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  1. Anyone know anywhere that still has stock of the villa Luke kit? I'm looking for the away in a large and they have seemingly vanished. All of a sudden seeing a lot of people wearing them about, and it got me noticing how stylish they are. I've had the home, but didn't really notice the away one till they're all gone - sods law.
  2. No don't, we want to lose lol
  3. Exactly the same thoughts for me, total religion agnostic. But applaud the club for answering what was probably a polite request, in respect for those that are religious. In many ways football is our religion, but their religion has been long established for longer than ours.
  4. If a pancreas is going I'll take it, miss a good bender
  5. It's almost an extended LOL which sums us up at the minute
  6. Rowett is my choice, but the last two pondlife knock offs haven't/aren't working out very well...
  7. This was my shout at the time when potato was being touted
  8. We're going to get relegated for the second season running, aren't we?
  9. I don't think you can quantify infinity. No matter how many shots we have we never seem to score
  10. Great film, and he was the best character. Acted stupendously IMO.
  11. Maybe add Derby 6-1, distant memories
  12. Ive been saying that over multiple seasons, actually it seems like forever and it never happens. Delusion.
  13. I liken it to leaving us in a hotel room in Portugal whilst going off for dinner across the road.
  14. I agree, commentator said it - he didn't do as bad a job as some would have you believe. The poison at the club sucked it out of him towards the end.
  15. Up there with the worst performance's I've witnessed
  16. Well you have to pick one of the smelly poos, it's really difficult to determine which smelly poo smells the worst.
  17. I wonder if McCormack is the least value for money player we've ever purchased. Whatever the reasons for it, for us he has given a really poor return
  18. I've never felt like a European citizen, because they all drive on the wrong side of the road...use different power sockets and a different currency to us. lol There is something very unique about being English that you don't get in Europe, we have very different work ethics and values to most of Europe. The closest I've ever felt to being a match is bizarrely the Germans, they seem to understand the importance of holding down a good job and paying your taxes at least. Taking away the European safety net might be good for some people, may push them to explore the vastly beautiful world that exists outside of Europe. I'm only just getting my parents to see there is life after Spain.
  19. They did this too is last time I went to their ground, had to endure bottles coins and whatever else came over the wall for a good hour.
  20. My favourite pie, tastes yummy if he keeps providing me wrong. As long as I'm eating humble pie, the villa are succeeding...wins all round
  21. Should have done even a little homework before now to see how bad he has been for us...
  22. No, guess I don't have the luxury of video commentary or replays because neither had any around me realised. Oh well.
  23. One thing the manager is responsible for is subs, and I can't u understand them. What's the actual plan now weve used all three?
  24. He just used all those words you quoted, he talked about laying foundations for the next manager specifically...
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