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  1. I'm really starting to enjoy this last minute scoring lark. More please! UTV!
  2. Embassy? Is that what we call occupation headquarters? Theoretically, of course.
  3. That was all over alt-land over the weekend, with various amounts of agenda21 sprinkled in.
  4. Err, my china thread comment was partly driven by the spelling of "unitentional"... which may have been interpreted as a slur on Chinese speech (even if accidental, my name is attached to it) and it was unclear who made the edit. My comment was hence made in imho somewhat deserved jest.

    Fair enough regarding the warning though.



    1. bickster


      Well you could have just pointed out a typo

    2. villakram


      what fun is there in that?

      and I'm apparently annoying enough as is without becoming a pedant...

  5. For Posterity: The original title of this topic wasn't descriptive of the topic, so much so, someone else started another to discuss the same thing, the mods changed it because it needed to be changed to avoid such nonsense
  6. villakram


    this is gonna be a nauseating few months...
  7. He's not doing that bad though. Where would they optimally be, just ahead of Chelsea imho with the squad they have, so they're underperforming but not massively so. They would be massively overperforming to get up to Leicester and there aren't really a lot of managers that do that. The wages thing is a bit of a red herring. Take Pogba and Sanchez out and they're back in the top 6 pack. They desperately need rid of Pogba/Sanchez/Martial/Shaw/Jones/Periera, the first 4 as rotten eggs and the last 2 as being clearly not up to standard, with Shaw living in both groups.
  8. Ya, great watch. The guy had a tough childhood with an asshole alpha boozer Dad and his Mom was a real piece of work.
  9. Ohhh... cases detected in Scotland, let them have their Freeeeeedom. Cobra committee meeting or some such probably warranted.
  10. Surely deserving of their own thread by now. Anyway, I expect we'll get to doing a bit of discussing given the current viral outbreak. Just the simple measure of shutting down all flights/trains etc. departing the city of Wuhan, population ~ 11million. ~600 infected, ~20dead thus far with lots of interesting images all over the web of how serious they are treating it in places like Shanghai and Beijing. These numbers should rise rapidly as the infection appears to have a 3-10 day latent period. Media are sure to latch on over here as soon as the first person one of "ours" becomes public, with a single case in Washington State thus far confirmed. The WHO are scheduled to meet again tomorrow, to decide on whether to declare emergency or not, e.g, SARS/H1N1/Ebola level. "Deaths from China’s new flu-like virus rose to 17 on Wednesday, with more than 540 cases confirmed, leading the city at the center of the outbreak to close transportation networks and urge citizens not to leave as fears rose of the contagion spreading." https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-transmission/chinas-wuhan-shuts-down-transport-as-global-alarm-mounts-over-virus-spread-idUSKBN1ZL07C
  11. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    you know my mind better than me as I've no idea how or why I wrote that, lol.
  12. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    Reading comprehension at an 8yr old level or some other meta such and such
  13. May the Glazers never leave!
  14. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    Tow the line you filthy Trump supporter!
  15. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    "looking Presidential" Think branding/image and the attention span of your average voter. Lots of images of handshakes with various well known and important global leaders and CEOs, one after the other, after the other. Then Trump gets to admonish or praise as the mood requires to ensure the media remain in his palm. I'm not sure the average person pays much attention to the details of Trump's impromptu press briefings. And (absent something mental), in a week or so Trump is going to get a grand victory moment, followed by a political rally tour courtesy of not being impeached. That'll be fun, thank you very much Nancy!
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