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  1. Biden held a key committee level leadership post during the build up and we know how he voted. Are any of those named individuals in a current position of power? War criminals the lot of them.
  2. Yes, but the base numbers coming from google are sourced from official stats, which all include these adjustments. This is what happens when governments link their commitments to the level of inflation.
  3. What's there to respond to. The inauguration of the new president has resulted in the deployment of at least 2 divisions, though some are now saying it is closer to 3, to protect what? This is a large scale deployment on domestic territory. This has never happened before in peacetime. In a supposed democracy? Though we know that's not the case and the US is closer to a fascist plutocracy. What am I supposed to do if the response to that from people is to cheer.
  4. Mistakes... Orwell weeps. 2 million imprisoned. I believe there was some fuss over the summer related to this. Biden was intimately involved in the construction of this system. I wonder what the people of Iraq (for example) think about his mistakes? I can't imagine how I could destroy so many lives and have it called a mistake and then be told "don't worry about it", because I'm a nice guy or something.
  5. Have you included hedonic adjustments and removed oil and who knows what else from the calculation. Real inflation is much more accurately reflected in the price of real assets than the "official" numbers from any government.
  6. Up to 20k troops in and around DC... to protect who from whom I wonder. Imagine the reporting if Xi or Putin deployed the military in such a manner to protect their inauguration. Strange times.
  7. I believe the initial intention was akin to more ye lode tymes when the King would pardon a few lads from the hangman or other minor crimes on joyous occasions. Complete corruption nowdays.
  8. Bankruptcy does not mean one has no money or that the business is not in good shape. Bankruptcy is bad for you or me, not for corporate America. They are simply re-organizing and moving to a more friendly regulatory environment in Texas, after taking a shoeing in recent years in NY. See also the exodus to Florida by the wealthy for similar reasons.
  9. There are always those that are blase about other voices being silenced.
  10. I'd also recommend rice for those who keto etc is a step too far. Get the 10kg bulk sack at your nearest wholesale or Indian-esque shop (no unkle bens or any of that bitesize packaged stuff). Learn to cook it by the ~cup, in ~cup of boiling water and boil that off so that the rice is not a water soggy mess. Switch this is in for things like fries/potato/pasta - it's almost impossible to gain weight with it and once you figure out the portion sizing, sacks last ages. No fried rice or any nonsense like that, just vanilla white rice. Use a little sauce for the veg/meat if needed.
  11. We'll get out of it the same way you lot and every one else is. Your shirt is dirtier than the US shirt right now, but arguing over shirt dirtiness is sad.
  12. Talk is cheap. Let's see how the corporate democrats work to sabotage the actual implementation of this.
  13. The Intercept. What a great write, excellent spelling all the way through. It is missing an important detail, no. I am sure that this was accidental, just like the platform CNN gave him in recent days. Sans Greenwald and fired Poitras, it's turning into a propaganda outlet. "Sullivan is also facing charges of rioting and criminal mischief in connection with an ongoing case about a June 30 protest in Provo where a truck driver was shot." https://www.sltrib.com/news/2021/01/14/utah-activists-who-was-us/
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