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  1. Glenn Whelan

    Yeah, nobody have any opinions until we're ready !
  2. Steve Bruce

    good post. Clearly, your attributing it to "lack of ambition" communicates better to others. I have for months been calling it the ability to excuse shortcomings on the basis that "it's the best we could do, considering......." We need to quit seeing ourselves as the victim of a neglectful owner or any other of a thousand excuses we are apparently willing to accept. As it is, we have lack of movement and it's acceptable because they play the next match, too. we have concentration lapses on the "runners" and it's acceptable because they play the next match, too. the list goes on and on. There is a lack of ambition because our players are not REQUIRED to play with ambition.
  3. Shrewsbury a 15th July 15:00

    while pre-season results do not matter in standings and points, they do matter in other VERY important ways 1. momentum: either positive of negative 2. confidence in self: either increase or decrease 3. confidence in teammates: either increase of decrease 4. the result matters because it is the outcome of the performance: good or bad or pathetic. So, the "happy optimists" that "this was meaningless, Bruce has it all under control" lose reality points. In other words 5. the manager and the team need the fans behind them, the performance impacts that support: increase or decrease
  4. Gabby Agbonlahor

    I for one will never give Gabby a fair chance after his conduct and use of eating utensils in the year we went down. He was disgraceful. IMO one of Bruce's greatest failings was giving him (and some others) a chance. It reinforced the rotten attitude that refused to scrap and fight for every ball and every point. It communicates "You can be a lazy, useless, lump and it will all be ok. You'll still get your check and more chances. ". Not in my book.
  5. John Terry

    I don't remember that argument being made at all. I remember people saying it was rediculous to think anyone could play at that age.
  6. John Terry

    how old was petrov last year when many on here, and our manager, were willing to write him off as too old?
  7. Your starting XI - August 5th

    pretty sure that leaves Kodjia isolated
  8. John Terry

    He's a dirty cheat. I guess I could be happy that he'll be cheating FOR us for a change. But I really hoped we were better than that.
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Seriously? Thanks for making absolutely zero assumptions about what I think. I think he's a dirty cheat. I think he's too old. I thought we might have learned a lesson about signing experienced, winning, but old defenders. Apparently not all of us.
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    if the decision were up to me, I would pass on Terry.
  11. Steve Bruce

    To me, the bit in bold is absolute proof, he failed. I would say that this past season was a WHOLE lot like this past season, and on that basis, he should be replaced. (it won't happen, but I think it should) I am fully aware that you and others think differently. Only time will tell, but the truth is, it won't either ! Because if he does great, I will always think a new guy could very well have done better. And if he does terribly, those that support him will have some reason that it was beyond his control, and nobody could have done any better considering..... cue another round of rationalizations.
  12. Sam Johnstone

    Ok, DEAL !
  13. Jed Steer

    why do you want Jed to rupture his Achilles?
  14. Tony Xia

    you're a lawyer, aren't you?
  15. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Well in that case, let's just be guaranteed top spot in the league by February so we can start making plans for the complete turnover to come!