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  1. couldn't watch live. my employer had other plans. but I could reasonably follow the match comments on here. The negative reactions were as usual, OTT. One thing I noticed was how often one of the back three pushed the attack moving very far forward. Most often it was Konsa. Guilbert looked very good. I love Trezeguet's work rate and industry. Nakamba's first two touches were horrible, but after that he was very good. I really think he has great potential. He reads the game very, very well, often disrupts the opponent just by where he has positioned himself. I like us in a three back formation, I especially like it when one of the three moves into the attacking game. overall, think we did quit well in the first half (i'll watch the second half another time) the goal was a stupid error by Konsa. it helps to less pesimistic about things when I know the final score.
  2. Rob, I disagreed with a post that we should have expected to beat Brighton. I'm honestly not certain it was your post I responded to. If it was, I apologize that it caused you to feel "slated." That was not my intention. The best side I ever played on was in college/university. I played with the passion and determination you describe. But I would not expect us to beat Liverpool, or even Aston Villa, or Brighton, or any side currently in the championship. Our AM was a German about 35 pounds overweight but could spray passes directly into the stride of any teammate. I was left midfield and had good vision and awareness, and passion, but pathetic ball skills. I had literally never kicked a ball before. I fully agree with you that passion and determination are essential and needed. No-one does their best unless they are self motivated to excel, and willing to strive ferociously to do so. I fully agree that Aston Villa currently needs more of that. (I said as much in a later post). I just don't think passion and determination are the same as expectation. Most commentators predicted a Brighton win. Most bookies did. Based on the odds, most bettors did. Most VT posters in the pre-match thread did. They made this decision taking all things into consideration, not just passion, determination, fight, and grit. Anyway, I think we are simply using the word "expectation" in a different sense. I did not intend to "slate" your passion and apologize if mine was a post you referenced.
  3. Maybe better in the Dean Smith thread. But there are two main theories to promote excellence in adults. One is to yell, intimidate and bully. This one had been the leading model throughout the 1900's. The other, more modern theory, is to empower adults to see for themselves what they can do better and learn to motivate themselves to accomplish more. Dean came in clearly espousing and teaching the latter, more modern theory. The research is clear. The more modern approach is drastically and completely more effective on two conditions. 1) the adult learner/player must be highly self-motivated to excel, and know they have room to grow. If the adult thinks they have already arrived, the modern approach does nothing. 2) the adult must have access to the right information and direction to aim them to improve in the right areas. (good mentorship/coaching) My fear is that too many of our players feel that playing in the Premier League for a big club means they have made it. so the modern approach fails on the first condition. I don't want to return to the young and hungry strategy, but the hungry to improve, to strive, to accomplish more, to excel, is essential. I think we have too many who think they are doing pretty damn good for themselves right now. I can't see player contracts or anything, but I would encourage the club to stick with Dean and the modern approach to excellence (the research is clear that it works better) but to shift player contracts to incentive based. cash bonus for wins. cash for pass percentage. cash for goals. cash for assists. cash for blocks. cash for GK catches, saves, clearances, set the salaries lower with multiple performance bonuses. this will increase the chance that no one is completely satisfied with themselves, but all are hungry to do better, to improve. (the trick is to set the right bonus, if goals earn much more than assists, players get selfish and fire at will rather than passing to the open man.) The old school - the way all my coaches operated - was yell, intimidate and bully. I think Dean is showing remarkable patience with some consistent underperformance. If the players are self-motivated the long term result will be brilliant. But that's an "if" DS has very little control over if he wants to stay consistent with the modern approach to improved performance. I know, I suggested a different recovery when Bruce was in charge, but Bruce was much more an old school theory and approach. The manager needs to follow the strategy he believes in, and has worked for him before.
  4. you say it's a game we expect to win. On what basis? Did you read the prematch thread. MOTD picked Brighton to win 1-0. I still think the manager's got the makings of doing something great. Just like villa. I don't think either are all too fantastic right now. hoping the team, club, and manager grow into it together. But those that expected us to win this were few and far between.
  5. their Connolly is a sneaky little cheat, isn't he. kind of admire his ability to use is body to foul in a way that's hard for the officials to spot.
  6. I can't argue that we don't look bright and energetic. but I can't really say they look to be overrunning us, either.
  7. the pitch is terrible. it looks like they played a tournament on it yesterday.
  8. at the first opportunity for a misunderstanding between Mings and Pepe it happens and is almost disastrous. Pepe reacts quickly enough. Just. But they need more time, clearly.
  9. In the video. very good movement. very good runs. many shots blocked, saved, or off target. I could easily get very hopeful. But somehow I think the Premier League will make him look impotent.
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