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  1. Steve Bruce

    count me in as a Brouter
  2. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Well judging by the last 30+ games, there will be no promotion charge under Bruce. So maybe this thread should be renamed the Whatever thread So those convinced that there will be a PC wont feel out of place and neglected
  3. Hey Villa's!

    Hi MSV1902 I'll be working in Duisburg 21.07 Maybe you fancy meeting up. I believe there is a townfestival on that weekend. Grasshopper P.S. do you know any details for the Tuesday match?
  4. Steve Bruce

    did any come true ? or did I fail ? ( like a certain AV employee)
  5. Steve Bruce

    DrT will sack Bruce after the Bristol game. You heard it here first chaps. And Tro will have a lot of explaining to do
  6. John Terry

    We should be looking to dominate games. Then we only need 3 at the back and not 4 or 5. However teams are gonna have a go at us at some point so to be able to have the FB's drop back into a 5 is a good option. From the 3 or 4 midfielders only 1 or 2 have to drop deep at least leaving an out ball wide or at an AM as an option. We must push the opposition back not letting them have FB's pushing us back with them also having 2 or 3 players attacking us. I like the idea of Terry being the distributer from the back or stepping out (if he can still leg it) as I think the "natural movers" in our team (Hogan McC and Kodjia - sometimes) would give more options for the out ball, Adomah and/or Green out wide & Kodjia drifting should give us plenty of chance to keep the ball and move the whole field of play forward.
  7. John Terry

    The problem here is 5 at the back soon becomes 6 forcing the 3 midfielders to drop back then hoofing to Kodjia I really dont want to see this Leaving Jedi out (rotating Terry Baker & Jedi as CB's) gives us the oppertunity of going with 1 - Adomah Lansbury Hourihane Green Kodjia 2 - Adomah Lansbury Hourihane Grealish/Hogan/McC Kodjia 3 - Adomah Lansbury Hourihane Hogan/McC Kodjia Note - Till Kodjia's fit we can go with Hogan Gaby McC RHM or Davis
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    BTW................. Just got back from a few days working in Majorca. (I had the choice of coming back to the luxurious surroundings of Brum but decided on staying near Frankfurt for a while to soften the blow) Man, every where you go you see t-shirts with Messi on them, I asked a few locals who explained how good he is, he scores goals goals goals no matter who plays in the team with him. they just give him the ball then 2 minutes later its in the net. Can we not make a bid?
  9. John Terry

    Maybe when DrT had his parting words with RDM, he asked him "So who was it that lead Chelsea to the CL win?" Maybe RDM's answer was "John Terry" so the contingency plan B is already in place if (when) Bruce fails to deliver
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Re: John Terry. around 4 seasons ago he had the first of his "back problems" The next season he made one last hoorah effort and did really well. The following season Mourinho left him out a lot so he made it through the season. Last season, a new manager, and a new system along with his overall fitness meant he was "rested" a lot. This could go 2 ways 1 - The rest has done him good so he could pace himself for 25-30 games and be good for us 2 - come out blazing for 1, 2 or 3 games, get injured, then its season over. The financial risk is 1 - a problem for Tonys bank account 2 - down to Wyness's FFP calutaion I trust DrT's wallet but not Wyness's decision making. ---------------------- What this does for the team is another matter with a dodgy keeper, a young Bree backed up with Hutton (RDL ?????) Chester are only reliable CB, then Terry (Fitness) Jedi (Fitness) Baker (Injuries) and Taylor backed up by Amavi, I don't feel over confident to be honest. It may work - it may not. The thought of a back 3 with Hutton and Amavi as wing backs scares me. The thought of a back 3 becoming a back 5 with Jedi holding doesnt suggest to me that we'll be playing purposeful football. ---------------------------------- New GK Chester + 2 from Terry/Jedi/Baker Bree Taylor Lansbury Hourihane Adoma Hogan Kodjia I can live with as we have enough back up in RDL Amavi Thor Green Grealish & McC to make a go of it even if we dont get any new signings in. .
  11. Tony Xia

    After heart surgery back to work soon writing a to do list
  12. Championship Fixtures 17/18

    I'm sure Bruce will show us in Pre-season games that nothing has changed in our style of play and intend during games. I'm Villa through and through and we deserve something special on the pitch just like our name suggests. So I'm sure I'll be calling for his head before the season begins. My expectaions for this great club wrongly situationed at the second level of English football are the following AV 4-0 Hull Colchester 0-4 AV Cardiff 0-2 AV Reading 0-2 AV AV 4-0 Norwich Bristol C 0-2 AV Anything less than 3 wins/1 draw/1 defeat (Reading away) in the league (even throwing the cup-tie) then we have to take the 14 days break after Bristol to find a new manager even though we should have got shot of him already.
  13. Micah Richards

    If so, that is promotion well and truly out the window
  14. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    you can trick somebody only once or twice Guzan & Traore Wait a minute Gestede Maybe Wyness should send Gibson an email list of available ex internationals
  15. Ross McCormack

    completely agree. Maybe McC took exception to being told to be on the bench and seeing himself eventually overtaken by Gaby in the pecking order. Then to cap it all when selected being hoofed at or ignored when making good movement and being in good positions, which is what he was bought for. One doesnt buy a plough then tell it to be a combine-harvester. regardless of the factors, divorce, alcohol, faulty gates and skin-growths. I would, in the same position, be furious and would not accept it.