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  1. Only if we’re in the championship. Then still unlikely
  2. I would like to know how many boro “clearances” were picked up by Whelan.
  3. That should be this one put to bed. But I hope we don’t take the foot off the gas.
  4. When the referee won’t address time wasting, just get a lead.
  5. Oh, I’m not championing it. I was just surprised by a couple obvious differences. I have made no study of British justice and have no experience with either. I was just honestly surprised.
  6. British justice vs American. In the states guilty verdict and sentencing would be at least a year away. More likely 2. Culprit out on bail in the meantime. Sentence likely to be 2-3 years, not 14 weeks. Any word on the steward that shoved Conor and Jack?
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