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  1. January transfer window 2018

    What year was that
  2. Steve Bruce

  3. January transfer window 2018

    I feel really stupid. I don’t even know who Regis is.
  4. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sunderland

    Not meaning to be critical, of course you are right. But it’s Such an overused and distressing consolation. The sign of an even better team is to not have a bunch of poor performances in the first place.
  5. Match Thread: Villa v Sunderland

    Nice run from Davis left Adomah unmarked. That’s the kind of “assist” that never gets counted in the stats, but needs to be highlighted and rewarded in training
  6. Pre match chit chat

    They will most likely come out blazing. I wish I thought we would do the same, but I’ll be content if we weather it well
  7. Pre match chit chat

    Wild and crazy calls, today.
  8. Steve Bruce

    First, I would like to apologize for any posts that ever sounded like gloating after we put in a shite performance. I will always think SB has not been efficient in making us better, and has made many errors that have slowed our progress. I’m not at all confident he will get us promoted. But, based on the most recent results I think it’s best to leave him in place. He MAY be (finally) producing team performances that will see us promoted. For the time being I’m happy to leave SB in place, despite my doubts. Having said that, I hope it’s clear that I can understand those that support him. However, I don’t understand the apparent need to criticize and ridicule those that still have doubts and complaints.
  9. Steve Bruce

    Oh goodie. We get to hear more about FFP.
  10. Steve Bruce

    I actually agree with this. We’re winning. However, when posts seem to say that our manager is wonderful, I feel compelled to counter. I’m happy as a lark we’re winning. I just don’t feel confident enough to “put my weight down” on it.
  11. Steve Bruce

    I wish you had been that thoughtful in your previous post. Of course some players take longer and some less. IMO a good manager figures out a way to motivate, simplify, adapt, teach, etc. to make it take less. For that reason, players not settling for months might be an excuse, but it’s also an indictment of the manager.
  12. Steve Bruce

    I think wolves have done well this season. They played rings around us. They won today. Back line of 3. Two of those three and the keeper are all in their first season at wolves I believe. Couldn’t be bothered to look upfield where we all know the center of their team is new. Tell me again how it takes months for a championship player to learn a system of play. It only takes one example to prove it does not. I just gave you half a dozen.
  13. Steve Bruce

    I was unable to watch today. Thrilled we won. Happy to hear positive reports about our performance and apparently “taking the match to the opposition.” From those who could see, what was the change? Did Bruce change something in the setup? The approach? Did the players move better? Keep better possession? Was it just QPR wasn’t very good?
  14. Steve Bruce

    I think we’re on the same page. I’m talking more aspirational and ideal. You’re talking more practically (and shorter horizon, realistically) I agree with you short term assessment, but I don’t see Bruce effectively doing either very well. It does not take months to get championship level players to understand and execute a discernible system of play.
  15. Ratings & Reactions: QPR v Villa

    drink less, you'll hear more.