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  1. Sam Johnstone

    as Nr.2 I guess thats ok If Bruce wants him as Nr.1 then I can only say Bruce Out
  2. Alan Hutton

    To get us to where we want to go he's not good enough. His effort is commendable but he's still shit. maybe the real point is. Can you critisize someone for the effort more or less than critisizing them of their abilitiy? If so or if not its still irrelevant because he is simply a shit footballer 11 Huttons on the pitch would be as noneffective as 11 Kodjias Having 1 Hutton in the Villa team hasnt got us promoted yet. Having 1 Kodjia in the team have saved us from relegation
  3. Alan Hutton

    Hey JV I think he was trying extra hard. and he's still shite, no matter where the goalposts are
  4. Sam Johnstone

    Master stroke by Bruce to tighten up the defence. SB: "look you lot, I've brought in a really shit keeper, he cant stop shots, catch the ball, doesnt come off his line and his distribution is shite. So up your game, right!"
  5. Alan Hutton

    100% but he is a shit footballer
  6. Alan Hutton

    You are coming to the end of your work contract. Your Agent reminds you that no perspective new employers arw interested in offering you a new contract. However. Informs you that if you work quota reaches X before June 31st it triggers an automatic 1 year extention to your current working contract. What do you do?
  7. The Run In

    and because we play shit
  8. The Run In

    Simple 8 wins No excuses We finish where we finish. Our season was lost twice
  9. The push for the Play offs ?

    Dreamer you know you are a dreamer can you put your hands in your head oh no… Far out…
  10. The push for the Play offs ?

    If SB gets us to the playoffs then promoted this season he deservse the sack for proving me wrong
  11. Steve Bruce

    its called a different opinion camp not just one camp, many. I'm in the IwanttogetbacktothePLasapbutdonotthinkSBisthe1togetusupsinceheblewhischanceinJanuary-theriskofhisfootballphilosophyonlygettingustothePlayoffsbutnotwinningthemisariskI'drathernottake-IwouldpreferaManagerwithafootballphilosophythatwoulddominategamesandprogressthroughwinning/coming2ndintheCHthenprogressingupthePLtillwechallengeforFACupLeagueCupEuropaLeagueChampionsLeague&ThePLtitle Camp
  12. Ross McCormack

    Gaby, McGate & Richards all for free if they match their wages. Deal of the Century imho Would also pretty much garantee Sunderland -> L1 Maybe Toon fans could forgive us (a bit)
  13. Steve Bruce

    Wigan A.F.C. ffs
  14. Steve Bruce

    Against a better team we may have been 3-0 down and shot of confidence. even with confidence we would have had to have scored 4 Mourinho has a higher level of players & managers to put his wits up against
  15. Steve Bruce

    All well & good @TRO but making mistakes against bottom half teams in the ch is one thing. Making mistakes against promotion chasing rivals means a defeat. As an example, the Leeds away game, we were dominating a promotion rival away from home untill the shit went down. We could have, and I'd argue, we should have won. IMHO Bruce put the brakes on after this game (regarding "going for it" football). We never recovered from it mentally really and once the "cautious" approach took over and the decisions that eventually cost us (Gaby as a Kodjia - goalmachine - SJ and not an experienced GK - some would include Gestedes transfer &/or McGate - No Backup for Jedi) the results took an unneccessary turn for the worst. This is my biggest gripe. Bruce had it there, right in front of him, all he had to do was be bold and he/we MAY have been rewarded. We'll never know, but imho he created his own misfortune which ended in a run of shamefull defeats. So we are very much back to square one of his reign, ironically with a better squad to do the business for the last 14 (or so) games (6 gone 8 to go) give me 1D (vBrighton) & 1L (Hudds) or 2L (B & H) from the last 14 and we would have been in 6th no sweat if he'd have had his balls expanding. Tell me, are we going to get away with Bruce making any/many suspect decisions going for top 2 with the likes of 4 from Hudds, Leeds, Reading, ShefW & Fulham plus A possiblility of 1 or more of Palace, Swansea or Boro coming down. After all is said and done going up this season through the playoffs would have been easier (as top 2 really wasnt on after RDMs start) than next season. Imho next season will be more condensed at the top. An afterthought, but could still be possible. Imagine 1 or both of Toon and Brighton going to pieces, Hudds or Leeds, go up and one of those top 2 get knocked out the playoffs? We seem the champions of "making it difficult for ourselves" let alone the opposition being tougher