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  1. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    More election season fun.
  2. villakram

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea

    This is so weird to watch
  3. villakram

    Saudi Arabia

    It appears one of the 15 in the hit squad has died in a "car accident" in Riyadh. Clearly a whole bunch of panicked decision making occurring.
  4. villakram

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Hopefully, we now have a manager who takes basic performance metrics like this into account. Dreaming of attacking football... from time 2 time at least, UTV!
  5. villakram

    Saudi Arabia

    haha... I knew you lot wouldn't let me down
  6. villakram

    Saudi Arabia

    Latest is that the Journo was cut up with a bonesaw while still breathing. He may have been unconcious and remained so until death, this is unclear at the current time. The guy who did the deed put on headphones to listen to music during the process and recommended that the others in the room do the same. No word on what they listened to at the current time. Wonderful bunch of lads.
  7. villakram

    Saudi Arabia

    Sorry, for the assumed knowledge... media over here are a joke and have practically turned him into a brand ala Kanye or some such. But he's heading for the naughty chair now with the "Davos in the desert" meeting looking like it's done (no big $$$ == very big problems) and nobody liking the very gradual but increasing awareness of what is going on in Yemen.
  8. villakram

    Saudi Arabia

    Well two senators have now directly named MBS (tm) as ordering the hit. The empire is not pleased. I would stay away from balconies and bathtubs were I MBS (tm). He must know this though, so I wonder what distraction he'll cook up (i) Bomb Iranian allies in Iraq... maybe, (ii) bomb Iran directly... very unlikely, (iii) Syrian shenanigans... less maybe, (iv) enhanced beating until Yemeni moral improves... more likely, and (v) a coup... enticing.
  9. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    In other news, the McCaskill campaign (D-MO) has been gotten by project Veritas and they've recorded her people saying some really stupid things. In this close race, this could well be what does her in with the R-swing voters. Latest polling is trending towards a solid hold of the senate for the R crowd. Stupid Dems yet again... sigh!
  10. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    She is trapped in a bubble. This was clearly part of a plan to clear the deck as they head towards 2020 and everyone in her entourage thought or agreed that this would be great. All she's done is engage directly with Trump and demonstrate that her use of minority status during her life/career is on highly dubious ground. Pure stupidity, blinded by hatred of Trump. I guess, on the positive side... at least this nonsense is out and we know that she's no good and hence there is a tiny sliver of hope that the Dems can put up a credible challenger to Trump.
  11. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    I must admit to chuckling at the rightwing guy who stated that her ancestor, probably lived at the same time as Pocahontas. The comedy circuit should lap this up. I'd love to know what was going on in their strategy meeting when they decided to release these results.
  12. villakram

    The Film Thread

    Saw Solo last night... and no, not the hope one. Very meh, like a glorified pilot episode in the way a bunch of the star trek movies have turned out. Still very watchable though, but not one to go out of your way for.
  13. villakram

    Saudi Arabia

    Ya, that's a theory being thrown about but probably more as it's so simplistic. Much more likely that this guy wound up MBS (tm) the wrong way and given he previously worked for one of the recent hotel guests of MBS, it's not too hard to see what was going on. I also suspect that he was on the payroll of a foreign intelligence service or two. Pompeo traveling direct to Riyadh for face time with the king and not communicating via the Saudi US ambassador (any content which would undoubtedly cross MBS' desk) is most interesting.
  14. villakram

    Saudi Arabia

    I read somewhere on my trails today that there was also a Mr. Khashoggi involved in Iran-Contra. Arms dealing on that side of the family I guess and given the dismembered journalist's working relationship with the Saudi Royals before finding jesus, I wonder what buried bodies he knew about.
  15. villakram

    Saudi Arabia

    and that Pastor (CIA asset) is back in the USA now too... what are wonderful web they weave!