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  1. Davis needs to go on loan somewhere and discover what it is like to score goals. Wes is likely going to be well off the pace until after the new year given his injury. Samatta... well, he runs about lots. Sign this boy up!
  2. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    It is not a mis-labelling. If you have been a Senator or Governor or in this case VP, then that is the honorific title that person carries henceforth, or until they obtain a superior position, e.g., Senator Obama to President Obama. @StefanAVFC that is the exact type of biased/emotional reaction that this type of content is produced to produce. Just the 90 or so days to go!
  3. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    The 2020 'policy" debate.
  4. villakram


    Lot's of dirt around her from her time in Africa around the fall of Mobuto and the various Rwanda/Congo disasters, nevermind her neo-lib shilling under "no-drama" Obama. Of course, we should not look back.
  5. You should be banned for reminding anyone of that.
  6. Leeds will be concerning, but I think we should be able to finish above the other 2 promoted clubs and with Newcastle about to revert to the mean, things are looking good!
  7. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    Obesity, public health and covid19.
  8. Not going to be a top level player, so there's a decent chance we could get him. Of course, it's unlikely he has come to terms with this yet.
  9. We should try get James and Tuanzebe from Manure, as they both seem to be out of consideration there. Probably only get James on loan as Ole likes him, but some pace up top would be nice/useful.
  10. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    It's quite similar to the chaos caused by the invention of the printing press 500 or so years ago.
  11. Watched the rest of these... yay covid Not too bad at all, modulo number 3, which is incredibly meh. Some good commentary on race relations and class structure, it's the kind of thing that current society could do with paying attention to. The humans in suits really do an excellent job. All nice and short 90min affairs too, something modern movies really need to get back to doing on a regular basis.
  12. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    Supreme court decision yesterday affirms Trump admins financial maneuvering to find funds to construct the fabled wall. 5-4 along party lines.
  13. Nice to see Kovacic walk. Far too many players getting away with constant fouling these days.
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