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  1. what excites me... future opponents will be struggling to figure out a match tactic. if you push a highline, we act like you are liverpool. if you sit back and try to catch us on the counter, we act like you are Leicester. I expect Leeds and Bielsa to try possession, slow build up from the back- because it's the next logical option and it's his preference. If we lose, every opponent for weeks and weeks will try the same.
  2. i understand why you would vote ross MOTM, but that was one moment in a largely missing overall 90. Martinez on the other hand have multiple strong saves and had the sense right after the goal to start us on slow, possession, time churning strategy. wise as an old pro. on top of several good saves. easy call for me.
  3. poor for me, only because his ineptitude didn't prevent the better team from winning.
  4. you're new to villa talk, aren't ya. not getting on our players backs? VT?
  5. i'm glad somebody else saw that. pretty brilliant defensive play there
  6. i officially HATE castagne and moss one's a filthy cheat and the other one let's him.
  7. somebody is going to make an error and let the other team score. Then all the tactics change and the winner comes out 2-0 (or more - depending on when that error is made.
  8. we would have had a corner and while WDFAFC - we do even less when the opponent has a free kick.
  9. both teams playing slow and careful, hoping to pull out the opposition and then get behind quickly, so the game looks really slow. or maybe the peacock subscription in slow motion.
  10. mine's a shot of tennessee whiskey at kick-off. and another at each villa goal
  11. Well then you should have supported some different rugby teams a few years back, eh?
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