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  1. just curious, everyone moaning that DS wasn't subbing, specifically taking AEG off for ANYBODY.... any second thoughts?
  2. except for when he's marking on corner's of course.
  3. once again, let's cream over barkley who hit a ball that wasn't on target. !!!!!! what happened to villa talk when we are critical of all villa players! if well struck equals power, fair enough. But well struck might need to include on target.
  4. my tv must be 10 minutes behind. several praising barkley when he's done nothing but ignore his mark to permit them scoring. I'm watching closely for the next 10 minutes, can't wait to see him do something good.
  5. what ?????? Free kick doesn't even force a save. are you wearing barkley covered glasses.?
  6. I think we knew that before the season started.
  7. you think Barkley our best player today???? The mind boggles.
  8. So right now we’re 11th. One point behind 10. 6 points ahead of 12th. Sounds to me like you should be a happy man. Very nearly spot on for your prediction. Btw. I would be happy to see the progress if we were anywhere 8-14. IF the 14 was comfortable. i truly don’t understand why steady and consistent progress is being painted as failure and crisis. (and I didn’t just think I was right about bruce. I was right. Whether I’m right now? Time will tell. ) FWIW- I think DS will have us finish mid table this season. Then we should target top 8 next season. Of c
  9. it's not misrepresentation, forward progress is 3 steps forward one step back in the real world... we are clearly on a one or two step back right now, but that does not erase the longer term trajectory which is still definitely upward. It was liverpool under Klopp we lost to.. we are mid-table. right where we belong. that is tremendous progress under the new owners and under Smith. Do I want us to be better overall and on the day? Of course, don 't be silly. But it was a bad day in an otherwise impressive trajectory over 3 years. (it feels like old times where you and I are arguing
  10. Sarcasm - how dare you, only yesterday counts, or else you are bafflingly accepting mediocrity. Truth - Good point. We were in the championship season before last. scraped to survival last year. we are a midtable club this year. But constant, steady progress over the long term, under the same manager - to some that means the sky is falling and the manager should be despised. Anyone expecting us to be higher than midtable is simply unrealistic and loves a moan. And before you talk about money spent the last two years, let's discuss money spent and how it was spent the 10 years befo
  11. four times today, my internet stopped, the little wheel spun. the first time, they scored but was called back by VAR. The second time they scored. so everytime my internet freezes I panic a little. .... and then they scored again while I was writing this.
  12. sometimes I like to post positive comments about villa players because in my mind it makes some of you so $^^#^ angry.
  13. When we signed barkley I got slated for saying he was over-rated. Apologies accepted via VT post of US postal service.
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