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  1. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Nuno just said „Enjoy - play football - and win“ Top o‘t leeeeeague
  2. Pre match chit chat

    Derby 4-7 AVFC it is then 1 og and the other 6 from Gaby in the last 15mins
  3. Steve Bruce

    Re Bruce Derby Presser: How can it be „good“ to have played all of the top 8 away (by new year), when Bruce will have us playing like the „away team“ when we play them at home?
  4. Scott Hogan

    I apologize if reality puts you to sleep Siesta is good - just ask the foreigners
  5. Steve Bruce

    it was the EFL show Praising Rowett over Pep The irony is I can see Rowett „out-Bruce-Balling“ Bruce as his own game
  6. Scott Hogan

    Instead of „keeping it simple“ lets just 1 put our top assister in the stand for the first few games so we lose 2 lets play our hattrick scoring MFer 20yrds deeper so that he cant do it again 3 lets also play all of our „goal-scoring-for-previous-clubs-who-we-paid-a-lot-of-money-for-in-either-transfer-or-wages“ signings in a „not their natural“ position so as to comply with „s’Hit & hope Bruce-ball“
  7. Steve Bruce

    I really dont get the motto “lets be shit so we can be successful“ Being shit doesnt automatically mean you‘re successful I just saw on sky Ex-players (british) agreeing that the „pragmatic“ approach is better than Pep‘s WTF? when was the last time that a British Team (international or club), a british manager, a british player won ANYTHING of note? Who are the current PL Champs? World champs? Euro champs? CL champs? Ch champs? Who leads the PL? Ch? Who are the Major contributors to these successes? All British? British style in football is both shit and unsuccessful Bruce-Ball is shit
  8. Scott Hogan

    Too much intelligent logic there In the wonderful world of Bruceland there is a complete absence of conventional thinking
  9. Steve Bruce

    I‘ll take a wild guess that AS play more entertaining football than Bruce-Ball
  10. Steve Bruce

    Bree, Hogan, Lansbury, Whelan, Elmo If not transfer money, wages. Bree because he doesnt use him, if he insists on playing Hutton then both Bree and Elmo were wastes of money and Elmo who was bought to replace Adomah (top assister last season - top scorer this season) who he replaced with snod (Snod = good loan) Hogan because he thinks he can be Andy Lochhead Lansbury because he doesnt play him in his natural role (heaven forbid he scores) Whelan - replacing an „old injury prone Jedi“ with another oldie who cant contribute positive/progressive play Elmo - see above But you knew that already ***note Why buy a „squad“ when you use the same 11 till they all drop or get injured?
  11. Steve Bruce

    But Bruce has us playing like SunderBirmingHull Utd
  12. Chris Samba

    should be in the Hutton thread
  13. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Yeah but they‘re wrong
  14. Steve Bruce

    over what range are you mark(ing) him? A B C or A B C D E F G ?
  15. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    see the sensible replies from @srsmithusa & @JAMAICAN-VILLAN But I do get the irony even if the 3 „Like, Thanks & Haha“ didnt