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  1. I feel ya, I've said things and then immediately been shown up as sh***, too. Your turn.
  2. not sure how we picked who marks who on restarts into the box, but its doesn't look we considered height in those decisions.
  3. i strongly suggest you stop reading collymore tweets for so many more reasons than just this.
  4. Congrats on knowing how to spell Jamaican.
  5. IT"S HAPPENING !!!!!!!!!! Your logic is irrefutable.
  6. Be good for us I think, but it somehow seems highly unlikely.
  7. Not as narrow minded as the announcers in this match
  8. go back to your broadcasting booth. heard enough of that ridiculous blue only perspective all match long.
  9. Emi - fantastic Cash - very good - heal quickly Elmo - past his prime, but OK for this opponent. Konsa - quiet, no flash, but reliable, did well Mings - Show time defender. Get's out of position and then forced to make either a reckless challenge or an impressive last ditch tackle/interception. Think more quickly and pay more attention to position and the showtime ends, but the quality would show. Targett- quality at both ends - as usual - not as much impact but that's not his fault Luiz - i don't know if he decided to be more expansive in his role or if he was told to do so. Either way, I liked it. Much improved. McGinn - lively and effective first half.... what changed? Traore - such great potential such little discipline. Barkley - please send him home now. unless we are getting paid for every minute he plays, send him home Ramsey - as usual, good energy and movement, not much impact somehow. AEG - Mr Shoot on sight needs to improve his aim, otherwise he's mister drop back for the goal kick. - like today. good to see Jack Keinan - the discussion about Kerning was more interesting than anything you did today (bar the one strong run at the death....) Dean Smith - Very good if you changed up the midfield pattern of play to let McGinn and Luiz be more expansive and forward oriented. Average if you didn't and they just played that way on their own initiative. Mr Atkinson - extraordinarily bad today. no consistency at all. and your positioning was repeatedly poor, slow to react to changes in play.
  10. john mcginn given a card for less contact than when traore was booked for diving.....
  11. i thought you watched us regularly !
  12. crap finishing by opponents often makes them look better?
  13. Oh Crap. i just learned that ya'll are about 2 minutes ahead of me. I'm going to have to stop refreshing or staying current on this board.
  14. I liked that doug showed deep wide left. Gave mings that option while letting Targett stay farther forward. But then doug's ball to Cash was far too short. back to 97% pissed off.
  15. I'm trying to forgive Douglas for the PK he conceded. I like when he carries that ball deep into the opposition midfield like he just did. i also like that he was telling Mings to move the ball more quickly. So now i'm only 93% pissed at him.
  16. Frankly - i prefer Luiz fup of being too aggressive over Mings fup of being too casual.
  17. just curious, everyone moaning that DS wasn't subbing, specifically taking AEG off for ANYBODY.... any second thoughts?
  18. except for when he's marking on corner's of course.
  19. once again, let's cream over barkley who hit a ball that wasn't on target. !!!!!! what happened to villa talk when we are critical of all villa players! if well struck equals power, fair enough. But well struck might need to include on target.
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