club to a serious operator status which has a knock on effect, however if he doesnt raise his ga
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