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  1. Nonsense stat. Does the number of pressures in a game not depend on what the opposition is doing and how much of the ball each team have. Liverpool probably didn't have that many pressures on Watford yesterday
  2. Maybe they're all just not very good
  3. Ireland with a great 3-0 win away to Azerbaijan with 2 goals from former villa player Callum Robinson. Connolly didn't play and Parrott only got 3 minutes. A couple of lads who are right on the cusp of throwing their careers away by my reckoning. They couldn't get in the team ahead of an unwell Idah, James McClean or League 1 Horgan, who was dreadful. Connolly is about ready to make his move to Peterborough I predict
  4. Ah yes I forgot that. He has done OK so far in League 1 this season, but that article that came out yesterday about Spurs not needing to replace Harry Kane, because TP is ready to step up won't have done his attitude or feeling the need to impress at MK Dons any good
  5. I think his attitude is better than Aaron Connolly, but obviously he's no James Milner. Why do you think he has a bad attitude? I cannot stand Aaron Connolly, and assumed it was him that had gotten into bother last night, but it wasn't
  6. I think I am a sexist. I was having a chat with my girlfriend and she confirmed it. I get annoyed when I see Women's football on the sky sports website. This morning every third article on the main page, not even the football page, was about women's soccer. Now I know it's the international window and there's no other football happening, but I have absolutely no interest in reading about it, and for some reason, being exposed to it annoys me. And the reason for that is that I am a sexist. I completely follow the logic that if they can't see it, they can't be it, and I am fully in favour of anything that gets girls and women into sport as it's a healthy past time. As long as I don't have to see it. I would rather read articles about how League 2 players are doing than read about women's football. During the summer there was an article on the sky sports website that said, James moves to Man Utd from Chelsea. And it was the most read article on Sky Sports. Because people thought it was about Reece James moving to Man Utd from Chelsea, but it was about his sister/cousin. And it was so misleading. And annoying. It's an unreasonable request I know, and I don't not like women or think that they shouldn't play professional football. I just have no interest in it. And it may as well be a different sport. Football for me is an entertainment pursuit, like watching a TV show I like, where I'm wishing some characters do well, and others I want ill to befall them. I'm the modern football fan, who doesn't have any real notions about ownership of the team or club, but just enjoy the spectacle and the drama. So when I go to read about the latest drama, and instead I'm presented with a load of information about some other drama that I have no interest in, I get annoyed. It would be like putting on an episode of Breaking Bad, but instead of Breaking Bad, every ten minutes they splice in five minutes of a similar far inferior show about characters you don't know and have no interest in getting to know, like Coronation Street. But then again it's not for me. It's for women who go on the sky sports website and get presented with information that women's football is just as valuable as men's football, so that they might consider going to a women's match, or starting to play for their local side. TLDR: If I want to read about football, I want to read about men's football. As far as my interest in it goes, women's football is basically cricket. But this recent push to increase visibility is annoying me to the point that I needed to post about it on VT and admit to being a massive sexist.
  7. I have an obsession with the Ireland football team. I know they are terrible, but I've been following them religiously for years. I have an interest in any game an irish player plays in and i have huge hope for any young irish player. At the moment, Troy Parrott for Spurs on loan at MK Dons is supposed to be the next best thing. And there are a few other young players in the PL - Omobamidele and Idah for Norwich, Collins for Burnley, Bazunu on loan at Portsmouth from Man City. It could be an exciting few years watching them all develop, but I've been down this road before and you're just left with Enda Stevens, JDH, Jack Grealish and Declan Rice. The FIFA 22 stats have revealed ireland with no player higher than 78 and the top 6 in terms of potential include 2 keepers and 3 defenders ranging in potential from 82 to 80, so not exactly blessed with talent. Hoping we can scraoe a win against the azeris
  8. YLN

    Louie Barry

    I think he should switch allegiances to Ireland
  9. Papers: Ollie Watkins supports Arsenal. Arsenal need a new striker. This article writes itself
  10. No they're not Fair point otherwise though
  11. Ah Gregory's Graduates may have something to say about that. Battling with Chelsea for top spot until Christmas, when losses to Coventry and Blackburn and Newcastle put an end to that. I think Deadly Doug refused to sanction an extra £500k for Robbie Keane, and Gregory wanted to buy Muzzy Izzet. After neither signing happened, the wheels came off. That's how I remember it anyways. 11 games unbeaten. Merson, Joachim, Dublin, Collymore even. The glory days
  12. We used to be as good as Spurs. It used to be Villa or Spurs for top 4. Brad Friedel played for us then. He's in his 50s now. Then we had a few bad years finishing midtable in the championship and they got to a champions league final. Maybe I was wrong to go into this game with as much hope as I did.
  13. Jesus... I think we need to temper expectations of Leon Bailey. He's not going to be able to fix absolutely everything
  14. Horrible ball back in from McGinn. Villa look really dreadful
  15. Villa players look like they're falling backwards every time they play the ball. It's all a bit Parkinsonian
  16. Remember when Villa equalised. That was great
  17. Also just in case it has escaped your attention, this is the same thread
  18. Thinking to myself there - Villa must be playing again in the next couple of days. Great It's nice to not be dreading Villa matches
  19. Which is why letting Bruno take that penalty was so very stupid. Ronaldo scores crucial goals after the 90th minute.
  20. Penalty and red card for player in yellow. After VAR review What is a referee?
  21. 5-0 down to Luton after an hour Not exactly promotion form
  22. So the great and powerful UEFA have dropped all charges against the ESL6. No one has to pay any fines and it's all been forgotten about. Very pathetic capitulation. But clearly the clubs are just more powerful than the organisations that are supposed to be in charge of them. Football is very broken If UEFA can't punish clubs who mutiny against their organisation, is it any wonder we find the biggest clubs and the biggest international sides getting 'the benefit of the doubt' from referees when against lesser sides. It's all so horribly corrupt, and will probably only get worse, now the big teams know they can act with impunity vs a toothless UEFA
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