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  1. Straight up oversight, come on. However, I don't like it to be honest. They are Americans and I just don't understand the fascination with calling people by the "color" of their skin, so I prefer that term, even though the vast majority of these people are much more American that the average White or Caucasian as they should be called. See, I capitalized the color just there and it reads awful imho, and just stinks of that type of dog whistle talk. btw, I find it interesting how you left out the detail that this individual approached the police with a knife. I used approach because t
  2. Meanwhile, loads of rioting in Philly last night for the second night in a row after the police killed another african american man, while at the same time Joe is in all sorts of mis-spoke mode including an emergency visit to Penn on Monday after his fracking comments during the last debate. I wonder what this will do to those remaining to cast their vote in Pennsylvania. Minor narrowing of the polls in MI, with Trump visiting once again yesterday, Biden still heavily favored.
  3. It is not binary. There are 2 other individuals, a spoilt vote, a write in and refusing to vote as options. Healthcare/education/taxation will all remain essentially unchanged. Lot's of branding and re-branding will occur however.
  4. It's not fake, it was taken out of context, yes deliberately. Politics 101. Why are you using Trump's language?
  5. Well, how about responding to Trump with actual policies after his election. Instead we got the Russia nonsense and then a re-hash of failed neo-liberal politics with Biden. All the while happily passing massive budget bills and a CARE act that was a giveaway to the wealthy. Joe Biden solves nothing. The emperor will once again have wonderful new clothes, no more.
  6. Who says politics isn't fun. I wonder what they'll put together in the last week, lol!
  7. Khabib's record reads like something from boxing. Lot's and lot's of padding and nowhere near enough big wins.
  8. In somewhat more prosaic gun happenings here in the mitten - Dad shoots 2yr old daughter. "“The father retrieved his weapon (and) fired multiple shots,” Johnson said. “Unfortunately, one of those shots did end up hitting the 2-year-old in the left arm. ... Like any father, he was looking to protect his child.”" https://www.mlive.com/news/2020/10/michigan-girl-2-shot-by-father-during-effort-to-stop-dog-attack.html
  9. It's not fake. The guy bumbles consistently and that's a generous interpretation. Look at the effort that has to go into explaining what he said or intended to say. He's a mess in much the same way as Dubya used to be. The GOP etc. make fun of this and I post it, and that somehow makes it "news". It's not news, it's a bloody tweet from his political enemies.
  10. Hmmm... Silva had 10 title defenses vs only 3 for Khabib. Jones or St Pierre likewise have far more impressive title records. I see an awful lot of recency bias when Khabib pops up.
  11. Further analysis appears to show that the Phosphine detection in Venus is bunk or at a minimum is much less significant than the claimed detection (somewhere close to 2 sigma vs the claimed >10 sigma). Science!
  12. Opposed bussing and lauded individuals that were straight up and down racists. 1994 crime act, read the new Jim Crowe for what this has done to society. Glass Steagall, a giveaway to the elite. You may have noticed this. The patriot act - five eyes etc. The Iraq War - How many died? Afghan/Libya/Syria - How many died? Opioid epidemic - on Joe's watch. Student loan are no longer dischargeable in bankruptcy. ACA - where Biden ran point for the insurance industry in explicitly identifying the 20 million poorest Americans and excluding them from coverage.
  13. Ya, it's not clear, but in comparison to polling data it would show significant R enthusiasm in that those who register for a party are pretty much guaranteed to vote. Additional data, that as is often the cases only begets more questions.
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