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  1. ......and the former managers favourite Eck Squewsis
  2. It just proves he‘s as capable of losing as well as „fluking it“
  3. ..........soon to be used as an excuse. “....... ffp......no money......injuries.....Its hard playing possesion football on a pitch like that........the players.......“
  4. Tro, all my posts are good, you just dont get most of them
  5. I can only take my hat off to you, respect you 100% and admire you for coming to this point. And I wish, I really do, with all my heart I could join you, Bruce would get result after result that gets us promoted and we can be happy bunnies back in the PL and life there can find a new beginning for AFVC as a football club. I‘d even accept midtable PL with the odd cup run or romantic win against the chosen 4/5/6 Sky favourites if it simply is so that football has moved on and we have missed the boat and dont have the rescources to compete for PL title or ChL places. But for that 1st paragraph to be, I would have to hang on to some truth and belief that Bruce has it in him using his methodology. My problems with that lies in that I dont believe the style of football that Bruce consistantly presents is something I see as a way to win the majority if games left and at worse only losing very few. His „favourites“ constantly picked ahead of others in the squad. Players not played in their prefered roles and positions, the subbing on & off of players so that the mandate is a backward step over a positive one, basically setting up the game plan, the line up and system of play to fail, with the excuse that its the players and not him at fault. I cannot support someone who is not, basically and principally, managing his responsibilities with the best interest of the club in mind. This is something that I have aired on here since the Leeds defeat and home draw which was confounded by the Cardiff performance/result last January. At the latest I was 100% convinced by the 3-0 Brentford defeat. Since then I have not moved from being convinced that we are wasting precious time with him. Even during the run after Derby, I swayed to „ok, I‘ll get behind him“ even though I was not convinced by „his way“ as a successful model. Bruce has consistantly proved that the good is not sustainable and that the bad regularly rears its ugly head again. Some will point to the „good period“ that got us to 4/5th before the slide kicked in again. We dropped out of the playoffs, only to return again. Being in or out of the top 6 is no garantee and neither is the timing when that occurs. What is a garantee is that after 46 games there is not recount, statistical adjustments taking nett spend, past promotion records or injury lists taken into account. It will be exactly what it is. 46 games P W D L GD Pts xyz and if we are not top 2, we will have to negotiate the playoffs, indeed if we finish top 6. If all those stars do not align the club not only faces a completely new challenge but with a different set of tools at hand to negotiate that task. I will continue my belief that Bruce must go immediately whilst hoping that I am wrong for the good of the club. Bruce Out
  6. 1-3 at home v P‘boro, defeats v Cardiff, Reading & Brentford certainly make it look that way
  7. This ^ Bruce has to go. He is the one who can either steer the ship or let it run its own course
  8. Bruce has reverted back to type, Players out of position, sitting back after leading......etc Bristol was a fluke. The players played to Hogans strength, he scored, Grealish ran at the defence/carried the ball forward, Bristol opened up to get back in the game, were shot of stamina and the players capitolized. Sack him now before we lose ground again. Bruce Out
  9. Bruce Threw that game. He picked a team with so many out of position or exposed. He regularily throws players under the bus by not respecting their traits as players. By doing this he has disrespected the club and fans. A disgrace. After a fluke 5-0 his true colours reappear and will continue to do so in the league. The guy is damaging the club Bruce Out
  10. I cant and wont argue with those points. That leaves us & Derby with the least fixtures. Derby who more than likely will be 2nd anyway. Another point would be, all those other playoff contenders get some well needed „playoff-esque“ practice. But the manner of the defeat, giving up a lead by stopping playing, to a L1 team, the Barry Fry „thang“ and the embarrassment of it all is totally unexceptable and is a sackable offence.
  11. PS player record is of no significance ie Fergie was shit as a footballer Jose wasnt even one neither was Warnock
  12. For a balanced view How many trophies has he won? whats his win %? Possesion %? Our of completed seasons how nany if them gave been successful ones? (considering clubs expectancy, nett spend..... and all the other b*ll*x) Balanced View Out
  13. Hogan out injured RHM for Hogan McK on the bench
  14. Dont let facts get in the way though
  15. Playing SJ for a part of the game (cup-tied) is a good shout Bree for Elmo Taylor for Hutton (if Bruce insists on going with AH as 1st choice LB) Disclaimer - I wouldnt CB‘s JT & a Youth player (for some experience - RDL sub for JT 2nd half) Doyle-Hayles & Lyden (if fit) or Onomah CM‘s Elmo RW or Youth player Green LW AM O‘Hare CF Hogan (till he scores the RHM as Sub) SJ (JS) Bree Suliman/Mitchel JT (RDL) Taylor Doyle-Hayes Lyden/Onomah Elmo O‘Hare Green Hogan (RHM) Bench JS Hutton RDL Whelan (he surely cant be too shyite for v peterboro?) Onomah Green RHM
  16. F*** them inferior B*******ds They‘re not even in the South-West Midlands
  17. You are not allowed to say we hoof it An aimless pass to no-one or to a player that has no chance of getting it is effectively a hoof A hoof is a hoof however medium or long the attempt is.
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