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  1. Steve Bruce

    it's funny to me how the argument shifts. First it was all Bruce trying an impossible task of making a team out of a shambolic assemblage of team players, vs. his old school style. It became we need stability vs. we don't need to be stably shite. It has now become a comparison of worst case scenario if we go tits up with Bruce or worst case scenario if we replace him. So, in an effort to move the argument. (and to express my oppositional defiant personality disorder) I thought I would see if could argue about best case scenario instead. It's possible that he could sell a bunch, buy a few, start off great, add a couple more in January, and win the league. It's also possible that we could replace him with a foreigner (worst case scenario probably doesn't speak english, or even worse an american that doesn't speak english) but this foreigner will make us play the beautiful game in a way that Pele wants to watch us, so he buys a box at VP. We average 75% possession, 5 goals per game, and .01 goals against. (even in an idealistic world we would have one keeper screw-up) We win the FA Cup AND the league Fundamentally, arguing over future events is always going to be a waste of time.
  2. Tony Xia

    You mean the same Dean Smith that tactically outsmarted SB in our match this winter?
  3. A whole team can go

    when you have a public "must sell" policy, you undermine any value might get. low ball offers for everyone, coming up next.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Thanks for the health advice. But I am convinced that we are in this shape because we settled for mediocrity for years. My choice is to deliberately prefer to err on the side of NOT doing so. Partly because I see so many others that I think are continuing in the "disease." Sometimes these threads convince me that the disease of tolerating mediocrity is still rampant.
  5. Steve Bruce

    I absolutely agree that he's going to get at least several games into a new season. Time will tell how much of the season he will get. But (beating a dead horse here) I am of the opinion that as a club, - leadership, management, players, staff, and even fans (as a whole, certainly not every individual person) - we all caught the disease of accepting mediocrity. Generally, it was rationalized on the basis that "we couldn't expect to do any better with an absent owner." or "we're not hoping to advance, just trying to stay in the PL without actually making any investment." RL was the chief cause of the disease. I had it. But I have no inoculated myself. I am not willing to just trust the intent when I can see the product. I'm not willing to explain away a poor team performance because the owner didn't support it OR because it's imbalanced OR because it's got no confidence OR because of AFCON OR because of ______________ If the only reason to keep Bruce is "based on his track record at other clubs, I think we will turn us around and gain promotion," I have no qualms or objections. (I wouldn't necessary share the same confidence based on his track record this year, but I don't think my ability to tell the future is better than anyone else's.) I am confident, that if we will never again be the mighty villa if we keep the mindset/disease that says we can't really be expected to do much better, when considering the awful plight we are in (or again, insert nearly all the hundreds of rationalizations thrown out in the Bruce related threads, and most player threads.)
  6. Steve Bruce

    That's like accusing me of being an idiot. Or being a fool for criticizing an expert like Bruce. But sticking with your analogy.... If the site agent at my new house had a coherent plan, I had been informed of the plan, and I placed it's execution in his hands. But let's say instead that I had not been given a clear plan and the poured pylons are crooked, the footings don't join together at the corners. It seems pretty reasonable to question whether the site agent has a plan that will work, or is executing that plan effectively. And to question whether the roof will ever be supported. Maybe even to fire the guy and get someone who can build it better.
  7. Steve Bruce

    But, if rationalizations are accepted..... then let's look at Remi for example. He had absolutely zero backing. His team was crap and it stayed crap. They actually showed moments of playing much better than they had, but he had zero backing. So, surely you can see why he should have been given time. I'm really not into rehashing the past. Wish I hadn't started this rabbit trail. To me, the point is that we cannot continue to consider mediocrity or less "good enough considering __________ (fill in the blank)." In my view that is what has killed us and destroyed anything resembling a winning culture. And it's what I hear in too many of the posts arguing in favor of Bruce. I'm not really, at the core, for or against anyone in particular, I'm just not in favor of accepting poor results and poor performances and rationalizing them away. I really don't think you are either. You just have a confidence that it's going to be better in a few months. I don't.
  8. Steve Bruce

    And have not been. Of note is that Bruce has already had more time than RDM, Black, Garde, or Tim Sherwood, his 4 immediate predecessors. I understand that some will say the multiple turnovers IS the problem that keeping him will solve.... but I still contend that by that standard, all 4 of them should still be here. I don't remember the repeated arguments to keep Garde (or any of the others) for the sake of stability. It seems to me that the excuses and rationalizations stick better on Bruce than the others and I don't understand why.
  9. Will we give Bruce and the team a clean slate?

