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  1. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    Biden has now cast doubt on Dem convention occurring. The conventions are seen as the "official" starter pistol for the presidential race.
  2. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    Google says 25 million in metro-area, London is order 15 million for comparison ... and I bet DoD-land has Trump told all sorts of things about those in immediate danger from the North, $$$.
  3. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    There is no need to go thinking all dictator and such chaps. June 10th has just been signed off by one state in their lockdown declaration, and these don't have to extend much later than that for a delay in the elections to be a reasonable course of action. The house and 1/3 of the senate are up for election on the same day, so seeing both Congress & WH declare a delay until say spring 2021 is not out of the question in such a truly unique situation. Of course, this would require a continuation of the viral such & such until the autumn. Fingers crossed and all that! The Census is already looking like it'll be troubled and require an extension.
  4. 1917: Very, very meh, and a borderline propagandistic puff piece. A movie in which a 2some, becomes a 1some. Where being blown up only results in dust getting your your eyes and those evil Germans shoot like James Bond henchmen. Skip and watch "They shall not grow old" instead.
  5. Ok, wtf... I just googled her and wtf... and of course! I was joking about her being an American Apparel or GAP model while watching such was her whiteness and complete absence of acting. Did Disney post process/whitewash her during that movie or do I need to upgrade my TV?!?
  6. Aladin (2019) - really enjoyable and a solid performance all round with a tip of the cap to a proper comic/sinister evil laugh from head evil guy. Will Smith despite a worrying opening scene fits right in. Jasmine on the other hand is a tad bizarre, they get the most caucasian girl possible and then have her not even bother to get into character, despite every other character doing so! Repo Man (1984) - how have I never seen this before now? Must watch perfect blend of the surreal and silly.
  7. villakram


    Jon Jones busted for DWI, open container, no-insurance and fire-arm offenses! Muppet. It would be hilarious if the gun was tied back to some truly nefarious shit.
  8. Yes, somewhere between 2-4. Civilization has not broken down, yet!
  9. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    So Trump trending up in the polls... has he read the winds correctly in talking about getting back to normality? These are awfully tricky winds to read!
  10. Underwear - yes or no? If yes... how many days?
  11. villakram

    Do you read?

    The Middle Ages: As the title says. A long tough read (e.g., the amazon reviews are fair), but introducing the middle ages from the central European perspective. It obliterates any notions of the "dark ages" and does a really good job revealing the long slow emergence of logic and reason. A more serious read for these viral times. https://www.amazon.com/Middle-Ages-Johannes-Fried/dp/0674975367
  12. Rambo: Last Blood - Watchable with a fun home alone for grown ups ending, though poor old Rambo's art is a good bit worse than Kevin's. Really nice surprise homage in the end credits too. Ad Astra: What in the actual navel gazing foop. A pure ridiculous movie where a man with daddy issues has to confront father to find that there are more important things in life than self. Only here this involves heading out and back to the edge of the solar system, nonsense.
  13. Not sure what it's like over there, but they've been putting outs calls over here as supplies have dropped to 1day or less on hand due to people calling it off 'cause virus.
  14. JP-Morgan have Q1 GDP at -4.5% and Q2 at -14.5% over here as of now. For reference 2008/09 maxed at something like -9% over here I believe. Scale accordingly.
  15. Episodes II & III are better, got a nice simple per episodes puzzle to be solved, with only suggestions of the larger Universe in the background. I'm Also coming from nothing more than an awareness of the games existence.
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