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  1. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    So given the success of hammering Corbyn with the anti-semitism thing, anyone think that Trump has taken some inspiration or had a chat with Boris, given his Dem Jew voters are traitors thing, following on from Omar? Or am I just connecting idiots here? I haven't paid a lot of attention to this issue in the UK lately. An interesting reaction going on over here this morning, given how craven both sides are in their desire for votes/support of the various Jewish etc. lobby groups in the US.
  2. The Federal deficit is not a small thing. Empires are so darned expensive, who knew!
  3. Missed a sitter and blows it in shoot-out. I'd love to say I'm surprised.
  4. This has been on the radar for quite some time though. Must people I've read about that live there in financial land all understand the moving sands and the need for a plan B, with clear expectations that their will be one China eventually. Perhaps it might accelerate now as there's also the strategic HK vs Shanghai financial center angle, but from what I've heard it would be way to soon for such an aggressive move. I'm sure it sucks to be getting caught up in it though.
  5. There was a really interesting image of a US consulate official with previous experience in Iraq/Syria/Libya meeting with some of the protest heads in one of the local hotels posted online the other day. Caught by a passer-by. Where consular official has a high probability of being involved in the dark arts. A big question for all the high and mighty over here who care so much about democracy... what would we do if people stormed Heathrow or La Guardia and shut them down. See the examples of pipeline protestors and the occupy movement in NY for comparison or the current goings on in France. Imho, we don't have much moral high ground here.
  6. Subs killed us. Jota miles off the pace and offers no out ball or threat. Kodja standing around marking the CB when Grealish had that ball and the entire channel was available.
  7. Really solid looking first half. Deano has a good HT record, so fingers crossed as Poch will have Spurs come out hard in second half.
  8. and where the do you think all the vegetables come from? Mono-culture, fertilize the life out of the land, industrial farming is a long way from restricted to the meat industry. Fossil fuels are by far the dominant contribution. Stop being so naive.
  9. Perhaps you lot have never had the privilege of putting down a $600 toilet seat to annoy the missus. Congress just gave the defence industry a larger budget than Trump's request... larger, passed by the Democrat controlled house! F35 is nearly done... a new nuclear platform is needed. Do not in any way under-estimate the craven nature of the defence industry.
  10. villakram

    India & Pakistan

    here we go... feed these brave young men into the grinder oh valiant leaders. The honor of your very people is at stake
  11. Yup, plenty of vids online of straight up thuggery by the Antifa crowd. However, it can only be expected that the a left version of such thinking would emerge to counter those on the right eventually.
  12. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    Please repeat with an "repeal the 2nd Amendment", but make sure you have back up. There's way more gun support here than the obvious types.
  13. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    pretty much... e.g., the Dayton scumbag appears to be a Sanders-esque supporting liberal. So much politicizing the event going on here right now rather than thinking about why it is, that it is only in this country that this happens with such regularity.

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