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  1. And given the state of the game it shows zero match awareness.
  2. Yes it was a pretty standard yellow most other normal weeks, but to make a professional foul, studs up from behind, after the ref had sent off their man at the start of the game for something similar was poorly judged... some might even say **** stupid.
  3. You **** knob This isn't the U23's
  4. AVTV page seems to be setup like its going to be shown: https://www.avfc.co.uk/Fixtures/2010 to 2019/2017-2018/English Football League - Championship/Aston Villa vs Middlesbrough?MatchDetails=1 But I thought they didn't show cup competitions?
  5. Surely its time for a new one of these? BRUCE OUT
  6. Johnstone 6, shit kicking though Hutton MINUS TEN Chester 3 shit Terry 3 old and shit Taylor - 5 boring Adomah 6 passenger Lansbury 5 passenger Whelan 4 SHIT Gabby MINUS 10 die Hogan 5 passenger no service Onomah 8 good O'Hare 8 good Bruce MINUS TEN Hourihane 6
  8. Better wait a few minutes before making our last sub... never know what might happen!
  9. I would suggest that putting a shift in is the least of our problems right now. Passing, defending, shooting and breathing are higher priority right now
  10. What is the point of signing James Bree if you're just going to continue with Hutton every week?
  11. Perhaps. Pre-season praise in the media is also a pretty good way to clear out dead wood before deadline day. Who knows...
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