    That's EXACTLY what I don't get. Why weren't there all these passionate arguments to give Garde more time? Or RDM? Because the field performances were so terrible? (pot, meet kettle).
  10. Scott Hogan

    Good example of a different kind of good run from the one I had tried to illustrate.
  11. Will we give Bruce and the team a clean slate?

    One man's reason is another man's excuse. The differences are subtle. I will agree that stating reasons why you think he will succeed in the future is not an excuse. I'm glad you and he can see how bad we are. You and I are not responsible to fix that. He is, and he has not done it (yet). Otherwise we wouldn't be agreeing that "the football is shit." The next question then is, is he held accountable for that failure or not. Reasons why you think he will get it right next month are reasons. Reasons are also things that he could not possibly be expected to hold any control or influence over. When he got here, the team was unbalanced.... that was a reason. After a rebuilt midfield with big financial support, the team being unbalanced has become an excuse. "reasons" why he has not gotten it right already, are mostly excuses (IMO). They are offered with the intent to "excuse" his failure to fix the playing issues. It's what he is doing to change it, that I have my problem and see people (not him) making a ton of excuses for him.
  12. Will we give Bruce and the team a clean slate?

    oh, I forgot "we were unrealistically optimistic not to realize the shit hole was even deeper that we thought, nobody could possibly get us out of it any faster." "these things take years, turning it around in less than 12 months was always unrealistic."
  13. Will we give Bruce and the team a clean slate?

    The excuses for Bruce still drive me nuts... because they never end. Let me give you a look ahead to this thread in August. "Kodjia is still hurt and not back yet." or optimistically " Kodjia is still recovering and not back to his best yet." "We have 3 or 4 new players trying to adjust to new partnerships." "This team finished badly, and had a disappointing season, so their confidence is still shot." "I've seen so much worse in my 400 years supporting Villa, he will get us back, I'm sure of it." "You can't think firing him now would be good, who would we get to come here in mid-season?" "we're still trying to find that right combination of players to click" (Plus, Baker's out with a head injury, Green got that silly red card and missed some games, plus a thousand problems that every team faces every year... but somehow they are all important and valid excuses for Bruce.) You "accept that the football has been turgid at times and Bruce has to take responsibility for that." to me, was the most sense you made. He should take responsibility for that. And being responsible for bad performance generally means the sack. (and MarkAVFC, I'm not trying to single you out. It's the constant litany of excuses that drives me bonkers. These same excuses were not good enough for previous managers and they should not be good enough for Bruce.) We have not had a manager in my memory that has been handed constant excuses the way this guy has. I don't get it. He has had more time than several (RDM and Garde at least.) More money than most. (anybody but RDM?). And has done a marginal job, at best. The football is still hard to fathom. They players all seem to be playing from different manuals. The results are better than RDM, but they are not good enough. I truly hope they will be much, much, better, because I think he's going to be here a while. But i still contend that the habit of constantly making excuses for poor results is the very culture that has killed us, and it bothers me that so many are still in that culture and excuse the manager no matter what the product we can see.
  14. Will we give Bruce and the team a clean slate?

    no. What possible benefit is there to ignoring realities. (let's put blinders on and deliberately forget large chunks of what we have seen and then make a good decision based on what partial information remains) makes no sense at all. Those that think he's done fine will not give him a "clean slate" they will start off positively disposed. I will do the opposite. I'll still hope for and cheer for, every positive result, but I will not turn my memory into swiss cheese before I draw any conclusions. I think it's foolish for anyone to do so.
  15. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I disagree that it's clear we bought players not fit for premier league or championship. I think their records at previous clubs proved they are quite capable. But you are right that it's baffling that so many players bought or pursued by Premier League teams can all become relatively ineffective the minute they hit bodymoor heath. So, I would argue that what's clear is that our manager has not been able to figure out a way to use them as effectively as their previous clubs did. I hope he will with more time and another window (although I'm skeptical).