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  1. Been mentioned before but as a fanbase we don't offer a huge amount of support at home games , even at 2-0 it was a very flat atmosphere . We really need to try and drive the team on a lot more
  2. Probably classing it as a premium fixture , don't know if this has happened over recent seasons but always used to
  3. sky saying they will be taken away to quarantine for 14 days , could we be without them for a month now?
  4. just put my 4 on resale , holte end lower
  5. 1999 was the last time we won at watford , really shouldnt be a huge suprise , we have an awful record there
  6. i wore one to walsall and quickly realised barely anyone was , personally i think they should be compulsary until at your seat
  7. surname A , kids arrived today a couple of weeks after mine
  8. my bad didnt think you could
  9. im pretty certain you can't get a suspension from a friendly
  10. fair do's i assumed you were talking about this game
  11. Jack will be made for life financially , but football wise it could end up being a bad move for him. Should he have another episode of his shin injury at Man city it won't be like it is here and back in the team straight away. He will have to get past Kdb , sterling and the like of foden to even get back off the bench.
  12. i mean in the sense of paying players an unsustainable amount of money , commercially we aren't anywhere near the clubs who pay this kind of money. , in the past we have done this and ended up in a mess.
  13. It may be unpopular but i don't agree with keeping Grealish at all costs , footballers are high maintenance , as soon as we pay grealish 200k a week , mings , watkins , martinez all of a sudden want 150k. The club could not sustain it , we need to learn from the past.
  14. Always used the Fullbrook , but it looks like it may have closed down , other than that its the hotel next to the ground or the bar underneath the away end , i warn you though last time it was serving cans
  15. anyone received their ticket confirmation but not got the e-ticket attached?
  16. They can't be far off , they have 2 stands , we only had 2 and a bit yesterday
  17. the guide says they wont admit you without a photo , you can show your ticket on a phone though
  18. Anyone else has a phone call for proof of age for kids , they have had season tickets for 7 seasons , strange timing
  19. you are correct i can apply for 4 tickets but only have 1 entry to get them
  20. I hold 4 tickets , me the Mrs and the kids , it seems we are only allowed one entry between us , seems a bit harsh
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