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  1. The worst professional footballer I’ve ever seen. And I include that guy pretending to be George Weahs cousin.
  2. Who is this Hause guy and has he ever played football before? Is he a friend of Neil Taylors or something? Did Dean Smith get chatting to him in a motorway services on the way up to the match and invite him along?
  3. MOTM Frank Lampard for switching to 3 at the back and giving us the space for those crosses. Nice one Frankie!
  4. I liked the way we set out to play. Grealish was great. Taylor isn’t a footballer. In the modern game you need more than just someone who can put in the odd tackle. This isn’t primary school where you just stick the worst player at left back. Hutton is a meme, it’s over. Chester has lost all awareness and I’d be heavily in favour of a replacement being looked for in January. 9 times out of 10 I think we win a game when we play like we did tonight. But we are down and it seems we have a few more kicks to take before we can get up.
  5. There’s a joke in there about chariots and deepening the goal but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’ll get back to you #ENGvIRE

  6. RT @SenBobCorker: It's a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.

  7. RT @Fintan0100: Helping with recovery #IrmaRecovery taking time to see @officialgaa #mayovdub @RTEgaa @DigicelBVI https://t.co/fQYwjS2oMI

  8. The best way I can summarise this is if you took those 11 Newcastle players and put them in Villa jerseys and vice versa, the team in Villa jerseys would have lost.
  9. It's a legitimate option. Dressing room revolt. Ignore his instructions and let one or two of the natural leaders in the dressing room decide. England also won a rugby world cup this way. We need about 3 wins. Any idiot could get us them, not Bruce though.
  10. .@realDonaldTrump did you check with Steve it was OK to tweet that? #figureheadpresident

  11. @soulogav fellow Irishman around the corner from you in BVI. Congrats! If you've anything left in the tank sure row over I'll buy you a pint

  12. Startled. Too young to come in to a club in freefall and be expected to perform.Naive from everyone involved in making him our number 1.
  13. Welcome Aquaman. May your ability to manipulate sea life serve us well in our push for promotion.
  14. @OliverKayTimes but Bravos footwork. The footwork!

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