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  1. Mings "foul" looked to me like "failure to move out of the way of a higher paid opponent."
  2. probably, but you can find solace in the fact that you are right.
  3. I know, I was frustrated the AEG missed. But Aquero just put a header in the same place. So maybe I'm a little ungenerous towards our own players. At least I'll fit in here.
  4. nice movement, nice opportunity. Is El Gahzi arabic for wasted chances with open headers?
  5. I high line when Konsa and House both have good speed is not setting up to get murdered. it's staying compact and generally considered a good thing. Engels had a horror missed ball. Son punished it.
  6. tbf. loss expected. would have been happy with a point. We had a good game plan. executed well. 1 dodgy pk from VAR not given. 1 dodgy pk from VAR given. a split second lapse in concentration on a bouncing ball and we lost. gutted, but if we continue like that, we'll stay up. (not the result of course, but the overall play and execution was good enough. the biggest thing we need is the ability to possess the ball to see out a match. I'm trying to talk my self out of the negativity I feel, because i'm gutted but don't want it to ruin a beautiful day in Texas.
  7. i agree. of all the really bad fouls that he talked to. spurs player doing a two footed hop over an outstretched leg is a ridiculous card.
  8. actually, I would say that Engels slid straight parrallel to the to run. the forward leaned in and over and actually created the contact, playing for the foul. Happens all the time. should not be called. most most often is....
  9. He absolutely does not want to make a call that changes the match. With that goal in mind... he's doing it quite well.
  10. this match would be very entertaining for a neutral. Plenty of everything.
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