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  1. villakram


    and.... silence, typical.
  2. villakram

    Alan Hutton

    The sooner we are rid of this clown the better. Moronic footballer getting away with murder 'cause of a little rar-rar rubbish.
  3. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    errr... just trying to add to your point, not fighting, jeez!
  4. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    It's tough to have any sympathy with a Bazillionaire who was sending around dic pics... oh what a world
  5. Workers in the factories.... ahhh, so 18th century of you. Lord Mogg doth approve.
  6. Japan has done QE to infinity and depreciated the hell out of their currency, hence the export competitiveness. Yay, for keyboard money for the well connected. It's in your future kids.
  7. villakram

    In Sickness and in Health

    Facebook are currently engaged in trying to merge messenger/whatsapp/instagram. They are not calling it a merger, but seamless cross platform communication with paper walls is pretty much that. Delete... trying to extricate myself from whatsapp right now.
  8. villakram

    Football Manager 2019

    wait until they add, new for 2020, vt-like fan forums!
  9. Maybe an aside, maybe not... Tetley's tea over here in the US used to always have a cup of tea on a saucer on the front of the box, in union jack colors. They've just redesigned and all they've done is disappear ol' brittania, and now it's a plain good ol' white China cup.
  10. villakram

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Jebus... poor Mrs. @mjmooney
  11. villakram

    Manchester United

    Wow, 10.5 million for the Mop. Ole deserves the job full time for ridding the club of even the temptation to engage in that sort of shite football. Ominous signs for the rest of the league.
  12. villakram

    All-Purpose Religion Thread

    Could be worse... there's loads of Stalin/Hitler/Manson/May that you could read and take all sorts of things from even though you are fairly ignorant of the whole thing.
  13. villakram

    U.S. Politics

    Well NASA just announced that the very very upper atmosphere is cooling and at it's lowest ever measured (i.e., in the satellite era) temperature (as expected in response to solar minimum), so therefore there is no global warming goes the blather from the usual sources. Just can't even make up how silly some of these people are, though a lot of the idiocy is quite deliberate.
  14. villakram

    The Film Thread

    Christopher Robin: A really nice movie. I was happier after watching this than before. Top stuff. Polar: Bizarre old git-em-up. It is watchable but not very memorable. The final scene is a gem though, with both surviving actors struggling so hard to keep straight faces as the film decends into bizarre N. Might utterShambles silliness.