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  1. i would like to see us at a minimum use all 5 subs. and take jack off. the manager has got to be clear that this kind of performance will not keep your shirt. i don't care who you are.
  2. fernandez miss a sitter our of guilt? nah, that would imply a conscience. and if he had a conscience he would have missed the pk. cheat.
  3. he's not fit. that's clear and obvious. But that wan't the problem on this call.... he was in good position to see exactly what happened. I can see a the referee missing it. VAR not seeing the reverse is not excusable. not a neutral in the world could watch the replay and think that was a foul on konsa.
  4. let's go boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. deleted my own post. no need to make this about US politics.
  6. nice table, never seen it before. But how is speed and quickness not in the physical list? Also, I would add field awareness or "vision" and "speed of thought."
  7. completely irrelevant point. But while Trump is an Ass, he never, ever said that. You can twist his garbled wording (which is the only kind he has) to (mis)interpret him that way, but in the context, it's clearly not what he meant or what he said. but, nothing surprises me these days either.
  8. I'm a fan because I love the beauty of the game. if I loved accounting or political science this would be fascinating. I'll check back when some of beautiful game is occurring. meanwhile, in Texas, we can get margarita's to go now.....
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