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  1. Steve Bruce

    Thanks for the ITK, and I dont want you to think I dont believe what you wrote and I'm Sorry for taking apart what he said Including Terry? - who he did everything to get him here Whelan? - who he also wanted Gaby? - who he umpteenth chanced Chester? - who was one of the PotS last year Hourihane? - who he bought (scored a goal) However, he brought on Hutton like at Sunderland? Just imagine being McC. Private problems you cant deal with -> look to football to get solace -> find Gaby in front of you. McC isnt blameless - but Bad man nanagement by Bruce could be a factor here. Imagine how other players feel, played out of position, and asked to play against their natural game. How would you feel? So all of a sudden, or since coming here, Chester, Terry, Whelan, Lansbury, Hourihane, Adomah, McC and Hogan are the wrong ones, the likes of Gaby & Hutton the right ones? .Feeling sorry for useless f**** who is F******* up big style who will eventually get £1mill+ for hindering our attempts at promotion 2 seasons running? Sorry, but Bruce is blaming everybody else but himself. There isnt a manager in the Ch or lower half of the PL who wouldnt die for such backing as he's had. Bruce Out! asap
  2. Steve Bruce

    We are bottom of the league When would you prefer the reaction? how many points adrift must we be?
  3. Steve Bruce

    And angry longer
  4. Steve Bruce

    I'm so angry that you couldnt possibly be more angry than me
  5. Steve Bruce

    I'm more angry than Terri. It's been brewing up since Cardiff last year. Whatever happens v Norwich will happen - Win, Draw or lose - the point is no matter what happens at games, meetings, BMH and public interviews, I want whoever it is who makes the decisions to make the decision of sacking Bruce asap so that the club can calm down and balance itself out again with a caretaker then permanent manager appointments.
  6. Tony Xia

    we never had a cat
  7. Steve Bruce

    Bruce said -we're only 3 games in -all this nonsense -43 games left thats another 10 months So the next 10 months like the last 10 months then Brucie? or was it 6 months? The last 6 months leaves our his "good start". 6 months ago was at a time somewhere around a run of 8/9 defeats in a row wasnt it?
  8. Tony Xia

    hey Tony LF says hi "go again"
  9. Steve Bruce

    just saying I have been a looooooooong time in the minority
  10. Pre-match thread

    I think Bruce will go SJ Hutton Chester Terry Taylor Jedi Whelan Elmo Omodah Thor Gaby subs Steer RDL Bree Samba Adomah Green RHM
  11. Steve Bruce

    Sorry mate but I think you wont find many in agreement with you on here
  12. Steve Bruce

    Sorry but I dont get this. We wont even get a draw against Norwich or Bristol playing the way Bruce does. So keeping him is like chalking off 6pts. Even if the club appoint a caretaker manager (not Calderwood) but say Little/Taylor & Terry as assistant, we would see 100% a different style of play that may get a point or 2 maybe even a win. With Bruce gone there would be a Blank space where those that want to do better than so far could take a deep breath and "Go Again". The "sudden change" to open attacking football that slams teams is not going to happen overnight. Even Pep would need time. The sooner Bruce goes the closer that day comes where we start winning games and rack up points. The longer he stays, that point, games number xx of the season, moves further away. Last year we were 19th (iirc) after 10 games and a change in manager was too late to get to the playoffs. We are 23rd after 3 games now. Lose v Norwich and we could be 24th after 4 BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE Unbelievable Jeff! We'd need the 6 games to catch 19th under Bruce.......and then fail. Bruce out immediately
  13. Tony Xia

    Hi Tony Bruce Out please Thanx GH
  14. Steve Bruce

    Bruce Out
  15. Ross McCormack

    McC must be thinking "Any time now" Rubs hands - looks to Gaby - shakes head - looks to Bruce - thinks "my contract's longer than yours" - goes home - gets ready to fix his gate