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  1. And given the state of the game it shows zero match awareness.
  2. Yes it was a pretty standard yellow most other normal weeks, but to make a professional foul, studs up from behind, after the ref had sent off their man at the start of the game for something similar was poorly judged... some might even say **** stupid.
  3. You **** knob This isn't the U23's
  4. Surely its time for a new one of these? BRUCE OUT
  5. Perhaps. Pre-season praise in the media is also a pretty good way to clear out dead wood before deadline day. Who knows...
  6. No idea. Do you know his beep test results then? Turning up to preseason doesn't mean much.
  7. How has he done that? He went AWOL at Forest for a fortnight
  8. It does if you're out drinking 7 nights a week
  9. I imagine its (partially) expensive, because they had to negotiate a custom agreement with the existing international rights holder (not sure who that is). No other club is doing this in the Championship so I guess they could charge whatever they liked to AVFC to test the waters. Also I imagine the company providing the streaming infrastructure charged a high price also. We (me personally also) asked Tony for this, and he got it done, so I will happily pay above market rates for it without any complaints.
  10. mwj

    Alan Hutton

    not really. zog was a word removed, hutton is just shit
  11. mwj

    Jacob Bedeau

    I would hazard a guess that Orient are where they are partially because the ability of their staff to recognise talent is also of a League 2 standard. Players aren't the only ones who get poached to bigger clubs when they are good at their jobs.
  12. That's an odd analogy. I would be more concerned if you disagreed with your partner about some facet of the business and said nothing for the duration of your 5 year contract (Bringing it loosely back to football)
  13. To an extent yes was a bit of a wind up. But really let's not forget where the club is right now. Mid table championship managed by a Steve Bruce coaching team. If you told me that 3 years ago I would have punched you. Reality is he probably getting much better coaching at a mid table Serie A club than he will get at Villa currently, so in that regard he's being the master of his own destiny. Probably would have been more professional to have kept his mouth shut about it though
  14. And that is why you will be stuck working for bellends for the rest of your life mate. As the saying goes "change your job or change your job" Anyway that's by the by, I still don't see a big problem, truth hurts sometimes
  15. Don't see the problem. He has a point, English coaches are generally shit, don't get your knickers in a knot boys
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