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  1. Various authors of unknown sobriety.
  2. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."
  3. I was responding with dismay to posts mentioning trust and belief in science. Trust & belief have nothing to do with scientific investigation and are concepts more akin to those associated with various religious groups and political charlatans, hence, ye gods! The alternative to trust and belief (not science) is the actual scientific process. I am mystified as to how this can be so construed.
  4. Soon to be forgotten, only "bad" people do "bad" things.
  5. Education, observational evidence and a theoretical model based on known physics would be a good start.
  6. One of the most poisonous ideas to come from the covid crisis. Trust the science, believe the science.... ye gods!
  7. Some of the older generation are having real issues with their in game workflow. Pair that with classic big club bias and here we are. Incidents like today should be clear examples of the kind of issue that sees that ref tagged and permanently demoted. If you saw that happen in a local league game, you'd think the ref was hungover/still drunk from last night.
  8. The largest remaining problem with VAR. Clearly, it is causing too many refs to second guess themselves. They need to bring in a hard rule, like the "clear & obvious" rule used by the NFL, else the decision on the field stands.
  9. Growing game by game, great to watch. Hopefully everyone stays fit and we can rest him from time to time.
  10. Nice to see the US come out and confess to murdering 10 innocent people in order to provide a distraction from Biden's political disaster that was the Afghan imbroglio. Weeks later though, so shame on me for not leaving this well alone down the memory hole. It's all ok though... because it was a "tragic mistake". https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/us-military-says-10-civilians-killed-kabul-drone-strike-last-month-2021-09-17/
  11. Things have really slowed down around here... speaking of slow
  12. Hmmm... happy to see the ambition, but worried that this means Jack is on the way out.
  13. A certain Yellen is now resident in the treasury. Fed independence indeed. They are no longer married to 2%, but to 2% on average and have openly discussed allowing things to run "hot" for a while to make up for recent mediocre inflation prints. Lots of fun on deck with all sorts trying to decipher the latest Fed statement. Of course, none of this says anything about the real inflation rate, just the Feds specially constructed number.
  14. Trump would liberally stop and chat with the media all the time on his way to/from the WH. This was after a pretty media friendly Obama presidency too. The regression here for regular DC media is stark. Biden is straight up hiding/being hidden from the media, and for a very good reason.
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