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  1. srsmithusa

    James Chester

    Is it equally true that every negative comment requires an appreciative nod to an obvious positive? One swallow and all that....
  2. srsmithusa

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Umm. Both of those were very good professional fouls to stop potential break away situation. He didn’t play especially well but those two free kicks you’re beating him withwere in the defensive third and stopped counter attacks that were shaping up.
  3. srsmithusa

    Dean Smith

    And what do you suppose we pay JT for?
  4. srsmithusa

    Jonathan Kodjia

    He also played in a different position. More central. He always looks better when he’s more central. All three have good individual skill with flashes of brilliance surrounded by multiple errors trying to do too much alone. All three are unpredictable which is good when the opposition has no idea where he’ll be or what he’ll do. But not so good when your teammates have no idea either.
  5. srsmithusa

    Dean Smith

    I think we have four types of players. Those that are not and never will be (again) great ability. (Whelan, Taylor, Elmo, Jedi, bunn, Richards, as examples) players with individual skills and strengths, but no ability to play in a system or with a team. ( kodjia, Hutton, Bolasie, Hourihane, Adomah, maybe Lansbury). I think Steve Bruce recruited most of those because he thought great individual skill was enough to win games) Then we have those who don’t have great ability, but can play a role and do the job assigned, reasonably well. (Thor, Davis, Green, Chester, Elphick) Finally, we have a few that have great ability AND can play a role within a team (Abraham, grealish, McGinn) the first two groups are what’s killing us especially the second We don’t play as a team The player in possession never seems to have good options Passes go to run option A while the intended recipient makes run option B, or stand flat footed. We pass into traffic because runners are not moving to space I think it comes down to too many players with great individual skills that show in occasional flashes of brilliance, but they can’t think or act in a useful role in a team. Dean smith wants us to play as a team and we just don’t have a roster with enough players capable of doing that. I’m hopeful that our scouting is searching for those that have both individual skill AND the ability to understand and play a role in a team strategy If not, DS is not going to work
  6. srsmithusa

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Easier if you have players
  7. srsmithusa

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    4-4-2. I do like a manager trying to go for it.
  8. srsmithusa

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Tammy shows Taylor how to play LB
  9. srsmithusa

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Chester would never work in that formation, put McGinn in that spot
  10. srsmithusa

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Common smg, that kind of optimism is silly. there's no way we'll make it to halftime
  11. srsmithusa

    Pre-match thread

    You do that and you’re happy with either outcome. I do that and I’m depressed with either outcome. That might explain my life.
  12. srsmithusa

    Dean Smith

    While true, it's also true that DS got the most from this squad that anyone has ever gotten. did you see Derby and Boro at their ground? What DS was able to pull from this squad was quite impressive. perhaps even overachieving? certainly overachieving relative to what any of them had done previously. That too, is a fact.
  13. srsmithusa

    Pre-match thread

    I don’t envy DS. Kalinic, Bree, McGinn, Tammy. Would be the only ones guaranteed for me. Every other would depend on training this week. But NOT. Jedi, Whelan, Taylor.
  14. srsmithusa

    Ratings & Reactions: Wigan v Villa

    Actually, he rightly observed failures in his and player’s performance. The over-reaction on here is that he and the players are awful and hopeless and clueless and can’t get any better and should be slagged off. THAT’S the over-reaction I’m referencing. It’s not an over-reaction to rightly observe there is much wrong that must change. I thought I said that clearly.