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  1. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Fulham

    you forgot me deeply hurt
  2. Steve Bruce

    hangs em out to dry Steve „Pass the Blame“ Bruce
  3. Pre-match thread

    the truth hurts You must admit on a scale of Impossible - Possible - Probable - Definate it does hover somewhere between possible & probable
  4. Pre-match thread

    its more like 4-1-4-1 (should be) but it‘ll look more like a 6-3—————-1 once Fulham get their passing game going My prediction 1-0 Kodjia magic after 20mins 1-1 just before HT after 20/80 possesion during the last 15mins 1-2 before 60mins 30/70 possesion even though we could all see it coming that we needed to sub Hutton & Whelan Bruce waits till after 70th min for Davis for Onomah and Hogan for Snod 1-3 last 5mins Toxic VP VT goes into meltdown
  5. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    How sh!t is that
  6. Pre-match thread

    I‘m not looking forward to this. In a somewhat sadistic way I‘m looking forward to the Aftermath in the „Ratings & Reactions“ thread.
  7. Steve Bruce

    From that our excuse is the international break when we lose badly Regarding The injuries to Jedi & Grealish the season started 3/4 months ago but according to him the season starts now. What is it Steve? So if the very good sides (like us & Fulham) are gonna be there or thereabouts are the rest shyte then Steve? where will they all finish? above or below us?
  8. Steve Bruce

    Zzzzzzzzzz dream on
  9. Steve Bruce

    Exactly RDM was sacked with the thinking „a new manager may cure this conceeding in the last 5mins syndrome“ and we would win our way up the table - we were not playing badly under RDM we were dropping points badly. Now we are in a situation that IF the next „how man results“ prompted a manager change a new manager would have to: get results changing things to a greater degree than Bruce had to change things from RDM‘s time in charge With the disadvantage of Not having a penny to spend in January but the task of turning a better 1st 11/squad around. I‘d say a harder task than what Bruce had and even more pressure on for getting it right. IF Bruce had of got us in the playoffs but we lost (unluckly/penalty/red card/ref decision) we would have all be up for a 2nd go. Now we‘re in a shit or bust situation and its more than likely the reason why Bruce is still here.
  10. Pre-match thread

    I think we may well see 3@the back but RCB-Chester CCB-Terry LCB-Hutton
  11. Pre-match thread

    It does, because the home side get a larger slice. It‘s away to distribute the finances. For example .....I can‘t be @r$ed
  12. Steve Bruce

    obviously I neant 4-5-1 :-) edit neant -> meant iphone grrrrrrr
  13. Pre-match thread

    although I agree with the sentiment F*** Sky. If you were Skys programming director would you want to show Bruce-ball under your responsibilty to attractive viewing?
  14. Steve Bruce

    This is major reason why he has to go. a sitting DM without a range of passes or the ability to carry the ball forward 5/10yrds and find a forward moving players is just a „sweeper“ in front of a back 4. So we are always a man short in the „possesion zone“ of MF, and if we do get the ball forward and it sticks we are easily out numbered by even a 4-3-3 opposition let alone a 4-4-2/4-5-3-1. Bruce feels comfortable with our players static grouped behind the ball instead of getting them to move the ball forward, players moving forward too (or at least 2 in front of the ball). When advanced players press and the second bank of players push up close with our squad we should be able to handle the odd counter, but no, whilst we labour slowly around the pitch with a non-paced DM and our others ordered to sit back and wait, we have the blueprint of good players or a schooled opposition running rings around us till everybody‘s tired and our 46th-70th minute (when Bruce makes very few subs or like for like) will always be where the better teams strike. We need to realise that 6 teams better than us means not even playoffs. but hey, what could a fan who‘s never managed a team tell a manager who has 4promotions.
  15. Jordan Lyden

    Yep deserves a chance nothing to lose