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  1. Steve Bruce

    straight swap ? bruce can prove that he can turn things round a lesta Ranieri can do the same here
  2. Steve Bruce

    1 - Team that makes most changes - Team sits in 3rd place - Manager making correct decisions 2 - Team that makes 2nd most changes - Team in relegation battle - manager needs more time to learn to make correct decisions
  3. Tony Xia

    Hi Tony are you coming to the game on saturday? We'd love to meet you best wishes Grasshopper
  4. Tony Xia

  5. Steve Bruce

    During the Sky interview after the toon match he looked either Valium'd or just plain ill. He looked pale, he was struggling to pronounce words and was not his usual redfaced angry like other Postmarch interviews. In his pre match interview, he was giving it the "I'm the right man for the job" "I'll turn it around" Well, If he was getting half the potential out of the squad, there would be nothing that needed "turning around" Does anyone have an example of a manager "turning it around" or is it just pre-cursive talk till the sacking?
  6. Pre Match Thread

    Sorry If I dont get the joke They dont play cricket in Bavaria (not that I know) Surely we are shit at that too
  7. Pre Match Thread

    My girlfriend is here from Germany to finally meet me mom, brother and the rest of the clan. She wanted to see Villa live a long time ago but I have limited her to the torture on TV. We are going to this one even though I promised her/myself I would never ever do anything to harm or disorientate her. She use to play football and is used to her German national team winning world cups and european championships so I really dont know what she'll make of Bruce's Hoofball. Anyway, I pray for a good performance and hope she at least enjoys the Villa experience. Vtid PS Whispered (SBout!)
  8. Ross McCormack

    The damage Bruce is doing is multiple. The longer he stays, the closer our best players will come to wanting to leave. Hoofball will cost us pts DrT's enthusiasm will be severly tested The fans will turn on him, then wont turn up. It is absolutely imperative that he goes asap.
  9. Ross McCormack

    I dont wish to appear defending him IF he had indeed been "a very naughty boy" But McC is a very intelligent footballer who can not only read the game but anticipate it. Imagine you are him then along comes a hoofmerchantselfconfessednontactician making baffling decisions (Gaby, SJ) Subs, formations, tactics (or lack of) and not selecting you. Are you not gonna be pissed off? Imagine him being honest and saying to Bruce "we wont get promoted playing like this" Bruces reply being "how many promotions do you have?" Well it is isnt working is it Brucey? Whenever McC played he made runs off the ball, created space for himself, played/tried clever passes, pressed. He was often gesturing where to put the ball, showing frustration at Kodjia not passsing and telling others to press/push up. Now if you are surrounded by players who hoof it, the likes of Hutton galloping into nowhere losing possesion or row Z'ing it., Westwoods sideways passing, Jedi's passing (or heading clear to the oppisition) Gardner being ineffective, Gsstede being a lampost, Gaby being shit and Kodjia not passing to you when you're unmarked. One day you'll lose it and say WTF? what am I doing here with this lot? This is not what it said on the tin when I signed. Add the Personal problems to it and you can see why he has gone off the rails. By some comments I've read, the problem has been between him and Bruce. Now Bruce isnt exactly performing well is he. McC will score goals at forest. he'll be back preseason, Bruce wont be here preseason, so IF we have a new manager with any ideal for attacking football Gaby wont make the squad. Kodjia may not be here, Hutton,Westwood wont be either, and McC will be an option for the new manager to deal with as he feels fit.
  10. Neil Taylor

    I could but I'll resist
  11. New Manager : 2017

    like it Opinions have been going back and forth for a while (not a problem for me - all for debate) why not? you are explaining yourself Bot. ?? me too we need the clear out we have replaced with better (except SJ) sorry but if PL was not sacked 2 yrs ago we would have been down here a year earlier Strongly disagree but imho v iyho Again - cant agree with this P.S. There you go, wasn't all that annoying after all
  12. New Manager : 2017

    Now you know very well that I've given reasoning to all my "Rantings" "statements" So to pick up on me being fed up of people claiming stability/more time/Bruces record is a bit rich imho. Anyway Jason Day is Ranked nr 1 Golfer in the world You lot are more than capable at Cricket and Rugby, so supporting AVFC is just a means to bring you back down to earth.
  13. Tony Xia

    Not quite (-100% +100%) Fight like Lions
  14. New Manager : 2017

    Maybe I should just write B*ll*x when I quote a post I dont agree with
  15. New Manager : 2017

    Dont wanna p*ss on your vegemite but the truth is We're 16th 6 losses out of 7 played the one draw was at home leadin 2-0 at HT Bruce loaning in a shit GK Bruce bringing Gaby back in Still Hoofing whilst switching syszems/players AND in serious danger of relegation to L1 I know its not mornings down there in the land of empty but you need to wake up and smell the coffee before you just diss what I post, be it my interpretation of the truth or just my opinion Note to whoever Nothing more annoying or pathetic than a poster shooting down another poster without at least giving a counter/alternative dialogue. Especially when the OP has given reasoning to his/her opinion.