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  1. That eyebrow is the evil baddie right?
  2. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    Trump 2020 campaign underway as of last night... just the ~18 months to go.
  3. The proper scary thing is to compare how Fukashima was downplayed at the time even though we could watch things go to shit in real time. They had plenty of warnings too, but dollars once again ruled the day. Are we learning yet?!?
  4. If they get Maguire, then he'll have to go as no one in their right mind will take tweedle dumb or tweedle dee given their giant contracts.
  5. Lords of Chaos. Not for the faint hearted with some proper scenes involving suicide and murder that will make you uncomfortable or it did me. A solid "inspired by real events" tale though and worth a watch.
  6. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    It'll be room101 for you if you continue on with this!
  7. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    This is one of the most prominent side-effects of war, not just the hardware. So, so many service members enter the services when they return (police/fire etc.) and they are all somewhat damaged. It's very easy to paint the police as the bad guys, but I know I'd be constantly shitting a brick in their position given the amount of guns in this country. It's such a mess. But, it is a fixable problem. Pity such novel ideas require leadership
  8. ahahah... the last time I had clicked on this thread was sometime back in 2017, and you had just made a comment along the lines of "great news that they were finally getting taken over". Given how rotten last summer was for us, we should be sympathetic, but
  9. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    & attack on ship related to Japan while Japan PM in Tehran for meeting...
  10. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    Yay, self censorship... society is heading back to victorian tymes!
  11. The Thai GK is listed as 5'5" per my quick google. That's the kind of thing that you'd try desperately to avoid in a local league team. The teams with proper sized GKs generally have performances on par with the level of their team mates and don't particularly stand out.
  12. The average man is 6'1"... errr ok. They put relatively small women in goal. GKs need to be over 6' tall, with very rare exceptions. This is a problem for the female game as 6' lies far from the average, less so for men.
  13. Errrr.... MLS? Soccer had classically been more popular and as such was the Womens game, but that is no longer the case. Since NBC have taken over from prem league coverage from FOX and boosted by the 2006/10 WC performance, there has been a mass explosion in interest in the Mens game and with NFL "football" leading straight to CTE, this will only increase. In female sports, I think soccer will always get top billing as there is no NFL/MLB to compete with and the WNBA is a fairly young organization too. It's a real shame with the taking off of proper professional leagues/champs league in Europe in recent years that the US can't muster the money to support a strong female league... huge missed opportunity. This world cup suffers like many female sports from a lack of depth, mostly due to relative youth of female sports and hence lower relative participation (in fairness, some awful durge gets into the champs league group stages or mens world cup groups). Once we get into the knockout, these games will be proper as there are serious football teams playing.
  14. They allow average sized women to go in goal. Imagine how ridiculous that would get if that was done in the mens game. Of course, the more serious nations no longer do this.
  15. villakram


    Macrovoices: If you are interested in the way the world works - money. Lot's of differing guests with views on all parts of the global economy, though focussed on things from a Wall Street perspective. At a minimum have a listen to the Eurodollar University series. Human Performance Outliers: Couple of guys taking a real hard look at the food pyramid paradigm coming from the low carb and pure carnivore background. Lots of super interesting interviews with people doing research and those who have been directly able to improve all sorts of parts of their lives via their diet. Not sold on all of it, but very interesting stuff and so many things showing the fraud that is so much of the bio-science realm.

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