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  1. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    Which side is that?
  2. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    Are we trying to find precise amounts that are never really published or known so that we can argue that he didn’t spend too much money but failed to reach his target, or that he did spend a lot of money and didn’t reach his target. I’ve forgotten the point except that he didn’t reach his target ( and set the team up in overly defensive tactics far too often. Whatever the f———- he spent or didn’t spend.
  3. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    Don’t you know, you can’t sack a manager if you're struggling financially? That would be hysteria!
  4. srsmithusa

    Alan Hutton

    offensive xenophobia. Being a "colonial" i thought USA_Villa was dead wrong about Hutton, but that's beside the point. Xenophobia is naive, stupid, and foolish.... in addition to being offensive.
  5. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    Show off. my autocorrect put “shoe off” I edited it before posting. I seriously considered just leaving it, given the context.
  6. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    In other words, bad plan. (Push repeat)
  7. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    The rein in speighn falls mainly in the rain.
  8. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    OK, but my point was that we were set to be defensive by the manager. Do players make errors? Yes, even the best. There will be player errors in Russia this month. But in our case, the manager set us up to be overly defensive for the nth time this seasons. That’s a safe pair of hands for you
  9. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    any duplicate votes made. i'm pretty sure some on here have nothing to do all day but vote over and over again for Bruce.
  10. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    maybe the reason they didn't look up for it was the tactics and the instructions they had. i've said this before. we had two wide players. Adomah standing right in front of Bruce and Snodgrass on the other side of the pitch. Snodgrass was pushed forward and putting pressure on the fulham defense when they had possession. It was easy for them to work around him and grabban becuase Albert was 30-40 yards withdrawn, so Fulham just switched field and the running from Snodgrass and Grabban was made useless. Now, I repeat. Albert was standing within a few yards of Bruce who never said "get the F@%$$^ forward and support the pressure !" So, who was failing to follow instructions.... Snodgrass or Albert. Because no fool would only have high pressure on only one side of the pitch. Albert, standing next to Bruce, dropped 30-40 yards deeper (too deep IMO) was clearly following the manager instructions. Now, did the manager instructions include.... let an opponent make a run just inside of you unmarked? of course not. Albert missed that mark and should be blamed, but there's a difference between following your manager's instructions to sit deep and doing everything right while you are sat (too) deep. Manager screwed up the plan, player screwed up the application of the plan in that one moment. And you can't claim that Albert should have been pushed up higher because he was right next to the manager the entire half.
  11. srsmithusa

    Jack Grealish

    Wyness out.... Oh.
  12. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    Truer words were never spoken.
  13. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    oh, I thought the goal was promotion....
  14. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be very disappointed with Bruce in charge as well. I guess I'm just doomed. And you, are you expecting lots of exciting, attacking, free-flowing entertaining stuff with Bruce in charge?
  15. srsmithusa

    Steve Bruce

    i thought we were supposed to see the benefit of stability season before last.... and last...